Days Short Recap Thursday, October 7, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin went to the judge and told him about Gwen’s recording. He demanded that he let Xander and Bonnie out or he would go to Jack with the recording. Philip told Gabi about Jake’s past as a hitman. He gave her the file that Ava gave him about Jake. She didn’t want to believe it. He thought she would feel that way so he told her about the witness who saw Jake dump a body. Ava talked to Jake about Gabi. She didn’t understand why hated her so much. She thought Jake should be worried because she was focused on him and not her. They talked about what happened with the mob families. Philip continued to tell Gabi about what Jake did to the man who died. She wanted to know how he found out so much information about the mob. She realized that Ava was the one who told him about it. Justin went to see Xander. Xander wondered if he told the judge about the recording. Xander wondered if he was able to get him out of jail. Justin said it didn’t exactly happen that way. Melinda walked in the room and said Justin was busted for blackmailing a judge.

Melinda told Justin, Xander and Gwen that the judge was uncomfortable with Gwen’s offer. Melinda suggested that he have a recording device of his own. She played the recording. She told them that they were all going to be in trouble for blackmailing a judge. Gwen said that she didn’t plan on going through with sleeping with the judge. Melinda told her that she tried to do it so she would be in trouble too. She also said that Bonnie was going to prison for murder. Jake decided that there should be a sit down dinner to make peace between Ava and Gabi. Ava liked the idea, but she wondered how they were going to pull it off. He said that they needed to tell her that Rafe meant everything to both of them and he was worth getting along. Gabi was upset with Philip when he told her that she couldn’t buy out Gabi Chic from him. She reminded him how she helped his company. She noticed his aftershave and realized it was the same one that was at the house. She realized that Ava was working with him to bring her down. Justin wanted Melinda to hear him out before she arrested him. She was shocked because she thought he was one of the good guys. Xander said he is one of the good guys. Justin told her that the judge was on the take. She said he should have gone about it the legal way because she would have investigated him. She said he would be in the Spectator for his arrest and possibly losing his job. Xander apologized to Justin for him getting in trouble helping them. He said he had to protect Bonnie. Philip wanted Gabi to show the folder to Jake so he could see what Carmine is willing to say on the stand. He wanted her to decide what she was going to do. If she didn’t decide, Jake was going to be charged with murder.

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