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[Water splashing in distance]

Josslyn: Surprise.

Cameron: Hey. Hey. W-what’re you doing here so early?

Josslyn: I am wishing you a good morning.

Trina: I’m dying to show you these new photos. I mean, I swear, I don’t know how this photographer does it. I don’t know how he has the time or the energy. I’m sure he gets some of his energy from a healthy breakfast. Oh, my god! I forgot we were meeting for breakfast. I’m so, so sorry.

[ Chuckles ] There’s no need to apologize. It’s totally worth it to see that you’re so invested… and in such a worthy cause. You mean, as opposed to a boy. Esme: Hey! Get a room. You get an a-plus for enthusiasm, solid “b” for technique. Stop, spence. You guys are just so cute together — stealing kisses. Anyway, we’ll, uh, leave you to it. A solid “B.” Well, at least we didn’t get sent abroad to learn how to kiss. And where is it written that every time we’re alone, we get interrupted? I don’t know. But we’re both pretty resourceful, so…we should do something about that. What’s this? A gift for you, inspected and approved. Hm. Usually, nail files to break out of prison are heavier. What’s the occasion? Well, I couldn’t get your nephew arrested, so I settled for making him pay.

[ Sighs ] If you’re busy, I can come back later.

[ Breathes sharply ] Hey. Oh! I missed you! I missed you, too. Listen, t-the weather was bad, right? Then it wasn’T. Then, you know, I was up in the air, and here I am. How does that work? It works perfect. Okay, so, tell me — how did it go with renault? Uh, I’ll — we’ll get into that later. Uh, what’s going on with joey novak? Not much to tell. He’s a jerk. He was dealt with. So, thank you. Oh, I-I haven’t dealt with him yet. Good morning. Hi. Oh, I heard about the incident with joey novak at the savoy. And if he’s that brazen, it can only mean one thing, right? Another mob war is heating up. So, sonny, do you still insist that avery is safer with you?

Since the last time I saw you and we had that conversation about nikolas… hiding his involvement into hayden’s shooting. Yes. Yeah, I went to spencer, and I told him his father had arranged the attempt on hayden’s life. Then spencer took the bait and went straight to his father. And then I had spinelli record the conversation. I find it really hard to believe that nikolas would come clean about what he did to hayden. Well, not in so many words, but there was so much evasion and damage control, it was clear to spencer that his father was guilty. And how did spencer take it? He was crushed. What about nikolas? Nikolas covered all his bases. Even hayden knew what he did. You know, he paid her off. So I am going to use this money and do the right thing. We feel that, at least for the time being, avery is — is much safer with us. Well, avery — she’s safe where she’s at, at home. Well, now, she has more than one home — you know that. Yeah, well, instead of trying to get more time with avery, maybe you should find a family counselor with spencer. That way, all three of you can have a little more peace. Come on, let’s get out of here. Dear god. The hypocrisy is staggering.

[ Sighs ] Still, sonny could be right about spencer. You are not kidding about these pictures. Mnh-mnh. They are amazing! Oh! I’m so proud that my daughter took the initiative to bring a national geographic photographer of joel sartore’s stature to port charles. Oh! I mean, look at that one. Mm-hmm. I know, right? That’s a golden snub-nosed monkey, and it’s one of the most endangered species on the planet. Sometimes, the females will deliberately have affairs with the resident males behind the lead male’s back. That takes some strategic skill.

[ Both laugh ] It has to for survival. Trina, just — just be careful, okay? Right. So either you think I really am going in the wilderness to photograph these animals myself, or you’re talking about spencer. You’re here early. You trying to make up for going awol on me the other day? It has not escaped my attention that today is payday. Oh, well, I’m sorry, there’s no paycheck for you. What?! Kidding. Sadly. Congrats on your first ever earned money ever.

[ Paper rustles ] Wow. This is paltry. Yeah, well, you’ve only worked here two days, so what do you expect? How am I supposed to live on this? You’re not. You’re supposed to make things right with your father, play nice with ava, and go back to being the prince you were born to be.

as much as I’d love to turn nikolas in to the cops, there’s not enough evidence. Then you’re better off holding the threat over his head and charging him a fortune for you to be quiet. Mm. Well, I’m glad you agree. Typically, I’m not a fan of blackmail, but nikolas deserves that in this case.

[ Indistinct conversations ] So what are you going to do with your windfall? You gonna buy a yacht? Oh, no, no, no. The money isn’t coming to me personally. No, I wouldn’t take a dime from that corrupt bastard. No, nikolas is setting up a trust for the nonprofit. I have some ideas of how to act for the greater good. That is genius.

