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Fellas, I’m glad you’re having so much fun with grandma olivia. I miss you a lot, pal. Hey, I love you.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Knock on door ] Oh, uh, you know what? I got to go. Okay? Yes, I will. Okay. Bye. Hey. Good morning. Morning. Good morning. Come on in. I was just, uh, saying good morning to rocco. Thank you. Oh, I just did the same thing with danny and scout. Uh, you didn’t tell them what we’re doing over here, did you? What — tell scott that we were looking for her father? No, no, I can’t imagine saying anything to her until I actually see drew with my own two eyes. Which, according to anna, could be very soon. Anna. Ah, hey. You know him? Well, he served us last night. So I have every wsb agent looking for drew, but I wish chloe’s account had been better, more helpful, like maybe more landmarks or just some other details. Well, if she said drew did help her escape probably had himself beaten black and blue. Beaten but not killed. If peter had wanted that to happen, drew would have been dead years ago. So all we got to do is find out where he’s being held. I’m going to go upstairs and check on valentin. Good luck with that. I don’t really think he’s still sleeping off the ouzo at this point. Mm. He’s probably up there passed out, waiting to resurface with a hangover bigger than australia. Yeah. Yeah.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Hello, uncle. Good of you to visit.

[ Door closes ] I’m sorry. I was delayed. I was afraid peter had taken care of you once and for all. He did say he was out to kill us both. Good morning, maxie. You here for medical reasons? Or just you want to ask me to accompany you to another wedding ceremony? Um, neither. I’m going to get bobbie spencer some flowers from the gift shop. Is it her birthday? No, it’s her daughter bj’s birthday. You are buying flowers for bobbie to celebrate her daughter’s birthday? Yes. Mm. I’m bj’s cousin. My dad’s brother, tony, is bj’s dad. When I was little, I was really sick, and I needed a heart transplant or else I would die. There were no hearts available. And then one really horrible day, bj’s school van was hit by a drunk driver, and bj was left brain dead. Tony and bobbie decided to give me bj’s heart. That’s why I’m alive today. Grabbing breakfast before you head to work? Hey. Hey. Better here than at my desk, which is the only place I will be working for the foreseeable future. Oh, poor baby. You know, you could feel sorry for me getting stuck on desk duty while I’m recuperating. Well, maybe your superiors are on to something. Taking it slow never harmed anyone. Ooh. Okay, someday I’m going to love reminding you that you said that.

[ Chuckles ] Why are you here anyway? I’ve seen the breakfast spread at the quartermaines’. This place doesn’t come close. Yeah, I couldn’t sleep last night. I was tossing and turning. I just had to get out of the house early and get distracted. Why? What’s got you so worked up? Well, something happened yesterday that’s got me really bothered.

“Bothered” as in alarmed or “bothered” as in annoyed? Bothered as in bothered, and I need to vent to someone about it before I lose it. Go for it. Maybe I can talk you off the ledge. Wouldn’t be the first time. Hopefully, it doesn’t end with me arresting you, though.

[ Chuckles ] It would be progress. Who’s got your blood boiling this time?

[ Sighs ] That wannabe-quartermaine. Austin gatlin-holt. Austin: Wow. You had kawasaki syndrome so severely that they had to give you a heart transplant? Yeah. Oh, man. Well, I’m sure you’ve told that story a million times. I won’t ask you to tell it again. But I think it’s really cool that you’re celebrating your cousin’s life by bringing her mother flowers. Yeah, bobbie and I have a really special relationship because of that. You’ve had a colorful life, haven’t you?

[ Chuckling ] Yeah.

