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All: Surprise!

[ Party horn blows ] Oh, my goodness, you guys! Happy birthday, aunt elizabeth! Aww, thank you, sweet girl. Thank you, everyone. I see the premium liquor has arrived. No one’s going thirsty tonight, unless they’re too into the music to drink.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, well, unfortunately, they may have nothing to do but drink. Our band from detroit, it just canceled. Downtown? You’re kidding! I wish. And every band within a 50 mile radius is booked. N’neka, I’m afraid there won’t be any live music at the savoy tonight. Sam! You’re back! How was your trip? Wait, what are you doing at G.H.? Oh, um, I’m here to pick up my mom. Isn’t your mom in…

[Quietly] Prison?

[ Chuckles ] No, she’s, um — she’s been released. Uh, novak is undergoing tests right now. Yeah, I don’t — I don’t have a description of the attackers yet. I’ll do that later. I gotta go to the pcpd. Okay. Yeah. Uh — oh. Whoa!

[ Sighs ] Hi. Nina: Hi. I’ll have a chardonnay. Thanks. I know you. Nina reeves, right? Shawn butler, right?

[ Laughs ] Well, long time no see. And at charlie’s, of all places. What’s wrong with charlie’s? Nothing. Great pizza and bar snacks. Just wouldn’t expect it to be the first choice of the editor-in-chief of crimson. Well, shawn butler, um, it’s a long story, but I am persona non grata at the metro court and A…pariah in town, generally. It’s the price I have to pay for choosing to stay in port charles. “Charlie’s pub.” It looks like a nice place, but I already told you, I’m not hungry. So what are we doing here? You’re about to find out. Hey, joss! I packed all your stuff. Hey! Oh, my gosh, thank you. I’m sorry that I couldn’t do this myself. Uh, volleyball practice ran late, and I could not make it back to the dorm on time. No, I’m sorry the room’s so cluttered with my photo ark exhibit. I’ll clean up so you don’t have to clear out. No, it’s okay. Uh, you should have the place to yourself to focus. You don’t need me in the room distracting you. Also, I’m gonna be home late tonight, so don’t wait up for me. You’re coming back tonight? I thought you were spending the night at home to have time with your family. Yeah, um… no, I’m — I’m sorry that I misled you. Cam and I are hanging out at his place tonight. We’re studying for midterms. And you needed your toothbrush and toothpaste for that? Deodorant, your favorite soap? Not to mention those sexy pair of undies. Okay, enough. Why do I get the feeling that you and cam plan to do more than just study for midterms? Okay, fine, you are right. Tonight, I am losing my virginity to cam.

Well, I’m telling you that I’m gonna have sex for the first time in my life, and you’re just sitting there. Don’t you have anything to say? That explains the scented candle I had to pack. Okay. Why are you acting like me having sex with cam is no big deal? I know it’s a big deal for you and cam. Honestly, joss, I knew it would happen sooner or later. I just thought — you just thought what? I thought you and cam planned to take things slow. Well, it was never a plan to go slow, but life keeps interrupting, and every time we’d heat up, something crazy would happen. Like your stepdad returning from the dead? Exactly. And before that, I was distracted by my mom and jason’s wedding. And plus, I mean, you know, it’s semester one in college with full-time volleyball, and on top of that, cameron doesn’t even live on campus, so opportunities have been scarce. It was never spontaneously the right moment. So we need to make the right moment happen. And that’s what we’re gonna do tonight. Perfect. Cameron: Hey, do you like the banner? Jake supervised it. All the way from washington, D.C.? Mm-hmm. Aiden: On the phone. Well, it was sweet of him to take time out of his trip to collaborate on the banner. You guys, I can’t remember the last time the house was this dressed up. It was for your wedding anniversary with franco. Right. Silly of me to have forgotten.

