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Have much watching them so I could work the morning shift. Hopefully, the nanny will feel better tomorrow.

Paulina: Oh, I’ll take as much time as I can get with jules and carver. And, not to brag, but they clearly love their great auntie paulina.

Lani: You mean grandma paulina.

Allie: And I’m so excited for johnny too. I mean, he’s so amped about making his movie. Isn’t it cool that will wrote it and it’s about our mom?

>John: Yeah, it is.

Allie: It’s all johnny talks about. Actually, he told me something pretty crazy about grandma marlena being possessed by the devil. But there’s no way that that happened, right?

John: Well, of course not, sweetheart. Will has a very creative imagination, but nothing like that ever happened here.

Johnny: She turned into a jaguar? No wonder nobody wanted to produce will’s script. It is way too far-fetched.

[Phone rings] Mom, where have you been? Why haven’t you responded to any of my calls or texts? Never mind. I have something I need to ask you. It’s about grandma marlena.

Julie: I’m sorry I had to– doug! Doug! Oh, my god! Marlena, what happened? Marlena, for god’s sake, help him! Darling…

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Johnny: Mom? Are you there? Mom? Hello? Mom? Hello?

Chanel: Hello.

Johnny: Hello, chanel.

Chanel: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you while you were on the phone with your mommy.

Johnny: Didn’t anybody ever tell you that a guy who calls his mom can’t be all bad?

Chanel: I do think it’s kind of cute. But it didn’t sound like she was listening to you.

Johnny: Yeah, we had a bad connection. She was there, and then I got this static, and then the call dropped.

Chanel: Static? On a cellphone?

Johnny: Yeah, weird, huh?

[Phone beeps] Oh, there she is. “Sorry, we got cut off. But don’t try to call back. I’m tied up at the moment.” Okay.

Allie: So will just invented the whole demonic possession thing?

John: Well, you know your mother. She likes to get people talking. I’m sure that she and will just sat down and decided to make her life a little more interesting than it really was.

Allie: A little? She said that her mom was possessed by the devil.

John: Okay, so she embellished a lot.

Allie: That’s what I thought. I kind of love it, though, you know? The battle between good and evil. The epic love story, the bees. But thank you for telling me the truth. I know I can always come to you.

John: Of course, sweetheart.

Allie: I can’t believe I actually just asked if grandma was possessed by the devil. I’m sorry to bother you with this silliness. I’ll see you soon.

John: Allie. Hold on a second.

Kayla: How’s it going?

Tripp: Back to normal. What was going on with the power? For a few minutes there the phone system was totally dead. I’ve never seen the lights flash on and off like that before. Isn’t the generator supposed to kick on when that happens?

Kayla: I just checked with maintenance, and they said there was nothing wrong.

Tripp: So what caused it?

Kayla: They’re not really sure. They think maybe it was a power surge. Do you know where julie is? I left her here with eli a little while ago.

Julie: Marlena!

Marlena: His pulse is weak.

Julie: What happened? Is it a heart attack?

Marlena: I don’t know. It’s dr. Evans. I’ve got a code blue.

Tripp: No, I haven’t seen eli or julia. Maybe that went down the cafeteria or–

Kayla: Oh, wait. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Oh, code blue. Marlena’s office.

Marlena: Help is on the way.

Julie: Please, god. Please, I’m not ready to lose him. Please. Pool floaties are like whooping cough.

Paulina: Okay, the wonder twins are all strapped in and ready to take on the world.

Lani: You don’t think we should talk before I go?

Paulina: Isn’t that what we’re doing right now?

Lani: I mean like really talk. You made a face when I called you grandma paulina.

Paulina: Did I? Well, I guess I was surprised is all.

Lani: Ah, you didn’t think my dad would tell me. That you guys discussed getting married? Which would make you my stepmother?

Paulina: [Chuckles] Yes, but I wasn’t so sure.

Lani: I mean, but you knew what I meant. I mean, why else would you call yourself jules’ and carver’s grandmother?

Paulina: Yeah, right. Why else? So how are we feeling? About me and your dad?

Lani: How am I feeling? Well, when dad told me that you guys discussed getting married… I gave him my blessing.

Paulina: Oh, baby! I am so glad to hear that–

Lani: No, but–but we have to get a few things straight.

Paulina: About me?

Lani: Yeah, you. My dad is the most loyal and caring man that I know.

Paulina: Amen to that.

Lani: And he has done so much since he came into my life, aunt paulina. And I will do whatever I can to make sure that he doesn’t get hurt.

Paulina: You’re afraid I’m going to break his heart.