[ Both laugh ] You’ve been through a lot. Those guards still following you? Uh, yes and no. I don’t have a guard like yuri, brook lynn’s guard, but those pcpd officers, they’re waiting outside. Well, as long as you’re safe, that’s all that matters. Right. As long as peter is still lurking around, they’re going to be my shadow. Good. It’s good you’re taking steps to protect yourself. Seems like I’m not the only one that could use protection. Apparently, you need some from brook lynn. I’ve had a little time to think, and I think you’re trying to manipulate me. I don’t think you’re in any danger from peter at all. I think you want my cooperation for some reason, and you’re using peter as the most expedient way to go about it. Oh, valentin, I’d never do that to you. After all, I’m the only cassadine who ever gave you the time of day when you were a young boy. Were you? I’m sorry. My memories of that island are a little vague. I was 6 when I left that godforsaken place. Well, perhaps you don’t remember me being kind to you, but I was, and I still feel warmly toward you to this day. You feel warmly? That’s why you’ve upgraded my accommodation from third world hellhole prison cell to the slightly more opulent prison cell? Because you care? Look, I’m — I’m keeping you locked up for your own safety. But you don’t trust me. I can’t say I blame you. You’re trying to protect me? Well, tell me something. There’s someone peter hates even more than me, someone he’s definitely going to target. What are you doing to protect anna devane? Ah, I was right, wasn’t I? He’s up there in bed, stinking of booze, smelling of licorice. I’m telling you, ouzo’s bad stuff. Just stop. No, valentin wasn’t in his room. He hasn’t been there all night. Excuse me, sir. Do you remember the man that I was with last night? Did you see him today? My wife went up to clean the room this morning. She said the guest had already gone. Huh. Well. Okay. Listen, something’s not right. No, before we left the U.S., We both made sure that we had international coverage. He would have texted me if he’d gone anywhere. Or maybe valentin isn’t the man you think he is, and when the tough got going, he bailed — on the search for peter and you. No, he didn’t bail. If he’d gone anywhere, he would have left me a message.

[ Sighs ] Be serious, will you? I mean, I’m out there searching for maxie’s baby. In the meantime, you’re here squandering what’s left of your good judgment.

[ Scoffs ] Not on peter. This time it’s on valentin. So you, uh, got news from anna? She left me a voicemail. She found the real nurse that maxie thought she hired, the real chloe jennings. Well, peter didn’t kill her, then? No, she showed up in a U.S. Consulate in crete. She was imprisoned and then managed to escape and then was in a car accident, but here’s the real kicker. Wow, there’s more? She didn’t plan to escape without help. Okay. There was another prisoner with her, but by the time the guards caught up to her and the other prisoner, the other prisoner sacrificed himself so chloe could escape. Okay, I think I know where this story is headed. Yes, of course. The other prisoner was drew. Right. It had to be. Who else would sacrifice themself to save someone else? So, uh, off to crete? Yeah, I, um, contacted the concierge, and they are making our travel plans. We’re just waiting on some details. Cool. Um. Yeah, good. So maybe — maybe we have time to, uh, talk a little bit? Okay. About what? About what you told me last night, um… about where you stand regarding drew.

Look, I know I went, um, a little bit into a deep dive last night examining my relationship, or lack of relationship with drew. I want to be really clear with you. Finding drew is all about scout, not me. And I-I believed you when you told me that last night. And — and…it kind of helped me out a little bit, too, ttle bit, too, because, um… I’ve been doing some thinking about, uh, you know, this, you and me, in terms of, you know, what that means for us, you know, in terms of, um, being together. Don’t — don’t throw another drink in my face.

[ Chuckles ] Come on. You know that was for show. Oh, I know, but I think you liked it a little bit, too.

