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We missed you two at breakfast. Re oh, she knew. She knew the whole time sonny was alive. We got married, and she knew. Hey, hey. You can’t “burn her life down.” Oh, you watch me! Why? And let nina be the victim after all the hell she’s put everybody through? Nina deserves to pay, jason! You sh– you’re right. So stand back and let her pay the consequences. Let people hate her the way she deserves. Ugh! Isn’t it more satisfying that she loses everything and has only herself to blame? Fine. I’ll back off. What? Why — why are you looking at me? I just — I want — I want you to mean what you’re saying right now. I get it, okay?! I get it. If I go after ni na, she’s gonnamake me out to be the bad guy, and I can’t go down that road again, all right? I just — she’s so lucky that you got here. Joss told me.

[ Sighs ] So I had your phone tracked. Oh, josslyn. She must be so worried and confused. Her exact words were that she thought she was meddling, but she thought things might escalate. Yeah. [ Scoffs ] Well, she was right. Can you believe that nina knew sonny was alive?

[ Sighs ] Sonny told me. He was — he was gonna tell you. I can’t believe what’s happening. I gotta go. I gotta go. Okay, hol– wher– wherever you’re going — wherever you’re going — I’m not gonna go anywhere near nina. What the hell happened? Or is it about to happen?

[ Sighs ] Come on. Come on over here. You owe me a rematch. I don’t know what the point is. You’re gonna lose. Ouch. Okay, well, bet you can’t beat me at backgammon. I have an idea — why don’t you tell me what’s going on with hayden’s investigation? You said we were a good team. Okay — okay, this may come as a surprise to you, alexis, but we don’t always have to be on a mission, right? Sometimes, I just — I just come here for the company. Maybe the company doesn’t find it very exciting to keep beating you at checkers, so let me be your sounding board. Maybe I can help you find out who really tried to kill hayden. That you’re coming home soon makes me happy. So, how are you and martin getting along? Any sibling rivalry over the tv remote? Hah! Well, that’s good. Glad he knows his place. Yes, spencer has settled back into wyndemere. Hopefully, he and nikolas have smoothed things over. No, I’m afraid not. Ava is still leaving port charles. I haven’t left yet. I still have some unfinished business. What are you talking about, spencer? What could you have possibly done to make you feel like you don’t deserve a relationship with your own father?

[ Sighs ] Look, I have known you a long time. I’ve seen you at your best, I’ve seen you at your worst, and a lot of those times, the worst outweighed the best. But I hope you know I’ll always be there for you, no matter what you’ve done. That’s easy for you to say. I’ve been at boarding school in europe while you and joss hung out pc high. I have changed. We all have. Oh, please. If you want to make a list and compare the terrible things that we’ve done, trust me — I’m in no position to judge.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, you might not. But trina? She’s a whole other story. Yeah, I mean, but who says that she has to know? Can you really make that promise? And what about josslyn? The three of you are pretty tight. They only have to know what you want them to know. Okay. Okay. I gotta admit, it’s been killing me.

[ Doorbell rings ] Expecting anyone? Whoever it is, I’ll send them packing. Surprise! How can I help you? Mr. Corinthos, I’m esme prince, spencer cassadine’s girlfriend. I thought you’d like to know that spencer is back in port charles. Spencer’s here? When did he arrive? What’s he been up to? He came earlier this summer to surprise his dad. And it’s been one eventful reunion. Is spencer in trouble? Spence isn’t, but, uh… his father might be.

ght you’d be gladto see me, given our history. Hey, cam. Didn’t think you’d be here. Why didn’t security tell me you were arriving on the launch? He remembered I had vip status from your party. Knew I’d always be welcome. Am I interrupting? Cam and i were just catching up. Of course I’m always happy to see you, trina, but why didn’t you call first? Good question. I need to show ava these documents before she takes off for bora bora with your dad. Ava’s not here.

