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Paulina makes breakfast for Abe at home and they talk about preparing for their wedding. Paulina mentions having surprises. Abe says he can’t wait to hear them. Abe is glad that she gave up on wanting to postpone the wedding. Paulina exclaims that she can’t wait to be Mrs. Abraham Carter.

Eli goes to see Julie at her home. Julie asks if he should be getting ready for the wedding of the century. Eli says he’s the king of low maintenance. Eli says he’d love to escort her to the wedding but Julie tells him that she’s not going. Eli asks if she’s sure he can’t change her mind since Lani is doing her matron of honor duties while he’s dying to be accompanied by Julie. Julie says she’s already given her regrets to Abe and Paulina as she would just be sad because she can’t think of anything but Doug. Julie is so worried about Doug and cannot understand how Marlena can stop her from seeing her own husband. Eli questions Kayla still not getting through to Marlena yet. Julie says that Kayla can’t reach her so she’s not going to sit here and take this anymore.

Belle wakes up in bed with Shawn. Belle tells him that she had another nightmare about Marlena. Shawn asks if she was possessed by the Devil again.

Devil Marlena gets a call from Steve. The Devil guesses Steve is looking for John. The Devil remarks that he could tell Steve that John is trapped in the crypt with Susan Banks just to see the look on his face, but it’s not a video call, so the Devil rejects the call instead.

Ben and Ciara sit at home, reading a book about preparing for the baby. Devil Marlena shows up at the door as Marlena. Marlena says she wanted to update them on a conversation she had with Susan. Ben asks if Susan said anything else about the evil presence she felt around their baby. Marlena responds that she did.

Abe tells Paulina that Kayla told him that she never had patient have as quick of a recovery as he did. Abe credits his motivation and says he’s feeling no pain. Abe adds that he didn’t take any pain pills today so he’s just on a natural high on life, love, and feeling fine. Paulina then starts sneezing, so Abe asks if she has a cold or if she has cold feet.

At the bakery, Johnny questions Chanel not going to her own mother’s wedding. Chanel says she’s sorry if he had his heart set on being her plus one. Johnny asks what’s wrong as he thought she was okay with Paulina marrying Abe. Chanel responds that she loves Abe as he’s a great guy and would be a great stepfather, so he’s not the problem. Johnny asks what or who the problem is then. Chanel responds that it’s the matron of honor, her dear cousin Lani.

Lani and Theo get prepared for the wedding. Lani is glad Theo is in Salem for awhile. Theo says it’s been great spending time with her. Lani is glad to have caught up with him too but notes that the babies made her pay for it at 3 AM. Theo comments on the baby thing being harder than it looks. Lani hopes the twins didn’t scare him away from being a father. Theo responds that he’s just thinking about Ciara and the children they might have had but now Ciara and Ben are happily married. Lani knows that must be hard for him. Theo says it’s not just that. Lani asks if something happened. Theo reveals that he saw Ciara and Ben in the town square and it was beyond awkward and then Ciara dropped a baby book, so like an idiot he questioned her having a baby. Theo informs Lani that Ciara is pregnant with Ben’s baby.

Ciara asks what Susan said this time. Ben wonders who Susan thinks is going to try to hurt their child. Marlena says if they are sure they want to know, Susan said it was the Devil.

Johnny asks Chanel what she has against Lani and if something happened when they talked last night. Chanel explains that Paulina said it was a spur of the moment decision to have Lani being her matron of honor but that was a total lie.

Abe asks if Paulina is coming down with something. Paulina refuses to be sick on her wedding day but Abe says it might not be up to her. Paulina sneezes again and says he might be right. Abe asks when she started feeling ill. Paulina complains that she didn’t and then blames that damn cat which Abe questions. Paulina says it was Marlena’s and if she knew she had a cat, she wouldn’t have gone over there yesterday. Abe questions Marlena having a cat. Paulina informs him that Marlena said the cat’s name was Susan.

Belle tells Shawn that in this nightmare, Marlena was not possessed by the Devil but they were on Death Row in the execution chamber except this time Marlena was the executioner and she was killing the stray cat they saw yesterday. Shawn suggests it’s better off at the shelter. Belle thinks Marlena has been acting weird lately, ever since they got back from seeing Claire. Shawn says that she seems fine to him. Belle says not to her but she might just be rattled because John is away on a case. Shawn asks if she’d feel better if they go check on Marlena. Belle agrees that it would. Shawn says they’ll go check on her after breakfast. Shawn then kisses her so Belle asks who needs breakfast as they kiss back in to bed.