Lani: I mean, let’s be honest. We both know that you have a lot of trouble keeping your promises. And even more trouble telling the truth.

Chanel: You okay?

Johnny: Yeah. Yeah, I’m good.

Chanel: Seems like you’re not happy with that text from your mom. Did you need to talk to her about something important?

Johnny: Important? No. No.

Chanel: You might wanna tell that to your face.

Johnny: No, I just–I had something I needed to ask her.

Chanel: Well, what did you need to ask her?

Johnny: Well, I needed to know if it’s true or not that my grandma marlena was possessed by the devil.

John: I’m sorry– I’m sorry, allie. Please. Allie: For what?

John: For not being honest with you just now. Please, sit down.

Allie: You mean–

John: Yes. The truth is it did happen. 25 years ago, your–your grandmother was possessed.

Allie: Wait, seriously?

John: As much as I wanna pretend that it didn’t happen, I can’t lie to you about this. Not about something so important.

Allie: I-I don’t understand.

John: I just can’t help myself but want to protect the people that I love from ever having to revisit that dark period in our lives.

Allie: I can’t– I can’t believe this.

John: Yeah, I have a hard time believing it myself. And trust me when I say, I-I don’t ever really wanna talk about this.

Allie: But you’ll tell me about what happened?

John: Only if you really want to know, sweetheart.

Allie: I do. I mean, it’s part of our family history, right?

John: Unfortunately, it is. But I’m gonna warn you upfront. This story… it’s not for the faint of heart.

[Machinery beeping]

[Gentle music]


Tripp: Julie, we’re going to need you to wait outside so kayla can help him, okay?

Julie: Is he going to be all right?

Tripp: He’s in good hands.

[Machinery beeping]

Julie: How bad is he? What is his condition?

Tripp: I promise we will do everything we can to help him. Are you going to be okay out here by yourself?

Julie: I’m fine, I’m fine. Just do something for my husband.

Tripp: Okay. Julie: Marlena.

Marlena: Julie.

Julie: What happened back there in your office?

Marlena: I don’t know what you mean.

Julie: Well, I walk in the door, and doug is on the floor, and you’re standing there frozen like–like you’d seen a ghost.

Marlena: Not a ghost.

Julie: Are you all right, marlena?

[Dramatic music rises] What can I du with less asthma?

Paulina: Lani, I know I’ve hurt you and your dad in the past, but I thought we were beyond the price town business and that we were all making a fresh start.

Lani: We are. With the condition that there will be no more lies, no more secrets, anything like that.

Paulina: Yeah, you know– you know I want that, too.

Lani: Okay. If you can promise me that our agreement also applies to your relationship with my dad, then you and me, we’re all good.

Paulina: You sure?

Lani: Aunt paulina, you know that I love you, but my whole life you’ve been a mystery. Unpredictable. Unreliable. And I can’t have that anymore. Not for me and eli or our kids. And especially not for my dad, okay? So I need you to promise me that you will never hurt him.

Paulina: And I care about abe a lot. Last night we said “I love you” to each other for the first time. I just regained his trust.

Marlena: Wouldn’t that convince you that he would understand?

Paulina: Not about this. Not about this. If abe knew, he would hate me forever.

Marlena: No, I don’t believe that’s true.

Paulina: I do, I know. Because… the truth is abe is not lani’s father. Lani, there’s something I have to tell you.

Chanel: You’re messing with me.

Johnny: I’m not.

Chanel: You don’t really believe your grandma was possessed by the devil.

Johnny: Honestly, I’m starting to wonder.

Chanel: Have you been drinking today?

Johnny: No, I’m totally sober. The script was written by my brother, will. It’s based on my mom’s life, and will claims that everything in it is true.

Chanel: And it says your grandma was possessed.

Johnny: It tells the whole story.

Chanel: So this script, it’s like a horror film?

Johnny: In parts, yeah. It tells the story of how over 25 years ago lucifer himself took over the body of dr. Marlena evans. The devil wanted to use someone pure and good as his vessel to turn salem into hell on earth.

John: Stefano dimera opened the door, and there was no closing it. Our encounter with the devil nearly killed me and your grandmother and practically destroyed this whole town. But… ultimately, it was the strength of our connection and the power of our love that drove the demon out of her and straight back to hell.

Allie: And you’re saying that all of this is true? The jaguar? The levitation?

John: I wish I could say that it wasn’T. But I couldn’t even make that kind of stuff up. And 25 years later, the details of every one of those events is still crystal clear.

Allie: I don’t understand. I mean, how have I not heard about this before?

John: [Chuckles] It’s not one of those bedtime stories we tell our children when we’re tucking them in. In fact I still have nightmares.

