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Portia: Dr. Haddad said the surgery was very successful. She was able to remove all the bullet fragments. Oh, good. So valentin’s going to be alright? We have reason to be optimistic. He’s astonishingly resilient, you know? He’s going to make it. Can I go in and see him? Sure, sure. Um, as you know, you and brook lynn have been given familial privileges. Just encourage him to get some rest.

[ Scoffs ] Okay, I’ll try. Not promising. Mm.

[ Monitor beeping ] Mm. Anna. Did you miss me? Chase, hey! Looking good. How you feeling? Uh, great. Too bad the doctors don’t agree. So this is our competition. No, not hardly. They don’t even serve food. Oh, perfect table. Let’s grab a drink. Oh, okay. I am so glad that you agreed to come out tonight. Yes! I hear they have a spectacular bartender. Maybe we make her a little offer, steal her over to the metro court. Oh. Curtis: Not gonna happen.

[ Laughter ] I know how to keep my employees happy. You do. You can’t blame a girl for trying, right? Curtis, this place is great. I only hear good things. Thank you. Stay tuned, ’cause I am just getting started. Mm. Hey. Hey! Where’s yuri? Oh, the kitchen. The new cook is from belarus. Go figure. Mm.

[ Sighs ] Gladys has been blowing up my credit card all day. Please tell me you’ve come up with a plan to stop gladys’ blackmailing me so that I don’t have to declare bankruptcy. Thank you. Appreciate it. Hey. I will have your house special cocktail, but use only the good stuff. And keep my tab open. You don’t have to worry about the credit limit on this baby.

[ Chuckles ] Hi. Oh! I know you, from G.H. I was visiting a friend in the icu. Valentin cassadine. Right. You were. You said you were family. Yeah. I really shouldn’t have done that, but I just really needed to talk to him.

[ Chuckles ] Of course you did. It’s nice to see you again, ms. Gladys. You remember my name? Yes, I do. But it’s, uh, just gladys, by the way. Any friend of valentin’S… oh, it feels so good to be a customer, doesn’t it, instead of a host? Let everyone else take care of all the details. What’s going on with you? What are you talking about? I’m just looking forward to relaxing with a lovely cocktail. Really. Any chance we could get sonny out for a drink? I have — I’ve barely spoken to him ever since he came back from the dead. Sonny’s out of town. He’s catching up with an old acquaintance. Your phone has to be off for the duration of your visit. Yeah. It’s already — look, it’s already off. But it’s going to be a short visit anyway.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Sighs ] Sonny corinthos. How’s it feel to return from the dead? Better than being locked up in here for life. W

I just had another check-up, and dr. Shoneberg still won’t sign off on me returning to active duty. You know, this extra caution has finn’s handwriting all over it. Yeah, he may be a little overprotective, but he’s just looking out for you. He wants to make sure you’re ready to go full throttle without any relapses. And isn’t that what you want to? Okay. I’ll try to be a more “patient” patient.

[ Chuckles ] Just don’t tell him I said that. I wouldn’t dream of it. You know, finn’s lucky to have you by his side.

[ Sighs ] Thanks for letting me know. Okay, yeah, keep me posted. Okay, bye. Valentin’s awake. Thank god. Anna said that surgery went well and that the doctors are optimistic.

[ Sighs ] I’m so relieved. Me, too. Let’s just hope it continues that way. Did anna say anything about the search for peter? Just that, um, the trail is cold, that there have been no signs of peter since anna and valentin saw him in crete. Great. That means peter could be anywhere, including on his way to port charles.

[ Monitor beeping ] Was I sleeping? Just a little nap. That was rude of me. I apologize. No. You need your rest in order to recover. Doctors say the surgery was very successful, well, of course it was, darling. You didn’t think I’d die on the operating table? That’s not really my style. I just spoke with brook lynn, gave her an update. She sends her love. Says she’s going to bring charlotte over tomorrow. Oh, that’s very kind of her. Charlotte’s the only medicine I’ll need. Well, you do need actual medicine. The doctors are recommending a recovery protocol for you. No bouncy castle?

