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Abby: It feels like christine’s been on the phone for hours.

Devon: Well, that’s a good thing, though, right? That means she’s been able to get a hold of more of her contacts.

Abby: Yeah, I mean, hopefully she’s getting some information about where chance was when that bomb hit the building. I mean, he — he could have been anywhere.

Mariah: I mean, it’s true, you know? The first reports from the news about, you know, a big event — it’s always confusing and conflicting.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Tessa: Yeah, and chance was on a covert mission, flying under the radar. That adds an entire layer of uncertainty.

Abby: Right? I mean, we don’t even know if he was staying in that building. I mean, that could have just been a fake address to go along with the fake identity.

Ashley: Honey, here. I made you a smoothie.

Abby: Oh, mom, I don’t have an appetit right now.

Ashley: I want you to take care of yourself, honey, please.

Devon: Abby, come on. You really do need to, okay? Being stressed can make you dehydrated, and you won’t even realize it. And we have no idea how long christine’s gonna take to get us information, so, please, you need to stay strong.

Abby: Yeah. You’re right.

Ashley: Okay, I’m gonna put it here, alright? And when you’re ready, okay?

Abby: Thank you, mom. I will drink it. I promise.

Ashley: Okay.

Abby: Hi. Any developments?

Christine: Well, one of my contacts was able to send me some photos from the scene of the explosion. And I’ve been going through them, and [Sighs] Abby, there is one that I need you to take a look at to get a positive identification.

Abby: Alright. Oh, my god.

[ Crying ] Oh, my god.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

Chloe: [ Laughing ] Wait. Who do you think is having more fun at the swings — my mom or miles?

Kevin: Definitely esther. I mean, look at that smile! Hey, buddy.

Chloe: Well, I’m glad that the kids have their grandma because we are definitely off the list of aunt lauren’s favorite things.

Kevin: What are you talking about? She adores bella and miles.

Chloe: She hasn’t liked any of the photos that I’ve posted of the kids in their halloween costumes, and normally she is the first one to react, with kissy faces and emojis. And — nope, nothing, nada.

Kevin: Maybe she’s busy.

Chloe: Or she’s still royally pissed off that I let sally go to tuscany and swap out victoria’s wedding dre.

Kevin: And you have deduced all that because she hasn’t liked your photos?

Chloe: Of her niece and nephew in the cutest outfits ever?

Kevin: I think you’re reading way too much into this.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] You know what? You’re right. You’re right. If — if I just want to see where she stands, you know, I just, um — I’ll use the tried-and-true old-fashioned way.

Kevin: Which is?

Chloe: Well, I’ll just go see her in person and see how she feels about the whole situation.

Kevin: Uh, that’s not a good idea.

Chloe: Why not?

Kevin: Because you already did the whole face-to-face thing and apologized.

Chloe: Yeah, and it didn’t take.

Kevin: Here’s what you do — give her some time and space. Otherwise, you run the risk of riling her up again.

Chloe: You know what? You’re right. Oh, gosh, you’re right again. Um, so, I’ll just — I’ll give her her space, and she’ll get over it eventually.

Kevin: Yeah, of course. I mean, unless sally has any other tricks up her sleeve. Does she?

Chloe: I mean, how — how should I know? She’s so unpredictable, and her dress was a huge hit in italy. The eyes of the fashion world are all on her now.

Kevin: Maybe that’ll keep her busy and out of trouble.

Chloe: Well, sally is thrilled about her success, as she should be, but that could make her over-confident and inspire her to take more risks, hoping for the same result. Plus, she is super grateful to adam for being in her corner.

Kevin: Oh, great.

Chloe: Yeah, which only means that there is no way in the world she will listen to our warnings to stay away from him.

Billy: You know, if you’ve gotten so many warnings about adam, why risk working for him, let alone dating the guy?

Sally: We’re not actually dating.

Billy: But you went to tuscany together for victoria’s wedding.

Sally: Adam took me to italy so I could show victoria the dress that I designed for her.

Billy: Oh, I see. So, you’re using him to further your career. That makes a lot of sense.

Sally: [ Scoffs ] Wow. Who hurt you? You’re so cynical.

