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8:00. Dimera, ej dimera. And I’d like a quiet table, please. I guess it is a special event. It’s a reunion of sorts.

Lucas: Special event? A reunion of sorts. Really? Did sami come back to you? I didn’t think she’d be that stupid.

Allie: Hmm. This is stupid good. Am I keeping you up?

Chanel: I’m just really tired. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when the bed keeps rocking like you’re shooting the rapids or something.

Allie: So, johnny finally wore you down, huh? Was it worth the wait?

[Line ringing]

[Phone rings]

John: Yeah, john black.

Johnny: Hey, grandpa. Is grandma there?

[Ominous chords]

John: Yeah, she is, but she’s not feeling that well. And she’s–she’s in our room resting.

[Uneasy music]


Demon marlena: Doug, seems like you’ve been a bit of a tattletale. I think we’ll just have to do something about that, huh? Of course, family and friends will be…ha…devastated. But they’ll think you died of natural causes.

[Eerie off-key notes]

But…it’s going to be anything…but natural causes.

[Offkey notes escalate]


Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


John: Look, johnny. If you’re calling to talk to grandma about, uh… about your movie, we–we had that discussion, and we have decided that… that we’re going to pass on investing in it.

Johnny: Uh, I mean, I know you’re not thrilled with the story I want to tell. But does she feel the same way?

John: Yeah, I’m speaking for both of us. You know what, johnny, I’m going to tell you the same thing I told allie. This really isn’t a good idea. I mean, just to say that, uh, the memories of that time are–are painful would be a gross understatement.

Johnny: Yeah, but maybe confronting the memories could be a good way of exorcising them.

John: Was that supposed to be a joke?

Johnny: No.

John: Look, kiddo, I’m sure you think demonic possession is big box office here, but what happened to your grandma, it was horrific, it was painful, and it needs to stay private. So if and when you decide to make this movie here, you’re going to leave that part out.

Johnny: Sorry, but grandma’s possession is the only part I’m leaving in.

Chanel: You have a dirty mind, horton–that’s one of the things I like best about you.

Allie: You’re the one sharing details about your sex life.

Chanel: I shared details about my lack of sleep. Johnny and I didn’t have sex last night.

Allie: But you said…

Chanel: I said the bed kept rocking. Don’t you remember? Your evil twin made me watch “the exorcist” last night. And as you know, I’m very sensitive, highly suggestible–

Allie: Yes, a delicate flower.

Chanel: Every time I close my eyes, I just–I kept dreaming that I was that girl in the movie. And that the devil… was coming after me.

[Machinery beeping]

Tripp: Morning.

Julie: Where’s kayla?

Tripp: She had an emergency, so I’m going to be checking on your husband.

Julie: He did not have a good night.

Tripp: And neither did you. Right?

Julie: I’m all right.

Tripp: Mrs. Williams, I’m going to be here a few minutes. Maybe you’d like to walk up and down the corridor or go out and get some air?

Julie: I can’t leave, but thank you. And I don’t believe I thanked you for the kindness that you showed us yesterday.

Tripp: You didn’t have to. I’m sure it was very upsetting.

Julie: I suppose I was naive. I thought marlena could help doug right away. But… after he saw marlena, everything got worse.

Marlena: You’ll never win– never!

Demon marlena: No, doug has to die. He knows too much.

Marlena: No!

John: Doc. Sweetheart, what’s wrong? Is olay better than your clean beauty?

Allie: It’s like johnny is so obsessed with making this movie, he doesn’t see that it’s gonna freak out every single person in our family. He thinks he’s an “auteur.” I think he’s a jerk.

Chanel: He’s going to upset more than just his family.

Allie: Well, yeah, I mean, I don’t think the good people of salem are gonna be thrilled about it either.

Chanel: No, I’m not talking about people.

Allie: Are you talking about–

Chanel: The devil. Doesn’t he get that making a movie like this about the devil is just begging for trouble?

Allie: What kind of trouble?

Chanel: I read about that movie before I went to bed. And when they were making it, the set burned down, the actresses who played the mother and the daughter– they both got burned. The crew, they kept getting sick. And people who saw it, they had heart attacks, and some women even had had miscarriages.

Allie: No wonder you had nightmares.

Chanel: Like I said, you don’t go messing with the devil if you don’t want him messing with you back.

Allie: I didn’t know you were superstitious.

