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Recap written by Christine

Sharon was surprised and elated when Noah and Nick showed up at Crimson Lights. She hugged her son, and he said he was staying in town for awhile because he needed a change of pace and he wanted to visit home for awhile. She decided to take the day off to spend with him. The trio sat down, and Nick said he hadn’t been to the Palazzo since boarding school. Noah raved about the view. Sharon thought it sounded elegant and romantic, and she was sure Nick had a nice time experiencing it with Phyllis. Sharon saw some drama online about the wedding dress. Nick said that Victoria wore a dress designed by Sally. Sharon thought Victoria looked radiant and in love in her pictures. Sharon asked if there was a reason Noah didn’t want to go back to London. She said he might live an ocean away, but he was her son, and she knew him. Nick recalled that Noah didn’t talk very much about himself in Tuscany. Noah said he’d just been worried about Nick. Noah’s parents assured him that he could open up to them. Noah admitted he was starting to feel like he was in a rut in London. Sharon was surprised because Noah always made London sound exciting and fulfilling. Every once in awhile, it was time for a change, Noah said.

Victoria and Ashland were at Newman Enterprises. They did some final work on the merger. He mentioned how the work piled up when one did something crazy. “Like get married?,” she asked, with a smile. She asked if he had any regrets. He didn’t, but he knew he’d given her reasons to. She had zero regrets and she couldn’t love him more if she tried. She didn’t want to hear the names Bobby DeFranco, Camilla Rhodes or Jesse Gaines ever again. It was the past, and all she cared about was their future. All she wanted him to do was focus on fighting cancer. He said she’d be amazed at how much he could handle for her. He kissed her head.

Ashland looked online for any leaks about his past, in case Gaines made good on his threat to expose him before Victor handled the situation. He knew she didn’t want to think about this, but he couldn’t let his guard down. Victoria noted that Victor said he handled it. Ashland trusted Victor, but Victor thought he handled Gaines before, and he still showed up at the wedding with Billy. Victoria said she should’ve had her parents bring the kids instead of Billy. It would’ve saved them so much grief. Ashland said Victoria wasn’t to blame for this. Victoria believed Victor and Adam’s assurances that they’d neutralized the threat. Victoria changed the subject to their honeymoon. Ashland pointed out that they just got back to a mountain of work. She said they’d handle all that, then they’d go away. He loved the way she was forcing him to keep his priorities straight. He told her to pick the most romantic spot on the planet, and he’d make it happen. She said she’d already handled it, and he’d never guess what her honeymoon surprise was.

Tessa woke up and found Mariah on her laptop. Tessa hugged Mariah from behind, and Mariah said she loved her gift. Mariah said so much had changed since Tessa left for Italy. Mariah now saw that it was unfair to make unilateral decisions about their future, springing the idea of having a baby right away on Tessa and expecting Tessa to get pregnant when they’d barely discussed the possibility of having kids. Mariah didn’t know what she was thinking. Tessa was understanding because Mariah was traumatized, but Mariah said that was no excuse for being selfish, and she felt awful about that. Mariah was so sorry. She said nothing mattered more than their relationship. Tessa said she probably should’ve skipped the trip, as Mariah asked her to. Mariah didn’t agree. In fact, she was cringing about even asking Tessa not to go to the wedding. Tessa said that Mariah wasn’t ready for an event like that, and she needed Tessa. Tessa spent most of her time in Tuscany worrying that she’d pushed Mariah away and that Mariah would say they were better off apart. Mariah said she’d never say that. Tessa kissed Mariah’s hand.

Mariah said it had been torture being away from Tessa. Tessa felt the same. Mariah apologized again for impulsively pressing for a baby. She was sure it seemed like she was trying to manufacture a perfect life to avoid dealing with what she’d been through. Mariah now realized she needed to work through being abducted while pregnant. She admitted it affected her in ways she was just beginning to deal with. Tessa told Mariah not to be hard on herself, because it would take time to process this. Mariah knew she had to manage her maternal feelings toward Dominic, and she was working on that. She saw the baby earlier, and it was still a challenge, but after she left, she felt better. She had a conversation with Abby that made her realize that cutting ties wasn’t the way to go about this. It made her miss the baby more. She decided to go with the original plan and be as much a part of the baby’s life as Abby would let her, and if it got too overwhelming, she knew Tessa would be by her side. Tessa said everything Mariah was saying was so smart and strong. She felt like she was falling in love with Mariah all over again. They kissed. Tessa rested her head on Mariah’s lap, and they talked about remaining in this position forever until Mariah realized Tessa hadn’t eaten. Tessa wanted a ropa vieja from Society, and they decided to go to the restaurant.