[ Chuckles ] Not yet, no. What about peter? Has he resurfaced? Has victor been of any use at all? Victor wants to make a deal. Olivia: Flatland federal prison, huh? Sounds like a real five-star destination. Yep. Sonny thinks he might learn something useful from cyrus. And you’re okay with him taking a, uh — a-a “work trip” so soon? I wasn’t going to tell him he couldn’t go. That’s not what I asked. I get that sonny needed to go. I am trying to be okay with it. Nine months away. Coming back must be a hell of an adjustment. It is. You know, we’re taking it one step at a time. Yeah. Well, I got to tell you, I really respect the way that you are maintaining. Carly, the staff told me that nina showed up at the metro court the other day. Oh. I mean… how in the hell could you not slap her into next tuesday?

[ Sighs ] Because if I started, I wouldn’t stop. I mean, jason had to physically drag me away from her when I found her at the quartermaines’. Yeah, it’s a good thing he did, too. I mean, you don’t want that b– that — that… unfortunate woman to have any reason to bring you up on charges of assault. I know. I know. That’s what jason said, and I get it. I really do. But, olivia, it’s inside of me. It’s visceral. You know the saying, “seeing red”? I do. Every time I lay eyes on nina, every bone in my body wants to go after her. I get it. And you would be completely justified in doing it. It’s just that there’s better ways. I — look — if you want to change your mind and evict crimson from the metro court offices, I will back you 100%. And you got a lawyer who is a ninja. I mean, diane could sue her into bankruptcy. That’s assuming she’s not already in prison. You knowhat michael’s behind those charges, right? I had a feeling. And the night that nina was indicted, michael looked at me, and he asked me why I didn’t already go after nina. Why didn’t you? Because of sonny. So, um, how’s valentin doing, anyway? Um, gladys — austin — uh, there’s no way you could have known this when we met at the hospital, but I’m a physician there, so I can’t discuss patient information. Well, you’re no fun. But… I am. Austin, did — did you just say that gladys is heading to visit valentin? I sure did. Is that a problem for you, brook lynn? Brook lynn, what is going on? Is everything okay? No. Cyrus: And they say I have more lives than a cat. What’s so important that you wanted to see me in person? You know, any change in routine is refreshing. The monotony of prison… get to the point, ’cause I-I’ll just leave. After coming all this way? I don’t think so. Well, think again, ’cause I’ll just get in my jet. I’ll fly home, and I’ll consider it a day well spent. You know why? ‘Cause I got to see you here locked up with no chance of parole. You threatened my wife… my family, and my town? You got off easy. I’m just sorry no one killed you.

Sonny doesn’t want me going after nina. Mm. I would have thought he would have wanted her to pay. Sonny thinks if I go after nina, it could blow back on us. Make a bad situation worse. And right now, he said he just wants to focus on rebuilding our life together and loving his children. How do you feel? I feel like we can rebuild our life, we can love our children,

and we can flatten nina. But sonny has asked me to let it go, and I am trying. I am trying so hard. I just can’t — olivia, I love sonny. I love him so much. And I grieved him for nine months, so I-I just have to put my energy there and — and figure out who we are now. I just can’t get my head around sonny wanting to turn the other cheek. I know, right? I mean, I used to know sonny like the back of my hand. Be able to tell you how he’d react and be right 99% of the time. Not now. I don’t know. I — nixon falls has changed sonny. Are you guys okay? Yeah. Yeah, I mean, we’re working at it, you know? And your contribution is not annihilating nina. That’s part of my contribution. Well, I got to say, carly, I really respect you. You’re doing a hell of a job. I mean, I had no idea how much this was costing you. Thanks. What about you? Your turn. “What about me” what? You’re going through something, too. I can tell, so if you want to talk to me about what you’ve been going through the past few days, I’m here. I want to listen. It’s just hard. Is it about leo? What? Why does everyone think there’s something wrong with leo? My son is absolutely perfect! You just told me the other day that he was going to the doctor. So I just assumed. Right. I’m sorry. I-I apolo– it’s my bad. I-I’m all over the place. Sorry. Can I help?

