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Ava: The artist was very pleased with your offer, madame.  Yes, so, as — as soon as you send the payment, I will ship the painting to you in Paris. Yes. Ye– au revoir. Well, to what do I owe this pleasure?

Nikolas: After months of separation, do I really need a reason to steal a moment with my lovely wife?

Ava: That’s very romantic…and a little suspect.  Might you be covering an ulterior motive?Nikolas: Shawn, thanks for coming in. Shawn and I have some business to attend to.

Ava: Do you, now?

Nikolas: I was hoping to use your backroom. You’re not using it at the moment, are you?

Ava: It’s all yours. Anything I can do to facilitate?

You already have by lending us the room. We shouldn’t be long — the matter is time-sensitive. Thank you. My shift’s about to end. You me to get you anything before I go? Maybe you could take the psychopath back to his room? Sorry. Ryan’s allowed another hour. But since you are uncomfortable sharing a common room with him, why not reconsider our earlier conversation? You mean accept nikolas’s offer to have the governor pardon me? I think I should be done making deals with the devil. Mm. And which devil are we talking about? Wow. Oh, mr. Quartermaine. Sorry, I didn’t hear you come in. Those photographs are beautiful. Where’d they come from? It’s called the photo ark project. Oh, wait a minut e — I’ve heard of that. Mm-hmm. Isn’t national geographic responsible for creating it? Joel sartore is a photographer and a national geographic explorer. He’s on a mission to document every species living in human care. That’s incredible. So, how many species has he already documented? He just reached 12,000. He’s been doing it for 15 years. It’s a great idea. Mm-hmm. I’d imagine a lot of these species are endangered. I’m afraid so. But I know you didn’t come to hear me gush about the photo ark. How can I help you? Well, I am, uh, looking for a last-minute gift for olivia. Did you forget mrs. Quartermaine’s birthday? This is more of a gesture of goodwill… I hope.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Hm. Robert: Livvie?

[ Gasps ] Robert!

[ Laughs ] You’re — are you okay? I’m great! Oh.

[ Inhales deeply, sighs ]

[ Indistinct conversations, telephone rings in distance ] Hey, epiphany. We got a call about an assault victim. You know anything about that? Um, a man was found beaten and brought to the hospital. Did you get an id? Joseph novak. He’s in the icu. It was a severe beating. He nearly died. I do not like the idea of this man going around port charles asking you and tj questions about me or working n’neka here at my club. Something’s not right if he just won’t talk to me himself. Well, I was worried about cyrus renault, but it could be something more commonplace. I mean, maybe he owns a competing nightclub and is checking out your strengths and weaknesses. Nah.

[ Paper rustles ] You know, something about him seems familiar, but it’s definitely not from hanging around here at the club. Hey. Do you always keep your door unlocked when you’re closed? Sam, welcome back. I, um — I wanted to fill you in on what I know about drew.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Door opens ] He’s here.

[ Indistinct conversations, telephone rings in distance ] Hello, victor. Or should I call you “dad”?

Together forever and

never to part together forever we two

and don’t you know I would

move heaven and earth

to be together

forever with you oh, my god. Robert, I’m so happy to see you!

[ Laughs ] Don’t — please, tell me you didn’t drive. Oh, I took a car from the savoy. I know that I left my phone back here, and I just came here to find it. And then, I was looking, a– oh, who cares about me? You’re here and you’re safe. Did you — did you catch peter? And did you find maxie’s baby? Found peter, lost him again. Couldn’t find louise.

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry. Ah! Mm. Um, so… tell me about yourself.

[ Sighs ] Leave nothing out. And, remember, you don’t have to drink yourself sideways to feel good. Robert… it’s ned. We’ve tried. We have really — we’ve tried everything. And I’m afraid things between us are just… worse than ever. Ned, what a pleasant surprise. Are you in the market for artwork? Mr. Quartermaine is looking for a gift for his wife. You know, I know you can’t buy forgiveness… no, but you can sure as hell try.