Chanel: Why do you think I went into business with you? You’re my good luck charm.

Allie: No, I’m just the one with the donut recipe.

Chanel: That too.

Allie: So, um, you think you’re going to talk johnny out of making this movie?

Chanel: What is the point? He’s just as stubborn as you are. And besides, I like how passionate he is.

Allie: Are we still talking about his movie, or are we talking about the way he feels about you?

Chanel: I thought you said you were okay with me seeing him.

Allie: I am.

Chanel: Okay, you say that. But every time I bring him up, you get all weird. So I’m beginning to wonder if you really meant it.

Abigail: Well, you don’t seem very happy.

Johnny: Uh, just spoke to grandpa john. He said that he and grandma won’t be investing in my movie.

Abigail: I’m sorry. What’s the movie about?

Johnny: Will wrote this a couple of years ago.

Abigail: Oh! “Sami brady story,” huh?

Johnny: It’s just a working title.

Abigail: Well, it definitely won’t be dull. Um… will…

[Laughs] He didn’t happen to write anything about–

Johnny: Your affair with my dad? While he was engaged to my mother? As a matter of fact, he did.

Ej: No, samantha is not back in salem…[Sighs] Not that it’s any of your concern.

Lucas: Not my concern? She’s the mother of my children. She’s also my friend.

Ej: Hmm. Have you heard from her? Has allie?

Lucas: No.

Ej: Neither has johnny. Doesn’t that indicate to you that she’s not particularly interested in being allie and johnny’s mother? Or your little friend?

Lucas: I just find it hard to believe that she’s not keeping in touch with anyone.

Ej: Believe it. She left town with her tail between her legs.

Lucas: No, she wouldn’t do that–that’s not her style. She wouldn’t run away.

Ej: Mm. No, you’re right, she never has before. But it seems, as shameless as samantha has always been, after the last set of revelations, she finally realized how completely she had embarrassed herself–that, in your arms, she had reached, so to speak, the bottom of the barrel.

Lucas: You smug son of a bitch.

Ej: You loser.

Lucas: It’s not how sami saw it.

Ej: [Scoffs] Oh, you better watch what you say–you’re very close to making me angry, and trust me, you don’t want that.

John: Doc. Sweetheart, what’s going on? You okay? You all right?

Marlena: I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I just…oh, I had the most…horrible nightmare.

John: It’s over, it’s over. Can you tell me about it? My nunormal?

Kate: Hey there.

Philip: Mom.

Kate: Mm. Bad time?

Philip: No. No, it’s okay. Uh, what’s going on? Is everything all right?

Kate: Yes, everything’s all right–I mean, a mother can’t visit her son without him asking what’s wrong?

Philip: Not this mother.

Kate: Ah. Ha ha. What does that mean?

Philip: Well, this mother, and that would be you, is a very busy woman with a big life. So for her to just come over and visit her son for a casual visit…

Kate: Okay. All right. It’s not just a casual visit. I’m just feeling some concern for my children today.

Philip: Mom, if this is about me and chloe…

Kate: No, it’s not you and chloe–I do have other children, you know, philip.

Philip: Okay. So if it’s not about me… and I doubt it’s about austin and billie, or cassie and rex. ‘Cause they’re doing fine as far as I know. So narrowing it down, I’d say you’re worried about lucas.

Kate: Yes, of course, I’m worried about lucas. Aren’t you?

Philip: No.

Kate: You’re his brother, philip. Lucas is suffering. How could you not be concerned about him? I mean, he is in so much pain. He’s so sad, mopey, and all over sami disappearing to god knows where.

Philip: Okay, you want my take? Lucas is a grown man. Why don’t we respect his right to be sad and mopey and just stay the hell out of it?

Kate: [Huffs]

Lucas: Take your best shot, dimera, go ahead.

Roman: Hey. Hey, two choices. Get out or sit down.

Lucas: It’s all right, roman, I’ll go–I got things to do anyway.

Ej: Like what, water your plants, get back to your knitting?

Lucas: Just tell johnny that I’ve set things in motion, all right?

Ej: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Lucas: What, you didn’t hear? I’m investing in his movie.

Ej: You little worm.

Lucas: Yeah, “the sami brady story.” I don’t want to spoil it for you, though, but you’ll be surprised who your wife’s real love interest is.

Abigail: So, um, the affair. Did will write about that in detail?

Johnny: Actually, it’s the most cinematic sequence in the script, yeah.