Eli is sorry that Julie has had to wait so long to see Doug and says he would’ve driven her back the next day. Julie understands his card has been full and it’s not his problem. Julie says it shouldn’t be a problem but she doesn’t get how Marlena has the right to stop her from seeing her husband. Eli agrees and declares that tomorrow morning, he will take her to Bayview to see Doug and they aren’t leaving until it happens.

Ciara questions the Devil being after their baby. Marlena says that’s what Susan said, but she thinks she knows what happened and claims that Susan just watched Rosemary’s Baby a few nights ago, so it might’ve influenced her subconscious. Ciara mentions her and Ben seeing that on TV too. Marlena says they didn’t think it meant the Devil was trying to get their child because they are rational people. Marlena laughs off the idea as ridiculous.

Theo doesn’t know why he was surprised since he knew Ciara and Ben were married but her being pregnant seems so fast since a couple months ago, she was engaged to him as they talked about starting their own family one day. Lani understands it’s upsetting. Theo doesn’t want to be upset as he wants Ciara to be happy. Theo wishes he would’ve told her that yesterday. Lani encourages that he still can. Theo assures that he will. Theo then says speaking of difficult conversations and asks how her conversation with Chanel went. Lani says it went surprisingly well and says she told Chanel that she was uncomfortable that Paulina asked her to be her Matron of Honor but Chanel promised she was totally fine with it.

Johnny asks Chanel if Lani told her that Paulina lied to her. Chanel says Lani was trying to explain how Paulina decided to ask her to be matron of honor instead of her and mentioned that Paulina was about to ask her right before Abe got shot, so that story was a total lie. Chanel declares that Paulina never wanted her to be matron of honor and wanted Lani all along.

Abe questions Marlena having a cat named Susan. Abe can’t imagine Marlena naming her cat after Susan Banks. Paulina suggests the cat was already named and continues to complain about the cat as she sneezes again. Abe then questions what Paulina was doing at Marlena’s last night.

Marlena continues to assure Ben and Ciara that Susan’s vision was just from the movie and not from anything satanic. Marlena then claims that Susan went back to Memphis so they won’t have any more predictions of doom and gloom about their baby. Marlena encourages that from now on it will be smooth sailing and she can’t wait to meet their baby.

Johnny questions why Paulina would want Lani as her matron of honor instead of her, arguing that it doesn’t make sense. Chanel says it does if Paulina loves Lani more than she loves her. Johnny calls that absurd. Chanel says it’s obvious and she’s just surprised that it took her so long to see it. Chanel talks about Paulina’s pride and asks how she can take pride in her when she’s a never ending disappointment. Johnny assures that no one could consider her a disappointment. Chanel talks about marrying Xander for his money and she couldn’t even get that right. Johnny brings up the bakery but Chanel says it’s too little, too late especially compared to what Lani has accomplished in her life. Chanel thinks Paulina just wanted to give her a participation trophy by allowing her to walk her down the aisle and she even lied about that to spare her feelings. Chanel cries that she thinks Paulina wishes Lani was her daughter instead of her as Johnny hugs her.

Lani tells Theo that they have to get a move on before Paulina has a fit. Theo says he’ll meet her there as he has some errands to run on the way. Lani tells him to be there on groom’s duty asap. Lani jokes that this day and the family is going to drive her crazy but she wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Lani says they are celebrating her aunt marrying their father. Theo jokes about them being an extended family. Lani knows it must be a little strange for him too. Theo says nobody can take his mom’s place but Paulina is great and jokes about the last time he got a new family member. They hug and say I love you to each other.

