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Update written by Joseph

Paulina goes to leave the hospital right as Abe arrives off of the elevator. Abe turns around to leave but Paulina stops him and says he should know by now that he can’t run away from her.

Eli is at the police station when he gets a call from John, asking for an update on Marlena. Eli informs him that they checked security footage but there’s no indication of which direction she went and there’s been no sighting of her since. Eli says that have interviewed contacts but still nothing. John warns that Marlena can camouflage herself and change her shape or form. John adds that force won’t do any good and handcuffs won’t do any good as Shawn found out. Eli questions how they are supposed to bring Marlena in then and asks if they should douse her with holy water. John tells him to just find her first and they will figure out the rest but they are running out of time.

There is then a knock at the cabin door. Ciara asks what to do. Ben goes to answer it but Devil Marlena comes back and begs him not to because they don’t know who it is. Marlena says it’s the middle of nowhere in the middle of winter so she pleads with him not t o open the door. The knocking continues so Ciara looks out the window and says it looks like it’s just a hiker. Marlena worries that he could be with John and it could just be a trap. Ben promises that they won’t let anything happen to her but whoever is at the door knows they are in there and he’s not going away. Ben then answers the door and asks the man what he can do for him.

Brady tells Tate that he wishes he could’ve been there to see him get that winning goal. Brady tells him he’s proud of him and plans to video chat over the weekend. Brady tells Tate that he loves him. As Brady hangs up the phone, Philip sneaks up behind him and knocks him out with a crowbar.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Chloe calls Philip, leaving a message asking where he is since she’s back with the food and he’s not here. Chloe says no one knew he left and asks where he is.

Philip sees that Chloe called and calls her a cheating bitch as he then drags Brady’s body away from the Pub.

The man at the cabin says he needs some water so Ciara invites him inside and hands him a water bottle. Ben notes that they don’t see too many people around this part of the woods. He says he comes here every year for spiritual renewal but the stream of water was desecrated. Ciara offers to refill his bottle. Ben says they are happy to help as he and Ciara introduce themselves. The man responds that his name is Gabriel after the archangel. Ciara mentions Julie praying to St. Gabriel while Devil Marlena is annoyed.

Philip comes home and questions Chloe eating without him. Chloe asks where he was since the food was getting cold. Philip claims he went to get her a present and had to find the right thing but it’s in the trunk. Chloe questions the bad smell. Philip says it’s for the tree since she wanted to go see it so he thought they’d go give it some love. Chloe asks about dinner. Philip notes that she said it’s getting cold so he figured he’d take her out for a night on the town and show her a night she’ll never forget. Chloe decides that sounds like fun and agrees so they exit together.

Steve goes to John’s hospital room and finds John trying to escape from his hospital bed. Steve stops him from getting up. John complains that he has to find Marlena since the police have nothing and she needs him. Steve says that means that John has to take care of himself so Marlena has a husband to come home to. Steve reminds him that Kayla said he needs water and rest. John wants answers and questions how Steve found him in the Crypt. Steve reveals it was John’s grandson Johnny as he ran in to him on Thanksgiving, and Johnny told him that he and Allie found an old Ouija board on Halloween and the board told them that the Devil was in Salem in the DiMera Crypt then he found Marlena there dressed in a devil costume but she wouldn’t let him in. Steve says nothing about Marlena was adding up and she was acting so strange that he thought maybe Hattie took over her life again. Steve says he’s trying to wrap his head around all of this and brings up John exorcising Marlena back then. John guesses since he wasn’t a real priest, the exorcism didn’t fully take. John doesn’t know why the Devil has decided to come back now, but if they knew what he wanted then he thinks they could figure out where Marlena is now.

Gabriel tells Ben and Ciara that it’s nice to meet them and then asks who Marlena is. Marlena asks if John sent him and that’s why he’s here. Gabriel asks who John is. Ben tells Marlena not to worry because if John knew where they were, he’d be there himself. Marlena says they can’t be too careful. Ciara mentions being starving and invites Gabriel to stay for lunch which he agrees to. Ciara says all they have is lunch meat and peanut butter. Gabriel congratulates Ciara on her pregnancy and asks when this blessed event is. Ciara says it’s not for a few months. Gabriel compliments Ciara’s necklace. Ciara says Marlena gifted it to them to help the angels watch over their baby. Gabriel calls it a thoughtful gift as Devil Marlena glares at him.

Paulina tells Abe that she will stand here all day if she has to and asks Abe if he came to see John which he confirms. Paulina says she just spoke with John herself because she danced with the Devil and lived to tell the tale which Abe questions. Paulina can’t believe the mayor of Salem hasn’t heard that Marlena has been possessed by Satan again and John just confirmed it. Abe realizes that explains the APB. Paulina says that’s what happened at their wedding as the Devil wanted to come between them and he did. Abe agrees, declaring that liars come straight from the Devil and the lie started with her. Abe then walks away. Paulina goes after him.

Lani sits at home on the phone with Tamara. Lani understands the love it took for Tamara to commit to raising her and acknowledges that she probably saved her and Paulina’s lives. Lani gets why Tamara chose to keep the secret with her head but not her heart. Lani says she has to go and will talk to her soon. Lani hangs up as Eli comes home and asks what’s wrong. Lani hugs him as she cries.