[ Chuckling ] Thank you. Um… care to join me as one of the administrators? Did something else happen with spencer? We had another confrontation. About us? Spencer: So be honest with me, father. Did you do it? Did you arrange to murder my stepmother? Like I said… hayden isn’t dead. It doesn’t matter. Let…it…go. Oh, my god. It’s true. Nikolas, what happened between you and spencer? I can’t go back to my father. Besides, ava’s the one who controls my trust. Then go to ava. I can’t give in to her. No, I mean, t-there — there has to be another way. Cam, hey, can I talk to you for a second? I-I need more money than this. And you will get it. Great. When? A week from today. Can I have an advance? No. Why do you need an advance? A decent lawyer could mean the difference between freedom and prison. Look, I only pass out the checks — I don’t sign them. It’s not in my power to give you an advance. I’m sorry. Go. Do what you need to do. And after… we’ll get a hotel room and celebrate. Cameron, can I borrow your car? No.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Take one of the delivery bikes, okay? Do you know how to ride one? Yeah, I do. Wear a helmet. My mom’s a stickler about traumatic brain injuries. I’ll see you. Look, mom, I know you’re suspicious of spencer. Good news — I am, too. Ever since I found out he was the one that’s been terrorizing ava, I’ve been keeping him at arm’s length. I’m glad to hear it. He’s a very troubled young man. Mom, he’s just spoiled and angry. He’s not a psychopath. I didn’t say he was a psychopath. But he needs help.

[ Sighs ] And if he comes to you for it, you’re unqualified. Then you should know that he came to me the other night, but I told him I’m not a shoulder for him to cry on. You don’t have to worry about me, mom. I got this. I trust you. I-I-I-I trust you to make good choices. And I’m proud of you for everything. I… for the magnificent young woman that you’ve become. Well, you and dad can take some credit for that.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, can we, now? Mm-hmm. [ Chuckles ] Well, I have to get to work. So, um, finish your breakfast, because it’s the most important meal of the day. Some things never change. Mm! Okay. Okay, so, I’m going to go pick up the antibiotic for donna’s ear infection. Alright. I’ll meet you back — and, hey, hey. I want to hear more about your meeting with renault. Well, you know, the only important thing that renault’s ever said to me is when he warned me about joey novak. I know that he was going to make a move, but I didn’t think it was going to be this stupid and this quick. I know. It doesn’t make any sense. Joey approached me, I called you, and the next thing I know, he was beaten within an inch of his life. So if you’re not the one who ordered the attack, who was?

Josslyn? I’M…sorry if I overstepped with the whole “get a room” thing. Sometimes, my mouth works faster than my brain, and I thought I was being funny, and…it wasn’T. Okay. And I was hoping we could put this tension between us in the rearview and maybe start over? Uh, I have a lot of work to do. Then I will let you do that. Josslyn’s still upset with me. She’ll get over it. You think so? Or she won’T. Why do you care? You’re all spence’s friends, and I want to be friends with you, too. I was going to pitch the cabin idea again, but josslyn didn’t even give me the chance. She just…shut me down. But if we could all just get away for a day or two… okay, it’s a nice idea, right? But how are we supposed to do that when you and spence are having a hard time making rent? We’ll figure it out. And if you and josslyn would be more comfortable in separate bedrooms, I’m sure we could find a place that will accommodate you. Alright, well, why would we need that? Because, you know, I get it. You’re a real gentleman that way. You rode a bike here? Did your chauffeur call in sick?

[ Chuckles ] Uh, no, I-I borrowed a delivery bike. And here you are. Again. I’m not stalking you, if that’s what you’re implying. Really? Isn’t stalking kind of your thing? I deserve that. I’m actually not here to see you. I need to talk to ava. Uh-huh. And why do you need to do that? I need to tell her that I accept her marriage to my father. Who do you think you’re fooling? You want your money. Spencer and I argued about something that happened years ago, long before you were in the picture. Ava…

[ Sighs ] I’m afraid I’ve lost him for good. No, nikolas. Spencer may think that he hates you right now, but he will cool down. He has to, right? He can’t live without his father’s financial support. I don’t want him to just come back for the money. I know. Mm. Beggars can’t be choosers,

[Chuckling] Darling. No, it’s not the most noble or desirable way to begin rebuilding your relationship, but it is a beginning. Spencer will come home to you. Congratulations on turning my nephew’s wrongdoing into something really good. This nonprofit is going to be amazing — I know it. But I-I can’t administer it from here. But didn’t nikolas offer to fix that for you? Oh, yes, with that awesome gubernatorial pardon if I keep my mouth shut about hayden. Okay, so, how about it? I can’T. Why not? Well, it seems like you had a pretty good life out there. Don’t you want it back?

