Days Short Recap Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Allie told Lucas how Marlena was possessed again. Lucas wasn’t sure if he believed it until she said that she found out through John. Sami told some man about her food. She hit him in the back of the head. Susan told Xander that Kristen was the one who told him about Sarah. Sami was checking different keys to open the door to the cabin. She broke the key off in the door. Abe and Eli talked about what happened at the wedding. Lani went to see Kristen at the station. She told her what happened with Paulina. Kristen was sorry about what she told her. Kristen wanted to know how she knew Abe was her father. She told her what Tamara told her. Lani felt connected to Abe when she first met him. Sami found the captor’s phone. She tried to call someone for help. She wondered which number she new by heart. Allie and Lucas talked about what was going on with Marlena. Sami got in touch with Allie. Allie wanted to know where she was.

Abe and Eli continued to talk about what Pauline said. Eli wondered what Tamara said. Abe said that he was the only one Tamara was involved with at the time. Kristen tried to make Lani feel better about Abe not being her biological father. Allie told Lucas that Sami was kidnapped. He couldn’t believe it and took the phone from her. He demanded to know what happened. Ava tried to get Kristen out of jail. The cops weren’t intimidated by her. Gwen told them to ask Carmine. Ava said that she had people watching their families. Ava wanted to know if they were going to cooperate or was she couldn’t to give Gwen her orders. Rafe brought Xander to see Kristen. Xander confronted her about pretending to be Sarah. She said she might have been trying to help him. He didn’t believe it. He thought she had something to do with her dumping him. Kristen said she didn’t have any influence on Sarah. Xander wanted answers when Rafe’s phone went off. Rafe was ready to take her to prison, but Kristen stalled him. Sami told Lucas what happened to her. She wanted his help. She said she call her mother, but she had her own problems. Ava was able to convince the guards to let Kristen go. Lucas was finally able to get the location and was going to get her.

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