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Jake and Gabi wake up in bed together. They kiss until Ava knocks on the door, claiming to be room service. Ava just walks in and asks if there’s a better way to start the day than with a fresh muffin.

Philip enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Chloe. Philip thought she was going to the office early but Chloe says she decided to have breakfast and enjoy her roses. They talk about their tree growing. They hug until Brady walks in and asks if anyone wants a muffin.

Justin goes to the interrogation room to see Xander. Xander reminds him about how he and Gwen wanted to get something on the judge to prove he’s corrupt. Justin reminds Xander that he did not agree to go along with it. Justin warns Xander that he’s talking about blackmail, so it could blow up in their face and he could end up in bigger trouble than he’s already in. Xander suggests it could help with Bonnie’s case. Justin tells him not to push it as he is an officer of the court and has a duty to tell judges the truth. Justin adds that he is not Xander’s attorney but advises him to not even think about going ahead with this plan because it’s not only illegal, but stupid. Xander reveals that Gwen is already on her way to see the judge.

Gwen goes to see Judge Robert Smails in his office. Gwen says she shouldn’t have barged in but there was nobody outside the door. He tells her to wait and make an appointment. Gwen says she would but she’s here on a very private matter. He questions what private matter. Gwen informs him that she’s a friend of Xander’s. He tells her to get out then as he’s not about to have a conversation with a friend of someone appearing in his court. He says if she wants to communicate with Xander, she has to go through his lawyer. Gwen clarifies that Xander is not just a friend but the best thing to ever happen to her, so if he doesn’t hear her out, Xander might go to prison for something he has not done and she can’t allow that to happen.

Chloe questions what Brady is doing here. Brady says she texted him that she was going to be late this morning, so he realized he did not have anything going on this morning. Philip questions him just showing up with muffins. Brady clarifies that he found them on the kitchen table and then declares that the reason he came is to see the most beautiful woman he knows…

At the hospital, Kayla informs Tripp that Doug is now in Bayview because Marlena determined he was a danger to himself and others. Tripp feels sorry for Julie and the entire family. Kayla hopes he will be able to go home soon. Kayla then brings up the new hospital initiative and thanks Tripp for taking the lead on that. Kayla asks if he had any luck finding a patient to volunteer to be the face of the campaign. Tripp responds that he has as Steve walks in and reveals that it’s him. Tripp says that Steve pretty much pounced on it. Steve jokes that they can’t do better than him as no one is more motivated than him to make the hospital proud because his wife is the chief of staff while his son is becoming an esteemed physician. Kayla asks Steve if he knows what he’s volunteering for and what his responsibilities will be. Steve admits he doesn’t. Kayla then gets a call and steps out to answer it. Steve then asks Tripp what exactly he will be the face of. Tripp explains that it’s flu season so they are raising awareness and they basically want him to get a flu shot. Steve responds that he’s sorry, but that’s not going to happen.

Justin mocks Xander’s plan to have Gwen sleep with Judge Smails. Justin complains about trying to get dirt on the judge and Xander sending his girlfriend to sleep with another man. Xander explains that she’s not actually going to do it, but she’s going to record him agreeing to it and use it to blackmail him with his wife.

Judge Smails tells Gwen that she has nothing to say about what happens to Xander. He tells her to leave and threatens to call security. He reaches for the phone but Gwen stops him and asks him to let her explain. Gwen tells him that Xander is being railroaded as he was never dealing drugs. Judge Smails responds that Xander’s lawyer will have the opportunity to prove that in court. Gwen goes over how Xander’s case was dismissed and then reinstated and they can’t figure out how that happened, but it seems to be that Judge Smails is the only one who could change that back.

Chloe tells Brady that this isn’t funny and questions what he’s doing. Philip asks if he’s trying to drive him crazy and offers him coffee. Brady accepts. Chloe tells him this isn’t cool. Brady asks if he was interrupting something and offers to go eat in the kitchen. Philip brings up Brady saying he was here to see the most beautiful woman in the world. Brady confirms that he is as Maggie returns and enters the room. Brady hugs her and welcomes her home while Philip and Chloe realize that Brady was talking about Maggie.

Gabi questions what Ava is doing when they aren’t even dressed. Jake adds that she came in uninvited. Ava claims she just wanted them to get the muffins while they are still warm. Gabi questions if she poisoned them. Ava says no and then exits the room while Gabi calls her a bitch. After leaving the room, Ava remarks to herself that the muffins might be Jake’s last home cooked meal. Gabi wonders if Ava put a nanny camera in their room. Jake thinks she’s being paranoid. Gabi complains about Ava walking in when they were about to make love. Jake jokes that it’s something Gabi would do. Gabi won’t let Jake eat the muffins, worrying that poison is possible. Gabi can’t believe Rafe sunk this low. Jake suggests finding another place to live but Gabi refuses to let Ava win. Jake asks if it’s really winning if they are miserable 24/7. Gabi says she won’t let Ava get away with this. Gabi insists that Ava is up to something but the question is what.