[ Monitor beeping ] Good morning, mr. Novak. I’m dr. Robinson.

[ Beeping continues ] You had an extremely rough night last night, but you’re going to be okay.

[ Breathing quickly ] Can you communicate to me your level of pain?

[ Groans ] Okay, I’ll take care of that. Wh– what? Someone attacked you last night outside the savoy nightclub.

[ Sighs lightly ] The police are going to want to talk to you at some point. Your pain meds should kick in soon. And I will be back to check in on you in just a little while, okay?

[ Door opens ] Okay, whoever went after joey sure moves fast, because I barely got home from the savoy and dante was knocking on my door, ready to ask me questions. That’s alright. He’s gonna want to talk to you. Listen, I expected it, alright? But I g– I’m — before I do anything else, I need to see joey. Okay. Portia: Carly. Sonny. Hi. Hey. Portia, how are you? Curtis told me what happened at the club last night. Are you doing alright after the incident? Yes, I’m fine. Thank you. Good. [ Breathes deeply ] So, um, are you here about mr. Novak? Okay, first of all, that incident should have never happened. And if you can tell curtis that I apologize? I’m sure that he would appreciate it and tell you that it’s not necessary. It’s good to see you both. Right. What’s next? I’m going to end this here. I’m going to go see joey right now.

[ Sighs ] You getting any good drugs? Not good enough. It hurts all over. Oh, it just happened so fast. We just got kicked out of the club. You went to go to your car. And next thing I know… do you remember who got you? How many of them were there?

[ Door opens ] Mr. Corinthos! It’s good to see you this fine morning. Uh, joey just woke up. Right, joey?

[ Monitor beeping ] He’s still groggy. Take a hike. Sorry, bud.

[ Beeping continues ] Close the blinds, will you? Here — here’s — here’s the thing, alright, joey? You threatened my wife. There’s no coming back from that.

[ Monitor beeping ] Wait outside, frank.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] I told your guy last night. From now on, I’ll stay away. I give you my word. “From now on” doesn’t fix… what you did last night. I’m sorry. It was a mistake. I was angry. I was grieving. Yeah, well, you should be sorry ’cause that’s more than your uncle. He didn’t seem sorry at all. As a matter of fact, he tried to take out carly and jason, right up until his car blew up. But you see what I’m talking about? You threaten anybody that I care about…

[Whispering] And I will make you disappear. Alright. You win. What do you want to make this go away? Carly: Hey there, elizabeth. I heard nina was arrested. Arrested, extradited, and then released the next day on bail. After keeping sonny away from you for all these months, now she’s just allowed to walk around free? Yeah, it’s unbelievable. You must be furious. I’m beyond furious. Honestly, if it were me, nothing could stop me from destroying the person who came between me and my family. I’m a gentleman? Thank you?

[ Chuckles ] You know what I mean. It’s really sweet. Like a jane austen hero. Honestly, I wish spence and I would have waited before we got so close. Sex is no way to resolve disagreements. It’s a way to put them aside, but talking it out is so much healthier. So it’s good that you and joss will have that foundation of communication before you take it to the next level. Um… I need to work in the kitchen. How’s the studying going? I’m learning a lot… about? Manipulative, conniving women who will say or do anything to get what they want, no matter who they hurt. Oh, come on, josslyn. I know we got off on the wrong foot. But I think that’s a little over the — lady macbeth.

[ Breathes sharply ] Right. Out, damned spot. Yet you thought that I was talking about you. You might want to think about that. Even lady M. Had a conscience. Just like I do. Saying you’re just like lady macbeth is not the best case you can make for yourself. Look, joss, can’t we just start over? Do you have a time machine?

[ Chuckles ] Because otherwise… think about it — the four of us go away together. We can get some girl time in away from the boys. Try and understand each other better. I think we understand each other just fine. And if you’re worried about approaching cam about the idea — why would I be worried? He’s already on board. Us renting a cabin for a few days with separate rooms for you and cam, of course. I miss my family. I do. I mean, I see them all the time here. It’s not the same. I miss being at home with them around a dinner table, with all my girls — fighting and me disapproving of kristina’s life choices just so she could throw prison in my face. Yeah. What about those accommodations? Hey, it is a great house. Mm-hmm. Julian bought it for me when his mafia ties blew up my other one. Alright. You must have some happy memory of the place. Mm-hmm. Most of them are pleasant. Mnh. You know, I think maybe 51 1/2 percent.

