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[ Down-tempo music plays ] I know you and trust you more than anyone. I can’t believe how nervous I am. Hey, there’s no rush. We have the rest of our lives.

[ Exhales deeply ] I told you this morning… …that if we got married, I was afraid that I would fall in love with you. The problem is jake’S. You know? What — what about it? I fell in love with you back then. And the other night, I realized I… I could fall in love with you all over again. But I was wrong. I was in love with you then, and I’m in love with you now. I love you, too.

[ Insects chirping ]

[ Suspenseful music plays ] I’m at the rendezvous. Where’s your op? No, I don’t have 10 minutes to wait. You said you’d get me out of here. Make it happen.

[ Gun cocks ] Anna: Scheduling problems? I wouldn’t worry. You’re not going anywhere. Put your hands where I can see them. What brings you to nixon falls? Catching a killer and bringing him to justice. Throw your phone. Lie facedown on the ground. Let’s talk first. Austin, I’m sorry, but I-I have to go. Peter’s been spotted. Your ex? Yeah. I-I need to get to the quartermaines’. Why do you have to go there? Because of the baby!

[ Exhales deeply ] Thank you for staying. Could really use your help. With what? I’ve been struggling with something, and I think you might have the answer. Got to give it to terry. Near perfect recall. Always. I was jealous of her when we were kids in school.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. Weren’t you and terry heading out to some dance place? Yeah, but then I, uh, deleted some shared documents, and we had to stay late to reconstruct them, and dr. Westbourne was nice enough to help us out. Ah. Can we stop, please? We both know what tonight was really about.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] You still nervous? No. You look great in this tux. It’s all right, I guess. It’s a little formal. Carly.

[ Dramatic music plays ] Sonny. It’s me.

is she all right? She’s in shock, sonny. I-I mean, I’m in shock. How — how are you even here? It’s a long story.

[ Exhales deeply ] Carly. Wake up. Hey. Am I dreaming? No, no, no. I’m here.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] Sonny? You’re real? I missed you… you’re here. …So much. You’re here. Oh, my god! Sonny! I was hoping I’d never have to lay my eyes on you ever again. But since we’re both here, why don’t we make the most of our time together, maybe clear the air once and for all? You reach for that gun in your belt, I will put a bullet in your gut. It’ll be horrifically painful, and your chance of survival is pretty slim. You’d really do it, wouldn’t you? I want to do it. You just need to give me an excuse. Suppose I let you take me into custody. What then, huh? You really want me to give my statement to the police? You want me to tell them how I fled for fear of my life from the upstanding dr. Hamilton finn, who tried to kill me?

[ Dramatic music plays ] Nurse baldwin… could I trouble you for a minute in private? Sure.

[ Indistinct conversations ] You deleted those notes on purpose. What gave you that idea? I was headed to my room at the metro court to stare at the wall and worry about my mother, and you and terry wanted me to focus on something else. It was four hours of pointless busy work, and it worked. So thank you. How did you know? Because you don’t make mistakes like that. In fact, you rarely make mistakes. It’s one of your most annoying qualities. I’m really s orry to put you on the spot… it’s not about me. …But we came in your car, and I can’t wait for a ride share. Does this have to do with the phone call that you had earlier? Yes. It was from my sister-in-law nina. You met her at kelly’S. Yeah. Nina’s been staying at this small town in pennsylvania, and they spotted peter there. They think he might be coming to port charles. What does that have to do with the quartermaines or with bailey? It has to do with bailey’s father, valentin cassadine. Um, peter and valentin have a history together, most of it bad. And since peter just lost his own daughter, it would make sense he would go after valentin’s out of spite. You really think peter would go after a baby? Yes, I do, and I think we need to warn them. Right. Let’s go. This is a real mess. Clearly. You should have come to me sooner. My first instinct is always to handle things on my own, but this is beyond me. Okay. Well, what have you tried so far? Well, I started by sorting it by color. You can see how well that turned out. Maybe sorted by shape. That’s a good call. Why didn’t you mention that you were into puzzling? It’s a recent hobby.