[ Doorbell rings ] I’ll get it. Uh, the bo ys and violet,they really wanted to throw you this party. Bad idea? No, no. No, not at all. I love that the kids wanted to do this for me. Yeah? And you know, they threw me a surprise party at work. Oh. It’s really nice to be celebrated. Though ironic because I kind of hate parties. Nikolas: What’s this about hating parties? I’m sorry you’re having a difficult time. Thank you. But it’s nothing I didn’t bring on myself. Yeah, which may be true but doesn’t make the day-to-day any easier. I sympathize. That’s right, you went… that’s right. How does it feel being back in port charles? Uh, my family’s great. You know, but it’s — it’s been tough trying to figure out my future. Mm, tell me about it. Yeah, it’s been a while, but… well, things are going well. Good. Do you have any advice you’d like to share with me? Advice? Huh. Well, you know, uh… there’s no rule that says what we’ve lost is lost to us forever. Do you wanna go somewhere else? No, I’m good. So? How do you like this place? Oh, it’s homey. Good energy. Yeah. You look relieved. Well, I hate to think I made a bad investment. You bought this place?

[ Laughs ] Lock, stock, and bar.

[ Squeals ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ] Alexis? I haven’t escaped. I promise. Well, that wasn’t my first thought, but, uh… yeah, what are you doing here? Uh, meeting. Nine months. Here it is. Oh, hey. Congratulations. They don’t do that at, uh, spring ridge? Apparently, you haven’t heard. Heard what? You being the victim, I would have thought that the department of corrections might have notified you, but I’ve been pardoned. Wait, your mom was released? That’s incredible. You and your sisters must be thrilled. Yeah, it’s, um… been an eventful few weeks. Yeah, I got your text that you had to go out of the country. Where did you go? Crete. As in greece? Didn’t anna and valentin go there? Wait, why were you there? So downtown’s booking agent just called and says that he accidentally double-booked the band, so they’re in ann arbor, michigan, right now.

[ Scoffs ] Will you get your money back? I’ll get the deposit back, but I’m out the money for the advertising and the liquor, but more importantly, my customers are out of a great experience. Hmm. I just don’t want the savoy to look unreliable. Like sometimes you get a live band, sometimes you don’T. But more importantly, I don’t want it to look like we’re doing the old bait-and-switch, you know? Hmm. Pull people in promising live music that never materializes. Portia: Not to worry… the show will go on.

cam and I have been letting life dictate our relationship. And suddenly, I realized that we’re missing out on something really important, and we need to commit. And what’s with this “suddenly?” Well, I don’t mean “suddenly” suddenly. I-I just mean lately. And what happened lately that made you decide now was the time to commit to sleeping with cam?

[ Laughs ] Okay, what’s with the third degree? This is just the next step. Joss, you know I support you in whatever decision you make. And if you say you’re ready to have sex with cam, then you’re ready. But I wouldn’t be your best friend if I didn’t tell you this feels impulsive. It actually feels like a knee-jerk reaction to…something. I get the feeling that there’s more to your decision than what you’re saying. What is it you aren’t telling me? Well, shawn butler, uh… to tell you the truth, I lost the love, friendship, and trust of someone that I care about a lot, and I don’t see it coming back anytime soon. Well, never say never. But until then, I could always use a friend. Might want to give that a second thought. Because you’re connected to one of the people that I wronged. Sonny, what’s going on? You looking to recreate your experience at the tan-o? No, no, no. The tan-o is irreplaceable. I just feel like if you have a bar with a restaurant, with people who enjoy it and somebody who can manage it right, you can make money. And I — you know, I checked the numbers here at charlie’s, and it’s a good investment. So I want you to tell me — you think there’s potential? Sure. It’s got a terrific, welcoming atmosphere. Great, ’cause I need somebody terrific to manage it. Why are you looking at me?

[ Laughs ] Because you’re a miracle worker with a bar, and this is a bar without a miracle worker.

[ Chuckles ] I know exactly what you’re up to. When you told me that your band canceled and you were having a hard time finding a replacement, I realized that I could help you. What are you, the member of a professional rock band and you never told me about it? Ugh, I wish. But I do have a patient who plays bass in a band called punchdrunk. They’re actually very popular. And they’re not available. I already checked. They are taking a break from touring, but isaac agreed to do the gig at the savoy tonight as a favor to me. Because you saved his life.