[ Chuckles ] But you’re living there now. What do you like about it? Um…the kitchen. It has a kitchen?

[ Chuckles ] I knew it had a kitchen ’cause I almost burned it down. I don’t know. I-I enjoy it. You know, I turn on the music, whip up a couple of meals for tj and molly, who barely gets to eat them. Mm, what do you make? I could tell you, but given what you’re probably eating here, it would be a cruel and unusual punishment.

[ Chuckles ] No, seriously, I — I love the place.

[ Sighs ] Oh, my god. I do miss it. I knew it. I knew it. That is not a positive statement. Well, it could be. Come on, walk out of this place and — and help me make the nonprofit a — a force for the good. Shawn, it’s different for you — you best nikolas, and you made him pay for it. He’s my nephew. I tried to instill a sense of right and wrong in him, but I have failed miserably, and I’m not going to let him be the reason that I get out of here. Ava: You know I’m right. Very soon, spencer will realize that he misses the life he was born to.

[ Breathes sharply ] When spencer was younger, he had a disdain for the locals. Called them “townies.”

[ Chuckles ] He won’t want to see himself as one of them. Well, we can use his own snobbery against him. Then I should take it as a win if he comes back for the money. Not if, my love. When. Right.

When he comes back from the money. This is not about the money. I really want to make peace with ava. No, you don’t! Okay. I thought we had gotten somewhere yesterday when you came in here apologizing for using our friendship, hoping I wouldn’t hate you. And I’ve got to hand it to you, it sounded like you meant it. I did mean it! Yes, like that! Very convincing. But it’s so clear to me now that you have no respect for me or ava. So what is it you really want, spence? Is it the job? Is it too hard for you? Beneath you? Because you went from swearing you would never speak to ava again to coming in here, helmet in hand, hoping to snow ava into thinking that you accept her back in your father’s life. Okay, yes! I need money! Good luck with that. For a lawyer! So that I can get a place for esme and me. We have no time alone. We can’t even afford to go out to eat. I mean, this is no way to live, trina. Oh, my god. You are so pathetic! You are nothing more than a spoiled child of privilege. And worst of all, you’re a liar. You want to trick ava into thinking that she’s accepted into your family so you can get your hands on some cash so you don’t have to slum it living like the rest of us. You know what? I’m done with you. Get out.

Here are my terms, joey — I want everything. Everything? What do you mean? I want everything that’s left of your uncle’s organization, novak’s holdings here and offshore. That’s worth — I know what it’s worth. That’s what I want. The family will — no, the family’s not going to take it well, but that’s not my problem.

[ Monitor beeping ] That’s between you and them. I heard you changed. You got back from wherever you were… yeah, yeah, yeah. Aaah! Aah! Sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. Sorry. I just kind of…

[ Breathing sharply ] Yeah, I — yeah, I did change. The old me would have handled this differently. But the new me is — is going to handle this…this way. I’m letting you walk out of here. You understand? But if you do anything like this again, you threaten anybody that I love, I’m gonna take you out. Okay. Okay, what?

[ Beeping continues ] I’ll give you everything. All of it. It’s yours. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. You know what, joey?

[ Chuckles ] I never thought I’d say this, but it’s great doing business with you.

[ Beeping continues ] You never should have tried to f-fill your uncle’s shoes, joey. You ever hear of a word called “hubris”? A friend of mine told me about it when I was away. Hubris — it’s — it’s, um… it’s like arrogance on steroids. And you know what? It’s made… …way better men than you go down… fast and hard. You know… I would have thought that you would advise me to forgive and forget. Then you would be wrong. I’ll see you around, elizabeth. Carly… I really hope you get the justice you deserve. Elizabeth? Hey. Hey. I wanted to thank you again for that sketch you did for me of that mystery man. Oh, happy to help. Did curtis recognize him? Curtis didn’t, but tj did, and so did the bartender at the savoy. I know we can find some common ground. All we need is to spend a bit more time together, and with us being in such close quarters at his grandmother’s, I know it would be good for spence to get away, too. Then it sounds like what you really need is some alone time. Just you and spencer. I understand why you’re nervous, but maybe if you and cam could get some time alone together, you guys could get past whatever it is that’s stopping you from being… from being what? As beautiful and as close as two people can be. Well, I have to study, too, for my internship. I need to learn everything there is to know about the criminally insane. Hey. Wondering what you’re doing later. That’s funny. I was just going to ask you the same thing. I have to wait spencer out. Exactly. Let him come crawling back to you. And trust me — he will. Thanks, ava. You make me feel like I might actually get my son back. Now, if you’ll excuse me… business? Business. It’s all set up exactly the way you wanted — the money’s in the trust, the paperwork for the nonprofit has been filed, you’re the administrator, and you have the ability to appoint other administrators as you see fit. Mm. I know a good lawyer. I’ll have her look at this. It’s all there, perfectly legal. So…now we’re finished. For now. What do you mean? It means if the nonprofit needs additional funding, you will provide them. And, nikolas… if you ever screw me over again, I promise you… you’ll be very, very sorry. Now you can tell me what that was all about. The truth.

