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Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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[ Upbeat mellow instrumental ]

Steffy: Well, I think we sufficiently tired out the kids. Kelly and hayes passed out the moment I put them down.

Finn: Play hard, crash hard.

Steffy: Yeah. Words to live by. Did we do the same to uh, to paris? Where is she?

Finn: She’s upstairs, I think she’s coming back.

Steffy: Your instincts were right about her. I think she’s great, you know. She’s such a welcomed addition.

Finn: Oh seriously. Paris is awesome. She’s great with the kids, a good friend. Always upbeat.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: Makes it impossible to be in a bad mood when when you’re around her. It’s hard to imagine life around here without her.

Steffy: I know. Whoa.

[ Finn laughs ]

Paris: Careful what you wish for. I could easily become the guest that comes to stay for a night and never leaves.

Finn: That wouldn’t be the worst.

Thomas: Ah-ah-ah… oh!

Douglas: I won!

Hope: Again!

Thomas: Why do I bother? Why do I bother? I don’t know. This makes no sense.

Douglas: I’m the undefeated champion of the world!

Hope: Oh, and he’s modest, too.

Thomas: Very.

Douglas: And you’re the best designer ever? Right?

Thomas: Well, I’m not sure about that, but I’m definitely trying.

Hope: Oh. Well, your designs have been wonderful.

Thomas: Thank you.

Hope: I mean it. I am really happy we’re working together.

Douglas: Hear that, daddy? You make mommy happy.

Thomas: Well. That is what I live for. Pew-pew-pew!

Hope: All right, I play the next winner.

Thomas: You play the winner? Okay, I gotta step up my game.

Hope: Aww. Beth must be loving this. She’s got her daddy all to herself. All right, well you two have fun. Ah-hem. Douglas. That was a brilliant idea. Beth is having a blast.

Douglas: She gets to be alone with liam and I get to be alone with my mommy and daddy. C’mon! I want to show you something.

Thomas: Okay.

Douglas: I’ve been practicing throwing football.

Thomas: Okay. Here. Give it to mE. Whoa! Okay, let’s go outside. I want to see that arm in action.

Hope: All right, have fun you two. I will be here working away!

Douglas: Bye mommmy.

Thomas: See ya.

Paris: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.

Steffy: What?

Finn: You didn’T. You just walked in the room.

Steffy: It’s no secret how highly we think of you. You have a calming effect on this household. And there’s a lot of order where there used to be chaos… everywhere.

Paris: Another pair of hands can do wonders.

Steffy: It’s amazing but I’m not just talking about that. I’m just so grateful to have you here. Your spirit. Like, you really light up this house and our family.

Paris: That’s so sweet. But no, you guys have given me so much. From a roof over my head to a place in your beautiful childrens’ lives. A friendship I never expected. You guys are the best. From my heart. Paris: Zoe staying in paris was not the outcome I expected. And no doubt, it threw my life up in the air. But it’s funny how things work out. Like as unhappy as I was, if zoe had come back I wouldn’t be in this beautiful place on the ocean no less.

Steffy: I’m so glad we could share it with you. But it’s not just the location, it’s the way this house feels. The love and the laughter, ah! I’m just so lucky to be living here.

Finn: Paris. We’re the lucky ones. I mean, steffy, the kids. Me.

Steffy: Yeah, kelly and hayes adore you. I actually get a little jealous sometimes, a little bit.

Paris: Stop it.

Steffy: I do, I do. Like come on, I’m a mom. But like, it’s so good to have your energy here. A strong female. Your spirit, you’re so kind. And you sing, and then you go to work and you handle the foundation and then you have your input for the future– like, it’s invaluable.

Paris: I’m actually really enjoying that.

Steffy: Good. So, how are things with zende?

Paris: You know it’s kind of an added perk working with him.

Steffy: Mm-hm.

Paris: And thomas, oh, he’s talented.

Steffy: Don’t tell him that. His head is already way too big.

Steffy: So are zende and thomas playing nicely?

