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At the hospital, Paulina complains about what’s taking so long. Lani assures they will hear something soon. Paulina decides she can’t wait around any longer and is going to get some answers. Lani worries that she’ll just get in the doctors’ way. Paulina asks if she’s just supposed to sit around not knowing if Abe is alive. Eli argues that this is not helping and tells her to get it together. Paulina says she’s just losing her mind worrying about Abe. Eli decides to see what he can find out.

Kayla says they are losing too much blood as they continue working on Abe. Kayla then worries that they are losing him as Abe’s monitor flatlines and orders CPR then says she has to put a chest tube in now.

John says he knows who he is and he’s ready for him. John swears to God that he will battle him for his wife and defeat him like he did the last time. The Devil in Marlena calls John clever and says there’s nothing he can do about it as Marlena’s eyes turn yellow. The Devil declares that Marlena is his now. The Devil then causes the cross on the wall of the chapel to turn upside down. John demands he leave her alone and release her. The Devil refuses after all the time he put in to possessing her. John tries to get through to Marlena. The Devil threatens to hurt Marlena. John says he won’t let him. The Devil asks how he plans to stop him. John goes towards the holy water but the Devil says he prepared for that and turns the holy water red then asks if John has any better ideas.

Julie joins Lani and Paulina at the hospital and says she just heard. Julie mentions just leaving Marlena at the church and says they let a candle for Abe. Lani thanks her and says they really appreciate that. Julie mentions having to get through all the reporters. Julie encourages Paulina to just focus on Abe and hopes that by now, he’s past the worst of it.

Kayla and the doctors try to revive Abe. Eli walks in. One of the nurses say he can’t be in here. Eli reveals he is Salem PD and asks Kayla what’s going on. Kayla then responds that Abe is gone.

Abe appears to enter the afterlife in a bright garden where he sees his ex-wife, Lexie.

John tries a prayer but the Devil says his meaningless prayer won’t help Marlena and is just making him want to hurt her more. John asks him not to, so the Devil tells him to do what he says. The Devil warns that all he has to do is snap his fingers and he can stop Marlena’s heart. John tries to go after him but the Devil transports around the room in Marlena. The Devil reveals to John that he was going to kill Doug if Marlena didn’t let him back in but Marlena couldn’t let her dear friend die, so they are together again. John doesn’t understand since it’s been over 25 years so he asks why he would come back for her now.

Julie encourages Paulina to just sit with her and Lani for awhile. Julie brings up Paulina and Abe’s engagement so she congratulates her. Paulina thanks her and says they were very happy. Julie talks about Abe being a dear friend to her and Doug for such a long time, which is one of the reasons they were thrilled by Eli and Lani’s marriage since they were finally family. Paulina asks how long they have known Abe. Julie talks about when Abe was a cop and working on a case involving her son, David, who is Eli’s father. Julie adds that they have known Abe for 40 years and she knows he will be around for many more.

Eli argues that this is not possible. Kayla tells him that she’s sorry but Abe has no heartbeat. Eli asks if there’s nothing else she can do and pleads with her. Kayla calls it a longshot but decides to keep going and not give up.

Abe approaches his vision of Lexie in the afterlife and says it’s been 10 years since he lost her and not a day has gone by that he doesn’t think of her and miss her as she is still in his and Theo’s hearts. Abe talks about Theo. Lexie responds that he raised him well. Abe refuses to take all of the credit and assures that Lexie is always there as he hugs her.

The Devil recalls Marlena being alone the first time he possessed her which made his job so easy. John argues that now Marlena is surrounded by people who love her. The Devil calls it a shield and admits he’s never seen Marlena as strong as she’s become. The Devil says that in the dark days, under the spell of Andre, she was so distraught when she killed all those innocent civilians of Salem, starting with Abe, but it turned out they were all alive. The Devil remarks that now Abe is not so lucky.

Paulina calls 40 years a long time to know somebody. Julie says time flies but Abe hasn’t changed much as he was always a wonderful man. Paulina talks about first seeing Abe 8 months ago and feeling like she’s known him forever. Paulina flashes back to Lani introducing her to Abe. Paulina cries that she can’t lose Abe now. Lani encourages that they are not going to lose him. Eli comes back, so Paulina asks if Abe is going to be alright.

Kayla continues working on Abe, trying to bring him back.

Abe’s conversation with Lexie in the afterlife continues as he tells her about looking through an old photo album of them. Abe flashes back to when he and Lexie were first planning to having Theo. Abe tells Lexie that she lives on in Theo as they both will. Abe talks about another photo album and seeing the sadness in their eyes which made him wish he was kinder and more compassionate about her struggle and how much she had to overcome as he flashes back to arguing with Lexie about the baby switch with Hope and Bo’s son Zack.

Eli tells Paulina that they are still working on Abe and that Kayla said it could be awhile. Paulina doesn’t have a good feeling. Julie suggests to Paulina that they all go to the church since they can’t do much for Abe but he could use their prayers.