Julie tells Eli that it’s so kind of him to try to help her get in to Bayview to see Doug but he has other priorities. Eli assures that she will always be a top priority for him. Eli says he has to go pick up Paulina’s mom from the airport. Julie wants to give him a trinket to give Paulina for her something borrowed. Julie presents a key bracelet that Doug had made for her when he was mayor of Salem as he said the First Lady of Salem should always have a key to the city. Julie starts to cry about Doug being all alone and so frightened in Bayview. Julie tells Eli to tell Paulina that the trinket is from the old First Lady of Salem to the new First Lady of Salem. Eli says she’ll always be the First Lady of Salem to him and calls her the most thoughtful person he knows. Julie says she wasn’t when Paulina first came to town as she thought she was up to no good. Eli points out that Paulina wasn’t exactly an angel with Price Town. Julie understands it was her vision even if it was inappropriate and not wanted in Salem. Julie believes Paulina is a good woman at heart and more importantly, good for Abe. Julie adds that she can admit when she’s wrong.

Paulina thinks back to telling Marlena that she has to keep her secret about Abe not being Lani’s father. Paulina then claims to Abe that she just went to see Marlena to make sure she was ready, willing, and able to officiate their wedding. Abe notes that Marlena is usually quite reliable and asks if it was something in particular. Paulina says after the week they had, she didn’t want to take any chances as she doesn’t want anything to get in the way of their wedding today.

Belle and Shawn go to Marlena and John’s but Marlena is not home and not answering her phone. Belle wonders where she could be. Shawn suggests she could be with a patient. Belle notes that she took the day off for Abe’s wedding. Shawn suggests she already left for the church. Shawn then finds Susan’s cross on the floor. They wonder what it is and where it came from.

Ben asks Ciara if something is wrong. Ciara says that when Marlena touched her stomach, it felt like the baby kicked even though it’s far too early for that to happen. Ben encourages that he just read she has another 12 weeks before that can happen. Marlena jokes that the baby must just be excited to meet her. Marlena mentions having to go officiate Abe and Paulina’s wedding. Ciara points out that they didn’t open her gift yet. Marlena says they can open it anytime. Ben thanks Marlena again for coming by, the gift, and for putting their mind at ease about Susan. Marlena says it was her absolute pleasure as she exits.

Lani goes to Paulina’s and hugs Abe, telling him that he’s looking good. Abe responds that he’s feeling good. Lani says it’s time for her and Paulina to get to the church and get her ready. Lani adds that Chanel is meeting them there and Theo had to run an errand but he will be there. Paulina reminds that they are on a strict schedule. Abe jokes that he can dress himself. Paulina and Lani joke about the walking cane that the hospital gave Abe. Lani says Abe being able to walk at all is a miracle. Paulina calls herself the luckiest woman in the world to be marrying Abe today. Paulina adds that Lani standing up for her is the cherry on top. Lani assures there is nowhere else she’d rather be as they hug. Paulina says she doesn’t know how much that means to her.

Julie reminds Eli that the trinket is only their something borrowed but she wants it back. Eli reminds Julie that he’ll be there first thing in the morning to take her to Bayview to see Doug. Julie hugs him and thanks him. Eli adds that he will call Marlena to see if he can get to change her mind. Eli tells Julie that he loves her and exits the house. Julie looks at an old photo of her and Doug. Julie cries that she’d love to go to the wedding with Doug on her arm instead of sitting her fretting over Marlena’s laws. Julie then asks why she has to wait until tomorrow.

Ciara asks Ben if what Marlena told them about what Susan said shook him up at all. Ben says of course not as obviously the Devil is not after their baby. Theo then shows up at their door and asks if it’s an okay time. Ciara invites him in and says she thought he was supposed to be at Abe’s wedding. Theo says he is on his way there now but had an errand on this side of town so he decided to swing by. Ben tells Theo that it’s good to see him again. Theo states that the reason he came is to apologize because when they told him they were having a baby, what he wanted to say is congratulations. Theo wishes them every happiness.

Belle tells Shawn that the cross is too big to be jewelry. Shawn adds that it doesn’t think like something John and Marlena would own. Belle remarks that it looks like something Susan Banks would have in that big purse of hers. Belle then remembers that Susan was there yesterday. Shawn wonders what it was doing on the floor if it is Susan’s. Belle then gets a call and says she can go there now. Belle hangs up and informs Shawn that she just got a new case so she has to go. Shawn says it must be urgent if she has to go right now. Belle says it sounds like it is, so the cross will have to remain a mystery for now. Belle hopes that Marlena can explain all of it, if they can ever track her down. Belle and Shawn then exit the house.

