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Victor: Well, let me know as soon as — yes, as soon as you do. Thank you. Hey, devon.

Devon: Mr. Newman. Hello.

Victor: My goodness. Thank you for coming by.

Devon: Oh, yeah.

Victor: How was the first overnight with our little boy?

Devon: Couldn’t have been better.

Victor: Yeah?

Devon: It really couldn’t have been better. Yeah, no, it’s — despite everything that’s going on in his world around him, he was very, very happy at my place.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Look at him. Well, thank you for bringing by my grandson to see me.

Devon: Yeah, absolutely. Any time.

Victor: I know we’re all trying to do the best under the circumstances.

Devon: Yeah.

Victor: Ashley now tells me that abby may have left town, you know, or at least she left the house.

Devon: Yeah, I heard that. I heard that same thing. And, you know, when she dropped him off, she mentioned to me that she was considering leaving town.

Victor: [ Exhales sharply ] Very concerned about her state of mind.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Chance. I had to get out of that house. Felt like I was suffocating. Everyone hovering over me like i was a piece of glass about to shatter.

[ Sighs ] I just — I had to go somewhere, somewhere where I could understand my thoughts and someplace where I could focus on you. I…brought this box because i know it’s filled with things that mean a lot to you. And I thought that if I brought it, it would help me feel your presence.

[ Sighs ]

Lily: Okay. Gonna hit publish.

Billy: Just wait. Are we sure?

Lily: Yes, yes, we’ve been through this. We showed the words to the lawyers. Everyone’s in agreement. I mean, this is our best option.

Billy: Just hard to believe that after pulling an all-nighter, those are the three best lines that we have.

Lily: I know. Well, I mean, I can read it to you again if you want and you can see if you want to add anything. Yeah?

Billy: Yeah.

Lily: Okay. “Chancellor communications did not intend to publish yesterday’s exposé of ashland locke. We were victims of an illegal hack, and the article was published without our knowledge or approval. We are investigating the security breach and regret the error.”

Billy: You know what this means, don’t you?

Lily: I know, I know. It just looks like we’re trying to save ourselves, but we have to, okay? I mean, this puts on record that, you know, we were hacked and this can help cover us from any possible lawsuits.

Billy: So what is it about me that makes me want to double-down on this? Everything in that article is true about ashland’s past. We can stick it to adam and victor and ashland by telling the truth, by standing by the story.

Lily: I know, but you know why we can’t do that. We don’t have any way to prove it. It’s just gonna make chanccomm look even more irresponsible. Okay, listen, we can’t wait anymore. We have to publish this, okay?

Billy: Yeah. Yeah.

Lily: [ Sighs ] We did the right thing, alright? Even though we were hacked, we’re a media company, and as co-ceos, the responsibility lies with us.

Rey: I couldn’t agree more.

Ashland: You seem pleased. Does that mean what I think it means?

Adam: They just printed their retraction. Chanccomm looks as ineffectual as we knew they would. O man, that’s a whole lot of wrinkly

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Devon: I don’t know, I’m just worried that I — I may have played a part in abby taking off.

Victor: Why do you say that? How so?

Devon: Well, because I — i shared with her my past experiences on grief, and i tried to get her to understand the importance of not only just, you know, relying and leaning on the support system that she has around her but to really take time for herself. And now I’m wondering if that’s what she’s doing. Is she taking time for herself by leaving time in private and not telling anybody?

Victor: I really am a little upset that she didn’t come to me with my grandson. I mean, nikki and I would have taken very good care of him.

Devon: Oh, I mean, yeah, of course, no doubt you would. And I — so you know, I had no idea that she was gonna do what she did and leave the baby like that. I was as surprised as anybody.

Victor: I’m sure you were. But I understand why she did come to you. You know, you’re very good with the boy. And besides that, you were there when he was born.

Devon: It’s true, and I also promised to always be there for her and the baby.

Victor: I want to thank you for what you have done for my daughter and for my grandson, okay?

Devon: Of course.

Victor: However, entrusting you with an infant, I mean, you’re gonna have to change diapers, perhaps, you know?

