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I told you we were going to be early. I know, but I wanted to get here early so we could warm up before class starts. Oh, I cannot wait to hit something. Have you ever taken kickboxing before? Yeah, you know, I was pretty into it a couple of years ago, but nothing recently. How about you? Nope, this is my first time. But I am very excited to learn how to defend myself and my kids against peter. I got a different target in mind. Really? Anyone I know? I’m not technically on the schedule for this afternoon, so whatever this is, if we could move it along, I’d really appreciate it. Apologies. I am working, and my patients come first. As do yours. I don’t know what you mean. Remember when we took a hippocratic oath in med school when we promised to do no harm? Of course I do. Well, were those just words, doctor? Or did they mean something to you? All right, I see apple cider and some fruit juices, but I’m pretty sure that those are for avery and donna. Cameron: Okay, well, if we’re going to be studying, I’m going to need coffee and a lot of it. Okay, trina, what about you? Ground control to trina. Sorry. What? You were miles away. She was thinking about spencer. Yeah, I just can’t believe his dad kicked him out. It seems kind of harsh. Maybe, but spencer crossed a line when he was stalking ava. He doesn’t deserve a pass. I know. What he was doing to ava was wrong, which is why we had to stop him, but… maybe he wouldn’t have crossed that line if esme hadn’t pushed him. Spencer cassadine — where is he? Take those off him right now! And you are? Esme prince. There’s been a terrible mistake. You have to let him go. I’m sorry, but mr. Cassadine is in custody.

[ Stammers ] What does that mean? It means I’m spending the night in jail. That’s ridiculous. You’re a cassadine. Who would dare have you arrested? I’ll give you one guess. You are just full of surprises. I thought you trusted me, nina. I thought when you left town to reinvent yourself, I was somebody you could confide in. What’s this about? A fella named mike, the new man in your life, only it turns out that man is carly’s husband and avery’s father. Sonny, it’s me. I tried calling you at the office, but jason said that he hasn’t seen you. Look, it’s about ava. Her trip to london has been called off because she found out spencer was her stalker, so of course she wants to revisit avery’s custody agreement. I told her she’s going to have to talk to you directly, but she’s definitely working some kind of angle. Is something on your mind? Yeah, you and carly. I appreciate you looking out for my family when I was gone. I mean, you already told me. You know, I was — I was happy to do that. Must have been difficult to decide to get married, you and carly.

[ Sighs ] I mean, it was the only decision. You know, carly and i had to show a united front for the families, and a big public wedding seemed like the right message. I don’t disagree with that. But one thing I want to know — when I came back and I found you and carly after the ceremony was over, you and carly were alone. Did I walk in on something?

