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Brooke: Wow! You’re here bright and early.

Donna: Oh. Uh yeah, just you know, got a lot of work. Figured I’d get a jump start.

Brooke: Eric’s not in yet?

Donna: No, um, must’ve had a big night. With quinn.

Quinn: Mmm… my gorgeous, sexy husband.

Hope: So, yesterday was a strange turn of events.

Finn: I’d say. Where do we even begin? It’s all I could think about last night.

Hope: Thank you for inviting me over because I have been dying to talk to you about this especially before i bring it up to liam.

Finn: Yeah, I haven’t mentioned anything to steffy either.

Hope: Yeah, I am still trying to process everything…

Finn: What the hell was that, hope? We went to il giardino to have a bite for lunch and run into deacon and my mother, the two of them are together?

Hope: So, do you think it’s true? I mean, my dad and sheila? Are they really a couple?

Sheila: Good morning, deacon. How’s that couch treating you, huh?

Deacon: Well, it’s a hell of a lot better than sleeping on the street. That’s for sure.

Sheila: You’re welcome.

Deacon: All right, don’t act like you’re letting me crash here because i don’t have any cash. We both know it’s so that I can sign on to your crazy scheme.

Sheila: You know what, I really thought that you wanted to be a part of hope and your granddaughter’s lives.

Deacon: I do. I just don’t have a hell of a lot to offer right now.

Sheila: You’re her only father and… and we both have rights. Finn wants to see me. I– I can see it in his eyes and I know that hope feels the same way about you.

Deacon: Okay. Fine. But that still doesn’t explain your little stunt yesterday. What the hell did you kiss me for and tell everyone that we’re in love?

Deacon: Just so we’re on the same page, here: The kiss, telling everyone that we’re in love– that’s all part of the master plan, right?

Sheila: Actually, I didn’t have a master plan so I improvised.

Deacon: By kissing me?

Sheila: Yes. Because there’s a bond between a parent and a child and i refuse to allow the forresters to stand in our way and before you know it, finn and hope, they won’t allow it either. They were kissing. Your dad and my birth mother going at it right in the middle of the restaurant.

Hope: “Well, the heart wants what it wants.”

Finn: Well, this whole situation is just bizarre.

Hope: Yeah, I didn’t even know they really knew each other and suddenly they’re in love?

Finn: Do we buy it? I mean, do we believe them?

Brooke: Why do you think they had a big night?

Donna: Oh, I don’t know. It’s just that eric was in such a good mood yesterday and in fact, I haven’t seen him that upbeat in a really long time.

Ah, thank you for putting a smile on his face. Although, I’m sure it went away the minute he went home to his dreadful wife.

Donna: Who knows? Maybe they, uh, were able to reconnect. By the way, it was really good to see him so happy.

Quinn: Don’t be sad.

Eric: I was so hoping that last night would be about us.

Quinn: Look. But didn’t you see how happy it made me that you were so excited to even try again?

Eric: Yeah, I did.

Quinn: Yeah–


Shauna: Hi. Sorry, the door was unlocked.

Eric: It’s alright, shauna. Come in. It’s always good to see you. Look, I was– uh, going to the office anyway. I have stuff to do. I’ll see ya later, okay?

Quinn: Okay. Alright. Have a good day.

Eric: Okay. Bye.

Shauna: Bye. Well? How’d it go last night?

Quinn: Well, I thought we were gonna have a breakthrough. But nothing’s changed. Eric still can’t be intimate.

Hope: Your mom and my dad dating…

Finn: You’re having major doubts.

Hope: Yes! Because I know them and their histories.

Finn: So you think they’re playing us, making this all up.

Hope: I think it’s too random.

Finn: I mean, I don’t disagree. But how do we explain the fact that they were already at il giardino when we got there? There’s no way they could have known that we were coming. We only decided to go at the last minute.

Hope: Okay, that, I can’t explain. Uh… maybe it was just a coincidence?

Finn: I know that we need to tread carefully. And we can’t take their word at face value. But I’d like to believe that sheila and deacon are being truthful.

Deacon: You wanna explain to me why we’re acting like we’re in a romance novel, here?

Sheila: How many times do I have to tell you? We are better together.

Deacon: Sheila, together you and I, we’re like a– a toxic waste dump.

