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[Gentle music]

Nicole: Oh, duke. I should really get rid of you. We both kn that. But I’m not doing that. And why is that? And why am I talking to a stuffed bear?


Deimos: You know what they say: Talking to yourself, it’s the first sign of insanity.

Nicole: [Screams]

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: Deimos.

Deimos: Aw, you remembered.

Nicole: But… you’re dead.

Deimos: Yes, I am. You murdered me. And yet here I am. I must say, nicole, you haven’t changed a bit. Have I?

Nicole: Why– why are you here?

Deimos: Because you and i have some unfinished business.

Gabi: Nick?

Nick: Not quite in the flesh but close enough.

Gabi: No.

Nick: Tell me, gabi, have you missed me? Missed my arms around you?

Gabi: [Screams]

Nick: I missed the sound of your voice. Ever soft, gentle, and low. An excellent thing in a woman.

Gabi: I’m–I’m dreaming. I’m dreaming.

Nick: Of having your beloved husband back? Of this moment?

Gabi: It’s because I told jake about you.

Nick: Did you tell him about your first husband? Your first love?

Gabi: [Screams] No, no, no. You–you don’t matter. You are not here. I don’t think about you. I don’t ever say your name.

Nick: Really? You sure you don’t dream about me? I don’t haunt your dreams?

Gabi: Uh-uh. No, no. I–I told jake about you and that’s why I’m dreaming about you. I just have to wake up.

Nick: Sorry, babe. This isn’t a dream. It’s your worst nightmare.

Eli: Rafe, what’s up?

Rafe: Yeah, I’ve got a possible homicide on my hands and I need you and the forensics team on it right away.

Eli: Where’s the body?

Rafe: My kitchen floor.

Tripp: Okay, tell me– tell me what’s going on.

Ava: You– you won’t believe me.

Tripp: Just–just tell me.

Ava: I– I saw your brother.

Tripp: Charlie’s dead, mom. You know this.

Ava: No. I saw him. He came for me.

Tripp: Okay, you need to calm down.

Ava: No, listen to me. I saw him. I am not crazy, okay? He came–he came to rafe’s house. He found me. He killed someone right in front of me.

Charlie: You’re not getting rid of me that easily. Not this time.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Ava: Tripp, tripp, you have to believe me. I saw charlie stab him. He killed him.

Tripp: Charlie’s dead, mom. You know this.

Ava: No, he isn’T. He is alive. You know, maybe he isn’t alive, okay? But he is back and he found me at rafe’s house.

Tripp: Okay, okay, you’re really upset and you thought you saw him, but that’s not possible.

Ava: Okay, listen to me. Tripp, I saw him. He killed a man.

Tripp: What–what man? What are you talking about?

Ava: Okay.

[Stammering] There was–he was– I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know who the man was. But–but he stabbed him. He killed him. Tripp, I watched him do it.

Tripp: Okay, okay, all right. Mom, this isn’t making any sense. The man, does rafe know him?

Ava: No, no. Rafe–rafe, he wasn’t there. He–he didn’t see anything. Oh, my god, tripp. Tripp, I was so scared because– because after charlie stabbed– after he stabbed him, he said that he was– he was undead. And then he talked about the night that he died. And–and he said how– how when I told him that I loved him, that I didn’t mean it and that I was lying. And that I never– that I never ever loved him.

Tripp: Okay, mom, I think we should go to the hospital.

Ava: No! Okay, I am not crazy. He said that I never loved him and I never would because he would never be you, okay? And then– and then he looked at me. He looked at me in some bizarre way, and then– and then he grabbed– he grabbed another knife. And said he was going to kill me. And he was so calm about it that I knew he meant it. So I pushed him and I ran. And that is when I called you.

Tripp: Okay, mom, let’s– let’s go.

Ava: Okay, no. No, tripp, we need to run away, okay? We have to run away because don’t you see? He is not only gonna kill me. He is gonna kill you, too.

Allie: Whoever you are, this is sick.

Charlie: Allie, you know who I am. I’m your old friend charlie.

Allie: No, charlie’s dead and it’s–it’s sick for you to put this ridiculous mask on and come here.

Charlie: I had to come. I had to see you again.

Allie: Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?

Charlie: Do you really think this is a mask? You think I’m kristen dimera out trick-or-treating?