[ Sighs ] No. I think that ned and i may be headed for a divorce. Can’t believe this place is new. Yeah, man, um… just a couple months old. Ah, looks great. It’s really great vibe. Well, now, you have just said exactly what any first-time club owner would love to hear. Why don’t you stick around? Oh, I will. And if you like live music, you should come back tomorrow, because I have booked the hottest group out of detroit right now. I might just do that. Sounds like quite the night. Yeah, it will be. And with the talent that I’m bringing in and fine clientele such as yourself, I should have no problem putting the savoy on the map. So, where is the wsb keeping this man now claiming to be my father? Steinmauer? The hague? No, they’re keeping him here in port charles. They want him to be close to me so I can have access during my investigation. Well, that’s convenient. Have you’ve spoken to him? No, I’ve been a bit busy sitting vigil at a friend’s bedside. Your friend’s a very lucky man.

[ Monitor beeping ] Can I ask you a question? How do you feel about victor’s claim that he’s your father? I don’t know. I mean, I wouldn’t put it past helena. Does sound like something she’d do, have an affair with her husband’s brother. But I’m going to need more than victor’s word. So you’re not dismissing it out of hand? I don’t think it matters one way or the other. It’s just a little unsettling thinking that if he’s telling the truth, that makes charlotte and bailey his granddaughters. Thank you. Mm-hmm. Valentin can’t find out bailey isn’t his daughter until peter is caught. He’ll be more likely to understand once peter is locked up or dead, which I’m sorry to say wouldn’t exactly be a tragedy. That would obviously be safest for bailey. But right now, the danger is closer to home. How do we neutralize gladys? Ugh, that woman is such a menace. I swear it’s like she actually enjoys causing trouble. Okay, since gladys’ only priority is herself, we have to convince her that telling valentin will cost her more than she could gain. Right. Mutually assured destruction. Go on. We need leverage. Ugh. The problem is that neither of us can be the one to set the trap. If — if she smells either of us, she’ll be on guard. We need a third party. No, no, no, maxie, we cannot bring in another person. Yeah, we don’t have to tell him why we’re going after gladys. What? Him? Who’s him? What was his name? Pip? Skip? Trip? Are we talking about a person or a puppy? I need to call nina. Nina?! Maxie. Chase: Hey. Oh, hey! How’s it going? Chase! It’s nice to see you up and about. Glad to see both of you. Maxie, I’m actually glad I ran into you. I’ve been studying your daughter’s kidnapping case while I’ve been on desk duty. We’re done here. Don’t let me keep you from your jet plane. Well, be sure about that, ’cause this is the only chance you got of me sitting across from you, ’cause if I leave, I’m not going to come back, no matter what you claim to know. Well, like I said, anything to break the monotony. Whatever gets you through the night. Talk. Oh, I think we should discuss terms first. What do you want?

[ Sighs ] I’ve done well for myself here, but my reach has been somewhat limited. If I help you, perhaps you’ll do me a favor somewhere down the line. Perhaps. Your wife and jason morgan tried to fill your shoes while you were away, but I think they overreached when they killed novak and buscema. And I’m not alone. I don’t know what you’re talking about. From what I know, the — the cops don’t have a lead as to who planted that bomb. Yeah, it’s a mystery, to be sure. Y-you returned at — at quite a turbulent time, with two heads of families gone. I’m managing fine. Yeah, for now. I hear that someone’s headed to port charles determined to fill one of those slots and get revenge. Joey! Welcome back. How was warsaw? Gdansk. All was well until I got the news. My condolences for your uncle. Vincent novak was a great man. Yes. The corinthos organization was responsible for his death. Now that I’m back, they are most surely going to pay. Been following her like I asked? Every step. I know exactly where she is. Good. I can’t wait to see carly corinthos again.

