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Liam: You know, I was– I was positive kelly would be exhausted after our hike.

Steffy: Yeah! Have you met our daughter?

Liam: I know. Apparently not. I couldn’t even keep up with her.

Steffy: Yeah, she was like, 10 feet ahead of us.


Liam: Yeah, well, now she and hayes can wear amelia out at the park.

Steffy: Aw, those sweet little angel babies. I never want them out of my sight.

Liam: Yeah, I know that feeling.

Steffy: I mean, our kids are our life.

Liam: Kind of defeats the purpose if we don’t protect them, doesn’t it?

Steffy: That’s why it’s so important to keep sheila and deacon out of our lives for good.

[Bird whistles]

Finn: Hope?

Hope: Finn, hi. Um, steffy actually isn’t here, right now. She’s out with liam and kelly.

No, I know, I know. Uh, I actually came by to see you.

Donna: I’m trying to stay calm but honestly I’m– I’m still a little rattled.

>>[Brooke sighs] I’d feel the same way if quinn cornered me like that.

Donna: Thank you. She was furious, brooke.

Katie: Hello, my beautiful sissies.

Brooke: Oh, why are you all smiley?

Katie: Oh, I just had a lovely lunch at il giardino.

Brooke: Ooh, making me crave that chopped salad.

Katie: I know, it’s so good. Donna, what’s going on? What’s wrong?

[Donna scoffs]

Donna: Think about it. Who is the craziest person we know?

Brooke: Yeah, quinn was here earlier.

Katie: Oh.

Donna: She knows. She knows about what happened between eric and me.

Quinn: I can’t believe you and donna logan.

Eric: Quinn, this is not at all what you’re making it out to be.

[Quinn scoffs] We should be celebrating this breakthrough! This is such good news after so many months– you finally being yourself again– but for it– for it to have happened not with me, but with donna. She’s trying to sabotage our marriage. And I am not going to let that happen. And you need to promise me you’re not going to let it happen either.

Liam: Yeah, as if the two of them aren’t bad enough on their own. Now they’re– they’re claiming to be a couple?

Steffy: Yeah, it’s just so weird. I mean, they do have a lot in common. They’re both con artists.

Liam: Yeah, they’ve both been locked away for committing crimes against your family.

Steffy: Hope’s family, too.

Liam: I know. And now they’re in love.

Hope: Actually, my um, my dad just texted.

Finn: What’d he say?

Hope: He just said he’s thinking of me… I haven’t written back yet.

Finn: Yeah, sheila’s been reaching out, too. I haven’t responded. We both know how steffy feels about my birth mother.

Hope: Ugh, yeah well, liam’s attitude about deacon isn’t much better.

Finn: So what do we do?

Katie: Quinn knows?

Brooke: Yes, she does. And she’s already coming after donna.

Donna: She confronted me when I was in here, all by myself.

Katie: Are you okay? Did she hurt you?

Donna: No. But, I am not exaggerating when I said, I was seriously scared for my life. I mean, there’s– there’s no telling what quinn might do.

Quinn: We will get through this. Together. But not if donna is making a play for you.

Eric: Quinn, that’s not at all what donna–

Quinn: She’s in love with you. Eric. She wants you. But I’m your wife and I am asking you to honor that. And if you respect me, if you respect our marriage, you will fire donna right away.

Liam: I mean, sheila’s proven time and time again that she’s just not interested in respecting boundaries.

Steffy: No. She came into my home and she was holding my baby.

Liam: Yeah, how– how has finn been since then? Is he a little better about trying to keep her away?

Steffy: I mean, I know it’s difficult for him. Feels guilty about it.

Liam: Yeah, well, I’m sure that’s exactly how sheila wants him to feel.

Steffy: Yeah, you get it. So do I. But when it comes to hope and finn, it’s their parents and I think they’re trying to see something good inside.

Liam: Yeah, I get that. It’s just know, in deacon’s case, he just keeps disappointing hope. Over and over again. And that’s what bothers me about that. Like, I don’t want her to have to experience that same pain all over again.

Steffy: The same goes with finn. I don’t want that. But you know, sheila and deacon are gonna try to sell this ridiculous romance, come on.

Liam: I know, I know. That’s just got to be another angle. Right?

Steffy: Most definitely. This is something straight outta sheila carter’s playbook.

Liam: Yeah, I mean I gotta think, it’s just another manipulation to try to worm their way back into the family.