[ Clears throat ] Neither is my father. Sounds like you should be looking for them at the airport. Uh, yes, you heard right. Ava just arrived, and it looks like she’d like to have a talk. I will. You, too. Love you. Uh, well, laura wishes you safe travels and wants me to tell you that this is not goodbye, that she expects you to return to port charles once the police find your stalker. Well, that sounds like an excellent plan to me. And when does laura return from her mayor business in D.C.? Soon. You sure you don’t want to wait and say goodbye in person? I-I can’T. I have a flight booked for london. I’ve sublet a flat. The wheels are definitely in motion, so… I’m sure she’ll understand. Yeah. I just — I stopped by to let you know that the divorce papers are filed… and I’ve said goodbye to nikolas. And avery? Avery is safe with carly and s-sonny. I’m sure you’ve heard about his return. Have you? I did. I’m very happy for his family. Yeah. Avery is over the moon to have her daddy back. Makes leaving her just… the littlest bit easier. You know, I do have some free time right now, if you’d like to talk about everything that’s going on. Do you mean like a session or — no, I don’T. I don’t need — I’m not here for counseling, kevin. I — really, I came to see you because I need for you to make me a promise. There you go. Thank you. Does sam know you want to be a private investigator? I don’t want to be a private investigator. I don’t have to be a private investigator. I was a lawyer, and I’m cassadine. So I have a very unique perspective on the criminal mind. And I’ve worked with criminals for years, not to mention locked up with them. I think I have a similar perspective. I know what this is about. You’re afraid that I’m gonna get all this information, I’m gonna share it with T.J. And molly, and then they’re gonna go off on another crusade. That’s a very real consideration. You know, speaking of molly and T.J., They’re never home. Now, I thought maybe we’d share dinner once in a while, you know, watch a movie on tv. I microwave a mean bag of popcorn. Popcorn, huh? Nice deflection. So what is it that you’re trying so hard not to tell me? ‘Cause this is me, you know, and you know that I’m not gonna let it go. Jordan’s been injured. Wow. Uh, I’m sorry. What happened? She was trying to help me. Things went sideways. How? Jordan and I were looking into naomi dreyfus’ murder. Uh, we found a passenger, roger barstow, who sat next to her on the plane back to port charles. Was that helpful? Jordan went to interview him at his home, and just as she arrived, who should show up? Curtis and portia. What were they doing there? Following their own lead. Uh, well, curtis is helping sam look into whether, you know, drew is still alive and, if he is, what happened to him. So your investigation and their investigation led to the same house. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So, nina knew sonny was alive and just kept right on visiting wiley here at michael’s house and didn’t say a word.

[ Sighs ] No. That’s, uh, why carly slammed out. Now you know.

[ Scoffs ] I can only imagine how michael and willow will feel. I mean, they gave nina a lot of time with her grandson, which she clearly didn’t deserve. She’s disrupted a lot of lives, yours included. What happens to you now that sonny’s back? What the hell were you thinking? Well, I guess you spoke to nina. You knew sonny was alive, and you conspired with nina to keep it a secret from me?! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! No, I didn’t conspire! I wasn’t part of nina’s lies. You knew sonny was in nixon falls! On a hunch. I didn’t know for sure. Then why didn’t you tell me about the hunch, jax? I was getting married! I — look, I know, but you and I had been fighting so much lately. If I would have come to you and said i thought sonny was alive, you would have accused me of trying to stop you from marrying jason, right? Because you’ve been trying to control how I live my life! In what universe does bringing sonny home further my agenda? Please tell me. I mean, do you honestly think that I want you with sonny

or jason? Sonny: What’s going on with nikolas? It involves mr. Cassadine and his wife, ava jerome. Yeah, yeah, I know. They’re — they’re divorced.

[ Chuckles ] Well, of course you would. You and ms. Jerome co-parent your daughter avery, right? What about it? I’m sure you think it’s none of my business, but spence adores that little girl, and the last thing I want is for spence to get hurt. Why would he? I overheard mr. Cassadine talking on the phone, and it sounded like he and ava plan to leave port charles today and take your daughter avery with them.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] I wish I could hear them.