Hey, portia. Portia, something wrong? Is it valentin cassadine? No, no, no, no. Uh, it’s just the opposite, actually. I just told anna that valentin’s surgery was successful. Oh, well, that’s great. Yeah. I’m sure she’ll be really happy to hear that. Is everything okay with you? Um, I think I’m, uh, fighting off a stress headache. Does this have to do with trina? No. No, no, thank god. Um… it’s curtis. I can’t shake this feeling. I-I think… that he might be in some trouble. I have some more questions about the night your daughter went missing. Chase. Can you be any more insensitive? Blindsiding maxie, asking her questions about her missing child? Well, I didn’t mean to blindside you. I’m just trying to plug up a few holes in the investigation. Yeah, by barging in and — and interrogating the victim. Maxie, I-I’m so sorry. If you want to take a second and gather yourself, we — we totally understand.Oh, yeah. If you’ll just excuse me for a minute. I’m — I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. I — damn. That’s all kinds of wrong. Am I really that rusty? Look, I know you weren’t trying to hurt maxie, but she’s struggling a lot more than she lets on. She actually just finished telling me that she’s looking to move forward for james and georgie’s sake, but I know it’s all a front. Maxie’s not going to be okay until peter’s caught, locked up, and — and baby louise is back in her arms. That is exactly why I’m reviewing this case file. The events of the night that maxie gave birth, they don’t add up. You’ve tur ned into such awonderful father for charlotte. A-and now for little bailey. Well, parenthood has a way of shifting one’s priorities. I don’t have to tell you that. Look how motherhood has softened you. You’re no longer the steely, ambitious wsb agent you were years ago. Somehow, I don’t picture it softening victor in any way. No. I don’t think so, either. So I take it he hasn’t given you any more information on peter? Mnh-mnh. He insists on full immunity before he tells us anything. Well, maybe he’ll talk to me. No! Yes. Bring him here. I need to see him. I-I expected someone to step in and try to take over the novak family, also the buscema family. You have any names? Joey novak’s time in poland has come to an end. Joey? He’s a hotheaded braggart. Yeah, what’s more dangerous than a braggart with a gun and something to prove? I thought things were better between you and ned. Carly, if I told you the number of times that I have supported ned in his — in his arguments with the family and whatever. This one thing that I need him to see my side, and he just can’t, or he won’T. He just keeps pushing and pushing and — okay, wait, what is he pushing about? I don’t understand. Just tell me what’s going on. Gladys: Carly. Oh, my god. Uh, this is not the time, gladys. It’s not. You know what? You know what? It’s all good. I’m going to go get another round.

[ Chuckling ] How’s sonny? I’ve left him tons of messages, but he hasn’t gotten back to me. Then I would assume that he didn’t want to talk to you. Don’t be like that. I just want to welcome him home, make sure he knows how much everyone’s missed him. Joey: Not everyone. Hi, there, carly. Long time no see.

of course things don’t make sense. That night was complete chaos. That’s why I need to question maxie again. I mean, witnesses can remember things, and they don’t even realize it. Or your questions can further traumatize her and make maxie feel even guiltier for not stopping that crazy fake nurse. Okay, I promise that I will be very sensitive. But questions need to be asked to make progress in this investigation. And I am not going to stop until baby louise is found. It’s just a little too coincidental that tj’s patient disappeared. Who you said was also asking about curtis, right? And tj’s general description of that patient matched the man who I spoke to. But then again, that description could match 100 men.