Sheila: You are never gonna get through to her on your own.

Deacon: I’ll take my chances.

Sheila: Oh really, what with ridge and brooke denying access and then there is liam… hope’s gatekeeper?

Deacon: My daughter has a mind of her own.

Sheila: Oh, does she? So she’s been calling you trying set up meetings with you, I’m sure or does she still hang up the phone every time you call? Deacon. She’s not doing this because she wants to, it’s that family that is doing everything in their power to keep you away from her!

Deacon: Okay, okay, okay– I get it, genius, I understand that. What I don’t understand is why you kissed me.

Sheila: Didn’t you see what I saw? My son and your daughter. Imagine if they were involved. Imagine if they were together!

Shauna: Sounds like things could’ve gone better. I’m sorry.

Quinn: Ugh, I actually had my hopes up. Eric did too, you know? I mean, he was raring to go. And then it just fizzled out.

Shauna: There’s always tonight. And tomorrow night. It’ll happen.

Quinn: I hope so. Just seeing how much eric wanted me… and then seeing his disappointment.

Shauna: We all want to feel desired. And eric clearly was hot to trot for you last night.

Quinn: I gotta find out what that man ate for lunch because he was raring to go.

Shauna: I’m glad you’re not giving up.

Quinn: I’m never gonna give up on eric or our marriage. C’mon, I’ve learned that lesson, right? I mean. I’m never gonna take it for granted again. What we share is so remarkable. We have jumped through hoop after hoop after hoop and if we can’t make it through this last hoop– me having an affair with carter…

Shauna: And you did make it through.

Quinn: Yes, I know, and it actually recommitted us to each other even more. Much to his family’s dismay.

Shauna: Hmpf.

Quinn: Especially brooke who’s always out to undermine my marriage.

Eric: Hey.

Brooke: Good morning, eric.

Eric: Morning, brooke.

Brooke: Did you see donna at her desk?

Eric: No, I didn’T. She wasn’t there.

Brooke: Oh… well, she came in early, I think hoping to see you. She also said that you and quinn may have had a big night.

Eric: She said that?

Brooke: Eric, I know these last few months have been difficult for you… dealing with your issue. I’m sure it’s very frustrating.

Eric: Yes, it has been.

Brooke: Eric, I’m sorry. I hate that you’re faced with this kind of challenge. But I’m sure that you’ll overcome it, somehow. Did you ever stop to think that maybe it’s not about you? I’m not entirely convinced that there’s anything wrong with you.

Eric: If only that were the case. What if it isn’t you? What if it’s quinn?

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Deacon: Whatever demented thoughts you’ve got going on in that head of yours…

Sheila: Oh, would you just try to imagine it, deacon?

Deacon: Imagine hope and finn, together?

Sheila: Yes! Yes, because if they were a pair, we’d get to see our kids and hold those grandbabies as much as we wanted to!

Deacon: Alright, you are talking crazy, now.

Sheila: Maybe. But maybe not. Because when steffy, and liam, and brooke, and the rest of the forresters find out about our little “love affair”… they’re going to be up in arms.

Deacon: Sheila, that is the last thing that I need. I’m not looking to cause any more problems for hope.

Sheila: No, that’s exactly what you need to do. They want to see us. They want to be a part of their parent’s lives. But they’re being forbidden to see us! They’re being shamed for wanting to.

Deacon: Did you see what I saw at il giardino? ‘Cause they didn’t seem real receptive to our new found love. I mean, they weren’t all warm and fuzzy.

They are not going to abandon us. They are going to defend us. And when they do, it’s going to cause trouble in their marriages to steffy and liam. Deacon, who knows? My son and your daughter– they could end up looking at each other with a fresh pair of eyes.

Finn: I’m not naive. I know I didn’t live all the history with my birth mom. And I’ve only heard bits and pieces about your dad. But staging a lunch yesterday? And then fabricating their relationship? For what? Like, how would they benefit from that?

Hope: I mean, obviously I want to believe my father. We were making really good headway when he was in jail. I was writing him all those letters.

Finn: You’re the only family that deacon has. Would he really jeopardize all of this progress by lying about an affair? I mean, I really hope not. But uh, I guess time will tell.

