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Ben and Ciara return to their hotel room in New Orleans during a rain storm. They joke about getting caught in the rain as they kiss.

Chanel joins Johnny at the DiMera Mansion. Chanel admits to being slightly nervous about watching The Exorcist. Johnny thought maybe Allie convinced her to ghost him. Chanel reminds Johnny that Allie said she was totally fine with them dating and it’s her decision.

Kayla and Steve sit together at the Brady Pub. Steve asks if Doug will be okay. Kayla says it’s too soon to tell but he was resting comfortably when she left. Steve asks if there’s any idea why he collapsed. Kayla says it’s a mystery. Steve asks about Julie being worried that Doug had dementia. Kayla says it breaks their heart for what they are going through. Kayla doesn’t know what Julie would do if she loses Doug.

Julie sits at Doug’s side in the hospital. Eli enters and hugs Julie as she says she was just about to call him. Eli apologizes for leaving earlier. Julie says it doesn’t matter as he’s here now. Eli asks about Doug. Julie says doctors gave him sedatives to rest. Eli asks what happened. Julie doesn’t know and explains that she went to Marlena’s office and found Doug on the floor. Eli asks where Marlena was. Julie says that she was there in shock and finally called for assistance. Julie adds that getting an answer out of Marlena was like pulling teeth. Eli guesses that she was in shock but she’s known them forever. Julie admits that Marlena was not herself.

At home, Marlena opens John’s box with the white collar, bible, and old article about Marlena’s possession. Marlena as the Devil declares that they made quite a splash all those years ago but Salem hasn’t seen nothing yet.

Ciara suggests she and Ben get out of their wet clothes. Ben calls it a great idea as they continue kissing.

Marlena as the Devil looks in to the mirror and says it’s been 25 years. The Devil says it’s a very good thing that Marlena let him back in or else Doug would be paying the ultimate price. John comes home and apologizes for taking so long as they mixed up their food order. John then asks if Marlena is alright.

Abe and Paulina walk past the Brady Pub. Paulina talks about not being in the mood to entertain John and Marlena tonight. Abe understands and says they will have them over another time. Abe and Paulina head inside the Pub. Abe tells her that he really enjoys them being together, just the two of them. Steve then spots Abe and calls them over. Kayla says it’s so good to see Abe and to meet Paulina as she has heard so much about her. Paulina guesses they are Steve and Kayla, mentioning they are how Abe described. Steve invites them to join for dinner which they accept. Paulina mentions seeing Steve’s resemblance to Tripp. Paulina says they must be proud of Tripp becoming a doctor which Kayla confirms. Steve asks how she met Tripp. Paulina says he is an acquaintance of her daughter and is charming.

Johnny tells Chanel that he needs her here as he’s doing research on his movie and needs her opinion. Chanel questions him still planning on making the movie about his mom since Marlena got possessed by the Devil and John doesn’t want him bringing up the past. Johnny is sure that John will come around and asks Chanel to just watch the movie with him. Chanel feels she’s going to regret it but she agrees to watch, so Johnny turns it on.

Eli wonders to Julie why Doug would say “he went in to her”, questioning who he was referring to. Julie has no idea. Eli guesses that Doug was confused and didn’t know what he was saying. Julie says that would be logical but she’s not sure it’s right. Julie talks about the expression in Doug’s eyes that she had never seen before, but then when he tried to talk, he was Doug again, not confused, and was trying to tell her something but she has no idea what. Doug starts to wake up so Eli hopes now they can get some answers.

John asks if Marlena heard anything he said. Marlena turns back to him and claims that she was just lost in thought about Doug. John asks if there’s any update. Marlena says not since she left the hospital. John guesses Julie must be a wreck and notes that Marlena looks a bit shook herself. John decides it’s for the best that Abe and Paulina canceled their dinner date. Marlena agrees that she wouldn’t have been up for that. John apologizes for leaving his box out. Marlena asks why he was going through that. John says he dug it out of the closet after Johnny left since he was hoping for an answer about his film. John brings up what happened to Marlena. Marlena tells him that he can say it was when she was possessed by the Devil. John hoped they would never have to think about that time in their lives again and they could put that horrific experience decades behind them, but now Johnny has to bring it up and he’s got a bad feeling about that…

Ben and Ciara lay in bed together. Ciara talks about New Orleans being perfect for their honeymoon. Ciara mentions enjoying being around Oak Alley Plantation and it’s history. She could tell the experience really affected Ben too since he was really quiet after they left. Ciara asks what was on his mind. Ben says it was that the tour guide said in order to move forward, they have to reckon with the past and anything built on violence and ugliness will always be under the surface as they can’t ignore it. Ciara asks what that has to do with Ben. Ben responds that in a way, he felt like she was talking about him.