Abigail: Really?

Johnny: Very little dialogue. Just my mother going about her life, you know, planning a wedding, completely unaware that anything was even wrong.

Abigail: And–

Johnny: And it’s intercut with some rather striking visuals.

Abigail: “Discreet” visuals.

Johnny: There’s a long shower montage.

Abigail: Oh god. Oh…

Johnny: Yeah, there’s a lotta steam, but I don’t know that I’d call it discreet. The way that will described my dad’s naked body, it’s almost like he had a thing for his stepfather. A little inappropriate, if you ask me.

Abigail: Okay, well, uh, can’t wait for the premiere. I’ll bring the whole family.

Johnny: Abigail, I’m cutting the whole storyline. There won’t be anything about you and my dad.

Abigail: Oh, my–ohh. Oh, thank god. That was just–that’s not my proudest moment.

Johnny: Not to worry.

Abigail: Okay.

Johnny: And with will’s blessing, I’ve begun rewriting the script. I’m going to focus on the darkest, most dramatic thing that’s ever happened to my family when my grandma was possessed by the devil.

Allie: Of course, I meant it. Listen, I told you what worried me about him. That it was going to be a hit it and quit it thing. But you’re a big girl. And if that’s okay with you, then it’s fine by me.

Chanel: Well, if he was how you say he was, then I’d say he’s changed.

Allie: Really?

Chanel: Really.

Allie: Well, that’s good. And he is my brother, and I do love him. I want you both to be happy. I want you to spend many more nights together watching many more scary movies.

Chanel: No, no. I have to find a way to distract him from that or else I won’t be getting any sleep.

Allie: Actually, I didn’t sleep much last night either.

Chanel: You and tripp?

Tripp: Yeah, his vitals are good and his condition is stable.

Julie: He really had a terrible night. He tossed and turned.

Tripp: I will talk to kayla about increasing the dosage of the sedative they gave him. But try not to worry. Agitation is a fairly common side effect for dementia.

Julie: My husband does not have dementia.

Tripp: I’m sorry, I should be more careful with my words. I’m not making a diagnosis. His cognitive status is still being evaluated, you know, so we’ll do some more tests and see what the data tells us.

Julie: I don’t need to see data. I know if I pray for my husband, he will get better.

Tripp: I’m not questioning the power of prayer. I’ve read more than one study that a positive attitude can result in significant benefits in a patient’s prognosis.

Julie: Do you really believe everything has a scientific explanation?

John: It’s okay. It’s all right. So what was the dream about?

Marlena: I can’t remember.

John: It had to be a doozy. You’re still shaking, baby.

Marlena: Well, I think it had–I think it had something to do with doug.

John: That makes sense. I know how worried you are about him.

Marlena: Yeah.

John: Yeah.

Marlena: It’s just that everything’s been going so fast. It’s all–it’s all a blur. I can’t–I can’t quite figure it out. I was talking to doug… and then he was on the ground, and…julie was there.

John: We’re thinking it might be his heart.

Marlena: Oh. Well, after–after tripp and kayla stabilized him, I… I wanted to check on him just to…see that he was all right. And…I wanted to make him feel better. And I don’t remember exactly what I said to him, but I…I think I made him feel worse.

John: How could you do that?

Marlena: I don’t know. I don’t know.

Woo! You are busy…

Kate: Okay. Well, obviously I shouldn’t have come here to talk to you about this. So you can just get back to whatever you were doing, and I won’t bother you again.

Philip: Mom. Mom– mom, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Look, I’m just–I’m kind of sensitive to you interfering in our lives.

Kate: I do it because I care. My children are the most important things to me in my life, and I just hate seeing lucas so unhappy… pining away for sami who has broken his heart once again.

Philip: I do–I tried to help lucas with sami. You know that. And even though ej’s done with sami, she obviously doesn’t seem to want to get back with lucas. So game over. He needs to move on.

Kate: Oh yeah. Well, that’s easy for you to say.

Philip: You know… you might stop obsessing about lucas’s love life and your kids’ love life if you had a love life of your own.

Kate: [Huffs]

Ej: Can you believe the nerve of that son of a bitch? First, he sleeps with my wife, and now he’s giving money to my son for some cinematic pipe dream.

Roman: Lucas isn’t the only one.

Ej: Et tu, roman?

Johnny: So what do you remember about my grandma being possessed?

