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you can head on out, len. I’ll lock up. All right, thanks, boss. You have a good one. You too.

[ Keys jingle ]

[ Footsteps approaching ] Wow. It looks like I am too late for a drink. For you, this place is always open. So what’ll you have? Oh. Well, um, surprise me. So you spent a lot of time in monte carlo? As much time as I spent anywhere. So you travel a lot. You ask a lot of questions.

[ Chuckles ] Why is that? All settled in? Yes. The accommodations are fine. Certainly better than the cell you’d be in if I hadn’t arranged to extract you from, uh… nixon falls, was it? Do you want me to thank you? I want you to meet the terms of our agreement. Hi. How’s miss jennings? Have there been any changes or…? Not that I know of. There’s a nurse in there with her now. Anybody, uh… anyone come try to gain access? Any visitors or anything? No. Good. Thanks.

[ Ringing ] Valentin:

This is valentin cassadine.

Please leave a message.

[ Voicemail beeps ] Hi, valentin. Um…how are you? I’m sorry I had to leave. I’m back at the U.S. Consulate, so call me when you get this? Thanks. Bloody hell! How did you beat me here? You awake? Welcome to hell. Yawns “okay okay, I’m up, I’m up!” “Five more minutes.”

What are you doing here? You first. Well, I’m waiting to speak with chloe jennings. You know, the — the woman that was going to be hired by maxie to be her baby nurse before peter replaced her with a psycho. What a coincidence. So am I. Wait. No. You’re not. Because, actually, I’m an active wsb agent. You’re the D.A. Of port charles, and I think that this is a little far from your jurisdiction. Maxie’s family. Someone’s stolen her child. Now, whatever contacts I’ve got within the bureau, I’m going to use them to get that kid back. You know what? You and I, we’d be better off working together rather than alone. I’m not working alone. You’re drew cain. Yep. I’m not hallucinating. I think I’ve been drugged. That would be a safe bet. You were pretty dead to the world when the guards brought you in here. Where are we? You’d know better than I would. What — what’s the last place that you remember? I was drinking in a tavern in some small village on the island of crete. Crete. Of course. I mean, I figured it was somewhere in greece. A lot of the guards speak greek, and you can actually hear the ocean if you really listen. Thank you. If nothing else, I finally know my location. Have you been locked up here this whole time? Over two years, yeah. And you don’t look that surprised to see me. Anna devane. I’m working with anna devane. Anna? Well, how is she? We were drinking together. Then I don’t know. She was as drunk as I was. Well, maybe they only drugged you. I hope so. I’m sorry. I interrupted. You were about to tell me how you knew I was alive. Uh, you managed to phone sam mccall. She went to anna. Anna told me there was a possibility you survived your plane crash. Oh. There was no plane crash. It was all staged — to cover my abduction. By peter august? Yep, he was involved. But the guy who’s been keeping me prisoner all this time is actually a relative of yours. Victor cassadine. I’ve provided you with a lot of help. Yes, it seems events have escalated recently. Oh. Not only recently. For years now, you needed a place to warehouse drew cain, and I obliged. Not out of the goodness of your heart, victor. You wanted him for your own ends. To be of any use to me, drew cain has to follow my orders. That’s why you agreed to give me the means to access the conditioning installed by your father. I’m still waiting. Dante: Well, we only just met, and here I am, up in your hotel room, dallas. I just want to get to know you a little better. I am a proud graduate of texas a&m — go, aggies. I wanted to get my mba. I didn’t want a lot of student debt, so I took a job with a defense contractor. They sent me overseas, one job led to another… I never made it back to business school, but I did manage to start my own consulting firm. What do you consult about? Anything anybody pays me for. Now it’s my turn to ask questions. What do you want?

[ Door opens ] Oops! Oh, I’m so sorry. So I guess this is the wrong room, huh? If this is a robbery, there’s 10,000 euros in my bag and this bracelet is real. Take them, and I’ll give you a five-minute head start before I call security. We’re not here to rob you. We just want some information. Oh. Is that all? Yeah. It’ll save you 10,000 euros and your bracelet. And, uh, we’d be grateful for your help. You two tried to scam me. Why should I tell you a damn thing? I hope you’re not disappointed in wine.