Allie: Nightmares? About grandma marlena being possessed by the devil? As in satan?

John: Oh, yeah.

Allie: So driving him out, was there was an exorcism or something?

John: Yeah, something like that.

Allie: Well, who performed it?

John: Strike terror, o lord, into the beast that lays waste to the vineyard. The only person who could. Me.

Marlena: I was just asking doug some questions.

Doug: I’ve been insisting to julie that I’m just fine. But down deep I can feel it. There is something with me. I say and do strange things, and I don’t know why. I just pray that you can help me.

Julie: What was wrong with him?

Marlena: Well, I don’t know. We were talking about the fact that I was there to help him, and that he was having some memory lapses, and that he had inappropriately grabbed paulina, and that he’d locked you in the freezer.

Julie: That was an accident. I should never have said to you that he did it on purpose.

Marlena: And that’s what I told him.

Julie: What did he say, marlena? Just tell me.

Marlena: Julie told me that you locked her in the freezer by accident.

Doug: That was no accident. I locked that bitch in there on purpose.

Julie: What has gotten into my doug?

[Dark music]

Paulina: We were talking about grandparents.

Lani: What about them?

Paulina: Lani, what I’ve learned is… the decisions that people make doesn’t just affect their own lives. Sometimes it affects the lives of their children, even grandchildren.

Lani: Auntie P., What is this about?

Paulina: You know I would never do anything to hurt you or your beautiful family.

Lani: You–you are making me nervous.

Paulina: Well, this is so hard–this is so hard to say.

Lani: Just say it.

Paulina: I need to say– eli’s grandfather, he groped me.

Lani: What? Doug?

Paulina: Grabbed my butt. Right in the open.

Lani: Are you sure it was intentional?

Paulina: Oh, yes! I mean, he’s no spring chicken, and apparently, he’s been having some cognitive problems recently.

Lani: Yeah, I know he’s been having some mental lapses, but I would never think that he would do that.

Paulina: Believe me, I was shocked. And julie, she was there.

Lani: He did it in front of julie?

Paulina: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Lani: What did she say?

Paulina: Well, she was shaken up for the most part, and she apologized for her husband. And she said apparently he’s not been acting like himself lately.

Lani: [Sighs] That’s awful. But, auntie, what does this have to do with you and my dad?

Paulina: Well, I’m not sure, I mean, if I should tell abe.

Lani: You think he would be jealous of doug?

Paulina: Well, no. Well, hey–but, you know, the man that I was with before chanel was born, oh, if he even caught a guy setting his eyes on my body, he raised all kinds of hell.

Lani: My dad is not like that.

Paulina: I know, I know. You just said it. He is the most loving and caring man in the world.

Lani: I think, if anything, he would just be worried that you were okay.

Paulina: And I am.

Lani: And he would be worried if doug was okay, which we all are.

Paulina: Mm-hmm, I hope he’s getting some help, too.

Lani: Eli told me that he was going to see marlena today. So if anybody can help, it’s her.

Johnny: You’ve got to read this part. This is where my grandma marlena floated off the bed like linda blair.

Chanel: Who’s linda blair?

Johnny: You know, from “the exorcist.”

Chanel: That’s a movie, right?

Johnny: Wait. You’ve never seen “the exorcist”? It’s a classic. The spider walk. The head spinning around. The pea soup vomit.

Chanel: Ew.

Johnny: I’m sorry. I’m geeking out a little bit, aren’t I?

Chanel: I’m just not into the horror thing. You know, there’s enough scary stuff happening in this world without freaking myself out on purpose.

Johnny: Yeah, but movies are how we work out our fears. It’s catharsis.

Chanel: Okay.

Johnny: The struggle between good and evil. It’s as old as the world itself. And film expresses that as well as any other medium.

Chanel: Well, I express myself through the culinary art of baking. But I do make a mean devil’s food cake donut.

Johnny: Well, you know, the other good thing about a scary movie, it’s a good excuse to get closer to the person you’re watching it with.

Chanel: I will give you that.

Johnny: Why don’t you come over to my place tonight? We’ll watch “the exorcist.” And you can bring a couple of those donuts.

Chanel: Uh-huh.

Johnny: Is that reaction because you don’t want to see the movie or ’cause you don’t want to see me?

Allie: You performed the exorcism?

John: I battled the devil for her body and her immortal soul. But ultimately, it was our love that saved her.

Allie: Just when I thought that your love story couldn’t get any more romantic.

John: Didn’t feel romantic at the time. In fact, it felt– it felt like the end of the world.

Julie: I’ve known doug for over 50 years. He’s never spoken to me or about me without showing respect.

