Days Short Recap Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jake pulled out a gun. He said he wasn’t going to let Philip steal Gabi’s company from her. Gabi came in the so he hid the gun. She said they had to find out how to stop Philip. He said he would do anything to make sure she was happy. Jake and Gabi ran into Ben and Ciara. When Ciara and Gabi walked away, Jake showed Ben his gun. Jake told him what was going with Philip. Ben said there was a better way to handle it. Jake said he wasn’t going to kill anyone. He said he needed the gun to persuade Carmine to keep quiet. Jake got a text from Carmine. Carmine wanted to meet him. Ben wanted to go with him. Jake didn’t want him to go. Jake left to meet Carmine. Ciara told Gabi she wanted to work for her at Gabi Chic. Gabi told her Philip fired her. Ben showed up. Gabi asked him where Jake was and he was nervous about it. Julie went to John and Marlena’s place. Julie demanded to see Doug. Marlena said Doug was dangerous. John tried to defend Julie. Marlena refused to change her mind. Julie walked out of the apartment.

Abe and Paulina went to John and Marlena’s place. Abe and Paulina said they were engaged. They wanted Marlena to officiate the wedding. Marlena said there was something Abe needed to know. Paulina was nervous. Marlena said she had to hear from Tamara that she’s okay with them being together. If Tamara did that, Marlena said she would be happy to officiate. When John and Abe went shopping, Paulina confronted Marlena about almost telling her secret. Marlena said she thought about it, but Paulina should tell Abe and Lani the truth. Paulina said she couldn’t break his heart. Marlena said she should tell the truth. John talked to Abe about Marlena. John said Marlena has been acting off lately. Abe asked if Marlena was possessed again. John said she was in trouble and needs his help. He said he needed to listen to Doug’s session tape. Jake met with Carmine in the park. Jake wasn’t able to convince Carmine to stay quiet. Jake pulled out his gun. Carmine took the gun from him. Abe showed up wanting to know what was going on.  Carmine put the gun on Abe. Jake tried to get to the gun. The gun went off. Abe got shot.

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