Days Short Recap Tuesday, November 16, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli went to get Julie to take her to the wedding. She was mad about Doug. She didn’t understand how Marlena had the right to keep her from her husband. Eli said he would take her to see Doug. He said they wouldn’t leave until they saw Doug. Julie gave Eli a bracelet for Paulina to borrow. She said it had a charm key on it because Doug thought the first lady of Salem should have the key to the city. When Eli left, Julie was upset about not being able to see Doug. She didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to see him. Belle and Shawn went to check on Marlena because Belle was worried about Marlena. Shawn found a wooden cross. They didn’t think it looked like something John and Marlena would own. Belle remembered Susan being there so it could be hers. Belle got a call about a case so they left. Belle went to the Horton House. She met Julie there. Julie said she wanted to hire her to sue Marlena. Marlena went to see Ben and Ciara. The devil wanted to update them on Susan’s warning about the baby. The devil gave Ciara a gift.

The devil told Ben and Ciara that watching Rosemary’s Baby affected Susan subconscious. The devil said Susan has gone back to Memphis. The devil said they didn’t have to worry. The devil told Ciara that she couldn’t wait to meet the baby. Ciara moved back away. She said it felt like the baby kicked even though it was too early. The devil left to go to Abe and Paulina’s wedding. Johnny wondered why Chanel wasn’t going to her mother’s wedding. She said her mother lied to her. She said her mother had no intention of asking her to be maid of honor. She said her mother loved Lani more than she loved her. She said she was a disappointment. He tried to make her feel better. She said her mother probably wished Lani was her daughter instead. Lani went to help Paulina get ready. Paulina said she was the luckiest woman to have Lani stand up for her.

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