I think we need To picture so we can get out all of our aggression. Who do you choose? Valentin? True, I am doing everything in my power to force him out as ceo, but that’s business. On a personal level, we actually get along pretty well. I think it’s because we both care about bailey so much. Yeah, she’s really good at making people fall in love with her. Besides, he’s actually rarely at home these days. He’s revisiting his wsb past with anna devane. And you’re okay with that? Why are you suddenly interested in my personal life? It’s not like we’re besties. We’re partners in crime. Right? I get to take care of your daughter, pretend that she’s mine, and get what I want from valentin, and you get to keep her safe from peter. It’s not a crime to want to keep my baby safe from her psycho father. Besides, I maybe sort of told chase that we were, you know, friends. You told chase that? Hey, austin reminded me that you said I was brave. I mean, I might have said something along those lines under duress. Duress. It’s not completely false. You are brave, maxie. But I don’t go around telling everybody, especially not austin. I mean, did he tell you where he overheard this, where the conversation took place? Must’ve been that night in the woods. Oh, my god. Just relax, okay? He doesn’t remember any details. Besides, I brought it up because it’s rare that you would pay me a compliment. Well, what can I say? Those were extreme circumstances. Must’ve just come out of my mouth when I wasn’t paying attention. Oh. If this is your not-so-subtle way of saying that I put someone in harm’s way, I’d like to know who, because I have never, not once, knowingly put a patient at risk. Do you deny that you said a child you observed here at the hospital could be on the spectrum, possibly autistic? We’re talking about leo falconeri? He came in with a cut finger. I patched him up. I’m not his pediatrician. Are you a pediatric neurologist? You know that I’m not. And yet you diagnosed a child, a child you are not trained to treat, as autistic. No, I never diagnosed leo. What I did was I suggested to his stepfather that he would really benefit from seeing a specialist. At no point did I tell ned that leo was on the spectrum. Ned quartermaine is not the one that lodged the complaint. Well, then who did? Right. Of course. I’d like to speak to my girlfriend in private. Sorry, this is about as private as you’re going to get. This is outrageous. Feel free to leave at any time. I’ll stay. I got to go do some paperwork. Officer daniels will keep an eye on you. I tried hiring a lawyer for you, but I can’t access my trust fund. My grandmother is still out of town and unreachable. She’s not going to be able to pull any strings to get me out of here. I saw an ad on a bus bench for some guy named baldwin, but when I called the 800 number, he laughed and hung up on me. You don’t have to stay here. You don’t have to hang out. I won’t abandon you, spence, I promise. How much did you tell that detective about us? Is that what you care about? That I threw you under the bus and now you’re going to be arrested, too? I got to know spencer when he pretended to be victor. He’s actually this confused, lonely person who just wants to be loved by his dad, but doesn’t know the best way to make that happen. If anything, he needs friends that care about him and want to support him. Cam, could you do me a favor and grab my jacket out of the closet, please? I want to bring it back to the dorm. Sure. Are you okay? Do you want to vent? I just hate that I still have feelings for spencer. I know what you mean. You know, when I was little, I found this baby bird who fell out of its nest, and my mom helped me pick out a shoe box, and we lined it with cotton and twigs. And we set it by the stove to keep it warm. And when I went to feed it, it just nipped me right in the hand with its beak. I mean, it was bad. That sounds like spencer. And I agree with you that esme’s bad news, but I kind of feel like we’re not helping spencer if we blame esme for everything he did to ava. Because saying something will only make him more defensive. And it might backfire and cause him to get closer to esme. Oh, well, that is the last thing we want. Look, spencer should 100% be held accountable for his actions, but so should esme. I cannot stand her fake innocent act, pretending to be all sweet all the time. You know who else does that? Nina reeves. She was always so lovely and so gracious to my face. Meanwhile, she was lying about sonny to everybody, the whole time. I saw her at kelly’s today, which… you know, it’s a diner. All customers welcome. But I know it wasn’t innocent. I know that she was there for a reason. Maybe it was to see sonny. Maybe it was to see my dad. But she ended up seeing me. I swear, if I never see nina again, it will still be too soon. What about nina? I have no idea what you’re talking about. Hmm! Then may I remind you that when we last spoke, after you found shangri-la in whoville, you were over the moon about a man named mike? I don’t think I said over the moon. Well, that’s certainly the impression I got. So imagine my surprise when scott baldwin mentioned that mike was the name that sonny was using in nixon falls. Mm. Hmm! And then when I was talking to carly about avery’s welfare, she warned me that it’s sonny that returned from nixon falls and not mike. So come on, nina, tell me, friend to friend, does carly know that you fell in love with sonny and he with you? You, uh — you walked in, you know, on our wedding night. Yeah, I guess I wasn’t paying too much attention. I-I get it. I mean, you were anxious to get back home and get back to carly. You know, when I was in nixon falls, I used to dream about carly. I didn’t know it was carly, but I knew she was important to me. And you are to her. She never stopped grieving for you, sonny. You know, you can — you can love someone and lose someone and still get on with your life. Carly’s always loved you. We’re best friends. You’re her husband. I guess it was emotional for both of you — you know, getting rid of the past and starting a future, new life. Yeah, it was — it was. And a lot was happening at the same time. You know, carly and i left the reception early. Then you went home, right? In my master bedroom. What would have happened if I hadn’t walked in?