[ Chuckles ] No, not at all. Actually, you read my mind. I’m not really up for our signature cocktail with 15 ingredients. Not that the drinks you make here aren’t amazing.

[ Both laugh ] Well, sometimes a little wine is all you need. Yeah. So the distributor sent this over for me to try. Tell me what you think. Oh, okay. Mmm. I like it. Yeah? I like it very much. All right. Mm-hmm. Well, then, I’ll order more. So have you, uh, heard from jordan? Yeah, um… I called her yesterday. She sounded good. So I checked with T.J. He’s monitoring her case. It’s slow and go, but, uh, the numbers are headed in the right direction. I’m glad. Yeah, me too. You know, that was crazy at roger barstow’s house. I mean, if you hadn’t been there, I might not have got jordan out in time.

Valentin cassadine — don’t — no! Shh! Stop it. Too late for that. Okay. Now, why would you continue to trust this snake? Because he is as motivated as I am to find peter and stop him. Okay. You were right about peter, and all your dire predictions came true, because valentin and I, we ignored the dangers. Blah, blah, blah. So now we are trying to mitigate the damage. Do you see? You don’t think that there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that he’s playing you? Valentin: Victor cassadine? Victor cassadine’s dead. Yeah, there’s a lot of that going around. Okay. So, why is victor cassadine keeping you prisoner? I actually haven’t seen him face to face, but obrecht thinks that it’s part of a bigger deal that he’s got going with peter. Liesl obrecht? What? She’s supposed to be dead, too? No, she’s just missing. Well, she’s here. At least she was a few hours ago. They allowed her to give me medical attention. Are you okay? I mean, I’m a little banged up, but nothing serious. She gave me a shot of antibiotics. So, liesl obrecht is working for victor, huh? She claims that she’s his prisoner, too. You believe her? Well, victor and peter are allies, and her hatred for peter is very, very convincing. I know. I’ve seen that firsthand. Obrecht thinks that victor is supposed to help peter find his missing daughter, but she has no idea what’s in it for him. And it’s got to be something. I don’t know, victor, but I know his reputation. He doesn’t work for free. He always has an agenda. Well, peter’s racking up quite the debt. I wonder how he’s gonna pay it off. My father was an expert at mental conditioning, but he always installed at least two levels. Drew’s first level, which allowed helena to control him, has already been disabled. Mm. And his second should be accessible through a simple key. That’s what you told me. Where’s the key? I haven’t found it yet. After two years? Maybe you’re not looking hard enough. It’s not like I can just open an instruction manual, victor. It could be anything. A simple phrase, an image… something my father would find easy to remember, but something no one else would think of as important. If your father’s the only one who knew the key, and your father’s dead, why am I putting up with you? You know what? Uh… you told me about yourself, dallas. Let me tell you about me. My name is dante falconeri. I’m a cop, originally from brooklyn. I root for notre dame — go, irish. This is samantha mccall. Hi. You know, I never asked you what your college football team is you root for. Who is it? I really am not into college football. -I’m more of a giants fan. -Giants fan. Wow. That — that means you actually have the strength of character to stay loyal and true through good times and bad. Is there a point here somewhere? Yes. Um… we have a close connection to the wsb. And I’m guessing you wouldn’t want them sniffing around your consulting business, so it’s probably in your best interest to tell us what we want to know. Which is what? Have you ever done a job for a guy named david henry archer, A.K.A. Shiloh? That bastard?

[ Scoffs ] Is he the reason for all this? All right. So you work for him then? Early on. We worked for the same defense contractor. Arch was a field guy, basically a soldier. I did logistics. He always had a racket, some way to make money. I helped him out a couple times, took a cut of the profits, then I got a better gig, moved on, we lost touch. Well, when’s the last time you heard from him? About a couple years ago. He called me out of the blue. He had a job and was willing to pay generously. What was the job? He hired me to fake a plane crash in the gulf of aden. He wanted it to look like a charter jet went down with no survivors.