[ Laughter ] Have you looked around? You seen anything olivia might like? Has trina shown you the pieces we have that are available but not displayed? I was actually showing mr. Quartermaine the photo ark project. The what project? What? Photo ark. In collaboration with national geographic, the photographer joel sartore is documenting every species living in captivity. Take a look at these photographs. They’re incredible. Oh, yes, they are. Look. Mr. Sartore has been to wildlife sanctuaries and zoos all over the world. Oh. Trina was just educating me. The photographer is using this project to spread awareness for conservation across the globe. Mm-hmm. Brilliant. While that’s wonderful work, what does it have to do with the gallery? Well, you’ve been encouraging me to put together an art event on my own for extra credit in art class. What if I organized an exhibit here at the gallery hosting the photo ark project?

[ Breathes sharply ] Harmony and I were just talking about ethics. Little late for a visit, isn’t it? I’m volunteering at spring ridge, and it’s part of my coursework at pcu. Yeah, esme’s thinking about becoming a psych major, so she’s gonna be working with some of the psychiatric patients here. Great. Mm. And for my night shift, the world’s greatest boyfriend offered to drive me to work. I did have an ulterior motive. I wanted a few minutes with aunt alexis before visiting hours were over, so… the warden said you’d show me the ropes. Oh, I was just about to clock off. But, yeah. Yeah, sure, I’ll show you around. What happened to your hand? Oh. Pulling espresso shots can be hazardous. You’re pulling your own espresso shots? Well, it wasn’t for me. I’m working at kelly’S.

[ Chuckling ] You have a job? At kelly’s? Yeah, it’s a — it’s a little bit of a long story. Well, it’s either you or dostoevsky. Lay it on me. Okay, no wires. No directional microphones. Not that they work here. This place is like fort knox. Which is why I suggested ava’s gallery. The security measures — they ensure complete privacy. Have you given any more thought about our conversation the other day? You mean the deal for my silence? Half a million dollars. It’s just my opening bid. You know, hayden may have made her peace with your trying to kill her, but she wasn’t the only victim here. No, and I’m not talking about my years in prison for a crime I didn’t commit. Then who are you talking about? Naomi dreyfus. You killed her to make sure sam and i would never find hayden. Thank you, I’ve got this covered. Don’t worry.

[ Monitor beeping ] Valentin: Hey, hey. I don’t need you to stay.

[ Scoffs ] I’m not leaving you alone with a megalomaniac. I don’t need you to babysit me. I can handle it myself. I’m sure you can. I’m still not leaving you alone. My, oh, my. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife. Could you just get over yourself? The only reason you’re here and not the hague is because the bureau wants to keep you close to me during my investigation. Why — in case I crack?

[ Scoffs ] The bureau is wasting its time. How about we not waste anyone’s time? If you want to make a deal with the bureau without anna and my help, you can forget that. You need to help us find peter and bring him to justice.

Robert: Drink it. It’ll make you feel better. I don’t want it. Robert… you gotta promise me that everything I told you is in the cone of silence. Not even monica knows this. Yeah, I’m a former bureau agent. I know how to keep my trap shut.

[ Snorting laugh ] Sorry to hear about leo, though. There — there is nothing to be sorry about. Leo is just fine! He’s got his own interests and his own way of being. It’s ned who is convinced that he is on the spectrum, and that is after having one conversation with this stupid doctor who is not even an autism specialist. Oh, my god. And, plus, is trying to sue quartermaines for stocks of elq — plus, broke patient-doctor confidentialities when he went blabbing his mouth all over to brook lynn. Hmm. This gatlin-holt dude sounds like a real keeper. I hate him. Oh, robert. I knew that you would understand. There’s just — there’s no way that my son has autism. Look… …you know how I feel about your husband. But he does love leo, and he looks upon that boy like it’s his own. Now, is it not possible that his concerns… are at least worth a f-follow-up?

[ Silverware clatters ] If I thought there was any chance that my son actually had…

[Stammers] Something wrong with him, do you not think that I would go and make an appointment with a specialist? Well, you know your son. You’re both very close. Do you think we’re too close? Is that what you’re saying? That I smother him? It’s called loving your child. Look, I love my daughter, but I don’t smother her. Okay, but, still, uh, do you think that we’re too close? I mean, maybe — maybe — maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see. And you’re telling me this. Why not ned?