I love sonny. I would have never married jason if I knew sonny was alive, and you know that. No, I just — I didn’t have time to tell you. You didn’t have time to tell me?! Look, everything I did in nixon falls was to bring sonny home to you and the family. How did you even know sonny was in nixon falls?

[ Sighs ] This is gonna sound crazy, but do you remember when josslyn and trina came looking for me in nixon falls? Well, trina happened to bring home a homemade jar of marinara sauce that she picked up at a bar there. And josslyn used that sauce to make me dinner a couple of nights ago, and she thought that it tasted exactly the way sonny used to make it. You thought sonny was in a bar in nixon falls making sauce? No, no. I — remember the first time I was there, I got shot? And I was on the gurney. They were about to put me in the ambulance, and I thought I saw sonny. Why didn’t you tell me and josslyn? Because nina convinced me that I was hallucinating. Because of nina. Nina has lied to you for months! Why aren’t you more angry? Because of her exposure to the gas while trapped in barstow’s basement, jordan’s remaining kidney was compromised. She needs inpatient treatment at a clinic in albany that specializes in nephrology. Oh, wow. Poor jordan. Uh, well, it’s good that portia’s making a full recovery. Okay, I’ve got — I’ve got questions. So, what’s the connection between dreyfus and barstow? And — and who is the man that curtis chased into the woods, and do you think he could have killed barstow? And how does drew’s plane crash relate to all of this? Unfortunately, I-I can’t answer any of those questions, although we do have a tenuous connection between roger barstow and drew cain’s plane crash. Really? What’s that? The crichton-clark clinic. Kevin: Well, I’m at your service. What kind of promise would you like me to make? Well, you know how deep nikolas’ emotions run, right? He’s either in a very, very good place or a very, very bad place. Right now, he’s in a bad place because he’s losing his wife. Well, I’m — I’m hoping that my absence will allow him to work on his relationship with spencer, you know, because I won’t be around for him to worry about anymore. Sometimes the absence of a loved one makes you just miss them more. You’re thinking about laura. Honestly, I’m a bit worried about that with nikolas. Can you look out for him? Just make sure that he doesn’t give in to his… darker impulses?

[ Camera shutter clicks ] Are you telling me you heard nikolas say he’s gonna — he’s — he’s taking off with avery? He was booking a first-class flight to bora bora for himself, ms. Jerome, and your daughter. I’m sure mr. Cassadine thinks he’s protecting avery from the stalker, but… I thought you should know. You were right in coming to me with this, ms. Prince. Oh, please, call me esme. Esme. Thanks for filling me in. Your dad told you that he and ava kissed and made up? Cameron did. Well, after you told me that you booked first-class reservations for mr. Cassadine and ava, I had assumed that they already told spencer. Uh, well, ava already told me, and she was so excited.

[ Cellphone ringing ] I should get this. It’s not your dad, is it? I think that he’s too busy flirting with ava to remember that he even has a son. Privacy, please.

[ Cellphone continues ringing ] Trina: What are you doing here? You were supposed to feed spencer the lie about bora bora, then leave, thereby giving him the freedom to leave wyndemere and us the freedom to tail him. The way this is going, we might never find out if he’s ava’s stalker. Where are you? Relax, spence. I took care of things. Daddy dearest won’t be taking off for bora bora with the wicked wife. Why not? I said I took care of things. Esme, what did you do?

O people who started outmanipulating one another, nikolas and I have, um, formed a very strong bond. Some might even call it love.

[ Chuckles ] Maybe it’s the difference in our backgrounds, you know, but I’m — I’m much more pragmatic than he is. I hate leaving, but I-I know that it’s something that I have to do. And I know I will miss my life here, especially avery. Of course I’ll miss nikolas. I-I’m sure I’ll probably shed a tear or two. But I know that I’m going to be alright. Nikolas isn’t like that. He’s not used to compromise, to having to adjust. And I’m just worried that when the — the reality of my absence sets in, he won’t react… well.