[ Mid-tempo music plays ] How recent? Since bailey was born. Kind of helps me focus — or it did. This one’s really stressing me out. Oh, because it’s bigger than you’re used to. By like hundreds of pieces. Oh! Look! Yes! See? You’re getting the hang of it. Hey, uh, finn. Mm. Hey. How you doing? Oh. Hey. Uh, is dr. Britt westbourne here? Yeah. She’s on this floor. I just saw her. Okay. Um, any word on her mother? Looks like we’re the last ones here. Do you think they’ll kick us out?

[ Both chuckle ] No. My mom’s a co-owner. We can stay till sunrise if you want to. Oh. That doesn’t seem fair to the staff. They can wait a little longer to take down the tables. Besides, also, maxie put so much work into the decorations. And we — we owe it to her to take full advantage. Oh. Well, if we’re doing this for maxie’s sake… besides, this is our first outing as an official couple. I want to make the most of it. Nothing to hide, no secrets to keep. Just…you and me. Together. I like the sound of that.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] Oh! Oh, my — what happened? When the bridge collapsed, we searched for you. We searched for you for weeks. Sonny, I saw you fall in. I jumped in after you. We thought you drowned! I almost did. But it’s been — that was december. That was months ago! Where were you? I’m — I’m sorry. I c– I couldn’t find my way home.

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

Part of me wants to rearrange my schedule so I can show up at the staff meeting tomorrow.

[ Laughs ] Excuse me for a minute. Aww! Good news? Cameron just sent me some pictures of him and josslyn. Look. Oh! Jason and carly’S… wedding reception. Aww. Did everyone have fun? I don’t know.

[ Chuckles ] But look. I wonder if someone found a hair in their soup. Um, excuse me? Oh, it was something my mother said when maxie told us she was planning the wedding.

Mutter didn’t think carly and jason should have such a perfect day. She wanted maxie to build in a minor hiccup. Well, a hair in the soup kind of seems tame for obrecht. Definitely. Don’t tell anyone, but I think she’s mellowing. Or she was.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] Okay, uh, finn. I-I’ll take it from here. I’m just making sure you’re fully recovered from your involuntary skydive. Oh, well, you know, I don’t remember anything. I-I certainly didn’t wake up on a beach. I woke up on the ground. Well, I wish you remembered something about what happened to my mother. So do I. And, you know, I’ve been climbing the walls. That’s why I came over here. I thought maybe we could worry together. So, what do you think? If, uh, we got married, like, you know, again, would you want it to be… your reception like this?

[ Down-tempo music plays ] I know. I know. What? It’s just a silly superstition. But I mean, come on. You did catch the bouquet. It’s a nice fantasy. You and me surrounded by flowers, wiley in a cute little suit, our family and friends wishing as well. But I am too happy with where we are right now to even think about planning a wedding. I see your point. Just barely been reunited. We should take the time to savor where we are right now before we start finding new ways to complicate things. As long as you know that you are who I want, michael… …you and me and wiley and the life we make together. I’m not worried about the future because I know you’ll be there — just like I will be there for you. That’s all I need to hear. Chase: Impressive. Don’t be so amazed. I’m trying to pay you a compliment. Yeah, because you didn’t think I’d be any good. No. I just think overall puzzling’s a little… quiet for you.

[ Scoffs ] I am a huge fan of quiet moments. I think they’re really valuable. And the fact that you don’t know that proves how little you know about me. Uh, can’t argue with you there. I’ve already proved that I can’t see what’s right in front of me. Oh, no, no, no. Don’t do that. Don’t go all negative on me. Look, you didn’t deserve what michael and willow did to you. But the good news is it’s behind you. It is done. It is — it’s over. And now you get to focus on what comes next. Whatever that is. Uncertainty about your future can be a good thing. Look at me. I never thought that I would be living in this house —

[ Chuckling ] Monica’s house — with a brand-new baby. I mean, half the time — over half the time — I don’t even know what I’m doing. Bailey doesn’t seem to mind. And why would she? I mean, you’re a really great mom. That means a lot to me coming from you. I just love this little girl so much. She’s completely changed my world.