Billy: If I am, it’s only because adam showed me just how low a human being can sink.

Sally: Well, that is not the adam that I know. I like and respect him, and you can put that quote on record.

Billy: Okay, well, I will file that under “famous last words.” You know, I will give it to him. He is smooth. He is charming. But that only makes him more dangerous. So, whoever this person is that warned you to keep your distance, they have your best interests at heart.

Adam: Sally.

Sally: Adam. Glad you’re here.

Adam: Uh, has chanccomm joined the list of media companies that’s very eager for a scoop on the future of newman fashions?

Sally: Unfortunately, no. Just trying to dig up some dirt on you. Is that about right?

Billy: That is 100% correct.

Adam: Oh. Harassing my employees. I think this actually is a new low for you, billy.

[ Sniffs ] What is that I smell? It’s the sad stench of desperation. (Vo) for over 50 years

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Ashley: Honey, what’s in the picture?

Abby: It’s, um… it’s chance’s watch. It’s a family heirloom that

[Sniffles] Nina gave him right before our wedding.

Christine: Partially buried in the rubble of the explosion.

Mariah: Oh, abby, I’m so sorry.

Abby: No. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Um… I’m sorry for reacting this way because, now that I’m thinking about this, I mean, I think this is a good sign.

Christine: Why would you think that?

Abby: Well, I mean, this watch — [Sniffles] It’s engraved. I mean, it says “phillip chancellor” on it. He wouldn’t be wearing it if he was working undercover, so that’s got to mean he wasn’t in the building when the bomb went off, right?

Ashley: It’s a possibility.

Mariah: He could be in hiding somewhere.

Ashley: Yeah, he could be.

Tessa: Laying low until it’s safe.

Mariah: He could not even be in town and, you know…

Ashley: Yes.

Mariah: …Not even know that the explosion happened.

Abby: What do you think, devon?

Devon: I mean, I think that anything I would say would just be a guess, like the rest of us, until we have something more concrete. Is there anything else in the picture to go off of, christine?

Christine: You know, the building was leveled, so it’s just gonna take some time before we’re sure of what happened.

Abby: Unless he calls or he comes home.

Christine: Right. Unless that happens.

Ashley: Just keep praying.

Billy: You know, sally, my investigation isn’t the only reason why I wanted to talk to you.

Sally: Really? Why else could you want to talk to me? Unless you’re in need of a wedding dress?

Billy: No. I wanted to give you a little warning about what to expect from your new employer — lies, manipulation, deception, treachery. Am I missing anything?

Adam: No, I think you hit all the major bullet points, since you roll out this speech every chance you get.

Billy: Believe me, adam, I am sick of saying it just as much as you are of hearing it. It’s just crazy to me how you keep pulling victims into your web.

Sally: I am nobody’s victim.

Adam: How are things going at chanccomm these days? I mean, I don’t know if you’re the right person to ask since you are barely there.

Billy: Oh, do you have your little minions following me around now?

Adam: Oh, I don’t need to because you spend half of your time following me around, feeding your obsession, not doing any actual work, which I’m sure lily doesn’t appreciate.

Billy: Yeah, well, my job description is following you around. I mean, this guy has been a constant source of scandal and depravity you for years. And I don’t see that changing, as much as you try to convince everyone you’ve turned over a new leaf.

Sally: Well, then I guess we’re just gonna have to get used to you lurking in the background and hiding behind potted plants. It’s not really what i envisioned of ceo behavior, but, you know, to each his own.

Billy: Well, job number one of a ceo is to decimate the competition. Isn’t that right?

Adam: Well, on that point, we are in total agreement.

Lily: Hi. Hello.

Sharon: Hey, lily. What can I get you?

Lily: Um, the strongest coffee that you have brewing, please.

Sharon: Still recovering from jet lag.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Yeah.

Sharon: Noah and tessa sent home the most beautiful photos of the wedding in tuscany.

Lily: Yeah, and the photos can’t even do it justice. I mean, the palazzo was exquisite. The ceremony was so romantic. It was beautiful.

Sharon: You don’t say.