Allie: Go away!

Charlie: Fine. Figure it out for yourself. Pull it off. See who it is who hates you so much. Go ahead.

Allie: [Gasps]

Charlie: [Laughs] Now you know who hates you so much. Charlie hates you so much.

Allie: You’re dead.

Charlie: Yeah, that’s what they keep telling me. Everybody keeps saying that. But you know what? You can’t keep a good man down. Technically, I–I think I am. But, you know, I hate labels. I think I’m gonna identify as undead now.

Allie: Go away.

Charlie: That’s not gonna happen.

Allie: Don’t touch me.

Charlie: Oh, don’t worry. Your virtue isn’t at risk. I didn’t come here to party. I’m on a mission. I–I think you know why I’m here.

Allie: No.

Charlie: Yes. I came here for my son.

Gabi: It can’t be. I killed you.

Nick: Sorry, which time are you talking about? The–the first time where you– you bashed my head in with a rock? That time?

Gabi: I had to, I had to. No, stop, you’re hurting me!

Nick: I would never hurt you. Look at me.

Gabi: No!

Nick: You love me. Just tell me how much.

Gabi: No! Stop it!


Nick: [Groans, thuds]

Gabi: [Gasping]

[Breathing heavily]

Nick: So there you were with a dead body on your hands. So you called your friends, sami and kate. You guys decided to toss me in the river. Great plan. Only one small, small, tiny little problem.

[Whispers] I wasn’t dead. I came back, didn’t I? Just like I’m back now.

Deimos: Nicole, nicole, nicole. [Chuckles] You look lovely as always. I will never forget how absolutely radiant you were in red the night you killed me.

Nicole: Dr. Rolf. Dr. Rolf brought you back?

Deimos: [Chuckles] No, no, no, no. The one who brought me back is a hell of a lot more powerful than dr. Rolf. And quite a bit more evil.

Nicole: Who?

Deimos: Well, I’m sorry, at the moment that information is classified. I may have said too much already. But then again, you always had a way of getting me to open up, to drop my guard. Do you remember how much I opened up my soul to you?

Nicole: Oh, you didn’t have one.

Deimos: You know, I’ve often thought–you know, because when you’re dead, you actually have a lot of time for reflection. So I have often thought that it was really ironic that the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, ended it. In cold blood. No remorse. That just didn’t sit well with me, nicole. So I came here to tell you that I still hold a grudge. Serena: It’s my 3:10

Nicole: I did not murder you in cold blood.

Deimos: Oh, sweetheart. I was there, remember? Victim and eyewitness. I was totally defenseless and you stabbed me in the heart!

Deimos: [Chuckles] Well, well, well. Look who we have here.

Nicole: Stay away from me.

Deimos: I was really sorry to hear what happened to holly. How you lost her.

Nicole: How did you know about that?

Deimos: I’m the one who made it happen.

Nicole: You– you made it happen?

Deimos: All it took was one more corrupt judge. Lucky for me, huh?

Nicole: Wait, are you saying–

Deimos: Just like the first time. Only that time, I was on your side.

Nicole: My side?

Deimos: Come on, nicole. You remember that, don’t you? When I was in love with you?

Nicole: You made sure the judge–

Deimos: That’s right. And believe me, it really wasn’t that difficult. I mean, come on, is there really anyone more unfit to be a mother than you?

Nicole: Oh, my god.

Deimos: I think it’s time for daddy to go pick up his little girl at the foster home. And I cannot wait to see her get excited to see me.

Nicole: No. No!

Deimos: Daddy’s little girl, that’s what she’s gonna be. I mean, come on, you know me, nicole, I am gonna spoil that kid rotten.

Nicole: No! She is my daughter, not yours, you sick bastard.

Deimos: Wow, look at this. Looks like I touched a nerve, huh?

Nicole: I’ll never let you take my daughter. Do you hear me? I will never– I will never–

Deimos: Oh, come on. Really? Come on.

Nicole: [Sobbing]

[Knife thuds]

Deimos: [Gasps]

Deimos: Strolling down memory lane, are you? Remembering how you plunged that knife into my chest? Deep into the chest of an innocent, unarmed man.