[ Chuckles ] That’s why I need you to look after him. Who’s going to look after you? I’ll be looking after myself. And I-I won’t be anybody’s victim ever again. Thank you for everything. Take good care. And please give that beautiful wife of yours a hug from me. I will.

[ Chuckles ] You take care. Roger barstow worked in the records department at crichton-clark. Drew was held there at least six months. Curtis thought there might be something in his records that could tie into his disappearance. Portia went with curtis hoping her doctor status would encourage barstow to share patient files. And instead, jordan found him murdered in the basement. Yeah, I just wish I could figure out if barstow working at the clinic is relevant to him sitting next to naomi dreyfus on the plane, or was it just some bizarre coincidence. You said they bought their plane tickets together. That doesn’t strike me as a coincidence. You know, I’m more interested in your reaction when I mentioned crichton-clark. Drew was my former son-in-law. Oh, of course. So you would have heard the name of the clinic and known robin scorpio-drake was instrumental in his escape. There’s that. But it turns out I have a more direct family connection to crichton-clark. What am i still doing here? What are you doing here in the first place? This was not part of the plan. I had to improvise when joss left with esme and there was no sign of you coming back to the pier. Spencer was about to tell me something really important. Spencer told you he’s ava’s stalker? It was kind of heading in that direction. He didn’t say the words exactly, but you blew it the moment you walked in. Spencer: Esme, do not play around here. How did you take care of things between my father and ava? Are they reconciled, or aren’t they? Esme: Never mind the details. Just focus on the big picture. Your father’s gonna be convinced to stay in port charles by someone a lot more persuasive than you. This is not making me feel better, esme. It’s too late. I lit the match, and the fuse is burning. Oh, and, uh, one more thing. If the explosion happens at wyndemere, you don’t want to be around.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Josslyn? Hello. Josslyn: Hi. Everything alright? Yeah, sonny’s back, you know, so, uh, things just go back to normal. And by normal, you mean carly and sonny are still married, and you are once again his loyal lieutenant. Yeah, pretty much. So I assume you are thrilled. I doubt your mother will be. I mean, I know she said that she supported you and carly being married. That’s because you told her that you were happy. And that’s all monica wants for you. Still, I’d imagine she’ll be relieved to know that you and carly are no longer husband and wife. Yeah, probably. But the downside is sonny’s back, a man she has loathed since the day you started working for him. Yeah, I mean, it was always my choice to work for him, you know? Yeah, but — yeah, you don’t need to defend sonny. He is who he is. He did what he did. My point is now that sonny’s back, it means that, uh, he’ll once again be calling the shots, and you will be taking all the risks. And that has to be a nightmare for your mother. Look, nina made the wrong choice, but with good intentions. She thought that she was protecting sonny from his old life. Protecting sonny? She thought he was happier in nixon falls, okay?

[ Laughs ] Nina is a liar! “She was doing it to save sonny.” “She was doing it to save her relationship with wiley,” when the fact is, nina still blames me for what happened to nelle… yeah. …And this is payback, plain and simple. Okay, it’s true — and you know it! I know, it’s true that she was traumatized with everything that happened to nelle. But was she really wrong about sonny’s safety? I mean, I heard that a limo blew up right after your — your marriage. Couple of mobsters got killed. Are you seriously saying this to me right now? Are you kidding me? I’m — I’m not talking about sonny’s physical safety in nixon falls. He was happier there, mentally, and nina saw that. So I should go thank nina?