Chloe tells Maggie that everyone has missed her. Maggie says she missed them all so much and asks if Victor has been difficult. Chloe says not really. Brady jokes that Maggie’s the only one who can keep Victor in his cage. Philip gets a text from Ava that she has the information he needs and to meet her at the park. Philip says he has to run. Chloe asks if everything is okay. Philip says it’s just work. Philip hugs Maggie and says it’s good to see her. Philip tells Maggie that they will have a proper celebration when he gets home. Philip says goodbye and exits the mansion. Maggie asks if Brady and Philip are getting along. Brady claims they are but Maggie says she didn’t think so.

Judge Smails goes over how EJ was representing Xander. Gwen explains that EJ dropped Xander as a client because he couldn’t squeeze more money out of him and now Xander is in jail when he hasn’t done anything wrong. Judge Smails refuses to change his recommendation and says the court will appoint Xander an attorney. Gwen complains that EJ left Xander high and dry. Judge Smails claims there is nothing he can do. Gwen questions how he was able to dismiss the case before and then EJ got it reinstated. Gwen starts to cry and apologizes. Gwen brings up how he dismissed the case before and asks if he can’t do it again. Gwen cries that it’s so frustrating as she would do anything to help Xander and she means anything as she begins to unbutton her top.

Justin tells Xander that even if Judge Smails is corrupt, he’s not easily duped so he will be wary when Gwen suddenly offers herself to him. Justin feels he will have her arrested before she’s out of the office. Xander says that Gwen would get the tape back to him instead of presenting it herself. Justin questions what he plans to do. Xander reveals that he wants Justin to present the judge with the tape. Justin refuses to have any part in this. Xander responds that he might not have a choice because it might look like Justin has already taken part in this from the outside. Xander brings up how Justin came to the police station yesterday and talked to he and Gwen for quite awhile and now he showed up this morning at the same time Gwen went to the judge’s office. Xander says from the outside, it looks like Justin is part of this. Justin questions if he is threatening him. Xander says he wants to persuade him and adds that he could get the charges against Bonnie dropped. Justin calls Xander a true Kiriakis. Xander swears that he’s not trying to screw him over but that this could work out for the both of them. Justin argues that Xander doesn’t give a damn about him. Xander argues that Justin cares about Bonnie, who just got denied bail again. Xander brings up how Justin would have to testify to what Bonnie did to Adrienne. Xander tells Justin that his plan has a better chance of helping Bonnie than anything else.

Maggie apologizes for worrying everybody but says when Summer died as suddenly as she did, it was also a relief that she wasn’t in any more pain. Maggie talks about scattering Summer’s ashes in the ocean in LA and she knew that Summer was finally free at peace. Brady is glad she was with her in the end. Maggie is happy to be home. Brady talks about how it’s not the same without her as she has a soothing effect. Brady mentions Victor’s party to celebrate Bonnie’s arrest. Maggie guesses Justin must not have appreciated that. Maggie then says at least there was happy news as Victor told her that Brady and Chloe were back together.

Philip meets Ava in the park. Ava comments that he took his time. Ava informs him that she talked to Angelo, who gave her some very interesting and damning information. Ava declares that if Gabi cares about Jake like she says, she will fold like a house of cards, because if this gets in the wrong hands, Jake will go to prison for a very long time. Ava then hands Philip a folder.

Gabi looks through Gabi Chic sales on her phone. Jake takes a bite of Ava’s muffin which Gabi questions. Jake then pretends like he can’t breathe and calls Gabi naive. Gabi throws the muffin away as they joke with each other and then get under the covers in bed.

Kayla returns to Tripp and Steve. Tripp informs her that Steve does not want to get a flu shot which Kayla questions. Steve explains that he’s never had a flu shot and he’s healthy which Kayla calls a lame reason. Kayla can’t believe she missed Steve not getting the shot and insists it’s important. Kayla tells Steve that there’s no risk and she demands he get the shot and stop acting like he’s invincible. Steve then gives in and agrees to get the flu shot and be the face of their campaign. Steve leaves the room and gets his flu shot. Steve returns and admits he didn’t feel a thing and that he’s grateful for them encouraging him to do it, because now he feels invincible. Tripp is grateful that Steve came around because he is the perfect face for this program. Tripp adds that the target demographic is 65 and older. Kayla agrees that Steve is the perfect face for the campaign.