Nicole: Innocent? You broke the laws of man and god in order to take my daughter. She was innocent. She was defenseless and you used her like a pawn to get what you wanted. And what you wanted was depraved. I didn’t murder you. I put you down like a rabid dog.

Deimos: You played god. And up until now you thought you got away with it. I think they call that a fool’s paradise. But it’s over. Because now you’re face to face with the man who knows that you’re nothing more than a murdering whore. And a man who also knows that you were never even charged, let alone punished for what you did. But that all ends tonight. And I guarantee you, nicole, the punishment is gonna fit the crime.

Eli: Jeez.

Rafe: Yeah.

Eli: What have we got?

Rafe: The victim’s name’s carmine merlino. Same guy that shot abe.

Eli: Do we know who killed him?

Rafe: No. I just came home, found him dead on my kitchen floor.

Gabi: And I told you yesterday that carmine’s mob boss is none other than your precious ava. So if you want answers, why don’t you talk to her?

Eli: Oh, I know that look. You know something, don’t you?

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Ava: Don’t you see? Don’t you see? We have to get out of here. We have to get out of salem because charlie’s not going to stop until he gets the both of us.

Tripp: Mom, he’s dead.

Ava: No. He is back. I saw him.

Tripp: And there’s a good reason for that, okay? But you need to calm down and listen to me, as a doctor. All right, this is just like what happened to you when charlie drugged you.

Ava: What?

Tripp: Remember? You thought you saw charlie kill me and then you thought you saw dad carrying me out to bury me.

Ava: I was not drugged tonight.

Tripp: It doesn’t matter, okay? All right, people who have taken hallucinogens like the ones charlie gave you can have hallucinations for years to come. There’s medical documentation that shows that those drugs can result in serious residual effects including flashbacks and delusions. Like what happened to you tonight. The drug stays in your body for a long time.

Ava: Okay, tripp, listen to me. I remember the delusions back then, okay? Tonight was not like that. Tonight– tonight was real. It was like I could reach out and I could touch him. Oh, my god.

Tripp: What?

Ava: Allie, allie. We need to call allie. We need to warn her. We need to tell her to grab henry and run.

Allie: Don’t say that you’re henry’s father. You’re not.

Charlie: You can’t have it both ways, allie. You can’t accuse me of raping you and say henry isn’t mine.

Allie: What you did to me has nothing to do with being a father. You don’t even know him.

Charlie: Because of you! You told everyone that I was a rapist. Everyone wanted me dead. I died without ever even knowing who my son was. But now I’m back. And you can’t stop me. You did everything you could to keep me away from him. Now I’m gonna take him away from you.

Allie: No.

Charlie: Get the hell out of my way.

Julie: [Shouts] You scared me to death.

Kate: Hm, yet you’re still standing.

Julie: It’s a figure of speech. Well, kate, I don’t know if you’re coming by for a late night snack and a martini. I’ve completely forgotten what you order. But you’re out of luck. We’re closed.

Kate: I can see that. But I’m glad you’re still here because actually, I came to see you.

Julie: Really? Why?

Kate: I was going to call but I have a feeling that you wouldn’t pick up when you saw it was me. And I wanted to invite you to thanksgiving.

Julie: Oh, really? And what were you expecting me to bring? A poisoned pumpkin pie perhaps?

Kate: Well, actually, I was pretty sure that you wouldn’t accept. So it was a fairly painless way for me to extend myself.

Julie: Isn’t that how you always extend yourself, kate?

Kate: You know, julie, all joking aside, I’m genuinely sorry for doug’s situation.

Julie: Thank you very much. But I’m sure you didn’t come here just to say that.

Kate: No, actually, I didn’T. I came here to tell you that your cousin, nick fallon, is back from the dead.

Nick: You nearly jumped out of your skin when I showed up very much alive in that church. I mean, god, the hypocrisy! A gay and a murderess having their kid baptized.


Gabi: I wasn’t a murderess because you weren’t dead yet. But you know what? I should’ve hit you three or four times with that rock because the world is a much better place without you.

Nick: But you made sure you killed me the second time around.

Gabi: For trying to take ari and me away from everyone we loved.

Nick: No. No excuses. It was premeditated murder, gabi. You even admitted it.

Gabi: Then I got the gun out of the closet and loaded it. I found the silencer there with it so I put that on. Then I stuck it inside the diaper bag.

