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Brooke: Okay, here you go.

Ridge: Thank you.

Brooke: Mm-hm.

Ridge: How do you do that?

Brooke: What?

Ridge: How do you just get better looking every day? I can’t get enough of you. I really can’T.

Brooke: Well, it goes both ways.

Ridge: Yeah?

Brooke: Sexy, handsome husband. Mm-hm. You know what? Liam is at forrester with steffy.

Ridge: Ah!

Brooke: He dropped the kids with donna on the way, and hope is getting ready to go to work so, thought maybe… what?

Ridge: Nothing.

Brooke: Ridge…

Ridge: You bring up hope and it just, why, why is– why’s she insisting that deacon be in our lives? Why?

Hope: All right, here you go. One black coffee.

Deacon: You know, I got to tell you, I really like this place. I didn’t get a chance to say that before, but it suits you and your little family.

Hope: Well, we think so.

Deacon: And thanks for having me over.

Hope: Of course, I’m glad you could come.

Deacon: Nothing would have kept me away. Speaking of ridge, um–

[ Both laughing ] I made sure he didn’t see me. I don’t want to cause any problems for you with him and i especially don’t want to cause any problems in your marriage with liam.

Steffy: Donna’s going to have her hands full. I have to admit it’s amusing, but kelly has quite the bossy streak.

Liam: Oh gee, I wonder where she gets that.

Steffy: Hey! But honestly, I do think we need to have a talk with her.

Liam: Yeah, probably. Just tell me when and where, not trying to raise a tyrant over here.

Steffy: Amen to that.

Liam: You know, we’re pretty lucky that we just happen to always be on the same page when it comes to the kids. Including keeping them away from people like deacon.

Steffy: It’s not that I don’t get where hope is coming from, same place as finn, and maybe deacon’s not as bad as sheila, but he drags around trouble everywhere he goes.

Liam: Exactly. And, but more importantly, deacon just can’t be trusted to do the right thing, right? Deacon does whatever serves deacon, and whoever gets hurt in the process is collateral damage. And I just, I don’t want that around the kids, or hope, actually. Like, like how many times does the guy have to let her down before the door finally closes? But no, hope is just ready to give him another chance.

Steffy: She’s more than ready. She wants deacon to be part of her life. Like, how are you dealing with that? That must be putting a strain on your marriage.

Brooke: I understand your concern about deacon, I do, I share it. But there’s only so much we can do.

Ridge: Only so much we can do? What does that, I don’t know what that means.

Brooke: Hope is a grown woman, she does what she wants. I can’t really dictate who she can or cannot see, even if it’s deacon.

Ridge: Well, um, yeah. No, you can, around here you can. We can, because we live here on this property and we should have a right to say who comes and goes. And I think you should tell her that deacon shouldn’t be here. It’s best for all of us. You do realize that, right?

Hope: Dad, I don’t want you to worry. My marriage is fine.

Deacon: Liam doesn’t want me around.

Hope: Well, I do.

Deacon: You don’t see that causing any issues for you?

Hope: I think it will work itself out. And besides, no one is going to dictate to me what I decide to do with my family. And whether they like it or not, that includes you.

Deacon: I just, I can’t tell you what it means to me that you, you’re giving me another chance, that you want me back in your life.

Hope: I believe that you’ve changed. And I want to get to know this new and improved version of you.

Deacon: I’m not going to disappoint you. I want to be worthy of all your belief and all your faith. I promise, sweetheart. Diabetes isn’t about to slow me down,

Liam: I mean, hope and i were in such a, such a good place before this too, you know? Like, thank you, we, we survived that awful time that I was away. The kids were– were thriving. And then of course, deacon shows up, you know, and it turns out that she’s been corresponding with him the whole time. And you know, something? You know something? If it were just hope and me, I wouldn’t love it, but of course, hope is more than capable of making her own decisions, including striking up a relationship with her deadbeat dad, but there’s kids involved now, you know? There are kids involved.

Steffy: Deacon’s not above using them. Which puts my children at risk. That’s why you have to do everything in your power to stop hope from pursuing a relationship with him.

Liam: I’m trying, but every– nothing I’m saying is having any effect. I’ve just, I’ve never seen hope’s heels dug in so far.

Steffy: That’s alarming in itself. That deacon already has influence over hope.

