Y&R Short Recap Thursday, November 11, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Devon tells Lily what happened to Chance and that Abby isn’t handling her grief and ignoring Dominic. Devon tells Lily he is considering taking care of Dominic until Abby can better handle her grief. Lily advises Devon to talk to Ashley and see what Ashley thinks he should do. Ashley doesn’t think that it is a good idea for Devon to take Dominic out of the house because Dominic gives Abby hope and will help her handle her grief.

Billy persuades Jesse Gaines not to use the information about Ashland to blackmail Adam and Victor into leaving Chancellor Communications alone. Adam sends Billy a text to tell him Jesse’s video was a nice try but Newman Media is still going after Chancellor Communications. Adam later calls someone to tell the person its time to blow the plan wide open now.

Abby tells Nina that she doesn’t think she can handle things right now.

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