[ Sighs lightly ] The photographer’s on tour to support his new book, “photo ark wonders.” Mr. Sartore is free in two weeks, but for one day only. Then, he’s not available for at least a year. Oh, trina, I love it. I love your enthusiasm. And I love that you want to spearhead your own project — your own event. But I just don’t think that hosting the photo ark project is gonna be feasible. Well, I checked the gallery’s calendar. We’re not holding any events in those two weeks. But the event would need to be underwritten, and I just don’t think it’s possible to find somebody to — to — to bankroll that kind of event on such short notice. How about me? Did novak say who beat him up? I’m afraid he’s still unconscious. A good samaritan found him at van ness near the pier and called 911. Wonder what he was doing down there. Well, it’s a shortcut to the harbor view district. Lots of new nightlife sprung up there recently. Like the savoy. So, there never was a plane crash… and drew’s been alive this whole time? Yeah, alive and being held in a compound on the island of crete. But by the time we got there, anna devane and robert scorpio had saw peter shoot drew. He fell into the sea. The wsb and investigators searched for him, but there was no sign of him. I mean, if I had only gotten there sooner… I hear “what ifs” from my patients all the time. Looking back doesn’t change anything. The only thing you can do is think about what you can do now. I just — I don’t know what I want to tell scout. Well, it’s not like you have to talk to scout immediately. I mean, nothing’s gonna change overnight. I doubt peter is gonna be coming back to port charles knowing that you, dante, and anna are looking for him. Why don’t you take this time to think about this? You’re the parent. You control the narrative. Oh, I agree — peter needs to be brought to justice. But, unfortunately, his whereabouts are the only leverage I have. If you are innocent, as you claim, why do you need a deal for immunity? Oh, please. I ran the bureau, remember? Once they have their sights on you, proving your innocence is well nigh impossible. Victor, you know what peter’s capable of. Yes, I know — peter needs to be stopped. But I also have to look after my own interests. My daughters are potential targets. If you’re telling the truth, they’re your granddaughters. And if you are his father… wouldn’t you want to cooperate for the family’s sake? I didn’t lie about that. I am your father. Yeah. You’ll forgive me if I don’t jump out of this hospital bed for a celebratory embrace. I’d have thought you would — knowing that you’re a cassadine, after all. Entitled to all the benefits and curses that come with that bloodline. I had nothing to do with naomi dreyfus’ death. I thought she killed herself. You’re behind the times, nikolas. The M.E. Ruled out suicide and labeled her death a homicide. I’ve heard nothing about this. Because the case is low priority for the police. It’s bad enough this little girl violet hasn’t seen or heard from her mother in over a year. And now she’s lost her grandmother, too. Where’s the justice in that? I’m not disagreeing with you, but since I had nothing to do with it, I’d rather discuss the matter at hand. You’re making a “charitable donation” for my silence.

[ Breathes sharply ] My charitable contribution to the cause of your choice in exchange for you not ruining my reputation with your baseless accusations.

[ Chuckles ] You know, I could take your money. But this was never about money for me.

Uh, what else do you think I can give you? Oh, you’d never get your hands dirty trying to kill hayden yourself. So you hired a shooter, and that person’s still out there somewhere, free as a bird. This is all conjecture. Well, then, let me “conjecture” this. Give up who actually fired the gun. So, you know kevin paid my bail. There were conditions, and one of those conditions is that I had to get a job.

[ Gasps ] I am surprised that you didn’t just turn right around and walk right back into that jail cell.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, well, working at kelly’s, um… …it has other benefits, too. I need to get back into my father’s good graces. Did he tell you that he put ava in control on my money? I heard. I need to show my father that I can be responsible, and I can never speak ill of ava again. Let me know how that works out. Without access to my trust fund, I can’t hire a decent attorney to defend me.

[ Sighs ] You’re a first-time offender. Maybe they could plead you out with a suspended sentence and some public service.

You could plead me out — my public defender would need to remember my name first. True. Maybe if I grovel and agree to his terms, my father can be persuaded to pay for an a-list attorney. The governor plansto issue you a complete pardon for your attack on detective falconeri, which is a little dicey for him — you stabbing a cop and all. But the governor, he’s prepared to take the hit as a personal favor to me. Now, of course… if I have to fend off groundless allegations that could tarnish my reputation, my political sway, it would simply… disappear. Along with your pardon.