Devil Marlena walks through the town square and gets a call from Eli but rejects it. Johnny sees her and greets her with a hug. Marlena says she came to support the local bakery and asks what he would recommend. Johnny calls on Chanel. Chanel says she has to try a slice of Angel food cake but Devil Marlena turns that down and says she wants something less healthy. Marlena decides on Death by Chocolate. Johnny then introduces Marlena to Chanel. Marlena recognizes her name as Paulina’s daughter. Chanel remarks on the way Paulina is acting. Johnny explains that Chanel is having a rough day. Marlena says sometimes it helps to talk about it. Chanel says she doesn’t want to trouble her. Marlena says she’s a therapist and that’s what she does. Johnny gets a text from the bank and he has to sign some papers immediately. Chanel tells him to go take care of it and she’ll make sure Allie gets his script. Johnny is unsure about leaving her like this. Chanel insists that she’ll be fine. Devil Marlena thinks back to Paulina telling her about keeping her secret and promising not to tell anyone. Marlena then tells Johnny to go ahead as she and Chanel will be just fine…

Ciara thanks Theo. Ben adds that Theo coming by and being genuinely happy for them means a lot. Ciara adds that Theo has nothing to apologize for since she’s the one who hurt him and it was the last thing she ever wanted to do. Ciara hopes they can still be friends. Theo says always and that he has to go the wedding. Ciara stops him and asks if she can give him a hug which Theo allows.

Paulina and Lani get prepared for the wedding. Lani calls her mother and Paulina two of the most beautiful women she’s ever seen. Paulina talks about having Lani and Chanel by her side and she can’t imagine anything more perfect. Paulina thought Chanel would’ve been here by now. Lani assures that she will be and says they had a really good talk last night. Paulina is glad because Chanel was kind of stand offish at the hospital last night, so she hopes Chanel isn’t holding a grudge against her.

Devil Marlena sits with Chanel, who tells her that she feels Paulina is favoring Lani over her. Marlena remarks that she’s sure Chanel is right which she questions. Chanel asks if Paulina told her something. Marlena says just enough to know that Chanel should trust her instincts. Chanel begs Marlena to tell her what Paulina said to her. Marlena says Paulina said enough for her to know that there’s a reason that she treats Lani differently. Chanel asks if she knows what that is. Marlena responds that she’s afraid she does.

Theo joins Abe at Paulina’s to get prepared for the wedding. Theo tells Abe that this is not going to work at all.

Lani promises Paulina that Chanel is fine as they talked about her being Matron of Honor. Paulina encourages that Lani will handle the job beautifully like she does everything. Lani thinks she was more uncomfortable with the situation than Chanel was. Paulina assures that she has no reason to be uncomfortable as she explained to Chanel that she asked Lani to be her Matron of Honor on a spur of the moment, because she had been through so much after Abe was shot. Lani reminds Paulina that she said she was going to ask her to be her Matron of Honor the night before but Abe got shot, so she questions her now saying it was a spur of the moment decision. Lani asks what’s going on.

Chanel asks Devil Marlena what Paulina told her about her and Lani. Marlena remarks that revealing that would break doctor-patient confidentiality and that’s a cardinal sin. Chanel cries that she’s been torturing herself trying to figure out what’s been going on with her and her mom, so if she knows something that could help her understand why Paulina chose Lani over her to be matron of honor, she has to tell her. Marlena says she hates to see her suffering like this, so maybe God and the medical board will forgive her for breaking her solemn oath. Marlena then reveals to Chanel that the reason Paulina chose Lani to be her matron of honor is because Lani is not Paulina’s niece, but her daughter.

Belle goes to see Julie. Julie says that was good timing since she just called the office a little while ago. Belle says that her assistant said she should rush right over so she asks what is so urgent. Julie responds that she has a problem and thinks Belle’s legal skills are needed to solve it. Belle is happy to help if she can and says she could use the distraction. Belle asks what she needs. Julie responds that she wants Belle to sue her mother for her.

Ciara and Ben talk about how sweet and supportive Marlena is. They open Marlena’s gift and it’s a necklace to call the baby’s guardian angel to watch over them. Ben then puts the necklace on Ciara. Ciara reads the note which says “I know your baby is destined to do great things” After putting it on, the necklace then flashes red.

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