Marlena: I don’t doubt that.

Julie: Well, did you confront him when he said that about me?

Marlena: I did. I reminded him that he had locked you in the freezer.

Julie: What did he say to that?

Marlena: I’m sorry. Did you say–

Doug: That I locked her in on purpose? You heard that, you heard right. It was the most fun I had all week.

Marlena: I’m sure you don’t mean that. I think you’re just confused.

Doug: No, marlena. You’re the one who’s confused. I’m not doug.

Julie: If he doesn’t think he is doug, who in the world does he think he is?

Tripp: Not what I was expecting from his ekg.

Kayla: This can’t be.

Tripp: That’s what I thought. Maybe the power outage affected the machines?

Kayla: No, they all run on batteries.

Tripp: He did have a cardiac event, right?

Kayla: Well, he must have. But there’s no sign of it. I mean, this is perfectly normal. Why don’t you check the leads? And I’ll check and make sure the monitor is working properly. Tripp: Yeah.

[Tense music]

People everywhere living with type 2 diabetes

Allie: It’s still hard for you to tell the story.

John: Well, allie, I try not to let these thoughts in most of the time. Because when I do, I find myself going right back there. I just flashback on event after event after event, and I can still feel those same emotions.

Allie: I can tell that took a lot out of you. You look tired. Maybe even a little–

John: Scared?

Allie: I didn’t want to say it.

John: No, you can say it. Because it’s true. Honey, I can’t even explain what it’s like to come face to face with pure evil. It was the most traumatic, horrible thing we had ever been through. We barely survived it. And the last thing I want is for your grandmother to ever have to relive that again.

Allie: So johnny making his movie–

John: You’re going to have to convince your brother to find another story to tell.

Johnny: Look, I don’t want to pressure you. I’m just–I’m not sure where we stand right now.

Chanel: Where we stand?

Johnny: Yeah. Things were going really great for a while, and then my sister– look, I’m not going to lie. I’m not going to pretend like I didn’t have my fun back in the day. I was not exactly what someone might call a one-woman man. But allie seems to think that all I care about is getting you into bed, and that is just not true.

Chanel: Hm, well, what do you care about?

Johnny: About you. I like you, chanel. And I hope you feel the same way.

Chanel: When we first met, before I knew you were allie’s brother, when you were just “g,” I really liked you, too. And then hearing you talk about making your movie, seeing your passion, that’s something that I can totally admire.

Johnny: Yeah, because you’re making your dream come true with your bakery.

Chanel: I am.

Johnny: So?

Chanel: So… maybe we can pick up where we left off.

Paulina: You gave your father your blessing to marry me.

Lani: I did.

Paulina: But you haven’t officially given it to me yet.

Lani: And I will. I just– I have one more condition.

Paulina: What?

Lani: I am not just about to start calling you mom.

Paulina: [Chuckles] Oh, yeah. ‘Cause that–that’d be kind of weird, huh?

Lani: Yeah, it would. And I am more than happy just to have you as my aunt paulina.

Paulina: Aww. Me, too, baby. Aww. Me, too. Oh, honey, well, I just love you. I love you so much. I just want you– I want the best for you.

Lani: I love you, too, auntie P. Hey, are you okay?

Paulina: Uh… ohh. Aww.

Abe: Oh, well, can I get in on this hug with my two favorite ladies?

Paulina: Shh! Shh! You don’t want jules and carver to hear that. Here, let me help you with one of those.

Abe: Here you go.

Paulina: Oh, honey–oh, why did you get so much food?

Abe: Well, I invited john and marlena to dinner.

Paulina: What? Marlena can’t come here.

Marlena: I’m not sure what to make of doug’s condition.

Julie: Well, could it be something physical? Some physical problem that’s causing this behavior?

Marlena: Maybe. Or it could be psychological, or–

Doug: It’s been over 25 years, marlena. But did you really think I wouldn’t come back for you?

Julie: Or what, marlena?

Marlena: Sorry. I was just thinking.

Julie: Well, you still haven’t exactly explained what happened in the office. How did doug wind up on the floor?

Marlena: I’m not sure. We were talking and then he– then he just collapsed. Don’t you dare hurt him!

Demon doug: It won’t be me who hurts him. It will be you. Your selfishness. Your choice to protect yourself, doug be damned. So to speak.

Marlena: He doesn’t deserve this.

Demon doug: No, he doesn’T. It doesn’t have to happen. It’s so simple. All you have to do is invite me back into you.

[Tense music]


Tripp: Mr. Williams, you need to let go. Please.

Kayla: I got this. I got it, I got it. There we go.