Steffy: Of course, it is. That’s why we need to stay firm on this. We have to make sure finn and hope stay far away from sheila and deacon.

Finn: I wish I wanted nothing to do with sheila. But, I’m curious. You know? Like, who is she underneath that hard surface? I mean, what made her that way? What was her childhood like?

Hope: She’s your birth mom, finn. It’s natural to feel a connection.

Finn: Yeah. But I also get why no one trusts her. I’d never make excuses for what she’s done. I dunno. I wish things were different. I missed out on a huge part of my life. I just want a chance to get to know her a little better.

Hope: I certainly have my issues with sheila. But as someone who’s father has basically been labeled a pariah since before I was even born… I also get your frustration, too. Yeah, I missed out on a lot of time with my dad and now beth, she’s not even going to get to meet her grandfather?

Finn: It’s not like we’re saying our parents are innocent…

[Hope chuckles] No, not by a longshot. I mean, they did this to themselves.

Finn: It sucks. You and I, we’re stuck in the middle. All right, we’re married to two people who literally despise them.

Hope: Yup, and now our parents are complicating matters even more now that they are supposedly in a relationship together.

Quinn: I love you, eric. And despite everything that happened, I know that you love me, too. But I need you to show me. I need you to show me that we are a priority to you. And I need you to prove that to me by telling donna that she will no longer be a part of our lives.

Katie: The fact is, eric has a connection with you that he doesn’t have with quinn. And he never will.

Brooke: Thank god he’s finally realizing he’s been with the wrong woman all these years.

Donna: I’ve always adored eric, I have. And there’s nothing I want more… but honestly, I’ve– I’ve just been too afraid to allow myself to think that it could even happen. And I’m not gonna interfere with that marriage.

Brooke: I know. Of course not. I mean, what happened was innocent.

Katie: Well, it was but on another level, it wasn’T. I mean, what happened was profound. It was a sign that eric can’t connect with quinn. Not because of some physical problem, but because he can’t connect with her emotionally and psychologically.

Brooke: Because she’s betrayed him so many times.

Katie: If he loved her once, it’s gone now.

Brooke: You’re the person that he’s longing for… the kind of bond that he deserves.

Katie: Eric belongs with you.

Steffy: I feel for finn, what this must be like for him.

Liam: Yeah, well hope’s in a crap position, too. I mean deacon’s, he’s always caused trouble for the family. He’s always been a conman but hope– I dunno. She just doesn’t want to see him for who he is because she’s a loving, caring daughter, right? And– and, the idea of cutting him out of her life completely, it’s a hard pill to swallow.

Steffy: I’d probably feel the same. But they have to protect themselves and they have to keep our children safe.

Liam: I agree. It’s just– I don’t even wanna appear like I’m telling hope how to live her life– like, who she can and can’t associate with. I don’t want to be that guy.

Steffy: I’m not enjoying this. This isn’t fun. But this is what has to be done. We can’t give them a chance just because deacon is beth’s grandfather, and sheila is… hayes’ grandmother. Liek, we can’t risk that. We need to be united on this. We need to stand together and be on high alert for all of our sakes: Our children and our families.

Finn: Did they really fall for each other?

Hope: Or are we the ones falling for some scheme?

Finn: I’d like to give our parents the benefit of the doubt. I’d like to see them happy. I mean, why not?

Hope: Well, they certainly appear interested in improving themselves and their circumstances but question is, are they a good influence on each other?

Finn: That remains to be seen.

Hope: Hm, yeah, I guess so…

Finn: But look, it’s not like we have any say in the matter. It’s their lives. And isn’t it possible they’ve learned from their mistakes?

Hope: It is possible although in sheila’s case, she does have some pretty big demons to overcome.

Finn: I’m not denying that. But people can be rehabilitated. Deacon said he walked out of that cell a new man. And I know my mom regrets everything that she’s done. If it was my choice– if I’m being honest, I… might be willing to give sheila and deacon the opportunity to prove themselves.

Hope: I… might consider it, too…

Finn: But it’s not only up to us.

Hope: Well no, of course not. I mean, we have our kids to think about. You have steffy, I have liam. Although unfortunately, it looks like steffy and liam they don’t believe or will ever believe that our parents deserve a second chance.

Katie: You’ve been so respectful, standing on the sidelines. But this is your moment. You and eric should give each other the happiness that you both deserve.

Donna: I have wanted that more than anything. And if you really think that this marriage could be over, then I could–

Brooke: It is. And you and eric are already so close.