At Society, Noah asked how Faith was. He knew she had a hard time last year with the mean girls. Sharon was sure Faith would be happy to tell him, but so far, she was having a stellar year. Nick and Sharon commented that Noah kept charmingly deflecting every time they asked him a personal question. Noah saw Mariah and Tessa walk in and seized the opportunity to end the questioning by going over to say hi. Mariah hugged her brother, then Tessa hugged Noah too.

Back at their table, Sharon asked what Noah meant when he said he was worried about Nick in Italy. Nick said he’d been uinvited from the wedding. He explained that Victor and Billy were doing their own investigations into Ashland. Nick also did some digging, and Victoria got mad. Sharon asked if Nick found something concrete or just rumors. He said the details didn’t matter, because Victoria got married anyway, but it changed his relationship with his sister. He went to Italy to make amends, but Victoria felt really betrayed. Sharon said that must have hurt. Nick was still hurt, but he had to hope Victoria would forgive him. Nick said he’d rather talk about their boy though. He sated that Sharon always had a good read on Noah, and he asked what she thought. She and Noah had plenty of conversations about London, and Noah always said he felt like he’d come into his own there. Now he seemed ready to leave it behind, and she thought something must’ve happened to make him feel that way.

Noah wished Mariah was there to see Tessa sing. He said she’d grown as an artist. Tessa said being accompanied by the great Leslie Brooks helped. Mariah saw it because someone posted it online. Mariah asked how long Noah was in town. He wasn’t sure, but he doubted he’d go back soon. She asked what went wrong. He said nothing went wrong. London wasn’t who he was, and he never would be. Genoa City was his home, and he missed his family and friends. Tessa said they missed him too. Noah asked how Mariah was. He couldn’t imagine how terrifying it must’ve been and how difficult it must be now with the baby around. Mariah said it had been tough, but she had a great support system. She took Tessa’s hand. He thought they seemed happy and solid, and he said it was one thing to find love and another to hold onto it. He thought he should get back to his parents. Noah went back to the table, and Sharon waved at Mariah. Tessa was glad the three of them were in a good place and they’d moved on from the past.

Over at the other table, Sharon was glad when Noah said Mariah seemed to be better. Nick said he filled Sharon on in Tuscany. Noah said he tried to play mediator, but it was tense and he kind of hated it. He asked if he could help, and Nick said he had it covered. Nick wanted to talk about Noah and he offered to help him. Noah said he’d figure it out, unless they didn’t want him to stay, he joked. Sharon insisted that Noah was staying, and Nick pretended that he was on the fence. Later, they left, and as they were walking out, Sharon briefly took Mariah’s hands. Mariah wanted to give the teddy bear that Tessa gave her to Dominic, if Tessa didn’t mind. Tessa had a feeling Mariah was going to ask that, and that was part of the reason she bought it. Mariah asked if they should go do that now. Tessa thought Mariah already saw the baby today and said it wasn’t easy for her. Mariah said it wasn’t, but it was a lot easier than it had been. Mariah promised this wasn’t coming from an obsessive place. She just thought the baby would like the bear, and he slept through most of their last visit. Tessa agreed to go. Mariah took Tessa’s hand and they walked out.

Ashley held her grandson and talked with Abby at the Chancellor mansion. Abby said Dominic was an angel and a pretty good sleeper. Ashley recalled that baby Abby would scream every time she left the house. Ashley knew Victor was smitten with Dominic, and she was sure Brad would have been too. Abby admitted the past few days had been rough because she missed Chance, and he was missing out on time with Dominic. It wasn’t fair to the three of them. The situation was maddening. Ashley was sure Chance felt the same way. It was getting harder for Abby to find the silver lining. The assignment had gone on longer than anyone anticipated and there was no end in sight. She didn’t even know what the mission entailed or how much danger her husband was in. Ashley assured Abby that there were so many people who’d drop everything if she needed them. Ashley asked how Mariah was. Abby said she seemed to be doing better. Ashley asked if Abby was worried about Mariah being around the baby after she broke down at the christening. Abby was, but not out of fear for Dominic, but out of concern for Mariah.