Paris: Yeah, from what I’ve seen.

Steffy: Really?

Paris: Yeah.

Steffy: Like, I know they’ve had some isues before but I have faith they’re gonna figure it out.

Paris: That’s what family does.

Steffy: Yeah, and that’s what’s good about my grandfather. He like, throws all the elements out there and they just have to figure it out. It’s just what we do– babe. Babe. What are you doin’?

Finn: My sunblock. Now that family time’s over, I want to hit those big waves. And I have not forgotten about getting you a surfboard yet. I–I will not take no for an answer.

Paris: Okay. I will definitely take you up on that.

[ Finn laughs ]

Hope: I emailed some adjustments. Nothing major. But if they don’t feel right, you don’t have to take them. I trust your instincts. Okay, sounds good. Thank you, zende. Talk later.

Thomas: Well, that is why you’re so great to work for.

[ Hope laughs ]

Hope: Wha–what is?

Thomas: Well, you trust your creative team. You know, zende designed the dress, sure, but it’s your line and you have the last call and you gave it to him. It shows you trust us. And we really appreciate that.

Hope: Well, I love both of your designs. And I think you two have found the perfect balance for my line.

Thomas: Well, I gotta say, you know– don’t tell zende I said this but he’s really impressed me lately, you know? He’s grown so much and he’s shown commitment to the line. He’s really stepped up his game and quickly. You know who else has stepped up his game? Mm…douglas! I have to say he’s probably the next tom brady.

Hope: Oh my goodness, that’s high praise.

Douglas: Mommy and liam have been helping me.

Hope: Mmhm. It sure has been fun watching you have fun, it makes me happy.

Douglas: I love it when you’re happy, mommy.

Hope: Oh, I do too. It’s been a nice change of pace, actually. I’m sorry there were some sad times before.

Douglas: Mommy and beth and I all felt bad when liam was away.

Thomas: I know you did, bud.

Douglas: Mommy really missed him. She cried when she thought we were sleeping, but sometimes I could hear her.

Hope: Oh, sweetie. You weren’t supposed to hear that. I’m sorry.

Douglas: But it’s okay to cry when you’re sad. Right, daddy?

Thomas: That’s right. Exactly.

Douglas: Everything’s so much better now. I don’t know why liam was gone or where he went, but I’m glad he came home. Mommy’s smiling now and she loves liam so much. Truthfully, it’s frustrating to see how fast dust reappears.

Paris: Everything good with the babes?

Steffy: Haven’t even changed position. We really wore them out.

Finn: Well, it helps having a third.

Steffy: Yeah, it’s nice having more energy on our side.

Paris: What can I say? Kelly and hayes just bring out the big kid in me.

[ Steffy laughs ] They really do love you. Are you still looking for that sunblock?

Finn: It’s driving me crazy. I don’t know where– it has to be in here somewhere.

Paris: Did you leave it on the beach?

Finn: I never forget things.

Steffy: Except for the sunblock?

Finn: Ha. Ha.

Steffy: Okay, I got a phone conference I’m gonna do in the bedroom. Thanks so much for everything today, paris.

Paris: Oh, it was such a chore. Splashing in the ocean, running on the beach…

Steffy: Chasing after some over excited kids? We really appreciate you.

Paris: You’re very welcome.

Steffy: All right, I’m gonna take that call. Thanks.

Paris: So do you need an extra pair of eyes?

Finn: Oh no, you– you relax. Enjoy the quiet while it lasts.

Paris: Oh, seriously–

Finn: You’ve done enough today.

Paris: Okay, fine.

Finn: Yeah.

Paris: I enjoyed every minute of it.

Finn: Well, that’s what makes you so great. How in the moment you are. You find joy in all of the moments. Have you always been this super positive person?

Paris: Positive always beats negative every time.

Finn: I’m grateful to have your positivity in our lives. You have a special place in our hearts.

Thomas: Would you look at that? His aim, his follow through? It’s incredible.

