Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Noah tells Rey that he doesn’t know the next step to take in his life.

Noah tells Nikki that he is worried about the distance between Nick and Victoria.

Adam, Ashland, and Victor team up to take down Chancellor Communications and Adam and Victor tell Ashland they plan to distract Billy with the Jesse Gaines disappearance and then swoop in and take Chancellor communications away from him. Ashland tells Victoria about what Adam and Victor are planning to do and she doesn’t want to know the details of the plan but she thinks everything is fair in business.

Nick and Phyllis continue to drift apart and Phyllis tells Jack that she doesn’t know why she and Nick, are so distanced from each other. Nick feels like an outsider in his family and he tries to talk to Victor about it but Victor doesn’t understand why Nick is upset.

Ashland oncologist calls and tells him that the chemotherapy isn’t working but Victoria is determined to find any treatment that will save Ashland.

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