[ Breathes sharply ] Going to your father is a terrible idea. I should’ve realized the psych patients would be locked in their cells for the night. But not ryan? Does he get special privileges, or…? No, not really. But because he’s immobile, no one’s worried he’ll escape. So, what exactly drew you to working with criminals? Mentally ill ones at that? I just believe in the power of redemption — that, despite our past sins, we can all do better. You know that better than anyone, don’t you? Thank you!

[ Laughter ]

[ Gasps ] Wow! Oh, ned, please, don’t feel any pressure, though, to underwrite this exhibition, okay? To be honest, there’s a method to my madness. Olivia is crazy about animals, so if I underwrite the exhibition in olivia’s name, it might go a long way toward making her see that I’m not such a bad guy. Mm. I’m gonna reach out to the photo ark people right now. Maybe we can get a date on the books. Mm.

[ Door opens ] Well, a thoughtful and generous gift. Something unique and timely can also go a long way in helping a troubled marriage. I take it you have something in mind? Yeah, a small — small-frame piece, something that would look terrific in olivia’s office at the metro court. The artist is on her way up. One of these days, her works are gonna be worth a fortune. Thank you. I’ll trust your judgment, ava. And kip, the bartender, should be able to sneak it into olivia’s office as a surprise. You’re admitting to me that you think there might be some validity to ned’s concerns. However…

[ Breathes deeply ] …Rather than talk to him about it, you continue to push him away. You’re right. Hold on. I’m what? I’m — what was that again? Oh, stop it right now.

[ Stammers ] You heard exactly what I said. Then what’s the problem? Problem is, robert, that ned and i do not communicate. We talk and we talk, but we don’t talk

to each other — we talk at each other. Yeah, I’ve been down that trip, but — not with me. You — [ Sighs ] I can tell you anything. Because you know why? Unlike ned… you actually listen. Victor, I didn’t invite you here to discuss the cassadine family tree. Oh, give me some credit. I managed to protect you from mikkos. If he had known for a second that you were really my son by helena, he would have killed you without hesitation. I always thought that was helena’s doing — her idea of a sick revenge — getting her husband to accept her bastard son as his own.

[ Sighs ] Helena saw it as revenge. I saw it as hiding you in plain sight. And it worked. You were sent away to boarding school in england. You got a degree from oxford. You were accepted into the wsb training program despite your physical limitations. So, while I thought I was living my own life, you were pulling the strings. Let’s say I made sure certain doors were open to you. And if you had failed, I — I wouldn’t have been able to help you. But I wasn’t worried. From an early age, you proved yourself eminently capable. You’re right about that. Victor, peter’s at large. He’s got his father’s contacts, and he’s got faison’s money. He’s tried to kill me, and he doesn’t like you much, either. So, save yourself. Help us find peter. To drew — a good man. To drew. [ Sighs ]

[ Glasses clink ] Dante, hey. Dante: Hey. Hey. Hey. What are you doing here? You know, we, uh — we’re closed, but we’re always open for you. We were just raising a glass for drew. Uh, no, I-I’d love to, but unfortunately, I’m here on, uh, official business. Really? What’s going on? Uh, joey novak was found beaten to a pulp about a block away from the club. Witnesses say they saw him here. You don’t think curtis had anything to — no. No, I don’T. But, unfortunately, I have to ask — curtis… where were you tonight after the club closed?