Nick: You confessed. You gave a statement to the police.

Gabi: I served time. I paid my debt to society.

Nick: I don’t give a crap about society. I’m talking about your debt to me. You shot me three times and then got off on a technicality.

Gabi: I paid, first in prison and then, when I got out, your bitch cousin, julie, made sure that I kept paying for the rest of my life.

Nick: Not enough. Not nearly enough. Well, as you can see, I survived the second time you murdered me, too. And now I’m back and I am going to make you pay. What’s that expression they say? Oh, yeah. Third time’s a charm.

[ Crow squawks ]

Charlie: You bitch!

Allie: Please, god, please.

Charlie: You knew he wasn’t in there. Give me that. Fun and games are over, allie. You’re gonna tell me where the hell my son is.

Tripp: It’s okay. It’s okay. Henry’s inside the pub with roman and lucas.

Ava: Call allie.

Tripp: No. Mom, I’m not gonna scare her for no reason, okay? Charlie’s dead, mom. You watched him die. You don’t have to worry about him anymore. He can’t hurt you.

Ava: I saw him.

Tripp: You thought you saw him. I have already explained that to you. All right, now– if you won’t go to the hospital, I’m gonna take you home.

Ava: No, you’re not. We are not going home because there is a dead body there.

Tripp: I promise you, there isn’T. I’ll–I’ll go with you. I’ll prove it to you, okay?

Eli: Rafe?

Rafe: [Sighs] Right, okay. Look, what you need to know is there’s a possibility that ava is involved in this.

Eli: Okay.

Rafe: We’ll know more when we get the time of death. But, um, I think that we’re gonna find that gabi was with jake at the station when he was murdered and ava was the only one who was here.

Eli: Right. And?

Rafe: And when david was running the vitali crime family, carmine worked for her.

Eli: You–you think he came here to see her?

Rafe: Well, I don’t think he came here to see me. You know, my guess is that he probably knew that jake was in custody, so he came here to see ava. And gabi said she thinks that ava’s the one who helped merlino get away when he shot abe.

Eli: Rafe, you need to hand over this case to me.

Rafe: I–I know, okay? I know. But listen to me. I’m just going on what gabi said to me, and it wouldn’t be the first time that she has fed me a load of crap. Not to mention, ava said that she was out of the mob. So you know, she could be jerking me around too. I mean, what a– what a great domestic situation I’m in, right?

[Phone rings[

Eli: You know you’re gonna have to make a statement, right?

Rafe: Yeah, I know. Great, I’m sure this is more good news. Hernandez. Son of a bitch! Okay.

Eli: What is it?

Rafe: Jake dimera escaped lock-up. Oh, my god, what has gabi done this time?

Gabi: Are you gonna kill me?

Nick: Hm. Mm, no. That would be too easy. I decided that if the opportunity ever rose from the dead, so to speak, that I didn’t want you to die. I wanted you to suffer. And to that end, I decided to kill your boyfriend.


Gabi: Jake?

Nick: Yeah, jake. Your beloved jake. Oh, wow, gabi, I mean, what a loser that guy is. I mean, you’re really rolling around at the bottom of the barrel there.

Gabi: Please, he’s never done anything to you. I’m the one that you hate.

Nick: Yeah, I think of it more like collateral damage. Because his death would be the gift that keeps on giving. You would live the rest of your life knowing that his blood is on your hands.

Gabi: Please, please, please, I’m begging you, please don’t kill him. Please don’T.

Nick: Oh, gabi. What if it’s already too late?

Nicole: [Gasps] Don’t come any closer.

Deimos: And what are you gonna do, huh? You gonna kill me again? Go ahead. Do your worst.

Nicole: [Screams]

Deimos: [Breathing heavily] Charmin ultra soft has so much cushiony softness,

Deimos: You little bitch!

Nicole: [Screams]


[Coughs and gasps]

Rafe: So when jake and the cop who was taking him back to his cell didn’t show up, they did a search and they found the cop knocked out cold and jake nowhere to be found.

Eli: That was a stupid ass thing for jake to do.

Rafe: If it was jake.

Eli: You don’t think it was him?