[ Chuckling ] I definitely didn’t — maybe. “Maybe.” Um. Look, I want to be clear with you. I like you…samantha. I don’t want to be work buddies or just teaming up to find drew. Alright, I’m just going to say it. I, uh… I want to see where this could go. I’m assuming you’re talking about the little scene that brook lynn caused yesterday. Yeah, it was kind of hard not to notice. Brook lynn stormed in and was yelling at you about a variety of things. The lawsuit. And elq. And ned. And the quartermaines in general. And then something about leo I couldn’t quite figure out. Yeah, you’re not wrong. There’s a lot going on. But here’s what i can tell you. When I win my case in court, the quartermaines will have no choice but to accept me as part of the family. Legally, maybe. But I don’t know if they will personally. But, hey, if you win, you’ll get a piece of the elq pie, right? Yeah, maybe, but that’s not what this is about. It’s about my dad, honoring my father. It was really important to him to be recognized by the quartermaines, and that’s going to rustle a few q fathers, most notably brook lynn. I just hope that doesn’t make things awkward for you, since as you two are best friends. What? Brook lynn is not my best friend. I-I wouldn’t even consider her a friend, period. Alright, you do not have to tell me that you have a problem with austin. I witnessed it firsthand when he tried to convince me to go through edward’s papers to find that letter about his will. You know I don’t blame you for that. You had just found out about willow and michael. Your heart was broken. And austin knew that, and he took advantage. He wanted to get what he wanted, and it worked. He’s trying to do the same thing with my dad. How so? He’s trying to distract my father, you know, steal his attention away from elq. I sacrificed so much to get those shares. I did it all for my dad and for the sake of the rest of the family, and austin is trying to ruin all of my hard work. How? How is he doing that? In the worst possible way. By using a child. You have no reason to worry about anna. She’s already replaced you with another sidekick. Who? Her ex-husband, robert scorpio. Peter’s going to target them both. I need to be there to help anna. Mm, I do admire your passion for anna’s safety, especially given your checkered past with her during your spy days. Well, if she brings happiness into your life, then good for you. Listen to me. If anything happens to anna devane while I am locked up here, I will hold you personally responsible. No, if anything happens to anna, peter will be the guilty party, not me. You are throwing peter in my face after I admitted I was wrong, and you forgave me, by the way. Do not equate my mistakes with peter to my friendship with valentin. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring up the whole peter mess again.

[ Sighs ] But you see, I don’t trust valentin and with good reason. He’s going to hurt you. By the way, how far has it gone between you two? Oh, bloody hell. You are soft on him.

Just stop. That is enough digs about valentin. Our job is to put peter in jail and to get maxie’s baby back. That is our job. Stop getting us off track. Actually, I think it’s your feelings for valentin that are holding you back from doing your job. Excuse me, uh, do you remember me from last night? Yes. Yes, okay. So my friend, did you give him the message after I left? Oh, yes, I definitely gave him your message. So what exactly turned you against peter? Because it wasn’t the downing of drew’s plane. You were involved in that. And I know all about your work with crichton-clark and that you’ve been keeping drew prisoner at helena’s behest. Oh, look, you don’t have to remind me of all the things I’ve done wrong. Right now, I’m trying my best to atone for a lifetime of mistakes. Oh, seems to me like you’re making even more mistakes.

[ Scoffs ] What can I say? I underestimated peter. He has no more use for you or anna or drew cain. The only thing keeping him from killing all three of you is my pretending to help him. So you see, my hands are tied. That’s why I came to you for help. I’m desperate, valentin. I’m begging you. Please. Austin planted this far-fetched idea in my dad’s head that leo could be on the spectrum. You mean like autism? Yes. And the guy has only ever treated leo for a cut on his finger, which is how I know the whole thing’s just a smokescreen, and he’s just trying to distract my father from elq, and it’s working. And worse yet, he’s fighting with olivia again. Olivia doesn’t agree with austin? No, of course not. The guy has barely even examined him, which is why she’s so pissed at my dad for even entertaining austin’s advice. Well, I’m not a fan of austin’s, but when I was living at your house, leo was kind of shy around me. So? What — what does that mean? Leo’s fine. He’s a great kid. So he — he gets hyperfocused sometimes and is generally hyper. What does that prove? Yeah, sometimes he doesn’t talk back to you when you talk to him, but when I don’t feel like talking, I do that, too. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. There are days you actually don’t feel like talking? I mean it. Austin is the bad guy in this situation, okay? He’s — he’s taking advantage of my father’s love for his stepson, and it’s destroying his marriage to olivia. And then austin’s just going to ride off into the sunset with my great-grandfather’s legacy. Do you really think that he would purposefully misdiagnose a little boy? He took advantage of you when you could barely walk and your marriage was falling apart. Uh, true. And I will always be suspicious of him because of that, but —

[ Scoffs ] Alright, what — what is he suggesting? Some crazy medication? No. He wants my dad and olivia to take leo to see a specialist. That’s all? That’s enough. It’s causing all this infighting and chaos when we should all be sticking together against austin. Okay, brook lynn, if this was bailey, your own daughter we’re talking about, wouldn’t you want her to see a specialist? Just to be safe?