[ Doorbell rings ] Do you want me to get that? No, no, no. That’s okay. Yuri will get it. Where was I? Oh, yeah. Motherhood. It is completely different than what I expected. It’s so much bigger and — and scarier and more amazing than I ever could have imagined. I mean, sometimes she’ll just look at me and, um, smile. Or she’ll, like, grab something with her hand and look at it like, “oh, my gosh. Look what I just picked up,” and it just takes my breath away. It’s unbelievable. Where is she?! What? Bailey’s right here. What’s going on?Oh, my god. She’s okay.

[ Dramatic music plays ] Maxie, did something happen? Peter’s back. How long do you think finn will last in prison? He’s not going to prison. Well, then, you’re either gonna have to kill me or let me go, anna, because as soon as I’m in custody, I will explain to them how finn pushed me down a flight of stairs, dumped my unconscious body into a freezer, and left me there to die. And since my story’s true, forensics will back me up. What forensics? A few drops of blood in the hospital basement that could’ve easily been placed there? No. You’ve got nothing, peter. Assuming finn doesn’t feel morally obligated to confess. He does strike me as that kind of guy. Why would he confess to something that never happened? He’s got far more important things to do with his life. Oh, I see. You’re gonna convince him to lie. So what happened to the pursuit of justice, anna devane? I lost interest in justice right around the time that you hired a psychopath to kidnap maxie. That psycho snapped, took her baby, and gave her to god knows who. Maxie’s daughter could be anywhere.

My daughter! Louise is mine, and i will find her! Where are you meeting peter august?

[ Gunshot ]

[ Dramatic music plays ] Why — why do you smell like smoke? Were you in a fire? It was in — yeah. I was physically under a beam, there was a fire, and I thought I was gonna die. And that’s when it all came to me — you, the kids, my whole life. So you couldn’t remember us? I — I called myself “mike” ’cause that was on my watch. Actually, I threw away my dad’s — my dad’s watch. Sonny, you got to — you got to tell me this just in order, because last december, you and I were in secaucus, and you chased julian out on the footbridge, it collapsed. I jumped in after you guys, and, like carly said, we searched for weeks — search-and-rescue, state police — and there was no — no sign of you.

[ Exhales deeply ] All I remember, it was — I was on the… I wound up on the banks of the river. A hiker found me, took me to the clinic. People helped me out. I didn’t know who I was.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] What about you two? W-what happened while I was gone? Sonny, there’s so much… so much to explain… to figure out. But the most important thing is that you’re right… you’re right here. I can’t even believe that you’re alive, sonny. I thought I would never see you again.

okay, maxie, I’m gonna need you to take a deep breath and tell me everything that happened, step by step. Okay. Um, nina called me when I was at the wedding reception. She said peter was in nixon falls, pennsylvania, but he left, and she thinks he’s on his way to port charles, which of course he is. Did nina call the police in nixon falls? I don’t know. She didn’t say. Okay. I’m gonna make a few calls and make sure the authorities in nixon falls know to be on the lookout for peter. And did you talk to mac? Not yet. All right. I’ll call him, too. We’re gonna get the pcpd on high alert. Chase, will you do me a favor? Just let yuri know that peter’s been sighted. Chase: Yeah. I’ll fill him in. Okay.

[ Exhales deeply ] What are you doing? I’m just looking for any updates on nixon falls. Oh, god. What? Looks like there’s been a fire in a bar. Three people have been injured. They think it’s arson. It has to be peter. Britt, walk with me to kelly’S. Okay. I guess I could use some fresh air. Okay. Uh, you guys want doughnuts or anything from kelly’s? No. No, thanks. No, thank you, scott. Okay.