look, you weren’t in nixon falls. You didn’t see sonny’s life there. It was simpler, less complicated. He was a guy named mike. He worked behind the bar, and he took care of his friends. Stop, stop, okay? Because you saw what you wanted to see. You have hated sonny for 25 years. You’ve hated how powerful he is, how arrogant he is. And I’m sure nothing made you happier than to walk in and see sonny humbled, tending bar somewhere. Do you really — do you honestly believe that — that my only issues with sonny are about my ego? You know how much I hate that his business puts josslyn at risk. And his return, it might make her life even more dangerous. No, jax, it’s going to make it safer, because there won’t be a question about who’s in charge of the business. If he makes you feel any better, I gave nina an ultimatum, okay? I told her that if she didn’t tell sonny who he was, that I was going to tell him. That’s great. You trusted the one person who’s been lying for the past nine months to step up and tell the truth. Well, sonny’s home, isn’t he?! Because he was trapped in a fire and almost died. He remembered everything on his own. No thanks to you, and no thanks to nina. Oh, believe what you want. It’s your life. I don’t want any part of it. What’s this family connection of yours to crichton-clark? My uncle victor ran the clinic for some time. Can you get in touch with your uncle? Not without holding a seance. Last I heard, he was pretty dead. He was killed in the clinic when it was destroyed — shot, I believe. Damn, another roadblock I can’t seem to get around. At the time, victor was the director of the wsb. Took over the bureau from the inside and used it for his own ends. My understanding is that the details are classified, but, uh, if I were you, I would contact anna devane or robert scorpio. I think they’d be able to tell you more.

[ Doorbell rings ] If that’s joss and esme, I give up. Hi. Uh, mr. Corinthos, welcome back. It’s so good to see you. I second that. Good to see you, trina. Cameron. I’m sure josslyn relied heavily on both of you while I was gone. Is — is, uh, nikolas around? Who’s at the door? Uncle sonny! Hey. Oh, my gosh! You get tired of people telling you that you’re all grown up? Yeah, you get tired of hearing people say, “welcome back from the dead”? You look pretty good for a guy who has a headstone at woodlawn. Well, you know, I got nine lives. You know that, spencer. Yeah, I thought you already used them all up. I can’t believe you’re here. God. In the flesh. When I heard you had, well, passed away, I-I knew I had to come home, because I realized that life’s too short not to spend it with my family. Speaking of which, is, uh, your father here? No, I think he’s already on his jet or in bora bora. Your guess is as good as mine. Oh! Hi, joss. I didn’t realize you were right behind me. Hmm. Nice to see you, as well, dr. Collins. Hello, esme. I hope it’s nothing serious that’s brought you here. Oh, no, just, um, visiting a friend. Josslyn? Oh, I’m just here getting my ankle checked on. It’s all good. Well, I’m glad. Oh, and laura and I are very happy that sonny is alive. I know laura can’t wait to see him when she comes home. Thank you. He can’t wait to see her, either. Well, I’m sure they’ll be in touch. It’s good to see you both. Oh, dr. Collins, um, do you have a second? Spencer and I are auditing classes at pcu, and, um, I’m really into my cognitive psych class. I’d love a chance to pick your brain. Well, since cognitive psychology directs us within, you could pick your own brain and then let me know what you find. Deal. Why did it look like you were, um, sneaking up on me? What were you talking to sonny about?

Monica doesn’t need to worry about me. Maybe you believed that once upon a time. But you’re a father now, jason. If jake or danny came to you and said that they were gonna do something incredibly dangerous, but you didn’t need to worry, would you worry any less? No. In fact, you might worry more if you knew that that child had no fear for their own safety — that they would run, not walk, to put their life on the line so sonny corinthos could turn a profit.