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Victor: I mean, this is putting a lot of responsibility on you.

Devon: No, I understand. I do, and I assure you that I’m up for it.

Victor: Yeah?

Devon: I really am. I am more than happy to take care of dominic while abby takes care of herself. And she’s left me with everything that I could need, and she’s having the nanny come, so we’re okay.

Victor: Well, as I said — but what?

Devon: But it’s abby taking off like she has without telling anybody, it’s — I’m worried.

Victor: Well, she has a lot of trust and faith in you, as well she should, you know? But I’m concerned… concerned about her state of mind. I don’t think she’s thinking clearly.

Devon: Yeah.

Faith: You met dominic?

Moses: Yeah, finally.

Faith: When?

Moses: This morning, before i went to school.

Faith: Uh, wait, where was this?

Moses: At devon’s place. Dominic’s supposed to be staying with us for a while.

Faith: Seriously? For how long?

Moses: I don’t know all the details, just that abby can’t handle taking care of him right now.

Faith: Oh, no. I wonder what that means. My aunt abby went through so much to have her baby. She wouldn’t have just handed him over like this unless she was a total wreck.

Abby: I remember helping pin this on you when you were putting on your dress blues. I stuck my finger, and then you took the pin and you stuck yours, too. You said that it was our blood oath. That we would always be there for each other, no matter what. I believe you then, and i believe you still. Oh, wow. This is from your time in iraq. You downplayed it. My modest hero. But I know it means a lot to you because it is here in this box. All of these pictures. Who are these people? They must be from your time in iraq, but you haven’t told me much about your time there. It’s almost like you locked it away. Look, I know that I told everyone that I accepted the fact that you were gone, but… I just — I can’T. I can’t stop this feeling in my heart that you are out there somewhere…alive.

[ Sighs ]

Billy: Rey, I really don’t have the time or the patience for more baseless accusations right now.

Rey: Oh, you got it all wrong. I’m here about an accusation that adam made. He said that you were trying to blackmail him and victor, threatening to release that article about ashland locke unless they backed off your company.

Billy: You got to be kidding. This is one big plot by victor and adam to sabotage our company.

Rey: Well, it looks like you made good on your threat. I saw you published the article.

Billy: My e-mail was hacked, and a message was sent to one of our reporters, giving authorization to release a story that we never intended to publish. You should check our website right now. There’s a full retraction on there, vetted by our lawyers. But you’re sitting here telling me that adam is accusing me of blackmail.

Lily: Okay, rey, you have to explain where this is coming from and why you’re taking adam seriously.

Rey: Adam actually has a recording of you confronting him and threatening to release that article unless they back off chanccomm.

Billy: Well, adam can claim whatever he wants. Newmans are the real criminals here. Most bladder leak pads were similar.

Rey: Well, unfortunately for you…adam gave me the recording.

Billy: Honestly, adam, I’m a little bit concerned for you. And I’m gonna be generous. I’m gonna take it easy. We have one of our best reporters crafting the story as we speak. But I won’t publish it if…

Adam: If?

Billy: …You, victor, and ashland cease all operations of attacking chanccomm. It’s as simple as that. That’s taken out of context. What you’re listening to right there is a — a business negotiation, and that is not admissible in court. I did not give them authorization to record me.

Rey: There’s more. There’s a video sent by jesse gaines that supports their claim of blackmail. Do you need to see it to refresh your memory?

Lily: Okay, okay, this is enough. Is this an official interrogation? I mean, do we have to call lawyers here? Like, what exactly do you want, rey?

Billy: Hits just keep on coming, don’t they? Newmans have covered all their bases. So what now, rey, you here to arrest me?

Adam: Well, welcome back.

Ashland: Thank you.

Adam: You look energized. Hope that glow isn’t all about besting billy. I hope there was some good news with your trip to the clinic in peru.

Ashland: I was put on an experimental protocol, and I’ve already received a full regimen of the treatment.

Adam: Well, I am glad to hear that. I’m sure victoria’s relieved, as well.