Abigail: Oh, not much really. I was just a kid.

Johnny: But weren’t people talking about it?

Abigail: I mean, there were whispers about it here and there but no one really wanted to talk about it very much.

Johnny: Yeah. Yeah, I’m getting that.

Allie: Yeah, tripp did spend the night, but that’s not why I didn’t get any sleep, so… I’m dealing with a horror movie of my own–it’s “the teething of toddler henry.”

Chanel: I thought he already teethed.

Allie: Well, they don’t get all their teeth at once, so… poor guy, he was up most of the night, but fortunately, tripp was there. He actually got up with him at 5:00 this morning so I could come here and bake donuts.

Chanel: What a sweetie.

Allie: Yeah, you don’t even know the half of it. This man offered to come over every day at that ungodly hour until the nanny gets there at 7:00.

Chanel: Yeah, I know we keep rough hours, but I’m really happy you have someone who wants to take care of you.

Allie: Yeah, he’s pretty incredible. I really, really care about him.

Chanel: But…

Allie: I didn’t say but.

Chanel: You didn’t have to. You want to talk about it?

Tripp: Mrs. Williams, I’m sorry if I seemed clinical. It’s very clear how much you you love your husband and how important your faith is to you.

Julie: Just answer the question. Do you really believe there’s a scientific explanation for everything?

Tripp: Yes, I do. But I don’t think that faith and science are mutually exclusive. You know, the more I learn about how the body works, the more I’m convinced that life itself is a miracle.

Julie: There are more things in heaven and earth.

Tripp: A lot more. But saying that I think there is a scientific explanation doesn’t mean we have it yet. Like, I was talking to allie about this last night. Her brother johnny has a script. He says it’s a true story about something that happened right here in salem.

Julie: A lot of things have happened in salem.

Tripp: It’s about dr. Evans being possessed by the devil.

Julie: Oh, that.

Tripp: Do you remember what happened?

Julie: Well, doug and i weren’t in town at the time. I’ve heard the stories.

Tripp: And do you believe the stories are true?

John: I know you did everything you could to help doug–I can’t imagine you doing or saying anything that would hurt him.

Marlena: I love doug.

John: Yeah.

Marlena: No, I don’t think that I would.

John: You know what I think? I’m thinking that–I’m thinking that you’re working a little bit too hard. I think that you’re always taking care of everybody else except yourself, so maybe you need to just shut it down and take a day off.

Marlena: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Doing nothing would drive me crazy. No, I…I need to figure this out, figure out what’s wrong.

John: Yeah, well, I was also thinking if your memory’s a little fuzzy, you recorded your session with me. Is there any way you might’ve recorded your session with doug?

Marlena: I did record it! I did. I’ve got to go listen to it.

John: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Right now?

Marlena: Yes. Yes. If I’m going to be able to help doug, I’ve gotta go do it right now.

John: I figure there’s no way I’m gonna to stop you from doing this–at least let me drive you to the hospital.

Marlena: No, no, you don’t need to do that.

John: Yes, I do, because i want to see doug and julie anyway for myself, okay?

Marlena: All right. Okay. I’ll just get dressed. I’m so glad to be doing something.

John: Right.

[Uneasy music]


Philip: Must’ve been good for your ego, roman pursuing you like that?

Kate: Oh…well, I mean, he didn’t exactly pursue me. He just let me know that when I was ready, or if I was ever ready, that he will–he will be there.

Philip: But you still didn’t answer my question. So I’ll put it another way. If roman is so appreciative of you, and since you put it into the context of, you know, it being a restart to your love life…why aren’t you two together?

Kate: Aha. Because love is risky. And I don’t want to take that risk. You know, I…I just went through something where I was tremendously hurt. I was humiliated, and I think I’m just going to concentrate on my family and my work for a while. And yet…

Philip: And yet?

Kate: Oh, I–there’s just something…something about him. His little mischievous smile. He has such a big heart. The way he stands up to people. I’ll always admire that.

Roman: I am not about to tell one of my grandkids no when they’re following a dream.

Ej: That dream is puerile. His place is at dimera, working for me.

Roman: Whew. Ej, look… I don’t mean this as criticism, all right, just a real question. Do you ever think about how stupid you are? Look, if you want a surefire way to get johnny completely out of your life, then force him to do something he doesn’t want to. And, yeah, sneer at the most important thing in his life.