Abby jokingly told Dominic not to listen to Grandma’s stories about Mommy being a cranky baby. Ashley assured Abby that it had been worth it. Abby put Dominic in his bassinet, and Christine called. Abby was delighted because there was news about Chance that Christine was coming to deliver in person. After Abby hung up, she wondered what the news was. She was thinking good things, and Ashley cautioned her about getting her hopes up, because Christine might be coming to say the assignment had been extended. Abby said she was only thinking positive thoughts. Ashley just didn’t want Abby to be disappointed. Abby reiterated that she was only thinking positive thoughts.

Abby took some pictures of Dominic for Chance. Christine showed up, and she asked Abby to come sit down. There were reports coming in from the city where Chance was now. Abby asked where he was. Christine couldn’t say. He’d recently been transferred for the final portion of his assignment. The place Chance was got hit by a bomb in the middle of the night, and the state department feared there were no survivors. Abby was sure that was a mistake. She got up and walked around in a daze while Christine told Ashley that she was calling her contacts trying to get verification. Christine told Abby that even if the reports of the explosion were accurate, that didn’t mean Chance was in the building at the time. “He wasn’t. He couldn’t have been,” Abby stated. She was adamant that she would know, and she would feel it if he was.

Lily and Billy were at home on their electronics. She asked if he was upset he deleted the video from Gaines. He was fine with it, since he’d accepted Victoria’s wishes. However, he was surprised Gaines didn’t post it after he’d said he was going to. He thought they needed to focus on the real threat – Victor and Adam. Lily wondered if Victor blatantly threatened Billy as a way to unnerve him. Billy thought Lily was right it wasn’t usual for Victor to show his hand like this. Billy recalled that, at the Newman Media launch, Adam told him that if and when Newman Media went after ChancComm, Billy would never see it coming. Billy thought that made it even more peculiar that, in Tuscany, he overheard Victor telling Adam to devise a strategy. He said Victor wanted them to know he was coming. Lily suggested that Victor wanted to warn them so they could prepare and have a fair fight. Billy thought Lily was right earlier and that Victor wanted to get inside his head and throw them off their game. Lily suggested that Victor wanted them to be focused on an attack against the company as a way to distract them. Lily thought that Victor would love to mess with them, mostly to hurt Billy, but she didn’t think that was his main goal – or Adam’s. She said that if they were so focused on protecting themselves against an attack, they wouldn’t look too closely at something else. “Like Gaines disappearing off the face of the earth,” Billy said. Lily asked if Victor could’ve convinced Gaines to leave Ashland alone. Billy didn’t think so. He thought Lily was on to something and that there was more going on here.

Billy said Gaines Jr. hated Ashland from the minute he showed up and caught the eye of Camilla Rhodes and her attorney, Gaines Sr. Ashland had been showered with love and affection, almost like he was Senior’s son, and Junior felt like a disappointment. Gaines Jr. showed up in Tuscany with a lifetime of anger and bitterness at the man that he felt stole his father from him. Gaines Jr. said he would release the video if ChancComm didn’t, and yet, he hadn’t. Billy didn’t think that Gaines changed his mind. He thought Gaines was stopped from posting it. Billy didn’t think Victor paid Gaines off, since it was about more than money to Gaines. She asked if he was suggesting Victor made Gaines disappear, because that wasn’t really his style. He said maybe not, but he wouldn’t put it past Adam.

Billy said that if Gaines posted the video, it would’ve affected the Newman/Locke merger and Newman Media. Billy was so focused on making sure Victoria knew the truth, that he didn’t think about the hit Ashland’s bottom line would take. Lily said even though it wasn’t about the money for Gaines, it was for the others. Billy said Adam would do the dirty work to impress his father. Billy thought Lily was right – Victor went after them with so much bluster to distract them from looking into how Gaines disappeared and how far Adam would go to do what Ashland needed him to do, and more importantly, what his father wanted him to do. Lily said that if Adam did something to hurt Gaines… Billy said if they got justice for Gaines and stopped Newman Media in their threat, ChancComm would become the threat and the ones to crush the competition.

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