Ashland: Yes, we’re both feeling very positive. I’m actually happier for her than I am for myself. You’ll never get her to admit it, but this illness has taken quite a toll on her.

Adam: I’m sure it has. Well, my sister’s obviously very much in love.

Ashland: That makes two of us. I’ve been keeping up on everything going on around here, and it looks like it’s all on track.

Adam: Victor and I have done our part, so next move is yours.

Ashland: I’ve already set it in motion. I almost feel bad kicking billy when he’s down. Almost.

Adam: Almost.

Victor: I texted her. And abby is not returning any of my calls. I mean, do you remember anything she might have said that would leave us a clue as to where she went?

Devon: Not about where she was going. The only thing she said to me is that she was considering getting out of town so she can clear her head. But you remember that just a few days ago, she was talking about flying to valencia, spain.

Victor: Yeah, but wait a minute, I thought you had talked her out of that and that she was beginning to accept the notion that chance was gone.

Devon: I hope that we did, but what if we didn’t and that’s what she’s gone and done?

Victor: [ Sighs ]

Nikki: Oh, devon, so good to see you.

Devon: Hey.

Nikki: Is everything alright with the baby?

Devon: Oh, yeah, yeah. He’s just taking a nap right now.

Nikki: So, what’s going on? I can tell that you’re both concerned about something.

Victor: Yeah, well, abby has taken off without telling anyone where she has gone.

Devon: We’re both worried that she hasn’t accepted chance’s death the way we hoped.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Well, now I’m worried, too. Victor, isn’t there some way you can find out where she is?

Victor: Well, she didn’t take the newman jet. But I guess I’ll have my people find out if she took any commercial airline.

Devon: And you know what? I’m gonna do some digging myself.

Victor: Okay. This has got me worried. Let’s keep in touch, okay?

Devon: Absolutely.

Nikki: Oh, devon, wait. I’d like to talk to you for a minute if you don’t mind.

Abby: Come on, chance, talk to me. Tell me how these things can bring me to you. This medal is for bravery, and now I’m the one who’s supposed to be brave. How could you have just left us like this?

Chance: I didn’t deserve this medal. Someday, I want to give it to the people who really deserve it.

Abby: Oh. That’s right. You said this was for a rescue mission, that you transported troops back to the base after a bomb went off. You said that you weren’t the real hero that day.

[ Sighs ] It’s my 4:05 the-show-must-go-on

Abby: You said the real heroes that day were the medics who saved so many lives in that field hospital.

Chance: Errol and kim — they treated me like their son. They deserved that medal.

Abby: That’s right, you said there was a couple and they were medics in your unit in iraq, and they treated you like family. You said that one day, you wanted to give this to them in person.

Chance: They would do anything for me.

Abby: You said you kept in touch with them, even after they retired, but to where? The letters. Letters.

Nikki: Oh, he’s sleeping. Hi, sweet boy. Well, please have a seat.

Devon: Sure.

Nikki: Victor tells me that you’re taking care of dominic basically all on your own.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: I really admire what you’re doing. That’s a lot of responsibility to take on.

Devon: Yeah, it is. Are you worried about me?

Nikki: Oh, are you kidding? To the contrary. I know that you’re wonderful with the baby, and I’ve told victor as much. It’s really very kind and brave.

Devon: I mean, you know that dominic and abby are both my family now, so…

Nikki: I want you to know that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Just ask if you need help. Single parenthood is not easy.

Devon: Yeah, I know, but I’m not alone.

Nikki: Well, no, I know that amanda just moved in and moses has been living with you.

Devon: Right, yeah, and they’re both very, very helpful, very helpful, very supportive. Although I have no intention on leaning on them for anything. I’m good. I got it under control.

Nikki: I’m sure that you do. But you’re also very busy running a company, and everybody needs help. It really does take a village.

Devon: Yeah, that’s very true, but you know that abby also has arranged for the nanny to come and help me, too.

Nikki: Oh, that’s good.

Devon: Yeah.

Nikki: But still, I want you to think of me as another resource. I’m — I’m here to help with anything. Just call on me if you need me.

Devon: Absolutely, of course.