Ej: Thanks for the counsel. Was it your great parenting that made samantha so grounded, so stable?

Roman: Oh, I am so sorry that butting in makes you feel so uneasy.

Ej: You’re wasting your money, roman. He’s just like his mother. He’s making grandiose plans for a movie that he talks and talks and talks about. A movie he’ll abandon the second there’s actual work involved.

Roman: Ej, look. I know you’re angry with sami. Do you ever stop to think that maybe you’re taking that out on johnny?

Ej: No. I’m trying to help my son grow up, and you’re indulging him just like you always indulged your tramp daughter.

Roman: Oh, wow. You obviously came here for a fight, didn’t you? But you know what they say? Be careful what you wish for, because I’m going to tell you something right now–you keep talking like that, you’re damn well gonna get one.

Johnny: So I know I can raise the money. See, even though grandpa john was turning me down about investing, he told allie that the whole thing was true. Now tell me that a documented story about a possessed grandma is not marketable.

Abigail: Yeah. But why do you not see that your family might see the movie as exploitative? I mean, what’s the phrase, “sell your own grandmother”?

Johnny: What I don’t see is why everybody’s so offended by it. I mean, possession is nothing to be ashamed of.

Abigail: What?

Johnny: She didn’t seek out the devil, she didn’t upload a profile to a demonic dating website.

Abigail: Right. But just because it wasn’t her fault doesn’t mean she wants there to be a movie made about it. And how does allie feel about it?

Johnny: Good. I hope. I asked her to play my mother.

Abigail: Aren’t you going to use actors?

Johnny: Lots of great directors use real people for their movies all the time.

Abigail: Oh, actors aren’t real people?

Johnny: You know what I mean. “The florida project.” “Nomadland.” “The sound of metal.” This is a salem story. I want people who are really connected to this town. People who are connected to the people who had to go through this unspeakable horror.

Allie: I really wish my mom would answer the texts.

Chanel: Okay. You can try to change the subject all you want, horton, but you know what? Maybe I’ll just ask tripp what you’re keeping from me.

Allie: All right, I will tell you. Tripp is so great, and I really, really like him. And the sex is…

Chanel: Okay! I get it. He’s great. Okay. So what is the problem?

Allie: He told me that he loved me the other day… and I didn’t say it back.

Julie: Let’s say in my life experience, the devil takes many forms. Gabi hernandez being one of them.

Tripp: I’m sorry.

Julie: Never mind. You keep your faith in science. I’ll keep mine in god. And I’m sure between the two of us, we can do doug some good.

Tripp: Amen.

Julie: Thank you so much for the care you’ve shown him and me.

Tripp: I’m off my shift now. So how about on my way out, I stop by the chapel and say a prayer for your husband?

Julie: I think it’s a wonderful idea.

John: All right, now, I am going to go check in on doug. I want you not to push yourself too much. Okay?

Marlena: Yeah. I think–I think I’ll feel better when I hear what’s on that tape. It all just happened so fast. I must’ve missed something. Yeah. Please give doug and julie my love, hmm?

John: [Quietly] I will.

Marlena: [Softly] Thanks. Shingles? Oh… you mean bill.


Marlena: Now I would like to start off by discussing some of your recent moments of cognitive dissonance. I understand that you’ve been mixing up people’s names?

Doug: Well, apparently, I– I confused you with vivian alamain. Sorry about that.

Marlena: It’s okay. I’ll find some way to forgive you for that.

[Doug chuckling]

Doug: I feel worse really about forgetting tom and alice. I mean, how could I ever forget them? They meant so much to me.

Marlena: I know that. Having a–having a lapse in memory doesn’t mean they’re any less meaningful to you. So please don’t feel guilty about it.

Doug: Well, I do feel guilty. I groped paulina price, for pete’s sake. It’s completely inappropriate.

Marlena: Do you have any idea why you did that?

Doug: No. It just–it just horrified julie. All this has been so hard on her.

Marlena: Julie told me that you locked her in the freezer by accident.

Doug: That was no accident. I locked that bitch in there on purpose.

John: So how’s it going?

Julie: Well, he’s heavily sedated, but so agitated. I really don’t think he’s getting the rest he needs.

John: And I don’t think you are either. I know you were here all night.

Julie: Where else would I be?

John: Julie, doug’s going to need you to be strong for him–why don’t you go home and get some sleep?

Julie: Sleep is impossible. I could use a shower. I could use a change of clothes.