Johnny and Chanel watch The Exorcist until Chanel gets scared and has him turn it off, saying she is going to have nightmares for months. Johnny praises the directing and says he’ll be lucky if his movie turns out half as well. Chanel then tells Johnny not to make his movie.

Paulina praises the food at the Brady Pub. Kayla credits Roman. Steve brings up Abe’s cooking which Paulina praises as well. Abe mentions that he was going to cook dinner tonight. Paulina explains that she wasn’t up for entertaining but Abe said John has a lot on his mind lately, so it worked out for the better. Steve asks if John’s okay. Abe says that John’s just been thinking about the past a lot lately. Steve says John didn’t say anything to him so he asks what’s going on. Abe reveals that John’s been thinking a lot about the time when Marlena was possessed by the Devil, shocking Paulina.

Doug wakes up and greets Julie and Eli. Julie tells him that he’s in the hospital after having a fall but he’s going to be okay. Julie asks if he remembers what happened to him. Julie goes over him being in a therapy session and then collapsing. Doug repeats Marlena’s name.

Marlena asks John what he told Johnny about his movie. John says he told him he would talk to her and then get back to him with an answer. Marlena asks if Johnny asked about the possession. John says he hadn’t read that part of the script yet, but he has now because he sent Allie over to confirm that part of the story was true. Marlena asks what he said. John admits he lied to her and said it never happened, but then he felt guilty and told her the truth. John adds that he made sure she understood in the end, good triumphed over evil. John admits it was tricky explaining the exorcism and having to pretend he was a priest at the time. Marlena as the Devil mutters that he had him fooled but then tells John that nobody understood it. John talks about saving Marlena and that after all these years, he believes their love defeated the Devil. John picks up the bible and says it was also their faith in God, but Marlena suddenly shouts for him to put that damn thing away.

Ciara doesn’t think the tour guide’s words apply to Ben. Ben says he knows but the words still got to him. Ciara points out that he hasn’t been ignoring his past and has been actively facing it by going to therapy and acknowledging the pain he caused others, so he’s doing his best every day to make up for it. Ben feels that doesn’t change who he is, as he was a man capable of murder and no matter how much he tries to atone, it will always be part of him for the rest of his life.

Paulina questions Marlena being possessed by the Devil. Abe confirms it and says he didn’t want to get in to it. Paulina says that can’t be true. Kayla says they have heard the stories. Steve mentions that they were not in town at the time. Abe confirms it happened. Paulina questions the Devil being in Salem. Abe talks about how horrifying it was for everyone in town. Kayla points out that it was decades ago so she asks why John is dwelling on it. Abe reveals that Johnny DiMera is making a movie on Sami’s life. Steve calls that ambitious. Abe calls it very disturbing since Marlena’s possession would be a part of it.

Johnny tells Chanel that it’s just a movie. Chanel argues that it wasn’t pretend when it happened to his grandmother. Johnny feels it will help him sell his movie. Johnny asks if they can finish watching The Exorcist, encouraging her to just squeeze his hand if she gets scared. Chanel agrees to watch but jokes that he will pay for her therapy bill.

John asks why Marlena is so upset. Marlena apologizes for snapping at him and guesses he’s right that she’s a little on edge with this conversation. Marlena suggests John just put the bible back in the box and stop talking about it. John says this is exactly why Johnny shouldn’t be making a movie about any of this as he worries that it’s inviting evil back in to their lives. Marlena thinks he could be right about that…

Doug tries to talk but Julie encourages him to just calm down while they get him help. Julie asks Eli to watch Doug while she goes to find a nurse and mentions that she will also call Marlena to see if she can come make Doug feel better.

Ciara gets that Ben’s history is something he can’t change, but he does not have to let his past define him. Ciara wants Ben to focus on the good and how much progress he’s made. Ciara brings up Ben saving her life and how happy he makes her. Ciara doesn’t want Ben to torture himself. Ben says it’s easier said than done as his past has been on his mind a lot lately. Ciara asks why now. Ben confesses that he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about it since Ciara said she wanted to have a baby.