Liam: Yeah. Well, needless to say, I’m going to do whatever I can to stop this, but I, you know, I’m walking a tightrope here, too, steffy. Like I can’t, I can’t be the husband who’s dictating everything his wife can and can’t do.

Steffy: You’re not. You’re protecting hope and the children from a man that nobody can stand or trust. Honestly, my dad’s in the same situation with brooke.

Ridge: I’m surprised that you’re not more insistent about this.

Brooke: I don’t know how I can be, ridge. She’s not a little girl anymore that has to do every single thing that mommy tells her.

Ridge: She’s not thinking straight. Deacon is in her head and we’ve got to get him out.

Brooke: We can’t forbid hope from seeing her father.

Ridge: Oh, I see. So you’re okay with that relationship.

Brooke: That’s not what I was saying.

Ridge: What are you saying? Why don’t you tell her the truth? Why don’t you tell her who this man is, who her father really is? That he represents the darkest, darkest period of your life? Why don’t, why don’t you try to remember that and get angry about it and help me keep this predator away from our family?

Brooke: He’s her father.

Ridge: He’s not her father. He gave her life. That’s it.

Brooke: Well, she thinks he’s changed.

Ridge: What about you? Do you think he’s changed?

Brooke: I’ve already told her how I feel. She doesn’t care.

Ridge: So what do we do? Just give up? That’s not like you, especially when it comes to her. You need to tell her that this guy is bad news. I can’t believe I have to convince you of that.

Deacon: I just can’t believe I’m here and that you want me here. God… god, I’ve got so many regrets, hope. Most of them about you. I should have been a better father. More present, more consistent. You should have been able to count on me.

Hope: Well, we can’t change the past, but we can try to learn from it and, grow and do better going forward.

Deacon: Yeah, I just, I just really appreciate the chance. And I’m not even surprised, it’s who you are. You’re kind and you’re generous. I don’t think you realize exactly what you’ve done for me. You literally brought light into my world. I was in a pretty dark place in prison and it was a place of hopelessness and despair. And then one day a miracle happened. I got your letter that said that you wanted to get to know me. And the darkness lifted, and suddenly I had a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I had a way of focusing on the future and that’s all because you. But in opening that door, I’ve caused a lot of problems for you.

Hope: Dad, I told you not to worry about that.

Deacon: I do worry about it. I don’t want to complicate your life. I don’t want to complicate it with your husband, and I don’t want to complicate it with your mom.

Hope: I think it might be okay. I mean, she, she seems to be coming around.

Deacon: Hm, that would be… that would be pretty incredible. You know, I really… want the chance for brooke to see me in a different light, to see the man that I am now.

Hope: Well, don’t give up on that dream. It’s not impossible.

Brooke: I really don’t want to argue about deacon.

Ridge: Who’s arguing? We’re not arguing.

Brooke: Okay, well I don’t want to debate or discuss him.

Ridge: Okay, but we’re going to, we have to do something. We can’t avoid it. He’s gonna take advantage of her, you know that. He’s, deacon’s going to end up living in that little cabin.

Brooke: Ridge, please, come on. I don’t want deacon to become a problem for us, okay? We just need to trust hope’s judgment. She’s a levelheaded woman. She’s not naive like she was when she saw deacon last. Let’s just trust that, okay? Just calm down.

Ridge: I’m calm.

Brooke: Okay. All right. I thank you for caring.

Ridge: Okay.

Brooke: I got to get my notes for the video calls.

Ridge: All right. See you later.

Brooke: All right.

Steffy: Opening the door to deacon is a terrible idea. My dad’s extremely concerned, for hope, and the kids, of course. But needless to say, brooke’s involvement with deacon, that was like one of the lowest points of her life. And I’m sure seeing deacon is just a painful reminder of that time for brooke and my dad.

Liam: Well yeah, I can only imagine.

Steffy: Hope is so wrapped up in having deacon part of her life that she’s losing sight of the negative impact this could have on our parents’ marriage.

Deacon: You seem pretty sure that liam is going to eventually accept me in your lives.

Hope: Well, the two of you might not be close, but acceptance is the goal I have in mind.

Deacon: So what do i have to do?

Hope: Be consistent. You know, not just with liam, but with everyone. You know, showing that you are trustworthy and that you’re not running some scheme. And I, I know you’re not, but I think the others might take some convincing. And you know, in the meantime, we’ll do us.

Deacon: Thank you, hope. For reaching out, for believing in me, for giving me another chance.