[ Elevator doors close ] Okay. Although I’d rather do it someplace quieter. Anywhere you like. Just after I make a call. Trina, please. Why are you still here? I’ve asked you to leave. I’m working on a very important project, and I don’t have time for you.

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry, okay? I just don’t know what to do. I told you what to do! I told you to go to work and be your own man. Not esme’s boyfriend, not your father’s son, not some money-grubbing little phony. Be you! Be the guy that convinced me to go to my graduation party — not the creep that rigged the sprinklers here to shower me in fake blood. I’ve apologized for that a thousand times, trina. I’m sorry. You know… when I first met you — or rather, when I met victor — sure, he was a lie, but he was a much better person than this mess I see in front of me. If you want to do right, find him.

[ Chuckling ] Find victor? What do you… find the part of you that can ride above the selfish idiot I see in front of me! Be the person that can learn from his mistakes and be a better person. A bigger one. One I might be able to respect. And maybe someday call my friend. But this… person you are now? This is no one I want to know.

Spencer? Father. I take it you’re here to see trina. Actually, I was looking for you. Is that so? Don’t tell me you’re, uh, finally here to make peace with ava? Well, my dorm room’s out. How come? I thought trina was busy with the art exhibit. She is, except when she’s not. I don’t know. Her schedule’s become completely unpredictable. What about your house? Tonight’s my mom’s birthday. Oh. [ Chuckles ] Happy birthday to your mom. Yes. Um, a parental birthday party probably isn’t the best opportunity for alone time. Yeah, we have just a little bit of a — a party and cake planned, but after that, she’s going out with friends. I see. Yeah. And your brothers? They are at sleepovers. Oh. So…do you want to? Yes. Yeah, I do. I just wanted to say, father… …that I’m happy you’re with ava. I’m glad to hear that. I also wanted to let you know…

[ Sniffles ] I wanted to let you both know… …that I no longer wish to be a prince.

[ Voice breaking ] I don’t want one single filthy penny of our family’s money. From now on, I intend to find my own way in the world. And I will. I’m proud that you want to — as of now, I am no longer my father’s son.

[ Crying ] No longer your son. I’m no longer a cassadine.

[ Sniffles ] Goodbye, nikolas. Goodbye, ava. Trina, thank you so much. Thank you for what you said.

[ Sniffles ] You showed me the way, and I’ll be forever grateful.

[ Door closes ] Ah, you’re back. Just in time for me to thank you for this beautiful scarf. I hate to say “you’re welcome” at the same time I ask you for a favor, but… can you have a look? Sure. And nikolas swears it’s legit, but I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. Well, I think you could probably throw him a fair distance. Alright. This is a first glance, but, honestly, everything seems to be in order, and it looks like you are the new administrator of a well-funded nonprofit. Mm. Well, I can, uh — I can appoint other administrators. Uh, consider the offer on the table. Permanently. Ms. Davis? Yes. I have some good news. The governor has issued you a pardon. The — the governor issued me a pardon? Mm-hmm. I’m just as surprised as you seem to be, but it’s official. You’re going to be released. Portia: I don’t know what it is… but there’s something about that man in that sketch. Or maybe I’m just overreacting to a coincidence. You want to know what I think? Trust your instincts.

[ Elevator bell dings, doors open ] Good advice. Thanks.

[ Elevator doors slide shut ] I don’t think joey’s gonna do anything stupid like that again. Uh, have you met the man? He’s pretty stupid. Yeah, but he’s alone. He’s got no backup.

[ Elevator doors open ] Okay, what did you do? I-I took everything the novaks had. The holdings, their people — everything. Really?

[ Chuckling ] Yeah. Okay, well, what do you think the novaks are going to have to say about that? Uh, to me? Probably nothing. To joey, probably a lot.

[ Chuckles softly ] Okay, so instead of eliminating him, you gave him a fate worse than death. Mercy’s a funny thing. And just when I thought you couldn’t impress me more. All right, so, when you were talking to joey, did he give you any idea about who attacked him? No. Not at all. Sonny, if it wasn’t you and it wasn’t me, then who did it?

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