[ Sighs ] I’m so confused. You and brook lynn aren’t friends? I — I see the two of you together all the time. Saw you at the quartermaines’, the metro court, here at the hospital, usually with bailey, and you work together, right? Yes, we do work together at deception, which would make us work associates. A-and then I was thrown in the same lamaze class as her,

I could see how,to a newcomer, it might look like brook lynn and I are friends, but she is not my best friend. I-I don’t even consider her a friend at all, as a matter of fact. Okay, okay, it’s fine. It’s no skin off my nose. You want to share with me why not? Because she’s a troublemaker. She tried to seduce dante falconeri when he was involved with my real best friend, lulu. I — brook lynn set it up so that lulu would walk in on them in a compromising situation. How compromising? Look, she really hurt my friend lulu.

[ Sighs ] You probably don’t know about her. She’s in a coma in a treatment facility. Oh. I’m sorry to hear that. So did brook lynn succeed in breaking up dante and lulu? No. Nothing could break up dante and lulu. Except maybe a-a bomb. Oh, you want to see where things can go between us? I do. I hope you feel that way, too. I mean, I-it took us a while to get to the point where we could admit that we wanted to explore if there was anything more between us. And rightly so. Like you divorcing jason, and — and me and…lulu. I think we’re there now, right? I-I mean, I am.

[ Chuckling ] I think you are, too. Yeah, I — I am. Actually, I think it’s about time that I asked you out on a real date. That’s — that’s what we call it, right? Exactly. Except you didn’t answer my question. Wait, which is…?

[ Chuckles ] A real date. Are you interested?

So, my friend, when he left here…mm. …Did he leave on his own or was someone forcing him?

[ Chuckles ] Forcing him? No. Your friend left on his own not long after you left. Oh, that’s impossible. No, no, no. When I put him in his room, he was out cold. There is no way that he left this bar on his own. There’s no way. You don’t have to believe me. I’m only telling you what I saw. And maybe your friend wasn’t as — as drunk as you think. Or maybe he just sobered up quickly. All I know is that when I went outside to load up my car, he was on the corner, waiting. A fancy sports car pulled up, and your friend got in and it took off. That’s all I know. See? I’ve been telling you. You cannot trust valentin. Tell me what happened to my friend. You’re lying. Leave me alone! No.

[ Grunts ] Cassadine tattoo. Do you work for them?

[ Sighs ] Yo u’re making thisreally awkward, like we’re in junior high. Um, I don’t know how to make this more clear, but, yes, I am interested in you, dante. Very, very interested. That’s good, ’cause it’s been a while since I’ve, uh, asked a woman out on a date.

[ Chuckles ] But I wanted you to know that I want to take this slowly. Okay. Do you want to take things slowly because of lulu? No, I blew that when I left town to try and get my head on straight, but that is something I had to do, and I don’t regret it, but before I left, I was adamant about her not waiting for me, and she didn’T. She fell in love with dustin, and I don’t know if you know this, but the night of the floating rib explosion, he proposed to her, so… that was over. It took me a while to accept it. I mean, I’m praying for her recovery, and — and I’ll always care for her, but… we have rocco together. But that’s — that’s where that ends. Okay.

[ Stammers ] That all makes sense to me, um, but if that’s the case, why do you want to take things slowly between us? Maxie: It’s true. When the floating rib was bombed, dante and lulu were broken up, but it’s only because dante left town. Okay. But if they were the perfect couple, why did dante leave town without her? Because dante had ptsd, and he wasn’t sure if he was capable of hurting someone. Oh. So he left town, and he told lulu to move on. That’s when she fell in love with this really great teacher named dustin. Uh-huh. But when dante came back in town, lulu confided in me that she was still in love with dante. Oh. And then the bomb went off at the floating rib, and now lulu’s in a coma. I was never sure what I should do with that secret. Right. So circling back to brook lynn…

