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Recap written by Christine

Billy was dining alone at Society. Adam walked in and asked if Lily finally left him. Billy said that Lily was away on a trip. They traded barbs, which concluded with Billy said he’d be at the wedding, unlike Adam. Adam clarified that he’d be there too, because Victoria invited him. Adam thought Victoria finally found a man worthy of her. Billy assumed that Adam was going as Victor’s plus one. Adam stated that Victoria personally invited him, and he graciously accepted. Billy found that hard to believe, but it didn’t matter, because he heard there might not be a wedding. Adam thought this was a lame attempt to get him to cancel his plans. Billy didn’t care what Adam did. He said that Victoria already left, but she might not walk down the aisle. Adam thought this was more wishful thinking on Billy’s part. Billy was sure Victoria would wake up and realize the insanity of committing to an enigma of a man. Adam stated that his sister was deeply in love, and for the first time in a long time, she knew exactly what she was doing. Billy didn’t think Adam had any insight into Victoria’s heart, given their history of hostility. Adam noted that Billy had a rocky past with Victoria, so he might not know her much better. Adam said that maybe Billy didn’t recognize Victoria and Ashland’s true love because he was comparing it to Billy’s sitcom-inspired relationship with Victoria. Billy argued that Adam had no idea what his relationship with Victoria was like. Adam said it was less than a week to the wedding, so Victoria was past the point of no return. Billy suggested that something or someone would help Victoria see the light.

Billy went to work and talked to his investigator on the phone. He was positive that Camilla Rhodes mentioned Ashland in the will. The investigator found something that both startled and angered Billy. He called Ashland a son of a bitch. Billy’s investigator, Marty, arrived. She informed Billy that there were no record of Camilla Rhodes’ will or her banking records. He asked if Ashland made them permanently disappear. She couldn’t be sure, but she said her people may have hit paydirt on another angle. They finally got a lead on Jesse Gaines. Billy asked where Jesse was, because he likely had all the answers Billy was looking for.

Adam called Victor, who appeared to be at an outdoor cafe somewhere. He said he was in a bit of a hurry, as he was going to Summer’s wedding. Adam just wanted Victor to know that Billy might be planning to disrupt Victoria’s wedding. Victor groaned that Billy hated to see Victoria happy. He wanted Adam to help him stop Billy. Adam wasn’t sure he was the right man for the job, since Victoria barely tolerated him. Victor thought Adam should do this for Victoria since she invited him to the wedding.

Sally and Chloe were in a hotel suite at The Grand Phoenix. Sally unzipped a garment bag and showed Chloe the dress. Chloe loved it and she thought it was way better than the one Lauren’s team made for Victoria (Lauren had shown Chloe pictures). Sally wanted to find a creative way to get this dress on Victoria. Chloe didn’t think Newman Media needed Sally pulling an over the top stunt. Chloe decided to call Victoria and mislead her into thinking that Lauren wanted her to come here for another dress fitting. Chloe said if Victoria wore this dress, Newman Media would be one step closer to becoming a fashion house, as Chloe dreamed. Chloe made the call, and Victoria’s assistant revealed that Victoria left for Tuscany already. Chloe felt horrible for Sally, who went through all that trouble for nothing. Sally wasn’t giving up. She was going to bring the dress to Tuscany.

Chloe and Sally went to Society. Chloe thought that Sally was taking it too far, flying all the way to Italy. Sally was confident that Victoria would love the dress as much as Chloe did. Chloe noted that Sally had a big strike against her, due to the machinations against Victoria’s niece. Sally knew the odds were against her, but this was her make it or break it moment. Chloe admired Sally’s determination and wished her luck. Chloe left to take a call. Sally saw Adam and asked if she could bum a ride to Italy with him. Sally told Adam her dilemma. He knew she was talented. He said if he went along with this little stunt, he still wanted to keep things strictly professional with Sally. She said that if Victoria wore her dress, it would get Newman’s fashion division more clicks than all the other divisions combined. He commented on her confidence. She asked if it would really be that terrible to fly over together and keep each other company. He decided to help her.

Later, Adam met with an invsestigator and told them to find out everything about ChancComm’s investigation into Jesse Gaines. Adam instructed the man to stay one step ahead of Billy Abbott.

Victoria and Ashland arrived at her family palazzo in Tuscany. Ashland opined that it was as breathtaking as the woman he wanted to marry. Alessia, the household manager, showed them to a bedroom and left them alone. Victoria was quiet, so Ashland filled the silence by marveling at the house. Victoria had been planning to say this on their wedding night, but she decided to say it now – Victor gave them the deed to The Palazzo as a wedding gift. Ashland thought it sounded like there was still going to be a wedding. She asked if he thought she’d fly 4,000 miles on his private jet if she’d already decided not to get married. She was leaving things open so that they could talk without interruptions. She was expecting this new confession he had to make to be worse than the others.