Lily: Oh. That doesn’t look good.

Sharon: Lily, you have got to rein billy in, persuade him to leave adam alone once and for all.

Chloe: Ah.

Kevin: Notification from lauren that she loves your photos and therefore forgives you?

Chloe: I wish. No — e-mail from another chain of bridal boutiques wanting to get their hands on victoria’s dress and asking to see what sally’s working on.

Kevin: Hey, way to catapult newman fashion into the stratosphere.

Chloe: I got to hand it to sally. You know, she really took a giant risk, and it paid off. You just can’t buy this kind of publicity.

Kevin: Yeah. How you gonna capitalize on it?

Chloe: Well, I mean, sally could focus on the bridal industry. I mean, maybe, but — I don’t know — I mean, she could just go in so many different directions. I’ve seen a lot of her past work, and she has so much range. And then when chelsea comes back, I am going to have the two most incredible designers working together. I — I predict the whole thing is gonna blow up. In a good way.

Kevin: I — I hate to point this out, but it could also blow up in a — in a bad way. You’re talking about two very, very big personalities.

Chloe: True, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t get along.

Kevin: But we can’t ignore the fact that sally apparently has a thing for adam, right? And to say that chelsea is possessive of adam is an understatement. How do you not see this as a recipe for disaster?

Chloe: Come on. It’s all gonna work out.

Kevin: Oh, yeah? You got some super powers i don’t know about?

Chloe: Yes, I do, actually. Wrangling emotional creatives is totally in my skill set.

Kevin: Yes, but — but adding adam to the mix makes this way more complicated than just dealing with sensitive personalities.

Chloe: [ Sighs ]

Kevin: Come on.

Chloe: I am at my best when I bring out the best in other people. It’s gonna be great. For all of us. It is.

Kevin: Okay.

Billy: You know, I will say congratulations. Somehow, some way, you are still able to convince women that you are a poor, misunderstood soul. I mean, at a certain point, they figure it out. Look what happened to chelsea. You do know what happened to chelsea, right?

Adam: Just ignore him.

Sally: You know, I don’t know what you expect. Is this supposed to be where i thank you for the cautionary tales? ‘Cause it’s not about to happen. I’m perfectly capable of looking out for myself.

Billy: Yeah. That’s what I’ve heard about you.

Sally: I’m sure you have heard about my past mistakes, and so has adam. I am guessing he’s been warned about me just as much as I’ve been warned about him, but we are rebuilding our lives, and we are doing that without judging each other.

Billy: Well, from where i sit, it only makes sense that you would avoid anyone with a rap sheet as long as his.

Adam: You know, it’s funny that you tell people to stay away from me, but you can’t take your own advice. You’re the one who can’t get over this.

Lily: I don’t really see a problem. I mean, they seem calm enough. Plus, I mean, I’m not responsible for what billy does. And I’d be surprised if adam asked you to intervene on his behalf. Did he?

Sharon: Uh, new pot’s almost ready. I, uh, didn’t see you come in. How long have you been here?

Rey: Yeah. You were occupied.

Billy: Hello, gorgeous.

Lily: Hey.

Billy: Can I buy you a cup of coffee?

Lily: Yes, please.

Billy: Sharon, do you mind if we get two cups of coffee to go, please?

Sharon: Coming right up.

Lily: So, uh, what was that happened with adam?

Billy: Nothing worth repeating.

Ashley: Abby? Honey?

Abby: Mom, I’m fine. It’s fine. I mean, I don’t know why you guys all look like the world is ending. Uh, thank you, christine, for showing me that picture because now that I have had time to process it, I know exactly what happened.

Mariah: You do?

Abby: Yeah. I mean, chance must have — have left the watch behind while he was working. I mean, he probably wasn’t even in the building when the bomb went off.

Christine: It just doesn’t explain why there haven’t been any sightings of him.

Abby: It’s probably just like mariah and tessa said. I mean, maybe he’s hiding. Maybe he’s — he’s somewhere and he feels like he can’t contact us because he doesn’t feel safe, like he can’t trust anyone.

Mariah: Anything is possible. We can’t rule it out.