[ Both chuckle ] …She tried her best to break up dante and lulu, but she did not succeed, and you still have not forgiven her. Right. How long’s it been? I don’t know, like 10 or 11 years. Seems like an awfully long time to hold a grudge. I mean, particularly because life seems to be throwing the two of you together a lot. And from an outsider’s point of view, brook lynn’s always very generous with you, allowing you to spend time with bailey because she knows you’re missing your louise. Your point being? Maybe it’s time to reassess things. Okay, so… right before you so kindly asked me to accompany you to jason and carly’s wedding, it seemed to me that you and brook lynn were enjoying a really lovely moment. The quartermaine ways die hard, a little backstabbing here, a little manipulation there, nothing too serious. At least that’s what we tell ourselves before things go sideways. Look, I’m really trying to do better. It’s hard to change old patterns of behavior. Yeah. But I do appreciate you trying. Oh, my god. Are brook lynn and i friends? And not just casual friends but really good friends? Have we really come that far? If I had the tiniest inkling that anything might be wrong with bailey, I would get her checked out immediately. It is my duty to keep her safe and healthy. Even if austin suggested it? Or would you just assume he was lying to you? The two are not remotely the same. Bailey is a teeny, tiny baby. Leo’s already in school. He can speak up for himself, and austin is talking about his — his mind and his behaviors. I mean, if leo found out that he had to see a specialist, that could really mess with his head, and austin just made it up out of thin air. Are you sure about that? Brook lynn, I have heard you go on and on about how much you love bailey and about how much she’s changed you. Maybe part of that change is taking a more objective look at austin’s concern for leo, and I’m not saying you should scare him and tell him he needs to see a specialist. Make it seem normal. Look, just because austin took advantage of me, it doesn’t mean that he’s all bad. Talk to him. I did that already. Yesterday. Yeah, I did most of the talking. And by “talking,” I mean yelling.

[ Clears throat ] Did you throw anything at him? I should’ve. Showed a little restraint. Well, then use that restraint and engage him in a conversation — calmly. It’s not like austin can talk to me about leo’s case anyway. You know, all those medical privacy laws. Yeah, but you can still see where he’s coming from. And it could be good for leo. Maybe it’ll help broker peace between your dad and olivia. Wow, you really opened my eyes and made some good points. Thank you. I’ll tell you something else. I once heard brook lynn say that you were very brave — the bravest person she knows. For what it’s worth, maxie… you’re the bravest person I know.

Maxie, you okay? Yeah. Yeah, uh, I was just thinking about peter. He still worries me. Yeah, for good reason. For what it’s worth, I share brook lynn’s assessment of you. I think you’re incredibly brave. When did you hear brook lynn say that about me? I-I’m not sure about the where or the when. I don’t know. It’s a very specific memory, though, right? So that’s a little weird. Yeah, I-I don’t know why it’s in my head. It’s just that, um, brook lynn’s not really known for giving me compliments. So I don’t know. Maybe you dreamt it. Maybe. But concerning my waking dream where I am accepted by the quartermaines and get elq shares, how are you going to manage that? I don’t have anything to do with elq. Alright, but we just established that you and brook lynn are good friends. Brook lynn and i don’t get along so well. So is that going to affect how you see me? I can disagree with brook lynn’s opinion of you and still be friends with her and you. So we’re friends? That’s cool. Okay, I’ll say this. When I saw you with leo, I didn’t see someone who was trying to take advantage. I just saw a really caring doctor. Thank you. Hopefully, some other people can come around to your line of thinking.

[ Clears throat ] Brook lynn. Maxie. Should I take cover? No. I actually want to talk to you — calmly and alone. Okay. Do you know what’s going on with that? I tried talking brook lynn out of her hostility toward austin. Hopefully, it worked.

