Y&R Short Recap Monday, October 18 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Adam and Victor had Gaines locked in a storage closet. Ashland confronted Gaines. Lily and Billy debated whether or not to publish Gaines’ video detailing Ashland’s crimes. In the end, Billy deleted the video after showing it to Ashland. Ashland relayed this to Victoria. Billy didn’t publish it because he didn’t want to damage the relationship with the mother of his children. Lily was proud of Billy. Nick was upset that Victor cut him out of the circle of confidence and was confiding in Adam instead. Nick vented to Phyllis about his family, and when Phyllis joined in, he accused her of attacking his family, but she said she wasn’t doing that. Phyllis helped Nick see that Victoria should be allowed to make her own choices in life. Phyllis worried that Nick thought being with her was a mistake, and he told her that wasn’t what he meant. Noah got Tessa to open up about her feelings, and she told him about the situation with Mariah. Noah knew Tessa loved his sister, and he wanted them to be happy. Jack didn’t approve of Sally’s tactics with the dress. She asked if it’d kill him to just say she did a good job. He asked why she cared what he thought, and she agreed that it shouldn’t matter. Sally asked Adam to dance with her all night long, and he agreed. Before they could dance, Victor pulled Adam aside to talk about Gaines. Victor was determined to make sure Gaines was no longer a problem for Ashland. Adam was willing to help. Nick prepared to confront Victor.


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