Abby: Exactly. So, christine, please call whoever you can. Call any contact that you have. Learn everything about this, please.

Christine: I’ll see what i can do.

Mariah: Abby, is there anything we can do for you?

Abby: [ Sniffles ] Actually, yeah, there is. We can all hope and trust that chance is gonna come home. I mean, the odds have been stacked against him before. I mean, he has survived the impossible. Chance never gives up. He doesn’t give up on us, and he would never give up on himself. And so we cannot give up on him.

Mariah: No, of course we won’T.

Abby: Tessa, I mean, when mariah went missing, did you just throw in the towel?

Tessa: Never.

Abby: No. And neither did we. And the longer the weeks went on and the more worried we got, we never gave up looking for you.

[ Sniffles ] We knew we would see you again because we know who you are. You are a survivor. You are a bad-ass, and we would never give up faith, would we?

Devon: No, we didn’T.

Abby: And you made it home, you and the baby, safe and sound. I know that chance was not in that building. I know it. I can feel it. He is gonna come home to me and to dominic. We just — we have to keep believing that. What’s the #1 retinol brand

Sally: What was billy talking about?

Adam: Hmm?

Sally: Who’s jesse gaines?

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Sally: He was in tuscany and now he’s missing?

Adam: He’s just — he’s posturing again. And thank you for defending me, by the way.

Sally: Yeah, well, I’m not sure if what I said really made much of a difference, but…

Adam: Maybe not to billy. But it makes a difference to me.

Sally: Yeah, well, don’t read too much into it. I just was treating you the way I wanted to be treated, basing my opinions on who you are, not who you used to be.

Adam: Well, I appreciate it. And that’s actually why I came by here. I wanted to apologize for, um, being abrupt earlier.

Sally: Thank you. Billy seems like he’s on a real mission to bring you down. And not just you, but all of newman media. He’s talking about decimating the competition. He sounded serious.

Adam: Trust me. He is not a threat to newman.

Slly: I might buy that if you did. But you’re clearly concerned. You were — you acted like you were totally on board with this whole no-holds-barred business strategy. How concerned should I be that newman fashion is gonna get caught in the crossfire?

Adam: Not at all. You’re fine.

Sally: [ Scoffs ]

Sharon: How was your day?

Rey: Thank you. Oh, you know, I had a nice chat with noah. I came over here to tell you all about it.

Sharon: Oh. What did you two talk about?

Rey: First I’d like to hear about your conversation with lily.

Sharon: Oh, I guess you heard the tail end of that.

[ Sighs ] Billy can be so infuriating. You know, I just get so exasperated with him sometimes.

Rey: Hmm. Sounded more like it had to do with your feelings about adam.

Abby: Maybe I should have gone with christine. That way, I could hear the news as soon as it comes in.

Ashley: I don’t think that’s a good idea, honey. She’s gonna be dealing with so much misinformation. You don’t want your hopes to rise and fall on every single rumor.

Mariah: That’s right. I mean, you should wait until christine has some more confirmed facts.

Ashley: Yeah. Would you girls mind going into the kitchen and maybe — I don’t know — making some snacks or something?

Mariah: Yeah, sure. Of course.

Ashley: Thank you.

Mariah: Come on.

Abby: Eating is the last thing on my mind right now.

Ashley: I just wanted to help them — I don’t know — find something to do.

Abby: Well, what would really be helpful is that if everyone would just go home and stop staring at me while I slowly lose my mind.

Ashley: Honey, listen, we’re not gonna let you go through this alone.

Devon: Did I miss anything?

Abby: Well, I was just telling my mom that nothing that anyone does right now is gonna help the situation. The only thing that’s gonna help is hearing chance’s voice again. So I don’t care how many pictures someone shoves in my face, and I’m not gonna take the word of some stranger from the state department.

[ Dominic cries ] Baby, baby, it’s okay. It’s okay. Okay. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Mommy’s here.

[ Voice breaking ] Mommy’s here. It’s okay. It’s okay.

[ Inhales deeply ] Shh.

[ Breathes deeply ] Shh.

Billy: I don’t know. I guess jesse gaines has turned into an invisible man. We got our best investigative journalists trying to find him, and nothing. It’s like the guy’s disappeared into thin air.