Have you made any progress figuring out the link between — thank you — um, jordan’s investigation and yours? Yes, I know that jordan — she wanted to interview roger barstow because he traveled to the U.S. With naomi dreyfus. Mm-hmm. Yeah, I remember her saying that. Naomi dreyfus turned up dead in a motel room a couple months back. She’s hayden barnes’ mother, so the theory is that whoever tried to kill hayden succeeded in killing naomi. Okay, but you want to talk to barstow about his time at crichton-clark, more specifically, drew cain’s time at crichton-clark. Exactly. Now, I know it’s a long shot, but… I’m hoping he has some records that could… lead us to where drew might be now. Okay, so the million-dollar question is, was barstow killed because of naomi dreyfus or drew cain? What if it’s both? So you’re saying there was no crash. It never happened. Not as far as I know. How do you fake a plane crash? It only works over deep waters. You get the make and model of the jet in question, file a flight plan. The real jet follows the flight plan to a designated point, makes a distress call. They turn off their beacons and fly away. Meanwhile, my team dumps wreckage of the same make and model jet into the ocean. Rescuers search the area. No bodies are recovered. No one is looking for the real plane. Do you know where the real flight from the gulf of aden landed? No idea. Do you know who was on the plane? Never asked. Never wanted to know. How much did he pay you? $2 million, plus the cost of jet parts. Did you ever ask yourself how archer managed to pay for this? He was just the go-between. Arch arranged the deal for a third party who could afford to pay. Peter: My father kept records, victor, but he didn’t keep them all in one place. His work took him all over the world. That’s a lot of ground to cover. Yes, yes, yes, yes, I’ve heard this before. It always sounded like an excuse. Now it just sounds like a stall. Well, I’d have a lot more time to focus on the search if I knew my baby girl and her mother were safe and sound with me. Oh, so I’m expected to recover your baby, along with her mother, and return them to you, and in exchange, you’ll…what? Keep looking for the key to drew? That doesn’t sound like a very fair exchange to me. I’m not convinced drew’s worth it. You have more than two years invested in the guy, not to mention all your personnel he took out while trying to escape. So why? Why give up on him now when you’re so close to the payoff? Because you managed to thoroughly lose your baby, peter, and it’s gonna cost me a lot of effort and influence to find her. But you can find her. There’s no point in guessing what victor is after. Let’s just stick with what we actually know. What are you and anna doing in crete? Well, where do I start? The mother of peter august’s daughter is maxie jones. Right, obrecht told me all this. Maxie hired a baby nurse. Peter replaced her with somebody that works for him. That woman kidnapped the baby and then handed her off to a third person and then died. That’s right. Peter’s nurse is dead, but amazingly, the nurse that maxie originally intended to hire is alive and in crete. Chloe jennings? Okay, how do you know that name? Because she was here, too. We tried to break out together. We got as far as the parking lot, and then I held off the guards so that she could make it to one of the cars and escape. But russel, the guy who runs this place for victor, was sure that they would track her down, find her, bring her back here. I’m just — I’m just happy to know they didn’T. Chloe jennings was in a single car accident. What? Was she hurt? No, she was able to walk away to a small village called panopolia, to a tavern, the same one where I was drinking. And then she passed out, but not before telling them her name and that she’s an american citizen. Chloe passed out? Yeah. But the locals contacted the authorities. They took her to the american consulate, where she’s at the hospital. How — how is she? I don’t know. Last time I saw her, she was unconscious.

[ Sighs ] Damn. I’m the one who told her to go. Well, maybe she’s awake, because the doctor said that her condition was not considered serious.

[ Sighs ] I hope so. I mean, nothing in her life prepared her for this place, but she handled it like pro. And now… she’s somewhere safe. How much does she know? She only dealt with russel. I mean, she doesn’t know anything about victor and peter. But she knows about you, doesn’t she? I know you don’t trust valentin, and I’m not asking you to. So if you would prefer for our investigations to be separate, that is absolutely fine by me. However, it does mean that when chloe jennings is able to answer our questions, that I will take the lead. Hmm. So does this mean that valentin is gonna sit in on these meetings? I mean, neither of us are agents at the moment, and — you know, it occurs to me, you two are working together. Shouldn’t he be here?