Ashland wanted to do everything in his power to convince Victoria to marry him, but he wasn’t going to do that, because he didn’t want to push her into doing something that didn’t feel right in her heart. Victoria knew Ashland got whatever he wanted, and part of the reason she fell in love with him was she was exactly the same way. He hoped tha love would endure. She said she still loved him. He realized he should’ve been forthcoming form the start. She sort of understood why he didn’t. She said she grew up with a father who kept things from the family whenever it suited him. She lived with Billy and his lies and gambling. He felt regretful about creating another cloud of dishonesty in her world. He said that he never told anyone, except her and Nick, about the decision he made the night of the crash. There were only two people who knew this other thing that he needed to tell her. He said there had been a wall around him ever since his damaged childhood that he couldn’t let anyone else through. He tried to lower the wall for her, but it didn’t come naturally or easily. He made some huge mistakes, and he wanted to make it right. He wanted and needed to make this work more than anything. He vowed to prove he wouldn’t ever lie again. She said it was more that he withheld information. He promised that wouldn’t happen again. Victoria assumed this had something to do with Jesse Gaines, and Ashland confirmed it. He thought it was time he told her how he made his fortune. It had been a long day though, so he suggested they go get some food, and he thought she’d need a glass of wine or two.

It was the day after Sharon and Rey’s honeymoon-inspired date. They were at Crimson Lights, and she was wearing the perfume he gave her. Mariah entered, and she was in a good mood. Sharon carefully asked where this new attitude was coming from. Mariah said not to worry – she and Tessa weren’t pregnant, but having a baby wasn’t off the table. Rey didn’t realize Mariah and Tessa were thinking of having a baby. Sharon explained that she didn’t say anything out of respect for Mariah’s privacy. Mariah said that Sharon and Tessa thought having a baby was a knee jerk reaction, but she and Tessa had an amazing conversation, and they agreed not to even discuss it until after Victoria’s wedding. Sharon thought that was a good idea to give everyone some time to think. Mariah was going to visit Abby and the baby today. She wanted to apologize and explain about her abrupt departure. Sharon was concerned, but Mariah insisted that she could handle it. She left. Rey thought Mariah seemed back on track, but Sharon didn’t think that was the case.

Sharon’s instincts told her that there were warning signs with Mariah. According to Sharon, Mariah specialized in pretending things were okay when they weren’t. Tessa came in, and Sharon told her about Mariah’s visit. Tessa didn’t realize Mariah planned to go to Abby’s. Sharon said that Mariah seemed upbeat, and she asked if Tessa thought that was true. Tessa wanted to believe Mariah was doing better. She said Mariah was angry at first about Tessa and Sharon talking behind her back, but she seemed to calm down, and she agreed to put the baby discussion on the back burner until they got back from Tuscany. Sharon was glad Tessa and Mariah were going to the wedding – she thought they both needed a vacation and time away.

Abby and Devon were asleep in the Chancellor living room. Abby bolted awake to check on Dominic. He was calm in his bassinet, and his breathing and temperature were normal. She told Devon that it looked like Dominic would be okay. Devon got on his phone, and Abby hoped he was texting Amanda. That was what he was doing. Abby was sorry she kept Devon here all night, but he said they both fell asleep watching Dominic, which wasn’t her fault. She said that they slept through the night, which meant Dominic slept through the night too. She went to get a bottle, and Devon looked in on Dominic. Mariah showed up, and Devon told her what happened last night. She went over to check the baby. Devon said Dominic only needed saline drops, and it was nothing to worry about. He added that Abby only called him because she was having trouble getting Dominic to sleep. “Abby called you,” Mariah said. Abby came in and was happy to see Mariah. Mariah said she was sorry for how she abruptly moved out, but Tessa was helping her, and she felt like she was in a better place. Abby said she and Devon were there for Mariah. Mariah thought it seemed a little soon for Dominic to be sick, and she asked what Abby did to treat him. Abby said Dom was fine. She asked when Mariah and Tessa were leaving for Tuscany. Mariah said they were flying out soon, but she’d been stockpiling breast milk and she was bringing bottles. Abby revealed that she’d decided not to go. Dominic was too young to fly, in her opinion, and she didn’t want to leave him with a nanny that long. She also decided to switch Dominic to formula.

Abby hoped this was okay with Mariah. Mariah was fine with it. Abby wanted to make this as easy on Mariah as possible, so if she had feelings or emotions she wanted to share, Abby was listening. Devon said the same applied to him. Mariah thanked them for understanding and left. Dominic didn’t finish the whole bottle, and he was crying again. They decided to call the doctor again just to be safe. The pediatrician wasn’t too concerned since the baby was active and alert. The call ended, and Abby said she was already an overreacting mom. Devon said you couldn’t overreact when you had a little life like that to take care of.

Mariah went home and remembered unsuccessfully trying to convince Tessa that they should have a baby. Tessa came home and said Sharon and Rey said Mariah went to see Abby. Mariah hoped they weren’t keeping tabs on her. Tessa said it wasn’t like that, but she was surprised Mariah didn’t mention her plans to visit earlier. Mariah said it was a spur of the moment decision that didn’t go how she planned. She said that Bowie was sick, and Abby said it was only a cold, but even if it was, he wasn’t even a month old. Mariah couldn’t help but worry. Tessa was sure Abby was doing everything she could to take care of him. Mariah said that Abby called the doctor, who said things were fine. Mariah said she couldn’t leave the country while Bowie was sick. Tessa thought Mariah should take a step back and let Abby deal with this. Tessa was sure Abby would take great care of the baby. Mariah yelled that she couldn’t just stop caring about the baby because they didn’t live with him anymore. She loved Bowie, and he was sick. She said that having their own baby was supposed to help – she’d have someone new she could put her love into, but Tessa shut that idea down. Tessa said she didn’t shut down the idea, she just felt they should talk about it more. She thought they’d agreed to table this discussion until after the trip. Mariah said she wasn’t going to Italy. She had to be here in case Bowie needed her.

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