Lily: And there’s no activity on his passport?

Billy: No one by his name has left italy by train, plane, or rental car.

Lily: Well, I mean, if he thought someone was trailing him, maybe he’d use a pseudonym. Or maybe he bought a car with the money that you gave him.

Billy: Or maybe he’s still in tuscany hiding out. Or maybe he’s six feet under. Reformed, okay? He is not a better person because he has got one less kidney.

Lily: No, I’m just saying that there is a range between angel and cold-blooded killer.

Billy: Right, he’s just misunderstood.

Lily: Why do you always think the worst of him? Remember when you thought that he poisoned rey, right? And he had been framed.

Billy: Okay. Adam and victor are coming after chanccomm. That we know is true.

Lily: Okay. So, what’s our game plan?

Billy: We find jesse gaines, dead or alive. He’s our best weapon. You have always loved vicks vapors.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Lily: Look, if something did happen to gaines, our goal would be to prove that adam is responsible.

Billy: And a bonus to that — it would decimate newman media.

Lily: Please tell me that’s not the scenario that you’re hoping for.

Billy: Oh, no. Best-case scenario would be finding gaines alive. Then we get his full cooperation. That way, we would have the evidence to prove not only ashland’s crimes, but that adam and victorere complicit I mean, clearly something has happened to change that, and we don’t know what. I mean, maybe he got a bigger payoff. You know, that kind of money can make a man disappear.

Billy: Mm.

Lily: But, I mean, even if we do find him, he might not want to talk to us. So we have to find something more reliable than gaines to fend off an attack from newman media.

Billy: Got any ideas?

Lily: Actually, as a matter of fact, I do.

Sharon: Okay, sorry about that. I just wanted to make sure adam and sally had left.

Rey: Mm. Now that the coast is clear?

Sharon: I want you to know i would be just as annoyed with billy if he were attacking someone other than adam. He’s stirring things up again. And the accusations he’s making are way out in left field.

Rey: How do you know what he’s claiming?

Sharon: Well, I ran into billy in the park, and i overheard part of his phone conversation.

Rey: After I told you it would be better if you didn’t get involved.

Sharon: Well, actually, yes.

Rey: [ Scoffs ]

Chloe: [ Chuckling ] Did you have so much fun with grandma? I bet you need a nap and a snack.

Kevin: Oh, that makes two of us, kiddo.

Chloe: [ Chuckles ]

Kevin: Hey.

Sally: Hi. Look at this handsome little guy.

Kevin: [ Chuckles ]

Sally: Was that a yawn I see?

Kevin: Yeah. He had a very long morning with his grandma. They fed the ducks. They were on the swings. He’s basically living his best life.

Sally: Lucky kid.

Kevin: Actually, I hear you’re the one with all the luck these days. Congratulations on your show-stopping wedding gown.

Sally: Thank you.

Chloe: No, that’s not luck. I mean, come on. That’s — that’s a lot of talent and a whole lot of nerve.

Kevin: [ Chuckles ] Well, with a recipe like that, anything can happen. Alright, I’m gonna go grab some coffee before I head back to work. I love you, buddy.

Chloe: Say bye to daddy.

Kevin: I’ll see you guys later.

Chloe: Bye. So, how does it feel to be the most popular designer around?

Sally: Like a dream. I have been getting calls and texts and e-mails from fashion magazines and websites, department stores, and boutiques about my designs. Everyone but fenmore’S.

Chloe: Imagine that.

Sally: Where do things stand between you and lauren?

Chloe: Well, we haven’t made up completely, but it’ll happen.

Sally: Okay. Well, I’m glad to hear it because we may have another problem on our hands.

Abby: Shh, shh, it’s okay, dominic. It’s okay. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. It’s alright. Mommy’s here.

Mariah: Hey. Is dominic alright?

Abby: Nothing I do seems to be working.

Mariah: Maybe I can help?

Ashley: Would you mind warming up a bottle?

Mariah: Yeah, yeah, of course.

Ashley: Thank you.

Mariah: I’ll be right back.