[ Sighs ] Look, ned, I-I work for sonny because I want to. I mean, he’s my friend. The work suits me. I’m good at it. It’s my — it’s my choice. Mm. But given the amount of times you’ve been arrested or injured, you can see, right, how that choice would be really tough on a mother? Yes, I do. And the rest of your family, for that matter? You know, I might not be responsible for sonny’s return, but I played a part in it, one I may live to regret. So you’re welcome. If you’re expecting a thank-you, go to hell! I know what the hell’s going on here. What’s that supposed to mean? Oh, what are you talking about? All you’re doing is protecting nina because you care about her and you want her back, although she’s been lying for the past nine months. So keep sticking up for her, jax! You know what’s ironic about this? When I told nina that she had to come clean and tell sonny who he was, she accused me of always sticking up for you. So I can’t win with either one of you. Oh, poor jax. It’s a shame you can’t get nina back. Yeah, it’s never gonna happen. ‘Cause she’s moved on. Am I interrupting a game? Who’s winning? Oh, I was gonna win, so we don’t even bother playing. I heard, uh, you were decamping to london. Yeah. Nikolas told you, huh? He’s heartbroken about the divorce. I’m assuming he’s not the only one. He’s not. But I don’t have a choice, you know? I have to keep my daughter safe. I have been doing my best to keep an eye on this psycho. And from what I can tell, he doesn’t seem to be faking his locked-in condition. Well, thanks for keeping an eye out. The sad fact is, I’m no closer now to knowing who the stalker is than I was on valentine’s day when I got that first creepy gift. So, have you made all your arrangements? Yep. Gallery’s taken care of. Kristina agreed to manage charlie’s, and I’ve said all my goodbyes — well, all but one. I was talking to your stepfather about a family matter. You’re not family. Spence is. And that concerns you, how? Mr. Corinthos has relationships with other people in port charles, joss. You know, it’s not really a good look for you, acting all territorial about your stepfather.

[ Sighing ] To be honest, I’m at a loss here. I’ve only ever wanted to be your friend. But the way you and trina have been treating me has really hurt my feelings. I mean, why don’t you like me? Cut the crap, “ez.” Your innocent act may work with spencer, but I’m onto you. Oh, and if whatever you’re planning involves my family, your feelings will be the least of your problems. I’ll, uh, try and call my father again. Maybe he’ll pick up this time. So, I can’t believe, uh, you’re in college. And I missed your graduation. Huh, you guys have fun? Yeah, we did. Mostly. There was actually some unexpected drama at trina’s party.

[ Door shuts ] What kind of drama? Nikolas: Sonny! Father, I’ve been calling you. Oh, my phone was on silent. Is everything okay? Yeah, I’m glad I caught you before you left. Will you guys excuse us? ‘Cause we have little bit of catching up to do.

You may not spend a lot of time with us, but we all care what happens to you. Well, I can’t promise that I can change how I do business, but, look, I’m not a pissed-off 20-year-old anymore. I do take in consideration that there are people who care about me, that you guys want me to stay safe, and I do everything I can to stay that way. Well, that’s all we can ask. Well, I’m gonna stop by the hospital, see monica, tell her what’s going on. That’s a great idea. I’m sure she’ll love to see you. Thank you for speaking up. It’s kind of my job, to speak for the quartermaines. Because whether you like it or not, you’re still one of us. I know. Honestly, joss, between classes, volleyball, and your cute boyfriend, I’m surprised you have time to worry about me. But since you do seem to be a tad obsessed, let me give you some advice. Minding your business is free. Minding mine will cost you.

[ Sighs ] Poor spencer. He’s got no idea who you are. I’m not sure how you managed it, but I know you’ve got something to do with whoever is stalking me. And you’ve won for now. I’m leaving town. But I am gonna make it my mission to discover the truth. And when I do, you will rue the day I return to port charles. I can only imagine the brimstone and hellfire ava’s pouring into ryan’s ear. He deserves it. Yeah, no arguments here. Alright, let’s get back to crichton-clark, because if there’s a link between naomi dreyfus’ murder and drew’s disappearance, then sam’s investigation just got a bit more dangerous. Well, I can see why that might concern you. This somehow leads back to the cassadines. It always does. So we need to figure out how before even more people get killed. What exactly did nina tell you about her life in nixon falls? That she knew sonny was alive and well the whole time, and she kept it a secret from me and his family. Why? What else does nina know? What else is she holding back? Was it just me, or did the temperature in the room drop when joss’ dad saw yours? I noticed it, too. It was just you.

[ Cellphones chime ] What’s going on? What do you mean you’re glad to catch me before I left? I’m not going anywhere. No, you’re not. Not if I have anything to say about it.

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