Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Jill arrives in Genoa City and is very angry with Billy for letting Chancellor Communications get hacked and for trusting a con man like Jesse Gaines. Jill has a talk with Lily alone and asks her to run Chancellor Industries because she has decided to step down from the company and take on an advisory role. Jill still hasn’t decided if she is going to sell Chancellor Communications because she doesn’t want Victor and Adam or Victoria and Ashland to have the company.

Adam tells Victor that he got a tip from one of his contacts at Newman Locke that Ashland and Victoria have put in a bid to buy Chancellor Communications. Adam feels betrayed by Ashland and Victoria but Victor is happy that Victoria is trying to correct a mistake she made by selling the Newman Media division to Billy.

Abby calls Ashley and is surprised that she and Jack are in Spain. Abby sends Ashley her address and makes her promise to come without Jack. Abby tells Ashley that Chance is alive but is refusing to go home until he completes his mission. Ashley promises Chance she won’t tell anyone he is alive. Chance wants Abby to go home with Ashley and pretend to be the grieving widow until he can complete his mission. Abby refuses to go home without Chance insisting that Dominic needs his father.

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