Well, now that we are friends, I need to apologize for pressuring you to spend time with austin. He’s a really untrustworthy guy, and I really don’t like him. I happen to know for a fact that he manipulated chase when he was super vulnerable. So as far as I’m concerned, maxie, you are off the hook. I’m working on austin from a different angle. What angle’s that? Oh, forget it. Brook lynn quartermaine. Yeah? What are you hiding? Austin: It was brook lynn quartermaine, right? She’s the one? She’s accusing me of breaking confidentiality? I’m not at liberty to discuss that. She’s using me. You know that, right? Brook lynn is only pretending to be concerned. That’s why she’s interceding for leo. The fact is, you violated hipaa. Confiding a diagnosis to someone other than the child’s parents — all I did was try and provide a young boy with care that would really help him. Brook lynn is just doing what the quartermaines do. She’s using a person for leverage, and all just to try and deny me my legitimacy to the elq table. And you’re helping her. Yeah, I ran into nina at kelly’S. It was intense. I can imagine. Are you okay? I’m fine. Okay. Is cam with you guys? I thought you guys were studying together. Yeah, he’s here. He’s grabbing my jacket. Why? So, you haven’t been on social media? You haven’t checked a newsfeed? No? Is everything okay? Spencer was arrested. I’m only thinking of you, spence, but I can’t help you if I’m locked up in the jail cell next to yours. Should I be getting a lawyer, too? I didn’t tell the cops a thing about you. I would never do that to you. I know that. Well, I’m glad you’re still here, ms. Prince. Mind answering a few questions? Why? Are you going to arrest me, too? Should I? Of course not. I’m an open book. What do you want to know? This way, please. Josslyn: Spencer was arrested? Did his dad call the police on him? Is he in jail? When did this happen? He is in jail. And his dad didn’t call the police. Ava did. I knew ava was angry, but not angry enough to have spencer arrested. All we wanted was to teach spencer a lesson and make him face up to his actions. I never thought that he could — he could be arrested. Howdy, partners. Mrs. Corinthos. It’s a cool hat. Where’d you get it? Don’t you think you’re jumping to conclusions? Translation — carly has no idea that you and sonny were getting it on in hicksville. Ava, a, sonny and i never got it on in hi– nixon falls and, b, don’t you dare use nixon falls against sonny. All right. Don’t get so defensive. I don’t want any trouble. Then what do you want? Romance, nina. Happiness for you and for sonny. I think the two of you still have a chance.

Re that youand the quartermaines are dealing with some family issues. That doesn’t change the fact that someone has accused you of violating hipaa rules about confidentiality. Right. If this is a formal accusation, I’d like a lawyer present. Do you see hospital counsel here? This isn’t a court of law, dr. Gatlin-holt. This is an administrative review. Brook lynn is manipulating us. I don’t have the luxury of taking your word on such a serious matter. But you’ll take the word of a quartermaine. And I could lose my medical license all over a few lousy shares of elq. You are suspended from practicing medicine at this hospital pending the disciplinary board’s investigation on this matter. How much are the quartermaines paying you? This meeting is over. I’m not hiding anything, maxie, okay? Austin and I — we just — we don’t mix, and if it were up to me, we never will. And I don’t want any of my animosity towards him to blow back on you. No, you just want him to give up his claim against your family and go back to pautuck. For good reason. Oh. My great-grandfather edward quartermaine was very specific with his will. He did not want jimmy lee holt or any of his descendants — that includes austin — to get a dime. He didn’t just forget about jimmy lee. He specifically cut him out. Okay. Do you know why? Well, probably because jimmy lee holt’s mother, austin’s grandmother, beatrice leseur, was a gold digger. And obviously, austin is one, too. And I’m sure jimmy lee holt was one, also. I’m going to refill my water bottle. Do you want some? Yeah, sure. That’d be great. Thanks.

[ Phone ringing ] Oh. Hello? Hey, are you free right now? ‘Cause I could really use a friendly face. What’s wrong? What’s going on? Well, maybe it’s better I tell you in person. Oh, okay, well, I’m at volonino’s gym. I could see you later. No, no. I’ll be right there. Oh, okay. Oh… why did you and spencer wait a few days before letting anyone know you were in port charles? Spence didn’t want his father to know that he was back in town, and I came with spence because I wanted to help him make things right with his father. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon. If spencer doesn’t have an attorney before his hearing, he’s going to be assigned to an overburdened public defender. I’ve been making some calls. If you want, I can point you towards someone helpful. Helpful to whom? You or me? “Whom”? Excuse me? You said “helpful to whom.” “Whom” isn’t a word that most people use in a conversation. Well, I’m not most people. That is increasingly clear. The night of the wyndemere party, ava cassadine’s car was set on fire. You know anything about that? I heard about it. That’s all. That is a souvenir. -Is something wrong? -Spencer’s been arrested. Ava turned him in. That’s cold. -Where are you going? -Where do you think? Spencer’s still my friend, no matter what he’s done. I’ll go with you. Um, I’ll meet you there. Okay. See you soon. -Yeah. What are you talking about? Why aren’t you going with your friends? I will. In a second. But I need to talk to you about nina. I got into it with her today, and I’m not sorry. Sonny was just here giving me the ground rules, and one of them was stay out of his way. Okay. And I had just booked a flight to london, fully prepared to leave nikolas and avery behind, the two people I love most in this world. Why? Because of the stalker? Has it gotten really bad? Not anymore. The stalker’s been caught. Turns out it was my very own wicked stepson. Spencer? Yeah. Graduated from schoolboy pranks to full-blown terror tactics. What? Well, how did you find out? Does nikolas know? Yeah, he knows. Right now, spencer is cooling his heels in a pcpd jail cell. Oh, wow. So nikolas had his son arrested. I did. Wait, you had spencer arrested. How did nikolas react? He supports my decision. He supports your decision to get his only child arrested? Yes, but that’s not the point, nina. The point is I was ready to give up on nikolas, and now here we are. We’re back together. We’re happier than ever. And who’s to say it can’t be that way with you and “mike”?