John: Hey, now, that sounds like a plan. So why don’t you go do that, and I’m just going to stay right here with doug. Okay?

Julie: Oh, thank you, john. I won’t be long.

John: No, no, no, you take your time, take your time.

Julie: My darling. And you are my darling.

[Machinery beeping]

[John signs]

Abigail: So, if you’re going to get allie to play your mom, you’re going to get your mom to play marlena?

Johnny: Can you imagine my mother on a shoot? She’d be like margo channing on steroids.

Abigail: Who?

Johnny: Besides, no one knows where she is.

Abigail: Well, then you might have to get a real actress.

Johnny: Tough role. Gotta be strong but vulnerable. Really beautiful. I’ve got it.

Abigail: Cate blanchett?

Johnny: You.

Chanel: I wish I could relate. Johnny and I are nowhere near the “I love you” stage. We’re still wooing.

Allie: Wooing?

Chanel: His words. Not mine. It’s like going back to the age of chivalry.

Allie: And if he wins your heart, are you going to tie your handkerchief to the end of his lance?

Chanel: I’ve never heard of that. Oh, that was like a joke. An age of chivalry joke.

Allie: Sorry, I can’t help it–it’s just the thought of johnny as some pure-hearted white knight seems so ludicrous to me.

Chanel: Okay, you did it again.

Allie: Did what?

Chanel: We were talking about you and tripp, and you got me off subject. So what is going on? You actually have a pure-hearted knight who babysits. Now, what is the problem?

Allie: I was telling kayla I know tripp is so great, and we are serious about each other. But I just–I don’t think that I’m ready. You know, like, when I tell someone that I love them for the very first time, I want to make sure that I really mean it.

Chanel: So? What do you think is holding you back?

Tripp: What are you two talking about?

Dayquil severe for you…

Allie: We were just talking about chanel getting wooed.

Chanel: And about how you’re her 5:00 A.M. Hero.

Tripp: Well, I guess we’re all pretty lucky.

Allie: Yeah, we are.

Roman: Ej, listen to me very closely. I’m not going to just stand here and listen to you badmouth my daughter, all right? Do you get what I’m telling you?

Ej: Okay, I’m sorry, I was out of line. But she was the one who broke her vows. She’s the one who left.

Roman: I’m not defending her, but we both know you were far from a great husband. All right? And like I said, just like you pushed her away, you are about to do exactly the same thing to your son.

Abigail: Me?

Johnny: Of course. I should’ve seen it before. I mean, you’re strong, you’re intelligent. You’re beautiful.

Abigail: I mean that those things–I mean, that’s not untrue, but I just–I don’t know anything about being obsessed. I-I… well, um… I guess as someone who had did, I do know a thing or two about someone taking over your life and who you are, but–

Johnny: So does this mean you’ll do it?

Abigail: [Laughs]

Marlena: I’m sorry. Did you say–

Doug: That I locked her in on purpose. You heard that. You heard right. It was the most fun I had all week.

Marlena: I’m sure you don’t mean that. I think you’re just confused.

Doug: No, marlena, you’re the one who’s confused. Ha ha ha. I am not doug. Ha ha ha ha.

Marlena: Of course you’re doug. You’re doug williams. And I’m marlena evans.

Demon doug: I know exactly– exactly who you are. It’s been over 25 years, marlena. But did you really think that I wouldn’t come back for you?

[Unsettling off-key notes]


John: We’re all right here for you, buddy. In fact, marlena is in her office right now and is trying to figure out what she’s going to do next.

[Rapid beeping] Whoa, whoa, hold on, hold on, buddy.

Doug: Marlena.

Demon doug: And you have to stop pretending that you don’t remember me. It hurts my feelings after everything we shared. All those nights together at your penthouse… desecrating st. Luke’S. Remember when john caught us red-handed?

Marlena: Oh, my god.

Demon doug: Not god, marlena. But I’m just as powerful. Which you know better than anyone.

John: That’s right. That’s right, doug. Marlena is trying to help you.

Doug: John, marlena needs our help. She tried to–she–oh dear god.

John: She tried to what, doug?

Doug: Kill me.

[Dramatic musical sting]

[Rapid rewind sound]

[Static, garbled sounds]

Demon doug: Dear marlena… did you really need to play this tape? I’m so hurt that you’ve already forgotten our little reunion. Allow me to refresh your memories.

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