Paulina follows Abe in to a waiting room at the hospital, joking that he can’t outrun her so he should just listen to what she has to say. Abe gives her one minute. Paulina tells Abe that she’s so very sorry. Abe thinks she needs to fast forward to something he hasn’t heard before. Paulina tells Abe that when she made the decision to give her baby to Tamara, she never knew Abe existed or that she would meet him, fall in love, and that her lie would break his heart. Paulina talks about debating telling the truth. Abe argues that she lied through her teeth and gives her three seconds. Paulina calls him the best thing to ever happen to her and says she loves him with her whole heart. Paulina asks if Abe can ever find it in his heart to forgive her.

Eli asks Lani what happened. Lani responds that she just talked to Tamara. Lani asks where the twins are. Eli says he ran in to Allie at the park, so she offered to babysit and bring them back later. Lani notes that was sweet of her. Eli asks what Tamara said to get Lani so upset. Lani cries that she said she loves her even though her whole life has been a lie. Eli assures that love is real. Lani cries that she’s not the only one who got hurt since she spread that lie to Abe and now his heart is broken too. Eli asks what happened between her and Abe after he left. Lani admits Abe was wonderful and said she’ll always be his daughter. Eli knows he means it. Lani mentions that Kristen said the same thing. Eli questions her seeing Kristen. Lani explains that she went to see her at the station to say goodbye before she was taken to prison. Lani knows Eli is not crazy about their friendship. Eli then reveals that he got a call from the warden and Kristen never showed up to the prison.

Philip and Chloe go to the park but finds their tree gone. Philip remarks that it looks like someone ripped it out of the ground. Chloe wonders who would do something like that. Philip thinks back to ripping it out of the ground. Chloe asks if he thinks maybe it was an accident. Philip then finds Brady’s watch on the ground nearby.

Steve asks John if he has any idea what the Devil wants. John says he’s been giving it a lot of thought but isn’t sure of an answer. John adds that there’s no pattern and just a lot of widespread random chaos and misery. Steve asks if there’s anything specific. John brings up how Devil Marlena advised Brady to take Chloe on top of the Basic Black conference table, so it’s just been stirring up trouble. John thinks it’s nothing but a sideshow to whatever the Devil’s big plan is which is why they have to find Marlena to stop it before it’s too late. Steve questions how to find her. John says the beast needs Marlena as the parasite needs a host. John adds that he can use other bodies but has to keep coming back to Marlena until he gets what he wants or they stop him. Steve asks how John sent him back the last time. John says it was faith, prayer, and a lot of help from friends and family. John brings up Father Francis and Gabriel which Steve questions. John mentions that Gabriel was a guy that he met, who turned out to be his guardian angel. Steve questions that. John says Gabriel was just a regular guy. Steve asks if Gabriel went against the Devil for him. John says it was nothing like that but he told him that he couldn’t say what he was fighting or how to fight, but he knows for a fact that Gabriel was watching over him the whole time and he is the one that gave him the strength that he needed. John wonders aloud where Gabriel is now…

Ciara and Ben prepare lunch while Gabriel goes over to Marlena and comments on it being a lovely day. Devil Marlena’s inner thoughts guess that he sent Gabriel. Gabriel’s inner thoughts reveal that God did send him as he helped John defeat him over 20 years ago and he will do it again.

Abe tells Paulina that he does not forgive her. Paulina responds that he’d be calling John a liar then which Abe questions. Paulina admits she discussed her situation with John and he told her that Abe is one of the most forgiving people he’s ever known. Abe argues that he hasn’t talked to John about this so he doesn’t know how he feels. Paulina reveals that John told her that Lexie pulled her share of shenanigans. Abe stops her and says Lexie was the love of his life. Paulina knows that she’s not the next Lexie Carver. Abe remarks that she just goes for what she wants, the rest of them be damned. Paulina brings up how Lani’s dad made her feel small, ashamed, and trapped, so she fought for her life, soul, and spirit to never be in that place again and neither would Lani. Paulina declares that she’s proud that she fought her way out and that she was able to give her daughter the best possible life she could. Paulina says God was kind and gave her another daughter in Chanel but when she lost Chanel’s father, she accepted life alone until Abe came along. Paulina says he is the best man she ever knew and then that lie caused her to lose him and both of her daughters. Abe starts to leave but Paulina stops him and acknowledges that she gave him a daughter and then took her away. Paulina asks if it would’ve been better if he never had Lani at all. Abe says of course not as he loves her. Paulina notes that Lani feels the same about him. Paulina is thankful that Lani has Abe and asks him to never turn his back on her.

