Y&R Short Recap Monday, October 4 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Nick refused to tell Billy what he found in New Jersey. Victoria told Ashland she still loved him, but she wanted the whole truth about him, starting with the reason Jesse Gaines was in town. Ashland asked Victoria if they could talk on the plane to Tuscany, and she said yes. They agreed to fly to Italy tonight. Nick ran into Victoria and asked if they could talk, but she said no. they disagreed about whether he betrayed her. Ashland didn’t want Nick to tell anyone what he learned in New Jersey. Amanda and Devon’s night together was cut short because Abby needed Devon’s help with Dominic. Dom and Devon spent time alone when Abby stepped out to buy something for the baby’s congestion. Amanda spent time with Phyllis. Phyllis heard Devon was with Dominic, and she told Amanda about Jack’s bond with Summer. Amanda thought Phyllis was delivering a warning that the baby could come between her and Devon. Amanda said she supported Devon being in Dominic’s life. Amanda asked if Jack’s bond with Summer caused tension between Nick and Phyllis. Without naming names, Billy sought Amanda’s input on Ashland coming into money at the age of twenty. She shared her thoughts, and it made him think that Ashland and Camilla Rhodes’ lawyer worked together to tamper with the will. Phyllis told Amanda that she regretted the way she and Billy hurt Jack. Sally told Adam how determined she was to get her dress to Victoria.

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