Tripp: Man, he has a strong grip.

Kayla: I’ll say.

Tripp: I guess it’s a good sign he still has his strength.

Kayla: Yeah. His bp is dropping!

Tripp: Pulse, too!

Kayla: We’re losing him. To be a thriver

Abe: Well, why can’t marlena come to dinner? I thought you liked her.

Paulina: I do. Very much.

Lani: Didn’t sound like it.

Paulina: Well, I’m just– well, I just don’t feel like entertaining today. And I’m not my usual gregarious self tonight.

Abe: Oh. Well, then maybe we can ask john and marlena to come another time.

Paulina: Oh, yeah, that’d be great, that’d be great. Then–well, then maybe you and I can go out to dinner tonight. You know, just–just two of us.

Abe: Of course, yeah, yeah. You know, it might be better. I mean, john seemed as if he had something else on his mind.

Paulina: Like what?

John: All I know is that it will gut marlena if she has to be reminded of not only all of the destruction but of–of all the people that she hurt and almost killed, people that she really cared about. Abraham, we almost lost her forever.

Abe: Well, just something that happened a long time ago.

John: Let me be clear, allie. I would never want to step on johnny’s dream of being a director, but he’s really going to need to find another script to make.

Allie: Because of the bad memories that it stirs up or something else?

John: What else would it be?

Allie: Well, just– you and grandma are the toughest people I know. And it’s not like you’ve forgotten any of the horrible things that happened.

John: I think about it every day.

Allie: So it’s not just the idea of reliving bad memories that worries you.

John: No. It’s more than that. I’m worried that we could be tempting him.

Allie: Him?

John: You know, this is really nothing that you should concern yourself with, allie. Just–just–

Allie: You’re talking about the devil. About tempting him to come back.

John: “Speak of the devil, and he doth appear.”

Allie: Do you really believe that?

John: It’s been a quarter of a century. So no, I don’t believe that something like that could ever happen here in salem again. But why take chances?

Johnny: So you gonna come over tonight? “The exorcist” and chill?

Chanel: Do you mind if I keep my eyes covered the whole time?

Johnny: Don’t worry. I promise I won’t let the devil get you.

[Gentle uneasy music]


Julie: Something doesn’t feel right about any of this.

Marlena: Well, you’re upset. This has all been very sudden.

Julie: No. I mean, the whole story. Something must have happened in your office that–that you’re not telling me about, marlena. Kayla! Oh, please tell me that doug is okay. As someone who resembles someone else…

Paulina: I can’t tell you how much your blessing means to me.

Lani: I hope you and dad have a great life together. You both deserve it.

Paulina: Thank you.

Lani: And remember, you promised no more secrets. No more lies.

Paulina: I can tell you one truth. That man, I love that man over there. And I will move heaven and earth to make him happy.

Lani: That is all I can ever ask for. Come here.

Paulina: Aww.

Allie: Looks like someone kissed and made up.

Johnny: We have.

Chanel: You cool with that, horton?

Allie: You are a grown woman, dupree. You can do what you want.

Johnny: That didn’t sound like a yes.

Allie: Like you said, johnny, it’s none of my business.

Johnny: Right. So… what’d grandpa say about the script?

Allie: You really want to know?

Johnny: Yes.

Allie: He said that it’s all true.

Johnny: What?

Chanel: Wait, so you mean–

Allie: Yes, grandma marlena was possessed by the devil.

[Uneasy music]


John: Hey, sweetheart. What’s going on? Everything okay?

Marlena: It’s doug.

John: What happened?

Marlena: During a session in my office, he collapsed. He’s still unconscious.

John: What caused it? What’s wrong with him?

Tripp: Do you think doug is gonna pull through?

Kayla: Well, it was touch and go there for a while. But he’s stable. And we’ll monitor him very closely.

Tripp: So we don’t know. We don’t even know what caused it.

Kayla: You know, when someone reaches doug’s age, every moment is a blessing. He is such dear sweet man.

Tripp: Kayla.

Kayla: Well, we’re gonna do everything we can, right? But I’ll tell you one thing as a doctor you learn is that we are not god. And sometimes, the best thing we can do is just pray. Yeah.

[Machinery beeping]

Marlena: I’m–I’m–I’m sure doug is going to be just fine. Oh, doug gave us a good scare. I’m sure it’s going to turn out fine for everybody.

Julie: Doug?

Doug: He left me.

Julie: What? Who?

Doug: He left me and went into her.

[Tense music]

John: I’m here for you, doc.

Marlena: I’m here for you, too, john.

Julie: He went into her? What are you talking about, darling? What does it mean?

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