Ashley: Thank you.

Abby: I feel like dominic can sense that I’m upset and it’s making him upset.

Devon: Well, hey, do you want me to take him for a minute?

Abby: Yeah. Would you?

Devon: Of course. Of course. Come here.

Abby: You got him?

Devon: Yeah. There you go, buddy.

Abby: There you go.

Devon: There you go. You’ll get your bottle, you’ll be feeling much better.

[ Crying subsides ]

Ashley: You really are a baby whisperer, aren’t you?

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Abby: Well, it’s a good thing because I can’t even do the simplest things right. I can’t help chance. I can’t give my baby what he needs.

Ashley: Honey.

Devon: Come on.

Ashley: The baby’s fine.

Abby: You know what? I think I just, um — I need some air.

Ashley: Okay. Want me to go with you?

Abby: No, no. I just need to be by myself. Thank you. Um…can you make sure dominic is okay?

Ashley: Yeah, if you’re sure.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Abby: Yeah.

Ashley: Oh, my god. My poor sweet girl. I wish there was something i could do. I mean, this is so unfair.

Devon: Yeah. It’s okay.

Ashley: Oh, baby.

Devon: It’s alright.

Sharon: Billy was on the phone in a public place. It’s not like I tracked him down and was eavesdropping on purpose. But then I heard him talking about adam, and that’s when i realized that’s why he came to you with his accusations — because he knows that you’ve had personal problems with adam in the past.

Rey: Well, that’s a nice way to put it.

Sharon: And he was manipulating you. He was trying to take advantage of that.

Rey: No. I didn’t get sucked in. But apparently you couldn’t resist, which is why I didn’t want you to get involved — because I knew this is exactly how you would react.

Sharon: Well, this is a perfectly normal, natural reaction. Billy is spreading ugly rumors again. You know, he doesn’t even know if a crime has been committed or not, but he can’t wait to pin it all on adam.

Rey: Billy’s only asking questions at this point, and they do not seem unreasonable. Adam’s got a pretty nasty track record.

Sharon: Well, he’s changed.

Rey: It wasn’t that long ago that he kidnapped chelsea.

Sharon: That was a low point for him, but, you know, he’s come a long way since then.

Rey: Okay. Sharon, the sacrifices —

Sharon: Even nick has noticed the changes in him. He sees how hard adam’s trying. And billy has admitted to me that he’s never gonna get over what happened with delia. Every time he sees adam, he sees a monster.

Rey: Yeah. What do you see? A victim that always needs saving?

Sharon: No.

Rey: Okay. Then why are you getting involved? I heard what you told lily.

Sharon: Oh! Yeah, you know what? I shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t be telling her what to do. That really wasn’t my place. I think I just — it was an impulse.

Rey: [ Chuckles ] Oh, it’s always your impulse to protect adam. I think we both need some air.

Sharon: Okay. I love you, too.

Lily: Listen, I agree with you. We do need an ally. But we need someone more trustworthy than gaines, someone who has influence over victor and ashland. And you know that would be victoria.

Billy: Victoria?

Lily: Yes.

Billy: The one that is furious with me for bringing her groom’s blackmailer to her wedding?

Lily: Yeah. Listen, she had every right to be angry with you. But you redeemed yourself. You deleted the video that gaines sent you, and so now you’re back in her good graces.

Billy: I think you’re being a little too overly optimistic.

Lily: Why don’t you just text her? Just see what she says.

Billy: [ Laughs ] I really, uh — I don’t feel comfortable asking her for protection.

Lily: Don’t look at it like that. I mean, of course we can take on victor and adam alone. But if victoria can convince victor to stand down, then we can avoid, you know, battling over something that doesn’t need to happen.

Billy: No, I think you’re right. It is a good strategy. She’s a lot easier to find than gaines. But I am not giving up looking for him.

Lily: Fine. Don’T. But as long as we work this angle, too.

Billy: [ Exhales heavily ]

Chloe: So, what kind of trouble are we talking about?

Sally: Well, I was just at crimson lights, and adam and billy got into quite the disagreement.

Chloe: Well, that’s how they always act whenever they’re within spitting distance of each other.

