Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, October 6, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Adam makes it clear to Sally that the reason he is taking her to Tuscany is Newman Media business she isn’t his date to the wedding. Chloe worries that Sally’s trip to Italy with Adam will lead to romance between him and Sally. Sally assures Chloe that she is focused on getting Victoria to wear the wedding dress to give the Newman Media fashion website publicity.

Ashland tells Victoria that he and Jesse Gaines Sr. forged a letter from Camila Rhodes stating that, she left her entire fortune to him. The real letter Camila left as a codicil to her will left her fortune to several of her favorite charities since she never had any children. Ashland also tells Victoria that Jesse Gaines Jr. found the original letter Camila wrote and has been blackmailing him with it for years.

Adam calls Victor and tells him he thinks Billy is still planning to interfere with the wedding. Victor tells Adam that Jesse Gaines slipped away from his security team. Victor asks Adam to find Jesse Gaines and keep him from talking to Billy. Billy meets with Jesse and promises to protect him from Victor and pay him a lot of money to tell him everything he knows about Ashland.

Nate and Elena are excited about going to Tuscany because the trip will be a new beginning for their relationship.

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