[ Sighs heavily ] I mean, if you hadn’t walked in, carly and I would have gone to bed together. Hmm. Okay, I need — I need a minute.

[ Sighs ] Well, I guess you guys were together a long time ago before I was. But our relationship ended when you — you and carly got together. And you left town. And I came back, and carly and I stayed friends. Yeah, and you were close and very strong. Yeah, and that’s all it was, sonny. That door closed when you got together and you guys got married. And you thought I was dead, right? Yeah. So now that door that you closed… …suddenly reopened.

hey, look, if you’re asking if — if carly and I fell in love, I can only answer for myself. And I started, you know, falling back in love with her. Why didn’t you tell me? Because, sonny, you came home. You’re home. Carly and i got married for two reasons. We had to protect a business. And you thought I was dead. Which turned out not to be true. So you, carly, and I, we just… we just go back to the way we used to be. You say you were falling in love with carly, right? And you can just shut off your feelings like that? I was at kelly’s, and then nina walked in. She offered to leave. What stopped her? I told her to stay. I told her that I had something to give her. You did, huh? Mm-hmm. Was it a black eye? A metaphorical one. I gave her back the journal she gave to me as a high school graduation present. I tore out all of the pages that I wrote when we thought sonny was dead. And I’ll be keeping those to remind me of how nina betrayed us. I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this. No, we have to deal with this, mom. Nina did this to all of us. The part that I hate the most is that she’s walking around like everything’s fine, like nothing happened. And then when I call her out, she’s looking at me with this sad look on her face like she’s sorry, but not sorry enough to tell the truth and not sorry enough to bring sonny back to his family. I mean, if that fire hadn’t happened or if he hadn’t remembered, he’d still be in nixon falls. Okay, I have a brilliant idea. You’re going to focus on class and focus on volleyball and hang out with your friends and you’re going to let this go. Like you did? I’m truly grateful that we’re not enemies anymore and that you are one of my closest friends. But I do know you just a little bit, and I know you are not above using a situation and turning it to your own advantage. Nina, be careful where you throw that stone. Touché. Don’t you dare take advantage of my really complicated relationship with sonny. You just called it a relationship. Then why give up? Sonny made it very clear that we do not have a future. He is back with carly. He could hardly avoid her, could he? I mean, he came back, there she was. But ask yourself, how badly do you think sonny really wants that old life back? Spencer: Happy now? You get what you wanted? Don’t blame us for your mistakes, dude. You got yourself into this. But maybe we can help you get out. How? You get a law degree when I wasn’t looking? My grandfather, his name’s scotty baldwin. He’s a lawyer. Don’t bother, I already tried. And mr. Baldwin seems to be enjoying spencer’s predicament just as much as you two are. Don’t claim to know what I’m feeling. Chase: Okay, that’s enough. I prefer to have one person handcuffed to this desk. Cameron, can I speak with you? -Why? Don’t sweat it, cam. Detective chase is a real sweetheart. Sure. Did you think you were saving spence from himself or from me? Hello, scott. I’m sorry. Something came up at work. Yes, of course I love my mother. I told you I will ask jason for help, and I will. I promise I will swallow my pride and do it, okay? Just don’t know how. Austin. Hey. Hey. Hi. I’m really sorry to interrupt your gym time. This is something that just can’t wait. Excuse me. Congratulations. Mission accomplished. Come again? Wait, what did you do? She is accusing me of a hipaa violation based on a conversation that she tricked me into having off the record. Brook lynn, no! Dr. Gatlin-holt here told me that my stepbrother might be autistic. I had no choice but to report him. Are we talking about leo? What I said was that it was a possibility and that he should get checked out by a specialist. You wanted to distract my father from your lawsuit, so you went after him where he’s most vulnerable — his love for leo. And now he’s all upset and worried. That’s exactly what you wanted. I am concerned for a child. All you’re trying to do is score points for daddy. You took advantage of chase when he could barely walk. You took advantage of his heartbreak with willow to get him to spy for you. Don’t get all holier than thou on me, please. Okay, enough! Both of you. Fighting is not going to help leo. There has to be a peaceful solution to this. Depends on austin.