I, uh — I was here with portia. I can show you the video footage if you think — no, no, no, no, that’s perfect. Uh, did you see novak here? Yeah, yeah, I saw joey. He was, um — he had to be escorted out. Hmm. He was being a nuisance, and it’s not the first time. Yeah. What was he doing? You know, the typical routine. Trying to be a tough guy. He didn’t have nobody fooled. Right — he was probably just trying to fill his dead uncle’s shoes. Mm. Well, if he is, he’s not bringing any illegal drugs into my club. Well, heads up — novak’s already made one enemy. I don’t want that impacting you. You’ve done your research. I always like to know more about the people that I meet. When I learned I’d be working with you, I did a deep dive. Well, I’m not proud of the mistakes I made while I was a part of dawn of day. Mm . You made those mistakesfor a cause you believed in. Oh, no, there was no cause. It was a racket — a shell game. I went looking for answers, someone to connect the dots. Someone to show me the way to clarity. Shiloh told me everything that I wanted to hear. And when he had me good and hooked? He turned me inside out. He made me his confidante, his accomplice. Eventually, I betrayed my ideals, my beliefs, everyone that I loved, including my own daughter. And, yeah, if you asked me at that time, I would’ve said sure — it was for a higher purpose, a greater good. But dawn of day was about one thing, and that was feeding david henry archer’s ego. So, you remember that. If someone tells you they have all the answers, that they can fill you up, that they’re gonna give you life’s purpose, you head for the nearest exit and you don’t look back. What happened between you and my father? Ju st a few weeks ago,you were practically begging me to make things right with him. There are aspects of your father’s life that he doesn’t want to be accountable for, and as long as he refuses, I think you should keep your distance from him. Care to be less vague? You know what I care about, spencer? That you avoid becoming just like him. There’s a major flaw in your theory. Where would I even find a hit man, never mind hire him? All right, you can try selling that to a jury. I doubt you’ll get far. And you think you can sell your fairy tale to the police? Oh, not me. Dr. Hamilton finn. Yeah, I could just go to him and tell him everything I know. You see, I may be an ex-con, but dr. Finn is an esteemed physician… left raising a little girl whose mother suddenly disappeared. Yeah, yeah. He’ll be able to open doors I can’T. He’ll be able to get the authorities to listen. Then, not even your mother the mayor won’t be able to get you out of this. All eyes will be on hayden’s little girl who cries herself to sleep every night wondering why mommy left her. I’m sure there are ways I can help clear your name. Then we’re agreed. Oh, and that, uh, “charitable donation” you offered? I accept — uh, but with an extra zero added on to the end. That wasn’t our deal. Well, you’re the one who said half a mil was an opening bid. I just raised it. So, it was about the money, after all. Oh, no. But I’ll put it to good use. Pleasure doing business with you. You know, I meant what I said. I had nothing to do with naomi dreyfus’ death. You know what?

[ Chuckles ] Almost believe you.

[ Door slams ] I’d like to know that peter is safely locked away — or better yet, that he’s been killed while trying to escape. I’d like to know that he can no longer go after you or your daughters — who are, indeed, my granddaughters. I’d like to know that miserable excuse for a human being has finally been stopped once and for all. Do I sense a catch in there somewhere? There are certain things in this world greater than myself or what I want. I can’t accomplish those things behind bars. What the hell is that supposed to mean? There’s a reason why… …we can talk the way we do to one another. We’re friends. We’re good friends. You can tell me the depths of your fears. And, well, I’m kind of removed from that part of your life. I disagree. Robert, we’ve been friends for a long time. We’ve been on a lot of adventures together. Do you remember how ethan was grilling you about how close the two of us were? Remember? Yeah, h-he saw something that didn’t exist. But what if it does exist? What if… everyone else is just seeing something that we’re not?

sorry to waste your proved me right. Spoken like a true cassadine — in spite of my personal interests, I’m afraid I can’t help you. I need to think of the bigger picture. Spoken like a true cassadine — self-preserving to the last.

[ Door opens ] Anna: Get him out of here. I’m truly sorry to disappoint you, son. You didn’t disappoint me, victor. You’ve proved me right. I like being right. Sorry to waste your time, darling. You all right?

[ Sighs ] I think you’ve got the wrong idea.

[ Gasps ] Oh! Oh!

[ Screams ] Ned!

[ Thuds ]

[ Gasps ] Okay, I promise — I will be nothing like my father. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Do m e a favor, will you,and get that checked out at G.H. It’s really not that serious. Unless it gets infected. Well, if it’ll make you feel better — it will. Okay, you win.

[ Clears throat ] As always, it’s great seeing you, alexis. Spencer. I care about you. You, too. Don’t be like the rest of the family. Money isn’t worth compromising over.

[ Board game pieces shuffling ] I’ll think about it. But I know that it’ll disappoint esme. It’s not like she signed up for being the girlfriend of a pauper. I’ll see you later. This is so great. Once I get a date, I need to book a caterer, send out invitations, uh, blow up the photos, figure out a display — okay, first things first. Tell your mother the good news.

[ Chuckles ] And do it in person. Thank you! You’re the best boss ever. Oh! You’re welcome. All right. Bye! Hmm. Do you want to tell me what that was all about?