[ Scoffs ] So, um… I just wanted to apologize for jumping on you yesterday about leo. I should’ve never assumed that you were working an angle or trying to weasel your way into our family. Okay. But you have to understand something, okay? Leo and I might not be blood-related, but I love that kid, and if he needs help, I want him to get it. That’s really important to me, way more important than elq, that’s for sure. Mm-hmm. My dad mentioned that you think that leo might be on the autism spectrum. I never said that. Well, whatever you said made him want to google it, so you’re obviously concerned. So tell me, what do you think is going on with leo? Sam, I don’t want you to think that I’m getting into something with you as a way to get over my feelings with lulu. I’ll always have a place in my heart for her, and that’s it. I want what we have… to be about you and me and only you and me. That’s good, ’cause I — I mean, I — I feel the same way. That’s good. Then we’ll, uh, take things slowly. Yeah. I don’t — I don’t mind taking things slow. I mean, as long as we’re… moving forward. I am sorry I had to take these extreme measures, but I do hope that one day you’ll come to trust me. Why should I trust you? Oh, and you have every reason not to, I know, but there is one good, very important reason that I can hope that one day you’ll put your faith in me. What would that be? There’s no connection between you and me. We share the same last name. That’s it. There’s no blood between us. I’m the product of a random affair. I once believed my mother, helena, hated me because that was an affair with mikkos, but I was wrong. I’m not related to mikkos. I’m not even an authentic cassadine. Oh, you’re so wrong. Maybe you were kind to me as a child, but why should i trust you now? Oh, valentin, it’s right here in front of your face. What is?

[ Sighs ] I’m the man who had an affair with helena. You’re my son.

[ Grunts ] I don’t have to answer your questions! Actually, you do. We saw the tattoo. Are you a member of the cassadines? No, I am not a family member. So do you work for them? Do you gather information for them? Were you spying on us? Is that what you did? You spiked valentin’s drink, didn’t you? And then you took him somewhere when I went to the consulate. Is that what happened? Go on. Tell us the truth. And maybe, just maybe we’ll let you walk out of here. Robert! Move! Get! Go!

[ Mouths word ]

Firstly, I am not leo’s doctor. Secondly, I can’t diagnose the kid. I’m not a pediatric neurologist. Okay, but you think he does need to see a specialist, don’t you? Why do you think that? Look, this issue has been really divisive for my dad and olivia. Maybe if you tell me a little bit more, give me some information, tell me some of leo’s symptoms, I could talk to olivia, you know, get everybody on the same page. Do you really think that leo could be autistic? Yes. I do. I think leo could be on the spectrum. Brook lynn’s going to do what she thinks is best. That’s just the way she is. And that’s a good thing, in my book. Brook lynn has her fair share of detractors, but it’s nice to see you being so supportive of her. I wasn’t always the biggest fan, but austin made me realize that something has changed. And if you’d told me that five years ago, I never would believe it, but somehow, some way brook lynn and I have become really close friends.

[ Chuckles ] Even if austin did say something kind of troubling. Oh, yeah? Like what? Never mind. It’s nothing. Are you sure? It’s just, one of the things I was holding against brook lynn was how she tried to seduce dante when he was with lulu. Ooh, that doesn’t sound like the brook lynn I know at all. How did it play out? Uh, it — it didn’T. Dante and lulu are a love for the ages. Okay. Mm. That… that was pretty damn good. Yeah, I’d say so, yeah.

[ Clears throat ] That’s a good thing, right? Yeah, it’s — it’s a good thing.

[ Chuckles ] Mm-hmm. Let’s, uh, finish what we started, then, huh? I mean, uh, crete. We got to go to crete, you know, find… scout’s dad.

[ Clears throat ] Scout’s dad, yeah. And then we can make this about us… mm-hmm. …Because I think it’s a good idea. I d– I do, too. It’s a really good idea. Okay. Alright.

[ Clears throat ] Dante. Yeah? Mm-hmm?

[ Sighs ] Thank you. My pleasure, partner. You’re my long-lost father, are you? Am I supposed to believe that? Oh, come on, valentin. You know as well as I do we cassadines aren’t known for our kindness and caring. If I helped you whenever I could, it has to have been for a good reason. You help me? Sorry, I missed that. Wha– you don’t really think a man with the last name cassadine could just walk into the wsb?

[ Scoffs ] You really think you got that job on your own? I’ve done everything I can to support you over the years, my son, but sometimes I haven’t succeeded. If you want to form an alliance with me, that’s fine. But don’t insult my intelligence with sentimental drivel. I hope one day we’ll be able to… continue this discussion and try to find a way forward. But right now, the most pressing matter is stopping peter. You okay? Yeah. You? You mind telling me what just happened? Peter must’ve sent someone. Huh. Nice to know someone else wants to kill us.

[ Sighs ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

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