Sally: Yeah, but this one sounded pretty serious.

Chloe: You know, I just wish that billy could learn how to walk away from a fight. What does this have to do with newman fashion?

Sally: Okay, there’s a possibility that I’m being paranoid. Adam said that there was nothing to worry about. I just got the impression that both of them are getting ready to go to war. And we have such big plans. We are on the verge of a huge breakout success. So, how do we make sure that the fallout from their feud doesn’t hit us?

Ashley: Look at him. So much going on around, and he’s just so peaceful.

Devon: Life is so simple when you’re this small. All you got to do is eat and sleep and just soak up all the love in the room around you.

Ashley: There’s a lot of that.

Devon: Yeah, there is. Ah. That’s it.

Ashley: [ Voice breaking ] It just breaks my heart to think that…you know, he might not ever meet chance. I know how badly chance wanted to be a daddy.

Mariah: Hey, don’t — don’t say that. Don’t even think it ’cause he can’t be gone.

Ashley: Listen, I really hope you’re right, you know?

Mariah: Should somebody go after abby and make sure she doesn’t need anything?

Ashley: I think that’s very sweet of you, but I think she just needs some time alone, okay?

[ Dominic fussing ]

Devon: Ohh.

Ashley: You really are a natural with him.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] We just like hanging out together. That’s all. [ Chuckles ] It’s okay.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Christine: Where’s abby?

Ashley: She went out to get some air. Should I go find her? Do you have news?

Christine: No, uh, nothing new, I’m afraid. Everyone’s just trying to figure out how this could have happened.

Devon: I’m sure you have an opinion.

Christine: I do.

Devon: You can be honest with us. I mean, do you really think there’s a possibility that chance made it? Johnson & johnson is building a future

Christine: If you’re looking for definitive answers, I…

Ashley: We want your opinion. Please. Could chance still be alive?

Christine: Well, here’s what we know. The explosion happened in the middle of the night, so it’s not necessarily true that chance only would have taken off his watch to go out and meet someone. He could have just been getting ready for bed. But I didn’t want to say that in front of abby.

Ashley: I understand. I appreciate your candor.

Christine: I wish I had better news.

Ashley: Thank you so much for coming here in person to tell us. I mean, it couldn’t have been easy for you.

Christine: I mean, just now I’m devastated for her, and I’ll help her get through this any way I can.

Mariah: We’ll all be here for her and dominic in every way possible.

Ashley: Thank you, mariah.

Devon: Everything’s gonna be just fine, little guy. It’s gonna be just fine.

Abby: I told everyone that i needed air, but really I just wanted to be here.

[ Sniffles ] Where you proposed to me, chance, where you — where you asked me to be yours forever.

[ Sighs ] And you said our life would be full of adventure. That we could handle anything that life threw at us. And we made so many beautiful promises that day, visions of what our life would look like. And…I believed every word. So I don’t care what everyone says, chance. I am not giving up on you. I can’T.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles ] Dad, hi. It’s me. I really need your help.

[ Sighs ]

Kevin: Hey, you working on a tough case? Or is this personal and none of my business?

Rey: No. Have a seat. It’s actually the same headache you’re dealing with.

Kevin: Adam?

Rey: You know, the man’s like a chronic disease. Once you think you got him licked and built up an immunity, he just pops up, hits you from a different angle.

Kevin: I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since chloe started working for him. I just know it’s not gonna end well.

Rey: You know, after everything she’s been through, why would she take the job?

Kevin: [ Sighs ] She did it for chelsea. She’s her friend to the end, and she wants her to have a soft place to land. Chloe’s strong enough now that she can take what she needs from him and keep her distance otherwise, but it still feels like she’s playing with fire. And the man put her through hell.

[ Sighs ] She’s recovered, right? But I haven’t forgotten. One of these days, adam is going to take a step too far. He’s gonna land himself in prison, for good this time. And as far as I’m concerned, that day cannot come soon enough.

Adam: Well, thank you for coming. Please have a seat.

You said you need some investigative work done?

Adam: This — this needs to be handled in the strictest confidence. No one can know about this, except us and victor.

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