Nikki: We don’t know where abby is or how long she’ll be gone, but if you really want to be there for dominic, you need to know that you have a lot of support around you, just in case you need to keep it up for a while.

Devon: Yeah.

Moses: Man, I mean, I knew devon had helped out by becoming a donor, but I had no idea about abby losing her first child.

Faith: It was terrible. She was so crushed.

Moses: That’s so sad. I mean, she finally gets her happy, healthy baby, and then loses her husband.

Faith: Yeah. She’s so devastated by it that she can’t even take care of the baby that she and chance wanted so much. It’s like she lost dominic, too.

Moses: Well, if it makes you feel better, dominic’s doing okay. Devon’s in full-on dad mode.

Faith: That’s incredible that he’d just drop everything to help a friend like that.

Moses: Devon’s the best. He’s been trying to fill in as a father figure for me since he knows what it’s like growing up without a dad, and I’m sure he’ll be there for dominic, too, since he kind of is his dad now.

Faith: Dominic never met chance. He’ll never know or remember the father that he lost. But with abby, it’s different. Who knows how long it’ll take for her to get over this, if she ever does.

Moses: Yeah.

Faith: [ Sighs ]

Rey: I’m not here to arrest you.

Lily: Then what is this about?

Rey: I have to investigate these dueling accusations. I want to be completely thorough before I present anything to the da.

Billy: Well, I appreciate you not jumping to conclusions.

Rey: In fact, I’d like to see any proof you have of the newmans infiltrating your e-mail system. It’s a federal crime, so I’m happy to pursue any claims you want to file against them.

Billy: Yeah, our I.T. Team hasn’t figured out how they breached our system yet, but we’re working on it.

Lily: Rey, look at the bigger picture here, okay? This is all a very calculated move against chanccomm. Adam and victor have it in for billy, and this is their way of coming after him and our company.

Rey: I know that the two of them are from saints and the layers of deception and double-cross are quite clear, but I follow the evidence, so unless you can come up with some proof of your claim, my hands are tied. I’ll be in touch.

Lily: So now what are we gonna do?

Billy: There’s only one option.

[ Telephone rings ]

Adam: [ Sighs ] Well, hello, billy. What can I do for you?

Billy: Adam, you’ve made your point. What do you want?

From the very first touch,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Billy: You, victor, and ashland have done everything you can to sabotage our company. And lucky for you, it appears to be working.

Adam: I got to say, it was a bad blunder publishing that article, billy. Now chanccomm looks awfully bad.

Billy: Well, you got what you wanted. Why don’t you go on and admit it? You hacked into our system, got us to publish that article.

Adam: Hey, you know, rey seemed really interested in those recordings that I gave him. You know, I really feel for you, billy. You never should’ve trusted gaines. Moral of the story is never rely on a blackmailer. That’s one of those hard and fast rules that I live by.

Lily: Adam, why don’t you just tell us what you’re after?

Adam: My advice is simple — fold and get out of the business that you are clearly unqualified to handle.

Lily: [ Scoffs ] You don’t think we’re really gonna do that, do you?

Adam: Hey, that retraction that you released, it’s even more embarrassing than the libelous article that you released. Reads like a pathetic attempt to create a defense.

Lily: We’re not gonna hand over the keys that easily.

Adam: Oh, we weren’t expecting you to walk away for nothing. Newman media would be glad to pay a decent price to take the company off your hands.

Billy: This company is not for sale, do you hear me? Especially not to someone like you.

Adam: You sure about that? I suggest you talk to jill, because if today’s news has the impact on your reputation that i assume it will, chanccomm is gonna be losing subscribers and your ad sales won’t be worth the cost of your company’s letterhead.

Lily: We are not going down without a fight.

Adam: Hey, if that’s what you’re looking for, count us in. We’ll be ready for it. Just be ready to be buried in lawsuits and legal fees. Even if you wanted to do some honest journalism, you won’t have the time or resources.

[ Knock on door ]

William abbott and lily winters?

Lily: Yes, yes.

You’ve been served.

Lily: Locke is suing us for libel.