[Phone whistling]

Hope: Shoot. I, I really do have to get to the office. I’m so sorry, dad.

Deacon: No worries. Go, go fashion mogul. Would you mind if i stuck around for a few minutes? I just have to make a few calls, I’m trying to line up a life now. Job, place to stay, things like that.

Hope: Of course. I meant what I said, you’re welcome here, okay?

Deacon: Oh, thanks, sweetie. You’re everything to me. Mm.

Hope: Don’t lose hope, alright? We will find a way to make this work.

Deacon: Okay.

Hope: We’re family, all of us.

Deacon: Okay.

Hope: Look at us together. All three of us in the same room I, I dreamed of this day happening, and now it finally is. This is a chance for the three of us to make things right again, as a family. Please, mom. Please let him stay. My dad is home. My dad is finally home.

[ Door opening ]

Deacon: Oh, did you forget something, honey?

Ridge: Well, it seems to me she forgot to tell you to get out. Maybe she wanted me to do it. Why give your family just ordinary eggs

Steffy: I don’t mean to put you in a difficult position between hope and me, I’m just– I’m so frustrated! Out of all the things hope could take a stand for, she picks deacon, that freeloading loser? All he does is disappoint her and breaks her heart.

Liam: Well, here’s the thing. Deep down inside hope there’s still that little girl who just wants a dad, right? That feeling, it’s not going away, I know this, right? From experience. The problem is now deacon’s here, and he’s all reformed or whatever, and you know how forgiving and how loving hope is, right? So I just don’t trust the guy to do what’s right by anyone but himself.

Steffy: He’s a bad guy. How many times does deacon have to show himself to hope until she finally learns the lesson? This dude is never going to change and you have to do something. Don’t let hope’s tunnel vision put your family at risk.

Hope: You know something I really don’t appreciate? You saying things to my husband that could cause problems in our marriage.

Ridge: So I’m trying to figure out why you would want to be in somebody else’s house. Did you break in? Are you looking through stuff?

Deacon: Come on, look– really? Hope invited me.

Ridge: Oh! Hope’s here? Hope are you here?

Deacon: No, she left.

Ridge: Then why are you here?

Deacon: Because I’m making a couple phone calls, she said I could stay.

Ridge: Really?

Deacon: Yeah.

Ridge: I don’t buy it.

Deacon: Maybe you’re unaware, or maybe conveniently forgot, but hope has opened up her home to me.

Ridge: Maybe you forgot, this is the guesthouse and I don’t want you on this property.

Deacon: That’s not really your call to make, ridge.

Ridge: That’s you, isn’t it? Showing up with an agenda every time and then people get hurt, and you skulk away like the bottom feeder that you are.

Deacon: Look. I’ve been selfish in the past. All I can do, all i can keep doing, is tell you I’m not that guy anymore.

Ridge: You can tell me that all you want, but I see you. You’re the same guy, you’re the same leech you’ve always been. You take money from hope, from brooke, anybody, because you’re broke. You just got out of prison.

Deacon: I don’t want anything from hope other than her love and respect. And I intend on earning that.

Ridge: I see a guy with an opportunity trying to take advantage.

Deacon: I would never take advantage, I’m not– I wouldn’t do that to my daughter.

Deacon: You wouldn’t? You said never. Never, really never? That doesn’t track at all because you’ve done it before. And it doesn’t make a lot of sense because, yes, she is your most outrageous victim, but not your only victim. Deacon, everywhere you go you cause pain and heartache. That’s never going to stop.

Deacon: You know what? This conversation’s pointless.

Ridge: No, no, no, it’s not. It’s not pointless at all. It’s really important, actually. You need to understand that I’m going to protect hope, the way I always have. You know why? ‘Cause her daddy wasn’t around. I’m going to protect hope and brooke and the children.

Deacon: The ch– I’m not trying to hurt anybody.

Ridge: Okay. That’s good because you’re not here. You’re not here at all.

Deacon: You know what? You don’t have the right to throw me out of my daughter’s home.

Ridge: Why don’t we test that theory?

Deacon: Seriously? Come on.

Ridge: What?

Brooke: Ridge. What are you doing?

Ridge: Oh, I’m taking out the trash, but I’m glad you’re here. Because you know what? This can’t keep going like this. I don’t care what hope needs or wants, he can’t be here. It’s bad for everybody. And I need you to back me up. Tell him to get out, and never come back.

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