Paulina steps away to go to the restroom. Abe asks Steve and Kayla what they think of her. Kayla says she’s terrific. Steve adds that she’s great and funny. Abe is glad they like her because if everything goes his way, they will be seeing a lot of her. Steve asks what he means. Abe then announces that he’s going to propose tomorrow night. Kayla and Steve hug Abe and tell him how happy they are for him. Abe explains that he has it all planned out for Lani to keep Paulina busy and then he will make a surprise dinner. Abe says all he has left to do is get Chanel’s blessing.

Chanel squeezes Johnny’s hand and says the exorcism scene is too much as she can’t take anymore. Johnny encourages her to at least see how it ends and says he’ll fast forward. Chanel says she wouldn’t put herself through this for just anyone. Johnny asks if she’s saying he’s special. Chanel tells him that he owes her big time.

John asks if Marlena agrees that Johnny shouldn’t make this movie. Marlena then gets a call from Julie, who says she is sorry to disturb her. Marlena asks if everything is okay. Julie informs her that Doug just woke up. Marlena thought he was heavily sedated. Julie notes that he’s groggy but very agitated. Marlena asks what it’s about. Julie says it’s almost impossible to understand him but he keeps saying Marlena’s name.

Ciara asks what having a baby has to do with Ben’s past. Ben worries about the sickness that made him do horrible things getting passed on to their child because mental illness could be hereditary. Ciara questions all his excuses. Ben says they were legitimate concerns because having a baby changes your entire life. Ciara asks if Ben not wanting to pass down his bad genes to their baby is why he wants to put this off which Ben confirms.

Abe tries calling Chanel but she didn’t answer so he guesses he’ll stop by the bakery tomorrow and talk to her then. Kayla can’t imagine Chanel not approving of Paulina marrying him. Steve adds that anyone can see how in love they are. Abe calls it crazy as he only met Paulina earlier this year but now he can’t imagine his life without her. Kayla thinks she feels the same way. Steve says it’s great that Abe is getting married. Kayla adds that they couldn’t be happier for him. Paulina returns and asks why that is.

Marlena tells Julie that she will see her soon and hangs up. Marlena tells John that she has to cut their evening short as Doug is asking to see her. John says he understands and he will clean up here. John asks Marlena to tell Doug and Julie that he’s thinking about them. John adds that he will say a prayer for them while she’s gone. John exits the room. Marlena’s eyes go yellow again as the Devil declares that he can’t have Doug telling people that he’s back and then exits the house.

Julie returns to Doug’s room. Eli informs her that a nurse came by to check Doug’s vitals and he seemed okay. Eli asks if Marlena is coming. Julie informs Doug that she called Marlena and she’s on her way to come help her. Doug starts saying no. Doug then adds that Marlena needs help which Julie questions.

Ben apologizes to Ciara for not being upfront about his feeling as he never wants to disappoint her and he knows how much having a baby means to her. Ciara asks Ben to be honest now. Ciara questions if not wanting to pass his genes to his baby means he might never want to have a baby with her.

Paulina asks why Kayla and Steve are so happy for Abe. Kayla says they are just so happy they found each other. Steve looks forward to seeing more of Paulina as they think she’s a keeper. Paulina talks about Salem having wonderful people. Abe suggests getting dessert. Paulina jokes about not having devil’s food cake after what he said about Marlena. Paulina can’t believe Marlena was possessed and remarks that it’s the kind of thing that only happens in movies…

Johnny and Chanel finish watching The Exorcist. Johnny tells her that it all worked out in the end as the Devil was banished. Chanel argues that two priests ended up dead so it’s not a happy ending. Johnny says that’s the drama that gets the people in seats. Johnny then declares that he’s scrapping the rest of Will’s screenplay and rewriting it to make it bigger and better. Johnny reveals that he plans to make Marlena’s possession the sole focus of his movie.

Marlena goes to the hospital where Julie and Eli greet her. Julie says she’s so relieved that she’s there. Marlena asks if Doug said any more. Julie says he’s been mostly asleep but he did say one thing that was strange. Eli explains that they thought Doug was asking for Marlena’s help but he ended up saying that Marlena is the one that needs help. Marlena argues that Doug is clearly confused and having a hard time communicating. Julie prays that Marlena can put him at ease. Marlena agrees to do whatever she can. Julie offers to go with her but Marlena thinks it’s best if she sees him alone. Julie thanks Marlena for being such a great friend. Marlena then heads to Doug’s room. Julie thanks God that Marlena is there as Eli hugs her.

John sits at home with the bible and begins reading it.

Marlena as the Devil enters Doug’s hospital room. The Devil comments on Doug being a tattle tale and declares they will have to do something about that.

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