Hope: I just– I love how determined he is. It’s like when he sets his mind to something, he gives it his all. He has to master it.

Thomas: He is a really rare and exceptional kid. I can’t believe that I had like, any part in making that, you know? That I have any influence on him at all? It’s pretty incredible.

Hope: Well, I feel the same way. Thomas, thank you for sharing& your son with me.

Thomas: I couldn’t have made a better choice for douglas.

[ Hope chuckles ]

Hope: Well, I’m glad you still feel that way.

Thomas: Why wouldn’t I?

Hope: I don’t know. Douglas has been through a lot for a kid his age.

Thomas: Yeah. But, you know that’s life. It kind of just happens. But after everything he has been through it’s turned him into this like, wise young man, you know. And look, you’re an incredible mother so don’t doubt yourself.

Hope: Thank you.

Thomas: Douglas was right about one thing.

Hope: Only one thing?

Thomas: Okay, he’s right about everything. Everything. But don’t tell him that, he’s gonna get a massive head.

Thomas: But what he was right about a minute ago was how happy you arE. You really do seem happy.

[ Hope laughs ]

Hope: Well, I think I have you to thank for that in some part. I mean, we almost lost liam for god knows how long. But thanks to you and your determination and your commitment to the truth, I have my family back together again. And you helped make that happen, thomas. And, I could thank you 1000 times a day, everyday for the rest of my life and it still doesn’t feel like that would be enough but… I don’t know, thomas, you– you really are a changed man.

Thomas: Well, that means a lot hearing you say that.

Thomas: I really do care about you. I always have cared about you– love you, on some level. You know, but now the way I love you is healthy. All I want is your happiness and you’re the happiest I’ve ever seen you, so that makes me happy. If you can choose to be kind to your body

Hope: I know your feelings for me are complicated.

Thomas: Yeah, look, you don’t have to worry. I’m not gonna let those feelings be an issue any longer, okay? I want to preserve what we have right now.

Hope: I value our friendship, too. I want you to understand that. I know what a big deal it was for you to help liam come home to the kids and me. I mean, it was– it was selfless.

Thomas: Liam’s your husband. He’s the man you love. And for a while it’s almost like I didn’t understand that. I did some things I’m not proud of.

[ Hope sighs ]

Hope: Well, we can all lose our way sometimes.

Thomas: But I’m better now. I promise. And douglas, he is happy he’s secure here with the cabin, you, liam, beth. It’s amazing and he gets to see me whenever he wants so that’s great.

Hope: Which is a lot because he certainly adores you.

Thomas: I love him so much. He’s my number one priority. I do have another priority though and that’s you. It is. Your happiness. Making sure that beautiful smile lights up that beautiful face just like that.

[ Hope exhales ]

Hope: I’m going to be honest. I’m–I’m really happy that things are easy between us now. And not just for douglas’ sake. For me too, you know, I’ve really been enjoying co-parenting together, and working together. I really do feel like we look out for each other.

Thomas: Well, despite my missteps, you and I have had some good times together. I’ll always cherish those memories.

Hope: Me too. I’m gonna go check on douglas.

Finn: Got it.

Paris: Sorry?

Finn: Sunblock. Finally found it. But I’m gonna go hit the waves but I need to ask you for a favor, first.

Paris: Name it.

Finn: Get my back?

Paris: There. All protected.

Finn: Why stop there? You are so beautiful.

Paris: Finn. You’re married. You have a beautiful family with steffy.

Finn: I’ve never met anyone like you. I need you in my life, paris. All right, paris. I’m headed to the beach. Catch the waves. Beach time.

Paris: Hey, what’s up? What is it?

Finn: Why are you looking at me like that?

Paris: You are amazing. Like, I mean you’re handsome, you’re smart. You’re a wonderful husband. A loving dad. You’re even a doctor? The complete and total package. And, steffy is so lucky to have you. Finn, there’s something that you need to know. And it’s not easy for me to say.

Finn: What’s wrong? You can tell me.

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