[ Inhales sharply ] Yeah. So when chloe turned up, she — she was in a little village called panopolia. I read the report. Right, and, um, so valentin and I — we went there to, like, a little taverna just to, you know, “interview some of the locals” kind of thing and, um, had a couple of drinks just to, you know, smooth things over. Anyway, so he stayed back there. He’s still there. He’s there still. To interview potential witnesses. Yeah. Or maybe he’s face-down in an ashtray. That’d be my choice. Agent devane? Yes. Miss jennings is awake. Good. Thanks.

And this is agent emeritus robert scorpio. I’m special agent anna devane with the wsb, and this is agent emeritus robert scorpio. Miss jennings. So first off, I want to tell you that you’re at the us consulate medical facility. Yes, the nurse already explained. Oh, good, good. I’ve notified the consul, and she’s on her way here. She should be here shortly. If you would prefer to wait for her, that’s absolutely all right. Why? Am I in some kind of trouble? No, no. God, no, no. Um… we have reason to believe that you were abducted and transported here by an individual that we are currently investigating. So we’re asking for your help. We don’t expect you to take us on faith. You can call the consulate, check us out. That’s okay. I’m from port charles. The two of you are famous there. I’ll tell you everything I can. Valentin: Okay, I know you want to talk facts, but I need to speculate for a second. Why not? We got nothing else to do.

[ Groans ] Okay. Hypothetically, anna devane has not been drugged. She circles back to chloe jennings. Chloe jennings is awake. She tells anna devane she’s been held captive here, but she escaped thanks to drew cain. Now anna devane knows that drew cain is alive and being held captive. If she hasn’t noticed already that I’ve disappeared, she will soon. From panopolia, the same place where chloe jennings shows up. That gives her a place to start her search. The wsb will get involved — security-cam footage, satellite imagery. I don’t care how well victor has hidden this place, anna’s gonna find us sooner rather than later. So we just sit back and we wait? No, because peter’s not an idiot. He now knows that the security of this location has been compromised. So he’s got to move. Or cut his losses. Oh, that’S… just beautiful, really, being held up here for two years, and now, either victor or peter are gonna have to turn around and kill me to cover their ass. No, no, no, no. Wait a minute. They’ve kept you alive this long. It’s possible you still have something one or both of them want. I may be the liability. Well, then, one or both of us is about to die. Hypothetically. Then I need something from you.

[ Door opens ] Who you calling? Anna.

[ Sighs ] You know what? I can’t call her. I don’t even know what to say to her. We didn’t get any evidence. All we did was… listen to a story. So you don’t believe dallas. I mean, I want to believe her, but that’s the start of a good con. You tell the mark exactly what you think they want to hear. So you think she made it up. I think it’s possible, yeah. But why? I mean, there’s the beginning of a good police investigation. Two things — who benefits? What’s the motive? Not shiloh — he’s dead. Not dallas — she’s already been paid. Well, maybe she was… paid to distract us, to point us into a different direction. But she didn’t put us in a different direction. She didn’t point us in any direction. She doesn’t know who was on the plane. She doesn’t know where the plane landed. All she said is that she dumped some plane parts in the gulf of aden. Which fits perfectly into the wsb’s incredibly thin file on the incident. Well, there was nothing to investigate because the crash never happened. It was drew on that call. He’s been alive this whole time. I’ll need to do a deep dive into the one you hired to replace chloe jennings. Another loose end I had to warehouse for you. Until you let her escape. Drew cain made that possible, the man I can’t fully control because you have failed to provide me the key. You know, it seems we’re going in circles with all of this. Agreed. One thing we can do is decide, do we just call it quits? Go our separate ways? Or do we make one final effort at a mutually beneficial arrangement? I want my daughter back, victor. And I want her mother with her. If you can make that happen, I’ll get you the key. You’d better. I’ll get right back to the work immediately. Drew: You’re still living in port charles? Yeah, that’s right. My daughters and i stay with the quartermaines. How’d that happen? It’s a long story. I’m not really certain we have time for me to tell it right now, but what do you need from me? I was wondering if you’ve seen my daughter. Scout? Yeah, I’ve seen quite a lot of her. Well, she and danny are inseparable. They both have rooms at the quartermaines’. How is she? W-what’s she like? She’s lovely. She’s bright, she’s articulate. She’s inquisitive.