Rafe: Well, it doesn’t make any sense. He was cooperating. He gave a full confession. He even seemed guilty that his gun was used to shoot abe. He just–you know, I–I talked to him. I asked him to be patient, that things would sort themselves out and he seemed to agree.

Eli: But not gabi?

Rafe: Well, I told her to be patient. Like that would ever work.

Eli: All right. You think gabi would take matters into her own hands?

Rafe: Well, I’m about to find out. God, what a night.

Julie: What do you mean nick is back from the dead?

Kate: Well, two trick-or-treaters at the pub said they saw him tonight.

Julie: And that’s what– think, kate. A couple of trick-or-treaters saw a couple of other trick-or-treaters and one of them must have been dressed like nick.

Kate: Well, that would presuppose that they’re selling nick fallon halloween costumes this year.

Julie: You know what I mean.

Kate: Ah, well, maybe you’re right. I mean, what kid wouldn’t want to dress up like a psycho killer, right?

Julie: Nick was not a psycho killer.

Kate: Don’t get defensive.

Julie: Kate, for once in your life, instead of being hurtful and nasty, why don’t you try showing a little empathy for a young man who had a very difficult life and was traumatized by what happened to him in prison.

Kate: Right. Then he set out to traumatize gabi hernandez in exactly the same way.

Julie: Well, gabi got her revenge, didn’t she? Shot him three times. You may not recall but I remember very clearly because he died in my arms.

Kate: Allegedly.

Gabi: What do you mean, “it’s too late”?

Nick: Well, what it means is that after I rose up out of my grave, which by the way, you really should’ve seen it. It would have knocked your socks off. Anyway, then I–I went down to the police station.

Gabi: Why?

Nick: To find the boyfriend, of course.

Gabi: How did you know he was there?

Nick: Oh, see the undead have this sort of, um, telepathic gps system. Anyway, aren’t you getting caught up in little details? Don’t you want to know what happened? What I did? Not which bus I took to get there?

Gabi: What happened?

Nick: Well, I got down to the station and your boyfriend was being escorted to a cell. I intercepted him.

Gabi: And what did you do?

Nick: Well, as a recent acquaintance of mine once said–really funny guy– “if it were done “when ’tis done, “then ’twere well it was done quickly.”

Gabi: Oh, my god. Did you already kill him?

Allie: I will never tell you where henry is.

Charlie: Not willingly.

Allie: You will never again be in the same room as my son.

Charlie: My son!

Allie: Not in any way that matters.

Charlie: Who’s the father then, huh? Tripp? The two of you. Oh, classic love story. Boy meets girl, girl falsely accuses boy of rape.

Allie: Tripp knows why I did that. It’s because you screwed me up by what you did to me. Hell, everybody knows that it was you. Hey, charlie, did you notice how few people attended your funeral? Did you know that I didn’t? I was afraid that I’d be fined for excessive celebration.

Ava: I told you. I told you there was a dead body. You didn’t believe me. I was telling the truth.

Tripp: I’m sorry. I just thought that– eli, what happened?

Eli: There’s been a homicide.

Tripp: Who was it?

Eli: Carmine merlino. He was the man who shot abe. Ms. Vitali, I’m sorry, but I gotta take you down to the station for questioning. Turns out deb’s constipation with belly pain

[Eerie music]

Nicole: Rafe. I gotta call rafe.

[Line ringing]

Allie: You know how you’re always whining about how mommy loves tripp best?

Charlie: Stop it.

Allie: Well, she does. Of course she does. Because as dumb and creepy as you are, that’s how cool and smart he is.

Charlie: Stop talking about tripp!

Allie: You brought him up. You always bring him up.

Charlie: Shut up.

Allie: Imagine having a mother who has two sons and one of them is everything a mother could ever want and the other one is the definition of “loser.”

Charlie: I said shut up!

Tripp: Why do you need to question my mom?

Eli: The deceased was a former associate of hers. He worked for her when she was in charge of the vitali mob.

Tripp: You said that–

Eli: She–she said that what, tripp?

Ava: I didn’t kill him. It was charlie. I saw him.

Eli: Who’s charlie?

Ava: My son. He killed carmine. I saw it.

Eli: Ms. Vitali, charlie is dead.

Ava: Rafe. I need to talk to rafe.

Rafe: So you say you saw my sister say goodbye to jake. Okay, did you actually see her leave?

