Days Short Recap Friday, October 1, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Doug told John that Marlena was trying to kill him. He didn’t believe that Marlena would try to kill him. He wanted to know if he wanted him to die too. Johnny talked to Chad and Abby about his movie. Chad was surprised that he wanted to focus on the possession storyline. He wanted them to think it over. The devil told Marlena how he was grateful that she let him back inside her. He recapped what happened the last time he possessed her. Doug continued to tell John that Marlena wanted him dead. John said that everything would be fine. He was going to get Kayla to give him something to calm him down. Doug didn’t want him to leave. The devil told Marlena that they had to get rid of Doug. He refused to be an outsider. He wanted her to let him back in because he refused to let her leave him. John ran into Julie and let him know about his conversation with Doug. He told her that Doug thinks Marlena’s trying to kill him.

Abby was reading Johnny’s script. Chad was surprised that she considered doing the movie. Marlena told the devil that she refused to let him back in her body. The devil reminded her about the good times they had together. The devil wanted to get rid of Doug. Ciara and Ben met with Allie and Tripp at a bar. Ciara talked to Allie about wanting to have a baby. She thought Ben didn’t want a child because he was afraid the baby would end up like him. Allie didn’t think the baby would end up like Ben. Ben talked to Tripp about whether he could pass his mental issues on to his children. Tripp said that it was possible that he could pass it on to his kids. Julie went to Doug’s room. She told him that he would be back his old self soon. The devil told Marlena that she couldn’t resist him. He said they could take care of Doug. She didn’t want to do it. The devil said he would take care of Doug with or without her. She told him not to hurt him. The devil said there was a way to get Doug out of the picture, but she had to back him up. He wanted her to decide between Doug and him. Allie suggested that Ciara and Ben adopt. Ciara didn’t think they could adopt because of Ben’s past. Allie suggested they go to a lawyer and could find a baby. Tripp told Ben that his baby could inherit his mental illness. Julie told Doug that he didn’t have a reason to be afraid. She said everyone loved him including Marlena. He said Marlena didn’t want to help him. Marlena’s eye turned yellow.

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