[ Sighs ] We can’t be sure if it’s the same guy. You know, I have a sketchpad in my locker. If you can describe him, I can draw him. What, like — like a-a police sketch? I mean — you can do that? Unofficially. I’ve done it before, and it’s been pretty accurate. But maybe you can show tj and — and see if he recognizes him. Yeah. Yeah, no, thank you, elizabeth. I — yes. I just need to know one way or the other.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Ah, spectacular. Just what the night needed. Enjoying yourself? Well, i was until I bumped into you. Okay. Well, then I’ll leave you to it. Have a great night. You know, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I-I just got to ask. What exactly did you say to my husband about my son? Excuse me? Well, ned’s got his head all turned around, looking for problems where they don’t exist. And you know what? That all started with you, doc. Doc? Um, ned is listed as next of kin, and he has access to leo’s medical records. It was not a hipaa violation for me to talk to him. I didn’t say it was against the law. But wouldn’t you say maybe you were just sticking your nose where it didn’t belong? Ned came to me. Let me ask you something. What motive could I possibly have to lie about leo? Uh… what could I possibly gain? Mm, let me think. A check with a ton of zeros on it or a bunch of elq stock? I’d already signed over my claim, olivia. Wait a second. You’re saying ned came to you after you already signed those papers? That’s mrs. Corinthos. Joey: Thought it was mrs. Morgan. It’s tough to keep track. I’m not surprised that you’re stupid enough to come back to port charles, but even you should know not to approach me directly. I’m giving you a chance to pay your respects after my uncle was murdered. I’m well aware that vincent novak is dead. I’m also aware that he wanted jason and me dead. It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it? Mm. I thought I recognized you. I-I was with your uncle that day as his date. It’s only by the grace of god that I wasn’t in the limo with him and that other guy. Yeah. Tragic accident. We both know it wasn’t an accident, and it won’t go unanswered. I consider anyone in the corinthos family fair game.

[ Laughs ] You really want to come after us? What’s funny about that? Curtis: Okay, come here. Whoa. Cops hauled you out of here one time. I’ll happily do the honors this time. You don’t know who you’re messing with. I’m the head of the novak family. Man, tell your story –I won’t be treated like this! Tell your story walking, okay? I don’t give a damn who you’re the head of. You won’t be coming back here, so don’t come back. You’ll all regret this! Joey novak is a punk. No one — he gets no respect. He can’t run the novak organization. He’s going to have one challenge after another. What about paulie, the oldest nephew? Dead. An untimely car accident. His — brake failure. Are you telling me the family’s actually backing joey? Haven’t you heard that saying? “Only a fool would underestimate someone with nothing to lose”? Alright. Message received. I’ll let you know if you’re right about the novak family.

[ Banging on window ] What? J-just one more thing. Have you seen laura? H-how’s my sister?

I heard all the commotion.Is everything okay? That guy joey threatened us, me included. I think you’re going to be fine, gladys. Okay? But, carly, what about you? Uh, was the threat legit? Oh, it was just joey novak. Pathetic posturing. That’s all. I will be fine. Seriously. Hey. Is everything okay here? I’m very sorry that guy harassed you. I can have n’neka set you up with a round of drinks. Great! I’ll be at the bar. My nerves are shot. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I should have had my guys inside the club. I just wanted to be a little inconspicuous. Oh, no worries. It’s my club, my responsibility. But if you think that guy’s going to be a problem later, I can set you up with an escort. No, no, my guys can handle him. I mean, he’s really not very bright. He’s just a hothead. Yeah. I do know who he is, and I know what he is. It’s not my first time dealing with him. Now, you heard him say that he’s positioning himself as the head of an organization? I did. My advice? Never turn your back on a hothead with something to prove. In what universe do you think I’m going to bring victor here to see you — you know what? Don’t answer that. It’s rhetorical. It’s not going to happen. I don’t see why we have to fight about everything, darling. ‘Cause you’re unreasonable! Peter has escaped twice now. We have to stop him before he causes any more damage. If that means using victor for everything he knows, then so be it.

[ Sighs ] So much for our night on the town, huh? Mm. Sorry I turned out to be such bad company. Oh, that’s not what I meant. I’m the one who was a target for joey novak. Which was not your fault.

[ Sighs ] The point of going out was to make ourselves feel better. That’s not happening. Maybe I’ll feel better when I talk to a divorce lawyer. Hey, portia. Hey.Wow, you look beautiful. I wasn’t expecting to see you tonight. Well, I couldn’t stay away.