Cop: She came out of the interrogation room and maxwell and i went in to get dimera. She wasn’t here when we brought him out.

Rafe: Okay. And then maxwell took him down.

Cop: And I started the paperwork.

Rafe: And he was cuffed?

Cop: It’s procedure, isn’t it?

Rafe: Okay, yet somehow, jake still managed to hit maxwell over the head and escape? Did you happen to see where he went?

Cop: No.

Rafe: Right. Right, my sister’s not answering my calls. What the hell is going on?

Gabi: Did you kill jake? Tell me!

Nick: Let me put it to you this way. I happened to have an empty grave at my disposal. And I figured I might as well put it to good use. It’s my woke-up-like-this migraine medicine.

Julie: Allegedly? Where do you get your news, kate? I was holding him. I–I–I felt the life draining out of him.

Kate: Yes, of course you did and that had to have been terribly painful for you.

Julie: Are you mocking me?

Kate: No, not at all. And–although I do agree that it’s probably not true that nick has been restored to life, you do have to admit he cheated death once before.

Julie: Oh, when you and gabi and sami tried to drown him in the river. Talk about the three witches from macbeth.

Kate: Hmm, yeah. Well, he did manage to crawl back out of the water, didn’t he? But I think it is highly unlikely that he managed to crawl out of the grave after being shot three times. Although…

Julie: Although what?

Kate: Although, I mean, not to brag about it or anything, but I did manage to do that. So, who knows? Maybe he managed to pull off the same trick. Anyway, I need to get going. Happy halloween.

Gabi: You buried him?

Nick: Well, I think of it more like a sublet.

Gabi: Dead or alive?

Nick: Why don’t you ask him?

Gabi: Ah!

Nick: Gosh… I hope she’s not too late.

[Phone ringing]

Rafe: Nicole, this isn’t a good time.

Nicole: I need you, rafe. Now.

Rafe: Okay, what is it?

Nicole: I’m in my office. It’s an emergency.

Eli: Rafe’s at the station. You can talk to him there.

Tripp: Okay, if she’s going down to the station, then I’m coming with her.

Ava: No. Tripp… if the police aren’t going to look for charlie, you have to.

Tripp: Mom.

Ava: I told you there was a dead body here and there was a body here. Charlie was here. Okay, I know that you said that everything’s safe, okay? But I have this awful feeling about allie.

Tripp: Mom, I can’t just leave you alone.

Ava: Just go check, okay? I mean, what–what does it hurt? Prove me wrong. Prove me crazy. I mean, you love her, tripp. What do you lose by checking? Because if you don’t, and something happens to her, you are gonna regret it for the rest of your life.

Charlie: You know what? You think you are so smart. You thought that if you talked about tripp that I would get crazy and I would forget about henry. But you know what? You’re not smart. I saw right through it. Now I’m going to ask you one more time. Where is my son?

Allie: I will never tell you where he is.

Charlie: You know what? I see that. Nothing that I can do will get you to tell me.

Allie: Right.

Charlie: So I’m just gonna have to find him solo.

Allie: Well, he’s not here.

Charlie: Hmm, you trying to send me on my way? As soon as I leave, you’ll call whoever has him? Or you’ll call the police. And I can’t let that happen. So, I’m sad to say, allie, I’m gonna have to kill you.

Trelegy for copd.

Gabi: Jake! Jake! Jake, no! Jake!

[Gasping frantically]

Nicole: Oh, god.

Rafe: This had better be good.

Nicole: Listen, deimos– deimos was here.

Rafe: What?

Nicole: He came back to get me and I killed him. Rafe, I stabbed him with a pair of scissors.

Rafe: Damn it, nicole, deimos kiriakis is dead.

Nicole: No, he is in there. Dead on the floor with a pair of scissors in his chest. Go look for yourself.

Rafe: Nicole, you need to come in here.

[Dramatic music]

Eli: You have the right to have an attorney present–

Ava: I don’t need a lawyer. I need you to listen to me. Okay? Charlie is back. He came back, he killed carmine, and then he was going to kill me.

Eli: Maybe what you need is a doctor.

Ava: Okay, I am begging you. Please, send someone to help tripp. I am telling you the truth. I swear to god, I am telling the truth.

Tripp: Allie! Get the hell away from her.

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