[ Laughs ] The point is, now he’s gonna save yours. No, no, no, no, no, no, you did. Oh, my god. Baby, I cannot repay you. Oh, you’ll think of something. Oh, you better believe it.

[ Chuckles ] Duty calls. Evening, my friend. What can my bartender get for you? Uh, two fingers of bourbon and a good show. Both orders will be coming right out. Thank you for this gift and for helping me celebrate. Hey, mom, I-I can take that. Thanks, babe. Uh, do you want a drink? Nikolas: No, I’m okay.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Doorbell rings ] Uh, I-I got that. Well. What are you, day trading or learning the new tiktok dance? I-I know — what? Never mind. Never mind. Okay. Hey, finn. Finn: Huh? Uh, I wanna talk to you, and I don’t think you’re gonna like it. What’d I do now? Well, I haven’t had an update on liesl, and britt went off the radar, and anna won’t return any of my phone calls. And — I’m sorry. What does that have to do with me? Well — well, I want you to get your girlfriend to update me. We were looking for peter, just like anna and valentin, and we didn’t want to say anything to you because we didn’t find him. Maxie: Yeah, I figured you didn’T. Otherwise, you would’ve told me. Yeah, um, I-I would have. I’m sorry. We tried. You keep saying “we.” Who went with you? Dante. The pcpd sent dante to greece? That seems a little out of their jurisdiction. Well, he didn’t come with me as a cop. He actually went with me as a friend. Really? Yeah. I had a hunch, and he wanted to help. Okay, well, I’m glad you had backup. I know how dangerous peter can be. Yeah. I don’t know what I would have done without him. Sam, are you and dante… more than just friends? Like, are you guys an item? Nikolas lobbied the governor for a pardon. I did not advocate for one. I actually thought that I should serve out my sentence and don’t really think that I had the right to be free. Well, when I testified at your hearing, the only thing I asked you to do is take responsibility for what you did. I know. I understand. I do. And I promised you that I would. So… do you think you did? You think you kept that promise?

Nd I aren’t together anymore, and even when we were, she never talked to me about wsb business. What about you, nikolas? Greece, that’s your stomping grounds. You must have people over there that could help me find liesl. I’d help if I could. Well, come on. What about all those resources you promised me? They didn’t pan out. I’m sorry. Hey, scott, look, I — I feel for you. We all do. But, you know, this is elizabeth’s birthday, and as you can see, the kids kind of went all out, and maybe there’s something more festive we could talk about. I-I’m sorry, elizabeth. I didn’t mean a skunk up your birthday like this. You know, it’s bad enough that I parachuted into your camping trip.

[ Brush crunching ]

[ Loud clattering ] What the hell? Happy birthday! Esme invited me and cam on a weekend getaway, and she assumed that we’d want separate bedrooms. You’re losing your virginity because of esme? No! No, of course not. This isn’t about me and esme. This is about me and cam. We’re in college. We’re adults. I guess. But doesn’t that mean you should be making your own choices? I thought I was? She said with a question mark. Oh, look, I despise esme. You know that. Which means I extra hate the fact that she was the one to point out that cam and i aren’t having sex. I mean, I wanted to slap her in the face when she said it. But I also realized that she makes a valid point. I mean, cam and i have waited too long already, and we should be together. Why does it sound like you’re checking something off a bucket list instead of making a physical and emotional commitment to cam? I did try to keep my promise to you, and to my daughters, and to myself, most of all, to be accountable for what I did. No excuses. Well, you didn’t try. You did. Yeah, you pled guilty, you accepted your sentence, you went to pentonville. Hell, you even helped out prisoners there, like shawn butler. Right. But I didn’t serve out my sentence. I was released. So what? That wasn’t you. Other people made those decisions. When are you gonna stop carrying around that burden of guilt on your back? I wouldn’t call dante and me an item, but yeah, we do care about each other. Like good friends or something more? Okay, we might have come to realize that we may have a future together. Oh, my god. Um, okay. I never would have predicted this. Then again, I never would have predicted that my fiancee was a monster and I’d be separated from my baby girl. Okay, that’s an interesting comparison. What? When you just lumped my seeing dante with two negatives. Are you trying to warn me off of seeing dante because he used to be married to one of your best friends? I’ve heard good things about this place. Are you the owner? I am — curtis ashford. Linc brown. Nice to meet you. I’m looking forward to the entertainment tonight. I’ve been following downtown for a while. Yeah, I’m sorry to disappoint you, mr. Brown, but downtown just canceled. Luckily, we were able to schedule an incredible replacement. I’m sure you will be equally impressed with punchdrunk. Hey, n’neka! Mr. Brown’s first drink is on me.