The Devil tells John about how Marlena hated herself for being Andre’s pawn which he thought was his chance but then all her victims turned out to be alive. John recalls them getting back together after that. The Devil talks about waiting for years and finally getting his chance. He brings up Stefano creating a situation where Marlena believed John was killed in a hit and run. The Devil acknowledges that John and Marlena always found their way back together like always and then he found Doug, who became his target. John realizes that the Devil possessed Doug and that’s why he was doing those things to Julie. John recalls all the times Doug tried to warn him about Marlena. The Devil points out that John wouldn’t listen but he was afraid that at some point, he might believe Doug, so he clocked Julie over the head and framed Doug. The Devil reveals he had Marlena commit Doug to Bayview long term and he can’t have anyone see him since Doug was the only person who knew, so he was taken care of. The Devil adds that now John knows about him and that’s a problem.

Lani mentions having to call Brandon and Theo to break the news. Lani tells Eli that she hates having to tell Theo when he’s so far away. Lani calls Theo and says she’s sorry to wake him up in the middle of the night but something happened to Abe. Julie pours coffee for Paulina. Paulina talks about usually keeping it together and never falling apart. Julie understands when something like this happens, they remember they are only human. Paulina hates feeling so helpless. Julie relates since the doctors at Bayview won’t let her see Doug. Paulina argues that she is his wife. Julie explains that they say Doug is not himself and a danger but it’s killing her to not be there for him. Paulina offers to get her a lawyer to get her in. Julie thanks her and agrees to think about it. Julie believes that Abe and Doug feel they are with them even if they aren’t in the same room. Julie assures they want to be with them just as much as they do. Julie suggests they be there for each other until they can hold them, since they sort of get each other. Paulina agrees that they have the same chip. Paulina thanks Julie as they hug.

Abe’s afterlife vision with Lexie continues as he talks about how brave and selfless she was when he lost her. Abe tells Lexie that now they will be together again but Lexie says no, they can’t.

The Devil knew it wouldn’t take John long to figure out something was wrong with Marlena since he’s been through it before. The Devil adds that he did pick up some new techniques over the decades. John says they won’t help him hold on to Marlena any more than his old ones. John declares that he beat him once and he’s going to beat him again, because the love that he and Marlena share is stronger than any bond he will ever have on her. John states that he’s getting his wife back and he’s not leaving the church until he takes her with him. The Devil argues that John is wasting his time since Marlena has given herself to him completely. John tries to get through to Marlena but the Devil shouts that Marlena can’t hear him. Marlena tries to break free but the Devil knocks John back and then knocks things over in the church. The Devil then uses his powers to pull John back in and then throws him in to the wall, knocking him out.

Paulina asks how Theo took the news. Lani says he sounded alright but she can tell that he was scared. Lani adds that Theo will get on the first flight from South Africa. Lani says she couldn’t reach Brandon but left a message. Julie hopes he can make it, noting that it’s important for Abe to have his children around him. Julie calls it a blessing that Lani is there and hopes she knows how much her father loves her. Lani calls Abe the dad that she always dreamed of. Lani says they were robbed of so much that this can’t be the end because she doesn’t know how she would stand it. Paulina looks on with a worried expression.

Abe questions not being able to be with Lexie. Lexie says she will be there waiting but it’s not his time yet and he knows that. Abe confirms that he knows it now as his children need him along with his grandchildren, friends, and Paulina, so he has to go back. Abe kisses Lexie goodbye in his vision and says he’ll be seeing her in his heart and so will Theo. Lexie waves goodbye as Abe then exits the afterlife.

Kayla continues working on Abe. One of the nurses thinks it’s time to call it. Kayla reluctantly agrees and prepares to announce the time of death when suddenly Abe’s heart begins beating again. Kayla asks if Abe can hear her as she exclaims that they have a heartbeat.

The Devil tells John that he has waited a lifetime for this. The Devil grabs a candle holder and prepares to kill John but Marlena begins fighting him from inside of her. The Devil declares that he won’t kill him yet then since he may be useful in some way, but he can’t leave him here in this condition. The Devil then drags John away.

Kayla comes out of the operating room. Lani asks how Abe is. Kayla says it was intense for awhile and he still needs surgery but she’s very optimistic that he’s going to pull through which relieves Lani, Eli, Julie, and Paulina. Lani asks if they can see him. Kayla says just for a short time since he went through a major trauma and is very weak. Lani agrees to not stay long as she thanks Kayla. Lani asks if Paulina can come with her which Kayla allows. Lani and Paulina then head together to see Abe as Eli hugs Julie.

Abe wakes up in his hospital bed to see Paulina and Lani at his side. Abe says their names. Lani tells him he doesn’t have to talk as opening his eyes is enough for her. Lani says he gave everyone a real scare but he’s going to be okay. Paulina thanks Abe for fighting his way back to them and says they love him so much as Abe sees his vision of Lexie leave the room.

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