Billy: Adam, listen to me, the gloves are off. Do you hear me? They are off!

Sharon: I’m really worried about abby. She was in pretty bad shape when I last saw her, and she must realize that because she left dominic with devon. Rey. Did you hear what I said?

Rey: Yeah, yeah, abby is dealing with a lot of stuff. But I’m pretty sure that dominic’s gonna be okay.

Sharon: Where was your mind just now?

Rey: I got sucked into a case that’s gnawing at me.

Sharon: Oh. Well, you want to run it by me? Sometimes it helps to bounce things off another person.

Rey: Well, sharon, it’s got low ethics and high stakes, but it’s not clear which side to believe. There may be enough evidence to arrest one party for blackmail, but I’m pretty sure doing so will just work into the other party’s hands. And I’m not about to be used as a pawn in their little chess game. It’s pretty clear that some underhanded business is in the works.

Sharon: Okay, you can stop with the vague generalities and the code words. If you’re doing that to protect me, I appreciate it, but I’m pretty sure I know who we’re talking about here — billy and adam.

Abby: Majorca, an island in the balearic sea. Not too far off the spanish coast from valencia. Sóller, there it is. A small port near the northwest coast. Okay. Yes, operator, I need a number. Errol and kim dunaway in sóller, spain. Yes, yes, please connect me.

Kim: Hola.

Abby: Hi. Is this kim dunaway?

Kim: Who’s calling, please?

Abby: This is abby newman chancellor. I’m phillip “chance” chancellor’s wife. Chance was telling me how much you and your husband, errol, mean to him. Look, please, I need to know if you or your husband have had contact with chance in the last six months.

Kim: I’m sorry, but you have the wrong number.

Abby: No, no, no, no, no, wait! I have something for you, something that chance wanted me to make sure that you had.

Kim: I really think you have the wrong number.

Abby: Do you know chance has a new son?

Kim: I’m sorry, we must have a bad connection. I’m having trouble hearing you clearly.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Operator, yes, I need to reach an errol and kim dunaway in majorca, spain. Yes, please connect me.

[ Line ringing ] It’s a clue. I know it is.

[ Sighs ] No one can deliver your mom’s homemade short ribs.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Abby: Yes, hello?

Kim: It’s kim dunaway. I don’t have much time. I had to step outside to call you back.

Abby: Why?

Kim: So he wouldn’t overhear. Chance, he’s here. Alive, but he’s in a bad way. He needs you.

Abby: [ Gasps ] Oh, my god.

[ Laughs ]

Billy: How insane is this? We are being sued for an article that we did not intend to publish, and every single word in that article is true.

Lily: No, I’m not surprised by this next phase of their very well-calculated attack. Bury us in legal fees and meaningless lawsuits.

Billy: Lily, it’s not meaningless if we lose our credibility. It destroys our company.

Lily: And don’t think for a second that we convinced rey to back off his investigation.

Billy: No, I’m sure that he’s going to talk to michael right now. But I do believe that he trusted our story. I think that he — he thinks we were set up, and he told us go get any information we can on adam so we can nail him. So maybe it’ll work out for us this time.

Sharon: We were at dinner together when adam came over and said that billy had blackmailed newman media, so I have a sense of what’s going on here.

Rey: Mm-hmm, well, now adam and billy are lobbing accusations at one another and engaging me in the battle.

Sharon: Well, if this is just business warfare, can’t you stay out of it?

Rey: Yeah, I wish I could. But it seems that billy’s pushed his tactics into illegal territory. Look, I’m trying to stick to the facts and not let my views of either one of them cloud my judgment, but, frankly, neither one of them look terribly innocent in this mess.

Sharon: You think both sides have committed crimes?

Rey: Well, there’s evidence against billy, but he’s also brought up some pretty valid countercharges against adam. He just hasn’t been able to prove it yet.

Sharon: Well, I don’t know what to say or think about any of this. You convinced me to stay out of the conflict between billy and adam, so maybe now it’s my turn to do that for you.

Rey: Yeah, I wish I could, but it’s my job. It’s my duty to follow up and get to the bottom of whatever’s going down between these two.