[ Laughs ] Thanks.

[ Laughs ] You are pretty good at this nightclub thing. Clearly, following your instincts and making a career change works for you. Just a man who knows what he wants.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. Isaac? Isaac, hi. I’m actually at the savoy right now. Let me let you talk to the owner so you can discuss the details. The band’s not coming? Why not? What do you think I’m up to? Distracting me, offering me an opportunity to feel vital again. There hasn’t been a second in your life when you weren’t vital. Well, maybe I fooled you, but after lenny died, I’ve just felt so… disconnected. Even before the tan-o burned down. Well, you know what, that’s normal. I mean, everything that was familiar is now up in the air. I guess we’re both navigating new lives. Yeah, and my new life is my old life. And how are you handling the transition? Well, it’d be a lot easier if you said yes

[Laughing] To managing charlie’S. I mean — look, listen, I trust you. Tell you what. Yeah? I’ll go freshen up. Mm-hmm. And when I return, I’ll see if charlie’s bartender was as good as the tan-o’S. Alright. You — what is — 7 & 7? Hmm. You’re off to a good start.

[ Laughter ] Nina: I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love, love bubblegum ice cream, but I forgot to cancel the grocery delivery, so when I got back, I opened up the freezer, and there’s, like, 50 gallons…

All: Happy birthday to you

[ Cheers and applause ] Happy birthday, mom. Aww, thanks, baby. Aiden made the cake himself. All: [ Gasp ] So mom, how old are you now, really? Hey, watch it! I can’t wait to taste this cake. It’s not as good as the one franco and I made last year. Hey, don’t sell yourself short. It looks amazing. Yeah, aiden, you made the cake. Your mother’s gonna love it. Um, so are we ready to start slicing it? Uh, ’cause aiden has to get to a sleepover at riley’s and you have to see the downtown at savoy. Um… you know what? We need more napkins. I’m gonna get some.

[ Indistinct conversation ] I’ll be right back. Shawn. Oh, man.

[ Laughter ] It is so good to see you, my brother. It’s good to see you. You know, I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you, but, you know — ’cause I heard you got out. No, no, look. I’m pretty sure you’ve had a lot to deal with since you’ve been back. Uh, I owe you. Alright. Carly said that she offered for you to come back to the business. You didn’t want to do that. I understand. Whatever you need to get back on your feet, I’m here. Look, sonny, hey, we’re good. We’re squared away. You made sure I was taken care of while I was in pentonville, and look, your friendship is good enough. Appreciate that. It looks like you took care of yourself. Lifting a lot of weights in there?

[ Laughs ] Hey, man, I’m just trying to navigate through life, you know? Figure it all out. So what are you up to? Uh, it’s a lot to get into now. Let’s just say I have several irons in the fire. It is so good to see you. So, what brings you and sonny here to charlie’s? Well, he offered me a job managing the place. Did you know sonny owns it? Yeah, I heard a little something about that. So what do you think? Are you gonna take the job? Are you gonna take his offer? ‘Cause I personally would be more than thrilled if you stayed in port charles. Phyllis, you just make everything better with your sheer faith and tenacity. And how about you? How is your faith these days? It’s a bit shaky. Wait a minute.