[ Chuckles ] Charlotte, my daughter, says she’s a bit of a tomboy, likes to climb trees, likes to go exploring with annabelle ii. I love that — I love that she’s got a dog — at least access to a dog, anyway. Charlotte, my daughter, dances ballet, so apparently, scout wants to dance ballet now, too. Let’s go. Okay, listen, you get out of this alive, alright? And if you find peter, kill him. I’m way ahead of you.

Crichton-clark, where roger barstow worked, was a sketchy organization, basically a front for some dirty ops for the wsb. Ooh, sounds ominous.

[ Chuckles ] The official story is that the place blew up and everyone with ties to it is either dead or in prison, but the official story could be wrong. Well, that would mean that the dirty op is still running… and barstow was a part of it. Maybe naomi dreyfus was, too. Maybe they killed her to keep her quiet and then killed barstow for the same reason. Maybe. There’s just no way to prove it. Well, finally, we’re making progress. We know that the plane crash was staged and peter august is the one who caused it. Dallas didn’t say anything about peter, though. No, but she did say that there was a third party involved who was able to pay. Besides, peter already admitted to causing drew’s crash. Just feel like there’s something we’re missing, you know, some kind of element that we haven’t seen yet. Peter couldn’t have done all this on his own. He had to have help. Okay, well, we don’t know who that person is, so can we not worry about that right now and just focus on peter? Peter’s a fugitive, and we have no idea where he sent drew. I don’t know… I don’t know drew could help us out. He’s obviously fighting to come home. Have you thought about what happens when he does? Take off the cuffs and wait outside. Uncle victor, alive and well, I see. Hmm. I must admit, I was anticipating a bigger reaction. Can thank my cell mate for that, can’t we? I wasn’t sure how much drew understood of his circumstances. Liesl obrecht filled him in on the high points, including your involvement. Where is she, by the way? Oh, she’s safe. Is she? Are you making assumptions? Because your friend peter august hates her, and he’s given up all semblance of self-restraint. That’s why I brought you here. I need your help. Why don’t we start with the circumstances that led to your disappearance? I was on a job interview. An expectant mother needed a nurse for the final weeks of her pregnancy and to help out once the baby was born. You remember her name? Maxie jones. I was supposed to go to her apartment, but the baby’s father contacted me and asked if we could meet ahead of time. I’m used to anxious partners, so I agreed. And the father’s name? Peter august. We met at the metro court. He seemed nice enough, a little type a, but that’s not unusual for first-time fathers. I answered his questions and left for the interview. I remember walking out of the hotel, turning onto van ness, and that’s it. The next thing I knew, I was in a cell. They didn’t tell me where or why. Who’s “they”? The guards and russel. Who’s russel? The man who runs the place. Russel knew I was a nurse and said I might as well be useful. He had me give basic first aid to the guards and eventually, to the other prisoner. There was another prisoner? He helped me escape. He said he’d been a navy seal and he could hold off the guards. What was his name? Drew cain. Scout, the tomboy ballerina.

[ Door opens ] You spineless bastard. Finally, you show your face.

Can I get you another one? Um, I would like one, but no, no. I better not.

[ Chuckles ] I was getting a little carried away there

[Chuckles] With all that espionage lingo and dirty ops. You know, you had a good theory going. It made a lot of sense.

[ Chuckles ] Maybe I missed my calling. Uh…well… I think you’re great at your calling. You’re a gifted doctor, portia. You help people. That’s got to make you proud, not to mention you raised a wonderful young woman.