Donna: This is the first moment I actually have a glimmer of hope… that– that eric and i could actually be together.

Katie: There you go. There it is. That is the attitude you should be having.

[Katie and brooke chuckling]

Brooke: Oh, honey. You just have to have faith that it’s going to happen. Okay?

Donna: I love you too, so much. Thank you for all of your love and support.

Eric: Sorry to interrupt, ladies.

Katie: Oh, um. You’re not interrupting.

Eric: You all look very happy together.

Brooke: Well, the days ahead are suddenly looking much brighter.

Katie: Yes, we have an awful lot to be encouraged about.

Eric: Would you mind terribly if I took a moment alone with this one, here?

Katie: No, no, not at all.

Eric: Thank you.

Katie: Brooke and i can make ourselves scarce.

Brooke: Yes, uh, how about that chopped salad…

Donna: I– I wanted to talk to you too, actually. Quinn knows about what happened with us. I’m so sorry.

Eric: No, no, it’s all right. I know she knows. She overheard brooke and me talking and so I, I felt I owed it to her to be honest. That’s why I want to see you.

Trelegy for copd.

Finn: Steffy has every right in the world to want sheila gone from our lives. There’s no repairing the damage inflicted on the forrester family. I get that. But it doesn’t make it any easier on my end.

Hope: Of course, not.

Finn: All this wondering if there’s you know, somehow, some way I could get to know my birth mother on my own terms. That dream has gone out the window. But steffy and I, we go hand in hand. We have to function as a team.

Hope: Well, absolutely. But it is still a tough situation. You know, I get it. It’s similar with deacon. Am I proud of the choices that he has made in his life? No. And I don’t even know the half of it but he’s still my dad. And I don’t want to be another unforgiving, untrusting person in his life right now. Look, ridge was a good stepfather… but for better or for worse, deacon is my father and I want to believe that he has changed.

Finn: Well look, at least they’ve got each other now. Sheila and deacon. I mean, if what they’re saying is true– I don’t know about you I feel comforted knowing that sheila’s not alone. I felt like a jerk every time I gotta ask her to leave and tell her, to get out. She can’t be here.

Hope: I have to admit it does feel a little unfair that we’re basically being forbidden from seeing our own parents.

Steffy: Excuse me? Are you serious, hope? What are you saying to finn?

Finn: We were discussing our parents and how–

Steffy: How what? How psychotic sheila is, how dangerous she is? She tried to shoot my mother, she kidnapped yours. And now you’re questioning why I want her out of my life?

Hope: Woah, that is not what I was saying, steffy.

Steffy: This is my husband. My marriage. My family. You keep your bad advice to yourself.

Brooke: So you have to see what this means, right? The woman that could make you truly, truly happy is my sister. Donna.

[Pants lightly]

Quinn: I don’t want you to be around her ever again except to go to the office and tell her clean out her desk and never set foot in forrester creation or our home ever again.

Donna: You wanted to see me?

Eric: Yes.

Donna: Eric, I’m so sorry. I– I might have overstepped by telling my sisters but they were just hounding me…

Eric: Donna, it’s okay. It’s all right. It really is.

Donna: No, but brooke shouldn’t have come to your house and for quinn to overhear like that? She should have heard it from you. But my sisters have always believed that maybe you and I would get back together… but I would never, I would never interfere with your marriage. You know that. What we shared, it was a hug, an innocent hug that was sweet, that was tender and then, I don’t know, something unexpected occurred.

Eric: I know.

[Donna chuckles] And I tried to explain that to quinn, I did, I tried, that neither you or I wanted this to happen–

Eric: I know. I told her that.

Donna: Oh.

Eric: I know that but she doesn’t believe it.

Donna: Wait. Okay, so you– you spoke to quinn about this.

Eric: Yes, I did. She’s uh, she’s very upset. Donna, I had a chance to do some uh, some self-examination, some real thinking about myself and my moving forward in my life. And I’ve made a decision. You know how much you mean to me. And not just now, I mean, all the time we were married and now this whole revelation to me– you’ve brought me back to life! I feel whole again. I feel like I’m reborn. You need to know how much, how much I love you, how much you mean to me, how grateful I am. You know that, right?

[Donna chuckles bashfully] Well– you know how I feel, eric.

Eric: Yeah, I do. That’s why I wanted to talk to you about us. About you and me, about our past and everything we’ve been through… and our future.

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