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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena went to Bayview when Julie and Eli wanted to see Doug. Marlena said Doug couldn’t have any visitors. Eli said Marlena may have the authority to keep Doug from having visitors, but he had the authority to ask Doug about a crime. Eli wanted to hear more about Marlena trying to kill Doug. She used a lot of medical terms about what happened. Julie said Marlena wasn’t compassionate. She said Marlena’s eyes were cold. Julie said she didn’t know her anymore. Abe got shot in the park. Jake went over to help him. Carmine threw the gun on the ground and left. Jake called for help. Rafe showed up with the paramedics. He noticed the gun on the ground and arrested Jake. Gabi ran into Carmine. She recognized him. She thought Philip sent him. Carmine said Jake had bigger problems. Rafe called Eli and told him about Abe. Eli left to call Lani. Marlena said she would drive Julie home. Julie didn’t want to leave. Marlena said they should pray at St. Luke’s. Julie pulled out a rosary. Marlena told her to put it away. Julie apologized to her. John listened to Marlena’s recording session with Doug. John was only able to hear her voice. He figured out that she wasn’t talking to Doug. He questioned who was in the room with her. Kayla walked in Marlena’s office. She was upset that he was trying to get patient information. He asked her to listen to the recording. Kayla got a call about Abe.

At the police station, Rafe questioned Jake. Jake refused to answer the questions. He said he wanted his lawyer. Rafe said he would make Jake pay if he shot Abe. Rafe gave Jake the phone. Gabi went to the interrogation room. She wanted to know if he was there because of Carmine. She said she ran into him at the pub. Jake told her what happened. She said it was Philip and Ava’s fault for trying to steal her company. Jake said Abe had to survive for his family. Paulina went to see Lani. Paulina told Lani that she was more than her niece. When she was about to tell her the truth, Eli walked in and told them Abe was shot. They all went to the hospital. John said he didn’t know anything. Eli told John that he left Julie and Marlena at Bayview. Eli said Marlena and Julie were at St. Luke’s. John rushed off. While Julie was praying, Marlena talked to God. She told him she had a sacrifice for him. She said it was Julie. Marlena wanted to drown her where her great grandchildren were baptized. When Julie finished praying, Marlena tried to attack her from behind. John showed up and stopped her. He told Julie to go to the hospital. John told Marlena he knew she was the one who attacked Julie and caused all of this trouble. He asked if it was him. He asked if he possessed his wife again. John said he would battle for his wife. Marlena asked if he was clever. The devil told him Marlena was his.

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