The Devil and Gabriel’s inner voices continue. The Devil remarks that he’s always hated Gabriel’s holier than thou thing as if there’s anything he can do. He warns that Gabriel is not allowed to interfere in human affairs. Gabriel responds that he can let him know that he’s being watched. Gabriel knows the Devil wants that baby and he knows why. The Devil says he can’t say a word to them. Gabriel says he can’t warn them of the threat but assures that God won’t let any harm come to that child. The Devil suggests he not get too cocky since his power has grown. The Devil talks about the world being in chaos so he’s feeling pretty good about his chances. Gabriel argues that the Devil fails to see the immense power of the hope, faith, and light of good people like Ben and Ciara. Gabriel says that’s where God’s strength comes from and why he will always be more powerful than the Devil and why love will prevail.

Philip picks up Brady’s watch and says this explains that it must have been Brady who tore their tree out of the ground. Chloe says it doesn’t make any sense and asks why he would do that. Philip claims Brady is jealous, wants her all to himself, and can’t stand the fact that she chose him. Philip argues that Brady’s jealous, paranoid, and angry while trying to make him the bad guy. Chloe knows there were issues in the beginning but says he’s been nothing but respectful of their relationship. Philip questions her defending him. Chloe insists that Brady would never do something as juvenile as this. Philip asks what more evidence she needs than his watch. Chloe mentions just running in to Brady at the Pub and he was wearing the watch. Philip questions her just happening to run in to him at the Pub and noticing his watch. Chloe says she works with Brady every day and was married to him at one point, so she knows he only takes it off to get in the shower or get in bed. Philip questions how she explains this then. Chloe admits that she can’t. Philip suggests that Chloe ran in to Brady while picking up their romantic dinner which made Brady flip out and come straight here to rip out their tree. Chloe tells him that Brady was picking up dinner for John in the hospital, so she’s sure he’s there now. Philip suggests Brady could have lied to her or asks if he’s too perfect to lie. Chloe doesn’t know what has gotten in to him but says she’s going to prove him wrong. Philip asks where she is going. Chloe responds that she’s going to the hospital to straighten this all out. Philip wishes her luck as he doesn’t think she’s going to find Brady there. Chloe guesses they will see. Philip shouts that he’s going to report this vandalism to park services.

Lani questions Kristen never making it to prison and what happened. Eli says he doesn’t know as he got a call on his way home and the van seemed to have vanished. Eli says either there was an accident or Kristen escaped. Lani swears she had nothing to do with it as they had a nice conversation, they said goodbye, and she left. Eli believes her. Lani thinks she has an idea as to where Kristen might have gone.

Abe informs Paulina that he spoke to Lani and she knows that she’s his daughter in every way that matters. Abe says he’s so grateful and blessed to have her in his life and nothing will ever change between them. Paulina is thankful for that and asks if there’s any chance for them. Abe responds that he can’t turn off his love for Lani and he’d never want to, but he can’t turn it off for Paulina either. Paulina asks what he’s saying. Abe then admits that he still loves her.

Ben and Ciara finish making lunch. Gabriel comments on it being lovely to break bread with fellow travelers. Gabriel asks Marlena if she wants to say grace.

Paulina is relieved to hear Abe still loves her. Abe calls it very different from being able to trust her again as this is not the first time she’s told him a life altering lie and this one is bigger and more appalling than the last. Abe says at least it wasn’t about greed this time but he doesn’t know if he can put his heart at risk again. Paulina argues that if he loves her, they can work on trust. Paulina wants to do whatever it takes to help him trust her again.

Lani and Eli go to John and Marlena’s, because Kristen tried to abduct Rachel the last time she escaped. Eli notes that John and Marlena aren’t around so it’d be easier for Kristen to get in and out with Rachel. Lani hopes they aren’t too late as Eli knocks on the door.

Steve asks John what their next move is. John says that Eli said they’ve reached out to contacts and there’s no security footage or sightings. Steve feels they need to take it to the next level. Chloe enters and says she’s sorry to interrupt but is glad to see John is feeling better. John says he’s almost perfect. Chloe asks if Brady dropped off his food already. John says not yet and if he doesn’t get there soon, the chowder is going to be cold. Chloe worries that Philip was right and rushes back out.

Philip drags Brady’s body in to the woods and thinks back to overhearing he and Chloe talking about not telling anyone about the sex that happened on the conference table. Philip thinks back to Chloe telling Philip that she felt he finally trusted her and him telling her about how important trust is in a relationship. Philip screams that if he can’t have Chloe, Brady can’t either. Philip calls him a son of a bitch and pulls out a knife.

Abe tells Paulina that there is nothing she can do as he just needs time. Paulina tells him to take all the time he needs and she’ll just keep on loving him and she’ll be here when he’s ready. Paulina declares that she will wait forever. Abe says he has to go. Paulina thanks him for hearing her out as that’s all she can ask. Abe then exits the room.

Marlena agrees to say grace. Gabriel suggests they join hands but Marlena opts not to. Marlena then says the prayer.

Eli and Lani search John and Marlena’s but find nothing. Eli notes that he just scared Rachel’s babysitter, who said there’s been no sign of Kristen or Brady.

John tries calling Brady but he’s not answering. John doesn’t like it and says it’s not like him. Steve suggests Brady is a busy guy and something could have come up with Rachel, his job, or Kristen going to prison. Steve encourages that Brady just got sidetracked and assures that he’s just fine.

Chloe finds Brady’s body stabbed in the woods with the knife nearby.


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