[ Chuckles ] Anything unusual happen? Uh, I had to take the trash out, but it’s all good now. How did you find out? Uh, I was referring to the man that was asking around town about you. Thanks to elizabeth, we now have proof that tj’s mystery patient and the man that I ran into outside kelly’s is the same man. You haven’t seen him again today at all? I seem to be the only one who doesn’t know what he looks like. Never seen him. Hey, I am — I’m so sorry if I upset you. It’s okay. It just hits me really hard sometimes, you know? All of it. I-I can’t imagine. But I do need to ask you some questions at some point. I want to walk you through the night again, and I’m hoping you’ll remember something that you hadn’t remembered before. I know the drill. My stepdad is acting police commissioner, remember? I’ll do whatever it takes to get my daughter back safe in my arms. I-I’ve tried contacting laura, but I’ve gotten no response. I-I know she’s upset with me, but it’s unlike her to make no reply at all. Just tell me she’s fine. I’m not going to talk about laura with you.

[ Chuckling ] And here I thought your time away might have changed you. You know, where were you all those months? Did you really not remember your life, or did you just run away for a while? I don’t run. Oh, that’s right. That’d be difficult when you spend your whole life looking over your shoulder.

We all want to find your baby, maxie. And we’re covering all our bases. I’ll be in touch. I’m sorry if I interrupted your evening. Now chase wants to ask me questions? Definitely not good. I hope anna can find peter soon so all this lying can stop and I can have my baby back in my arms. Just one crisis at a time, okay? Were you’re able to reach nina? Yes. Uh, the guy we’re looking for is kip. Nina had his contact info, so I called him. He’s totally in. Our plan to take down gladys is a go.

[ Sighs ] I’m trying to let victor stew, you know, by not appearing to be too eager. And — and that way, maybe he’ll cooperate. How’s that working for you? See, I don’t think he realizes that I can only make a recommendation for immunity. The final decision is above my pay grade. Don’t sell yourself short. You have plenty of influence. Just let me handle victor. If I bring him here, he will use his claim that he is your father to manipulate you. I know that. Don’t you think I know that? Yeah, he’ll be manipulating me, but don’t forget. I’ll be manipulating him right back.

[ Monitor beeping ] Gladys: Two shots of bourbon. Make it the good stuff. You got it. I saw what just happened. You okay?

[ Sighs ] Who was that guy? Joey novak. His uncle escorted me to carly and jason’s wedding. Worst first date ever. Rather not talk about it. Okay. All set. Curtis comped your previous drinks. That’s real nice of him. Mm. Give yourself a good tip. Your credit card says brook lynn on it. She wanted me to have a night out after all my hard work. She seems nice. Maybe you want to sip the next one. If I can handle brook lynn, I can handle anything. Alright.

[ Both chuckle ] I could tell you some stories. Whew! No kidding. Well, then the next one’s on me. No. Mnh-mnh. Portia: I described the man, and elizabeth drew this picture. When I showed it to tj, he confirmed that that was his patient. Hmm. That’s the music fan that was in here the other night. I thought I’d introduce you, but he left. You sure? Yep, that’s him. Alright. Thanks, n’neka. Come on, curtis. You don’t recognize this man at all? I’ve never seen him before, but… there is something familiar about him. It starts now. The corinthos organization is going down! I’m gonna run this town! The savoy will make a good cover business, don’t you think? You want to take over the place we just got thrown out of? Hell, yeah. I’ll enjoy giving curtis ashford an attitude adjustment. He’ll sell that club to me, or else. Call the family. Schedule a meeting. You got it, joey. Okay. You know what? I’ve had enough of you. So, um… I’m done. If you get bored, I want you to, um, think of me… you know, celebrating the holidays, taking vacations, going to great restaurants, eating some good food with my family. Something that you’ll never do the rest of your life. I’ll be in touch about that favor. Don’t hold your breath.

[ Cellphone dings ] Carly? What’s up? You done with your visit? Yeah, I’m go– I’m heading to the plane right now. Great. Guess who’s back. Joey novak. Yep. Has he given you any problems? Well, he tried to hassle me at the savoy a little while ago, and he got tossed out. How’d you know he was back? I’ll explain when I get home. Uh, call tony. Make sure you get home without any problems. Already done. Hey, fly safe. I love you. I love you, too. And you know what? Hey, listen. I’m back. I’m going to take care of everything.

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