[ Stammers ] I’m just trying to say that life can be unexpected and hard, and it’s nice to have someone to be there for you during the rough patches. I would never begrudge you of that someone. Thank you. Wait a minute. What? Is dante the guy that you told me kissed you a while back? You know what? I have to go. I’ve gotta find my mom. Some place you gotta be? Elizabeth: I’m having such a good time with everyone. Do you think it’s okay if we take a rain check on our plans to go to the club tonight? Hey, what’s going on, kid? You’re as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Just expecting company is all. Well, you know, tell your mother. I’m sure she’ll get out of your way. It’s more of, uh, the privacy thing I’m worried about. Oh, well, if you lived on campus, you could put a sock on your door, huh? Living here is cheaper, and plus, I can help out with my mom. Yeah, I know. You’re a good kid. You know, franco being gone, you had to grow up faster than most. It just doesn’t feel right that he’s not here celebrating with us. He’s not here for other things. Yeah. Giving you advice. He was good at that. Well, nobody’s gonna replace franco, but… I’m here. I won’t tell you what to do, but I’ll listen. You and cam should stop thinking about what you should do and start doing what feels right. Use the stuff in the backpack, but only if that’s what you want. What time is it? Uh… okay. Yeah, I should — I should head to cam’s now. Trina, I have a confession to make. I’m not sure I can handle two in one day. I told you that I was too busy to get all of my things myself, but the truth is, I needed a reason to talk to you because you give me something that I can’t check off a list, and I need you to know that I will always be so lucky to have you as a friend. Same. So, one band cancels is bad luck. But a second band? That feels like something more. According to isaac, some of the other band members read some unsavory things online about the savoy attracting mob violence. Damn it, is this about that joey novak and carly corinthos thing? Because I handled that. I know. I know that. And so do your regulars.

[ Sighs ] Now I understand why downtown suddenly had a scheduling conflict. This is exactly why I didn’t accept protection from jason morgan. I didn’t want my club to be — to be associated with any kind of mob connections. How am I supposed to book any legitimate acts now? Mr. Ashford, excuse me. I don’t mean to overhear your conversation, but it sounded like there’s no live music tonight? I’m afraid not. Second act cancelled, too. Hmm. Well, where you see loss, I see opportunity. Do you believe in accidents, mr. Ashford? Because I sure don’T.

Hey. Hi. You sure you won’t change your mind about the savoy? I know you were interested in hearing the band that curtis booked. You know what? You’re right. It’s my birthday. There’s a great band playing. I’m gonna rally. Yeah? Yeah. Good for you.

[ Laughs ] Yes. Violet: Daddy. Uh-huh? I have icing all over my fingers and I don’t have a napkin. Okay, will you excuse me? I’m having an icing emergency. Yes. [ Laughs ] Here we go. Here we go. Happy birthday again, elizabeth. I hope all of your wishes come true. I hope yours do, too. Oh! Oh! Hi. Hi, um… hi, guys. Happy birthday, mrs. Baldwin. Hi. Oh, thank you. Come in, come in. Why don’t you grab some cake before you and cameron hit the books?

[ Laughs ] Okay. Hey. Hey. So how can two cancelations turn into an opportunity? I happen to be traveling with a performer who has a gig in buffalo, and tonight is his night off. And you represent him? I’m his producer, but he loves jamming between gigs. It keeps him sharp. Lets him have a little fun without a set list. Sounds good. But what makes you think your artist would be interested in performing here? Well, he was already coming to hear downtown. It won’t take much to entice him to perform, especially in a venue of this caliber. There’s no time to draw up a contract. Whatever you had planned to pay downtown will work for my guy. Uh, mr. Brown — linc. As much as I appreciate your generous offer, I’m just not sure your artist would be a right fit for my clientele. Well, check his website. Decide for yourself. I’ll confirm with him, but I’m sure that this partnership will benefit us all. Incredible. Aren’t they? Ned quartermaine had the same reaction. Did ava tell you about the photo ark exhibition I’m putting together? I mean, not only did she tell me, she can’t stop bragging about how you came up with the idea, you made the connection, you got ned to underwrite the exhibit. Ava is very proud of you. Ava is a great boss and mentor. She’s so generous with the people she cares about. Yeah, you and my wife are a lot alike in that way. I mean, you care about your friends and ava. You even supported my son.