Sharon: No, I realize that, but I’m worried about you because if you’re right — and i am willing to believe that victor and adam would go to extremes to damage billy’s reputation — but wouldn’t your reputation be damaged, also, if you didn’t arrest billy?

Rey: Well, I didn’t say i wasn’t going to. I just don’t want to jump the gun. I want to talk through all these things with the da before I make any moves. And quite frankly, I’d like to end this war, not facilitate it, that’s all.

Sharon: Well, I admire your attitude, but did you ever consider that maybe it’s not your job to find a peaceful solution?

Lily: Look, relying on rey is not a viable strategy. We have to do everything that we can to defend ourselves.

Billy: Maybe we can try and get a newman onboard. When I finally talked to victoria, she was furious at me. She called me every name in the book and she demanded to know how this happened. She doesn’t know what they’re up to.

Lily: Or maybe she’s in on it. Look, I have to call the legal team back.

Billy: Victoria, I need you to, um…help me understand something. I need to know what ashland’s motivation is here because he is lying about his shady past and doing everything he can to destroy my company. And I need to know if you are on board at this.

Lily: Can we file one even though we don’t have any evidence that gaines is lying? Yeah, but locke confessed to the newman family, so maybe we can get one of them to go on record and tell the truth, you know? Would that work? No, I know, I know that — i know it’s probably unlikely, you know? We don’t — we — we need the evidence that, you know, that he’s lying, but we don’t have it. So —

[ Sighs ] Yeah, of course. I mean, we’ll keep searching. You know, we don’t really have any other choice.

[ Sighs ]

Louise: While the baby’s napping, I’ll run to the chancellors’ house and grab some onesies and his mobile.

Devon: Perfect. Perfect, perfect. I want to thank you, too, for being so flexible and being able to work here until abby gets back. I do appreciate it.

Louise: Oh, of course. It’s my job to take care of that little angel, wherever he is.

Devon: Oh, well, thank you so much. And also, you can take your time today, too, ’cause I’m not gonna leave for a few hours, so dominic and I will be just fine.

Louise: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: There you go. See you soon.

Abby: Devon, knowing dominic is safe with you is the only way I can do this. And I do need to do it. Not just for me, but for dom. Please tell him I love him more than anything in the world. I’m afraid this is gonna take longer than I thought.

Devon: Abby, what the hell did you do? Unleash the freshness…

Devon: Denise, hello. This is devon hamilton. I am, uh — I’m once again asking you to come out of retirement because I need your help. I need to find my friend, abby newman chancellor.

Victor: My daughter abby is missing. I need you to find out where she has gone and I need you to do it fast. Is that clear? Okay.

[ Cellphone rings ] Yes? Send him in.

Billy: We need to talk.

Victor: Well, now, billy boy. I wondered when you were gonna show up.

Billy: I bypassed the other two minions and I came straight to the source.

Victor: Ah.

Billy: Because, really, this is about your hatred for me anyway, isn’t it? Your son is nothing but a runt who’s along for the ride.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Adam has plenty of his own vitriol for you. As does ashland locke. In fact, you seem to collect enemies the way some people collect stamps.

Billy: Here’s the plan. It all stops. All of it. Your attacks, everything. You convince ashland to withdraw the lawsuit, and I step down from chanccomm.

Lily: Excuse me. Have you seen billy abbott?

Ashland: Don’t tell me billy’s skipped town already. He can’t take the heat?

Lily: Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to ruin us? Like, is this sport for you? Like, what do you gain from this? And I actually defended you to billy. And now I wish I never had.

Victor: Ah, billy boy. Why would you fold so quickly? You’re a gambler. You must have really had a bad hand.

Billy: I walk away, I leave chanccomm for lily to run. She doesn’t deserve to be punished like this. I’ll take the hit.

Victor: Really?

Billy: You’re getting what you want, victor. I’m down on the ground, you’re rubbing my face in the dirt. You want me to say it? I will, okay? I failed. Couldn’t hack it with the big boys. You win.

Victor: Well, I’ll be damned.

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