Days Short Recap Thursday September 30, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ was at the Pub and was making reservations on the phone. Lucas overheard him and thought he was making plans with Sami. EJ corrected him. They ended up arguing with each other. Roman stopped them from arguing. Lucas let EJ know that he was investing in Johnny’s movie. When Lucas left the pub, Roman told EJ that he was investing in Johnny’s movie too. EJ said Johnny’s place was at DiMera. Roman asked him if he realized how stupid he was. They got in an argument. EJ called Sami a tramp. Roman threatened to hit him. He apologized, but reminded him that Sami cheated. Roman said EJ wasn’t a perfect husband. He said him that he was pushing Johnny away. Johnny called John to see if Marlena was home. John told him that she was resting because she wasn’t feeling well. John told him they were passing on the movie. John said reliving the memories would be painful. Johnny said reliving the past could get rid of the demons. He said what happened to Marlena was terrible and needed to stay private. He told Johnny to leave the possession out of the story. When Johnny got off the phone, he said he was keeping it. Marlena dreamed that she was fighting internally with the devil over Doug. She screamed out in her sleep. John came in the room to comfort her. She said she had a nightmare that she couldn’t remember. She said it was about Doug. She said she was scared that she made Doug worse. John told her to listen to her sessions for answers.

Abby asked Johnny about his movie. She asked if Will included her affair with EJ in the script. Johnny said he would take it out of the movie. He said he was focusing on Marlena being possessed. While they were talking about the script, he said he wanted to use the people who were connected to the horror as actors. Johnny asked Abby to play Marlena. Abby was shocked that he wanted her to play Marlena. She hesitated because she had DID and knew what it was like to have someone take over your life. He wanted to know if she would play the role. Tripp met with Julie in the hospital. She said Doug didn’t sleep well. Tripp said that was common for people with dementia. She said her husband didn’t have dementia. She said Doug would get better if she kept praying for him. She asked Tripp if there was a scientific explanation for everything. Tripp said he did. John went to see Doug. John told Julie to get some rest. He said he would watch Doug. When Julie left, John talked to Doug about Marlena. When Doug woke up, he told John that Marlena tried to kill him. Marlena heard the devil talking through Doug on her sessions. When she wanted to hear the session again, it was garbled. She was shocked when she heard the devil speak. The devil asked if she needed to play the tape. The devil was hurt that she didn’t remember their reunion. The devil offered to remind her.

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