[ Chuckles ] Well, there’s no argument there. But to be perfectly honest, um, part of the reason why I came here tonight is because I was just avoiding going home. Yeah, yeah, I can imagine it’s probably lonely with trina not there but living in the dorms. I spent 18 years parenting trina, guiding her, shielding her, lecturing her at times. But now it is my job to step back and to let her find her own way. Which I’m totally committed to doing. It’s, um… it’s just harder than I thought it was gonna be. Maybe I can help. Got another case for us to work on, or…?

[ Chuckles ] No, no more cases. I was thinking about dinner… maybe a club. We can check out the competition. I would like that. Yeah? Yeah, I would like that very much. Alright. Let’s go! Let’s go. Okay.

[ Keys jingle ] Tell me again how you escaped. It was drew’s idea. He said I had to earn the guards’ trust. He’d stolen a pen from russel. He was gonna use it to pick the lock on his handcuffs, but instead, he told me to turn him in. So I did. If you’re asking about scout, she’s gonna have to get to know her father all over again. If you’re asking about me, I’m starting to realize that… I didn’t have a child with drew. I had a child with a man who I thought was jason. Andrew cain is a man who grew up in a state home in sawyer and after high school went into the navy and became a seal. I don’t know him. When we were together… he didn’t know himself. You know, uh… three years ago, I wouldn’t have known what you’re talking about right now, but after going through what I went through… more or less, I think I get it. You know, the way dr. Kirk messed with my head… …that feeling of, like, you don’t have a sense of… yourself. You know, you don’t trust… yourself for who you are anymore. That’s, um… well, that’s terrifying. And the night you stopped me from killing peter, that was a turning point for me. You know, ever since then, I’ve been getting help from kevin and my mother and, uh… and you. It’s helped me find my way. Not back — there’s no going back, but… …helped me find my way forward. And that’s what drew is gonna have to do, as well. He’s gonna have to figure out who he is now and what he wants now. He’s gonna need help. And I will be there to help him… because he’s scout’s dad. The drew cain I thought I loved… doesn’t exist. In fact… …he never did. So did the ruse work? The guards trust you? Enough so that the next time they brought me to drew’s cell, I tricked the guard into coming inside. Drew knocked him out. We took his keys. We made it to the outside door. That’s when drew sent me on alone and went back to hold off the guard. He was so brave. You have to help him. Got to find him first. Yeah, anything you can tell us about the location of the compound — that would really help. Trying to remember the last time I saw you. Suppose it would’ve been cassadine island before I was sent off to school. I must have been 6. But you remember me. Not really, no — photographs, stories. You were the sane one, the surviving brother, but not for long, not if you’re working with peter august. You’re not gonna survive that. He’ll double-cross you. He’s already started. That’s why I need your help. Peter’s gonna kill us both unless we work together. It’s right by the ocean. That’s all I know. You may know more than you realize. Why don’t you just take us through what you did, everything you can remember.

[ Monitor beeping ] I got in the guard’s car and floored it. I was sliding all over the road, but I just kept going as fast as I could. I knew they’d be after me. I saw some lights in the distance. I drove toward them, but I missed a turn and drove into a ditch. I must have hit my head and blacked out. When I came to, I started walking toward the lights, and it was a little town, a little bar, some people out front. I-I told them my name. I said I was an american and I needed help. And then I woke up here. Do you have any idea how far the compound was from where you crashed? It’s hard to say. 20 miles? It was dark. I was just trying to stay on the road. You’ve been very helpful and incredibly brave. Mm-hmm. Yeah. I still don’t understand why this happened to me. Drew didn’t know, either. Who’s your suspect? It’s the last man that you met in port charles — peter august. I’d hate to have to shoot you, drew… but I will. Shooting an unarmed man in handcuffs — that’s definitely your style. I’m offended. You don’t want to thank me for keeping you alive all this time? You mean like you did with my brother? Come on, man. This is the same crap that you pulled with jason. You made the world think he was dead, and then you kept him on ice until you could use him. There were some complications with jason, but there won’t be with you. Go screw yourself, august. I’m a seal. You can’t force me to do anything. Wrong. You’re active. Soldier. Reporting for duty. You have a new mission.

[Waves crashing]

[Somber music]

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