Hope: Yeah, and meanwhile, liam and steffy both don’t want us talking to our parents. I mean… do we tell them what we saw yesterday? And if so, how will they react?

Brooke: I blame quinn.

Eric: Well, that’s– that’s ridiculous. Brooke–

Brooke: Eric. Look. I don’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable and I know this is a very sensitive subject but I know you. And for as long as I’ve known you, you’ve been an extremely passionate man. And now you’re with quinn and suddenly there’s no more passion there? It just doesn’t make sense.

Eric: Well, it doesn’t make sense to blame quinn for my physical condition.

Brooke: Okay, well maybe it’s emotional. Maybe you have a mental block? I’m sure you enjoy quinn’s companionship, but I don’t think you really love her. I mean, how can you after all of the things that she’s done to you? There’s a lot of people out there who love you and adore you, and nobody more than my sister. She told me about her feelings for you. She told me that she told you. I really think that she could bring happiness and joy and passion back into your life. What’s the #1 retinol brand

Hope: Liam and I promised that we wouldn’t keep secrets from each other. Especially after…

Finn: No, same. And uh, I feel like I– I owe it to steffy to tell her about our parents.

Hope: Besides, it’s not like we’re doing anything wrong. We didn’t know they were going to be at the restaurant when we just happened to be there and I’m sorry but, I had to confront them.

Finn: No, yeah, totally. It’s just, I’ve already asked you not to mention sheila’s most recent text. I don’t want to make you feel obligated about keeping this quiet too.

Hope: Look, I’m more… I’m more so worried about how our families are going to react. I mean, those two, they’re– they’re already explosive topics just on their own…

Finn: It’s best, I think for everyone if it comes directly from us.

Hope: I agree. But the real question is… are sheila and deacon being honest?

Deacon: You’re certifiable.

Sheila: Oh, come on. Why is that such an outrageous idea?

Deacon: My daughter and your son.

Sheila: I mean, look– look at how cute they were together, why not?

Deacon: For one thing, they’re already married. To other people!

Sheila: So what?

Deacon: So what? Sheila, they’ve got families! They’ve got– they’ve got children.

Sheila: They are beautiful together. It just– just–

Deacon: “They’re beautiful together?” Are you off your rocker? Finn has a new born child at home. My daughter’s not a homewrecker. She’s not a cheater. She’s got morals.

Sheila: Well, that makes one of you.

Deacon: Listen to me, if you think that hope is gonna leave her husband, then you’re crazy if that’s what you’re hinting at.

Sheila: I am saying think of the possibilities. If they– if they found a path to one another, that would just pave the way for us.

Deacon: See, this is the problem. All you do is think of you, yourself, and then you again.

Sheila: No. I don’t! I’m not saying this is gonna happen overnight. It’s not gonna be easy. But we have to work together! We have to stick together.

Quinn: Those logan women are not worth my time.

Shauna: Exactly. Focus on what happened last night. Or almost happened. That there’s still real potential there.

Quinn: You’re right. You’re right. I don’t know what got into eric and made him believe that he could make love to me again. But I am grateful for it.

Donna: I know you mean well, sis, but I don’t want to put eric on the spot.

Brooke: Okay. I understand. I just want you both to be happy. And we both know how much donna loves you. So just, open yourself up to her. Doesn’t hurt to give it a chance.

Donna: Okay. I– I meant what I said. I never want you to feel pressured.

Eric: So, you were here early. You were um, brooke said you were waiting for me? You wanted to see me?

Donna: Oh, you were on my mind and, you know, I was too busy thinking about what might be happening with you and quinn to get much sleep.

Eric: Yeah. I was thinking about you last night, too.

Donna: Oh, wait. You didn’t tell quinn about, you know, what– our– our breakthrough here?

Eric: No.

Donna: Good. Okay, well, you know. She must have been really overjoyed last night

Eric: You always want what’s best for me, don’t you? I always feel so supported and understood by you. Thank you.

Donna: Well, you’re my honey bear–

Eric: Yes, I am–

Donna: I am always gonna have your back.

Eric: And I’ll always have yours, too. You’re the bright star in my dark skies, these days. Look, I wish I had better news for you but it didn’t really happen with quinn last night. I did not have the breakthrough with my wife that I wanted. I only had that with you, with you, donna.

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