R troublesgo away by telling dr. Westbourne I misunderstood what you said about leo. And in return, I drop the lawsuit against your family. Renounce any claim that jimmy lee might have had on elq, and you can continue to practice medicine at G.H. Or in the backwoods of podunk. Pautuck. Whatever. I have the papers drawn up already whenever you’re ready to sign them. Of course you do. The choice is yours, austin. Do you want to be a doctor or a quartermaine? Do you know how much I hate you right now, scott? “Hey, jason, what’s up? It’s me. My mother is in danger, and only you can save her.” Ugh, so desperate.

[ Exhales slowly ] “Hey, jase. What’s up? Feel like going on a road trip?” Been there, done that. That didn’t work. “I need you, jason.” How long have you known esme prince? Not long. Know anything about how ava cassadine’s car was set on fire the night of the wyndemere party? You can only help your friend if you tell the truth, cameron. Spencer said that esme set mrs. Cassadine’s car on fire. And then he walked it back. But then again, spencer says a lot of things. Truthfully, half the time he says stuff, I don’t know if he’s being honest or if he’s just blowing smoke. You did a good thing, getting spencer to admit that he was stalking ava. I hope you don’t blame yourself for the outcome. I feel bad that spencer put himself in the position that he’s in, but not that I tried to get him to admit it. All right, if you learn something new, something that’ll help your friend, call me, all right? We never thought you’d get arrested. I’m really sorry about that. How can I help? I have an idea. From your description, mike was a happy man. Sonny is anything but. He’s driven, he’s controlling, he’s in danger all the time. He’s married to carly. Hardly the easiest person to get along with. I wonder how long it’ll take before he starts thinking back fondly at his time in nixon falls. Ava, that’s not your business, and it’s none of my business. You’re right. I just want you to be as happy as I am. And on that note, I’ll go and visit my stepson. Maybe he’s learned that terrorizing people doesn’t pay. What does spencer have to do with sonny and me? Oh, like me and nikolas. Where there is love, there’s hope. Look, I can’t speak for carly, but it wasn’t really until the wedding got close that I started thinking about being married. And I didn’t — I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life in some business arrangement. So we — you know, we talked about it, and we made a decision that it was going to be a real marriage. Sonny, but that’s — that’s not what happened. I mean, you came back. You’re home. You and carly had a relationship. You still have a relationship. You’re raising kids together. And you guys lost a son together. You’re her husband. She loves you. I’m just a friend.

[ Phone chimes ] And I need to go. Thanks for your honesty. Haven’t I always been honest? You could not get this hat off cam’s head fast enough. My guess is it’s something sonny acquired while in nixon falls. Yeah. Sonny’s friend phyllis brought it to him. She and her husband took sonny in, and, uh, they became friends. I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that sonny wore this hat. Yeah, obviously, he was a different person in nixon falls, A…different man. Are you okay? It’s just when I look at this silly cowboy hat, I… it belonged to someone else. You know, not sonny. The man he became who had a whole different life and different friends. But my sonny, the man I married — he would never wear a hat like this. I mean, this belongs to a guy named mike. But sonny left mike. He left mike in nixon falls, mom. He’s sonny now. Right. [ Chuckles ] You’re right. He’s still our sonny.

Spencer: This mean I’m free? No, just moving you to a different location. I’ll be back soon to visit, I promise. I’d advise you not to leave town, ms. Prince. I may have more questions for you. Hey, cam, mind if I, uh, have a moment with treen? Okay, I’ll be right outside. Your friend ava is the one responsible for getting spencer arrested. If you really want to help him, convince her not to cooperate. Um, austin, what are you going to do? Nothing. Go ahead, brook lynn. Take your best shot. Maxie, listen, thank you so much for your kind offer to talk with me, but I don’t think I need to have that conversation now. But you might want to seriously reconsider your choice of friends. What? “Dr. Gatlin-holt is not the patient’s doctor.”

[ Knock on door ] You have a visitor. Esme found me a lawyer? This is a family visit. My father? Just me. I told you I’m not going anywhere. And neither are you. Okay, enough reflecting. I want you to go be with your friends. Are you sure? I am sure. Spencer needs you. If anyone can make him see the error of his ways, it’s my smart, beautiful daughter. Oh, no pressure. Not at all. I love you. I love you, too. Now, go. Go.

[ Door closes ] Woman: Your smiles

they make my day

you don’t know it yet

but you’re everything

and you

you make me run

you make me want to live

[ Door closes ]

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