[ Laughs ] I’m not sure spencer would agree. I gave him an earful earlier at the gallery. Hmm. Do you know where my son is right now? I wanted to talk to him. I haven’t seen him since he left the gallery. Huh. I’m surprised he didn’t pick up a shift here tonight. Since spencer renounced his name and his inheritance, I thought he’d work every second to earn money. Did you convince my son that he didn’t need the family fortune? I kind of told him he needed to be his own man and not a money-grubbing little phony. Good for you. I mean, especially since my son listened to you. Maybe you’re the only person who can get through spencer. You’re facing some daunting challenges, nina, but if you keep one foot in front of the other, then one day, you’ll be able to look around and see how far you’ve come. What about you? Will you take the same steps… hm. …And accept sonny’s job offer? I wanna know that answer myself. The answer is… yes.

[ Laughter ] Thank you, sonny. I’ll be honored to manage your bar. A-and that’s even before the 7 & 7. So when do you want to start? As soon as I head somewhere quiet to share the news with lenny. Ahh. It’s good to see you both. Offering phyllis a job — brilliant. It’s much better than gifting her charlie’S. Yeah, you were right earlier when you said that, you know, she wouldn’t accept a — a gift of that magnitude. Yeah. She’ll just dip her toe into the water, see how it works out. Maybe this will all be permanent. She’ll stay in port charles. You know, you… care about the people that you love just as much as mike did.

I’m sorry that — that came out wrong. Don’t worry about it, ’cause I know — I know what you meant. Shawn: Sonny. Hey. It was so good to see you, man. Alright, buddy. Alright, I’m heading out here. Um, nina, here’s my number, you know, in case you want to continue our conversation. Okay, I’ll take you up on that. Yeah. Alright. See you soon. Good guy. Yeah, good guy. You know, the tan-o was so magical, sonny. If phyllis can do half as much to charlie’S… this place is going to be magic. I miss the tan-O. The best place on earth. I’m not equipped to be the one who gets through to spencer. Trina. Don’t sell yourself short. You are having a positive influence on my son. I’ve only tried to be a good friend. Even if he hasn’t always been a good friend to you. I’m afraid my son may have learned his bad habits from me. Spencer learned his bad habits from spencer. I wish that were true. But in the past, I’ve made the mistake of not treating my friends and family well. But at least he has you in his life. Let’s hope he recognizes how lucky he is and that he continues to listen to you. See ya, maxie. Hey, dante. Yeah. Um, sam told me that you two are seeing each other. How’s that going? Um… yeah, it’s — it’s early days. And? It hasn’t been easy. Yeah, well, making the decision to move on never really is. But anyone who loves you will want you to be happy. Finn: Wow.

[ Laughs ] You look so pretty, aunt elizabeth. Oh, well, thank you, miss violet. Daddy, you have to get dressed up, too.

[ Laughs ] I’m going to, just as soon as we get home. Uh, carey is meeting us there. Shouldn’t you guys get going before it gets too late? You don’t want to miss the band.

[ Laughing ] Yes, I just need to put my coat on. May I? Thank you. Anytime. Okay, have fun, you guys. You ready? See you. Uh, so I put the food away. I did the dishes. Okay, thank you. Thank you for everything. Okay. My pleasure. Bye, jocelyn. Thank you for my gift. Have fun studying, you guys. Oh, happy birthday! Thank you. So… franco would be proud of you. I want you to be patient and be safe. Well, I guess we’re alone. Finally.

[ Rock music plays ] He’s so good. Yeah, we’d be lucky to have him. Mm-hmm.

[ Cellphone chimes ] It’s linc. His singer’s a go. Mmm! “And so are we.” Sent. Wow, is this really happening?

[ Laughter ] Wow. We just had a major singer fall right in our lap. Karma’s on your side. Ladies, tonight, the savoy will be popping. Both: Yes!

[ Laughter ] It’s all settled. I offered the singer to ashford, and he’s sold. Crisis averted, just like you asked. Are we all settled up here?

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