Philip agrees that this is damning. Ava tells him that according to Angelo, it’s true that Jake did all of this. Philip asks if Ava is sure she wants to do this since Gabi will know where it came from and she will tell Rafe. Ava argues that Gabi won’t be able to prove anything but deep inside, she will know it was her.

Gabi and Jake lay in bed together after having sex. Gabi talks about needing to find something to make sure Philip stays jealous about Brady. Jake jokes about that being her topic after sex. They get interrupted by Gabi getting a text from Philip, wanting to see her. Gabi guesses he just saw the numbers from Gabi Chic and wants to up her budget. Gabi tells Jake that despite Ava, it turned out to be a very good morning. Gabi kisses Jake and then gets out of bed.

Xander reminds Justin that he’s a Kiriakis too. Justin says he could never forget it. Xander knows he wants to be all legal and everything, but argues that the law doesn’t matter to Judge Smails or the district attorney. Xander asks if Justin really wants to risk Bonnie spending her life in prison. Xander tells him to imagine the look on Victor’s face when he tells him that Bonnie is going to go free.

Judge Smails questions what Gwen is suggesting. Gwen tells him that if Xander’s case gets dismissed again, she would be happy to show him how grateful she is. He calls her a very beautiful woman. Gwen tells him that she’s very attracted to powerful men and says she may not have EJ DiMera’s money, but she has other assets. Gwen asks if he would like to come see her sometime. Judge Smails admits that he thinks he would. Gwen says she needs to be clear because they could have a really good time together, but she’ll only sleep with him if he promises to let Xander go. He agrees to her terms so Gwen whispers that she’s really looking forward to holding up her end of the bargain.

Xander continues to encourage Justin against Judge Smails. Justin remains unsure if Gwen can pull this off. Gwen then enters the interrogation room and says Justin doesn’t have much faith. Xander asks what happened. Gwen gives Xander the recording and says it went exactly as she said, he agreed to meet her a motel and thinks maybe he’s done this before. Xander declares now they have what they need to get him, if Justin will help them.

Brady questions Victor telling Maggie that he and Chloe were back together. Brady tells her that he was premature when he wants something. Maggie points out that Victor hates Chloe, so she asks why he would want that. Chloe explains it’s to get her away from Philip. Maggie thinks that doesn’t mean he wants her with Brady. Chloe thinks Victor just wants her to disappear. Brady says that’s not going to happen but Victor thinks he hit the bottom with Kristen. Chloe guesses Victor thought she was the lesser of two evils. Maggie questions missing Victor.

Ava runs in to Jake in the town square. Ava notes Jake eating a muffin that is not hers. Jake informs her that he didn’t eat her muffins and got one from Sweet Bits Bakery. Ava questions what was wrong with her muffin. Jake tells her that Gabi doesn’t trust her.

Gabi meets Philip in the park and questions meeting here instead of the office. Philip thought it would be best to do this in private in case there is a scene. Gabi asks why there would be a scene after the numbers for Gabi Chic. Philip then reveals that he is firing her.

Gwen complains to Xander about having to touch Judge Smails. Xander hates that she had to go through with that and acknowledges that she did it for him. Gwen points out that she didn’t have to follow through. Xander talks about Justin scaring him by talking about how the plan could blow up in their faces. Gwen brings up how much Xander has done for her and says they could walk out the door together, thanks to Justin.

Justin goes to Judge Smails’ office and says he’s here about Bonnie Lockhart’s case. Judge Smails says they can talk about it later but Justin says they need to talk about it now. Justin suggests he dismiss Bonnie’s case as well as the case against Xander. Judge Smails questions why he would do that. Justin warns that if he doesn’t, he will be playing this recording. Justin then plays the recording of Judge Smails and Gwen, where he promised to let Xander go if Gwen slept with him.

Maggie jokes that she can’t turn her back on Victor for a minute. Maggie then heads upstairs to join Victor in his room. Brady doesn’t understand how Maggie puts up with Victor, but he’s glad she does. Chloe talks about Maggie and Victor loving each other. Chloe says Victor isn’t always wrong and she can’t believe he hasn’t given up on trying to push them back together. Brady assures that he will talk to Victor and make it clear that it’s not going to happen.

Ava questions Jake about Gabi not trusting her and thinking she poisoned the muffins under the same roof as the police commissioner. Ava guesses she has a suspicious mind and asks what she could possibly do to Gabi…

Gabi questions why Philip is firing her. Philip blames her for putting the keylogger on his computer. Gabi argues that it was on her computer too. Philip refuses to play these games with her again. Gabi responds that she’ll be taking Gabi Chic with her. Philip then warns her to sign Gabi Chic over to him, because if she doesn’t then he will send Jake to prison for murder.

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