Yeah, I showed joey novak the door. I escorted his ass out, and my bouncer took his friend right behind him. Mm. I told him, “do not come back, ’cause you won’t be let in.” And that was it. Is there anything else I can help you with? No, no, no. No, no. We’re good. Uh, but maybe if I could offer some unsolicited advice? Uh, only if I don’t have to take it. Yeah, of course not. Um, but, you know, as you know, you’re running a-a nightclub. It’s mostly a cash business. That, uh, element of shadiness is gonna try and creep in. Joey novak — it probably won’t be him, ’cause he’s not gonna be able to walk for a little while. But where showed up, others will follow. Ned, what the hell do you think you’re doing?! What am i doing? What about you?! Well, don’t you dare compare an innocent kiss to physical assault! Look, I-I really think there’s been a huge — you know, wasn’t it like a year ago when you warned me not to hurt olivia? And I think at the same time, you said there was nothing going on between the two of you? Well, yeah, there’s — I can explain — no, no, no, no. You don’t owe him any kind of explanation. My husband and I have been separated for almost a year. It doesn’t even feel very right to call you my husband.

[ Gasps, scoffs ] Well, you know, I-I know that I was the one who screwed up the marriage, but I thought we were both fighting to save it!

[ Voice breaking ] Well, maybe you were just kidding yourself.

[ Scoffs ] Oh, this — that’s for you — to show how much I love you.

[ Sniffling ] Um, liv…

[ Crying, sniffling ]

[ Sobbing ] I can’t help but think that victor’s playing you.

[ Monitor beeping ] I ju– I just feel like h-his — his claim to be your father is just a way to get you to cooperate. It doesn’t matter what victor’s motives are. Doesn’t matter if he’s telling the truth. What matters is that we track down peter. We’re running out of options. If I don’t get another lead on peter, then I’m — [ Scoffs ] I have to make a recommendation to the wsb that they give victor the immunity he’s asking for. Told you, it was business. You walked in here upbeat and confident, and now you’re anything but. So, what sort of business did you have to discuss with shawn in my backroom? I thought shawn could help me with a little matter, and it turns out he couldn’T. And does this matter have anything to do with your “uncle victor” and the fact that he’s alive and in cahoots with peter august? Ava… hmm? Mm-hmm?

[ Chuckles ] Sometimes, business — it’s just that. It’s business. You know as well as i that cassadine industries — it has many tentacles that reach into many interests around the world, and sometimes, things get complicated. I have to look outside of the company for help.

[ Scoffs ] I can show you the spreadsheets… oh! …And the powerpoint presentations if you want. No! God, no! No? Really? No, I’ll take your word for it. Are you done in the backroom? All done. I need to prepare a painting for a client. Well, it’s all yours. Victor, it’s me. I thought you would have extracted yourself from the wsb by now. Call me when you get this. I need to know if you’re responsible for naomi dreyfus’s murder.

[ Elevator doors slide ] Spencer, hi. Hey. You okay? Uh, yeah. I scalded myself trying to pull an espresso shot, and my aunt has insisted that I have to come in here and get it checked out. She’s a little bit of a hypochondriac-by-proxy.

[ Chuckles ] What about you? I needed to share something with my mom, but she already left. Are you sure you’re okay? Yeah, I just — I’ve been thinking about everything that happened these last few months and how they went so horribly wrong. I wish I could help. You at least tried. Hey, when we first met, y-you had no idea that I was crazy rich, did you? No, but the last time I checked, you’re not rich — your dad is. I’ll see you around. Inmates perez and williams are in the middle of that game, so you can leave that there. You need to fill these out before you leave tonight. It’s just promising that you won’t sue spring ridge if an inmate attacks you, giving permission to look through your school files — stuff like that. Sure thing. All right. Checkmate. Ooh, nothing like a little light reading. Kind of makes spring ridge seem cheerful by comparison. Mm. Isn’t it time for you to clock out? Looked like you and your grand-nephew were having quite the talk. I was just trying to encourage him not to compromise his morals for money. Mm. Did he listen? Don’t know. It seems like he’s got his hands full…

[ In distance ] …With his girlfriend. I told you I’d find a way back in. Our plan hit a bit of a snafu, but… I promise you, ryan. I will take care of everything.

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