[ Indistinct conversations, telephone ringing ] I’m worried about him. Mm. It’s not like scott to show up and start offering to buy people coffee. Mm. I mean, I know he’s a nice guy and all, but he’s generally a little more… disheveled. No. Uh, self-absorbed. I think he’s lonely. Mm. It was hard for him to lose franco. He was completely blindsided. And then he hooked up with obrecht. Not that she’s my first choice. Would she be anyone’s?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Elevator bell chimes ] Hi there. I’m looking for dr. Westbourne. Oh, she went on a coffee run, but I think she’s coming back. Or you can try kelly’S. All right. If you do see her before I do, please tell britt maxie’s trying to get her a message. Peter august is in pennsylvania.

[ Dramatic music plays ] You never learn, do you? You actually shot me! Yeah. It went clean through. I doubt you’ll need more than a few stitches. Was that intentional? Or did you shoot to kill and miss? I didn’t miss. Where’s drew cain? What? That plane crash over the gulf of aden — that was a cover for his abduction. Where did you put him? Make me an offer and… maybe I’ll decide to tell you. You’re such a son of a bitch. Is that any way to talk about your sister? Oh, alice is to blame for a lot of things, but this is all you, peter, every step of the way. Anna! Everything under control here? Hello, peter. Your guide can’t make the rendezvous. He’s handcuffed to a telephone pole, waiting for authorities to pick him up.

[ Laughs ] Look at you! Suddenly the man of law and order! I heard him making arrangements. Yeah? Call him back. Tell him we’ve got peter in custody and that he’s gonna tell us everything. Think again.

[ Dramatic music plays ] No! You said that, um, local people helped you. Who were they? Where have you been? It’s a little place in pennsylvania. I-I don’t want to get into that right now. You… um, how are the kids? They’re fine! I mean, avery and donna are asleep. They’re — they’re gonna be so excited to see you. Donna has missed you so much! Yeah. Nine months is a long time, you know, for a little kid.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] How’s michael? Dante? Josslyn? Kristina? How are they doing? They’re living their lives, you know? Josslyn’s at pcu. I-I can’t believe this! I can’t — I can’t believe that… I’m talking to you about the kids. I-I mean… we missed you so much. We grieved for you every single day. I mean, I gave up praying for this, sonny. I gave up hoping for a miracle. I… you had to. Both of you. You thought I was dead. And I’m so happy that you had each other to lean on.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] We, uh, we did more than lean on each other, sonny.

[ Sighs ] Carly and I got married.

We were in a — a hurry. We were traumatized. We just… I don’t know. We must have made a mistake. But how? Peter had to have regained consciousness in that freezer and — and opened it up and climbed out. But how? What about maxie?

[ Down-tempo music plays ] Oh. Hey — hey, austin. Listen. If it’s about the quartermaine lawsuit, let’s strategize at another time. Office hours, okay? You got it. Okay. Thank you. But I’m actually here ’cause I wanted to talk to britt. Britt, maxie’s asked that I warn you — peter august has resurfaced, and she’s fearful that he might be on his way back to port charles. Uh, well, that’s sweet of maxie to send you to warn me. But she’s the one at risk. Peter’s obsessed with her. Maxie: Thank god we did this. Thank god peter has no idea louise is here. I don’t blame you for needing to check for yourself that she’s okay. Look, I know I took a huge risk by coming here, but I told austin that I thought peter might lash out at valentin by going after his baby. So if anyone asks — I’ll tell them the same thing. Okay. Speaking of valentin, I’m sure you already gave him a call to, uh, update him on peter, but I-I should call him myself. Brook lynn, you promised me that valentin could handle peter. Valentin understands how peter thinks, okay? He is the best person to protect bailey.

[ Dramatic music plays ] Valentin lives here. That’s kind of my point. Maybe you should live here, too.

[ Exhales sharply ] It’s a beautiful night, isn’t it? It’s beautiful. Stop. I’m sorry. I-I’m sorry. I — when you’re across from me, I cannot look anywhere else. Well, then, as long as I have your undivided attention… there is something important we need to discuss.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] Okay. At one point, we talked about you, me, and wiley all living together in the gatehouse. We did. But you’re still in the main house, and I was wondering if you feel like that’s a better arrangement. Absolutely not. No. I just — I-I didn’t — I didn’t want to crowd you. Crowd me? Yeah. The whole situation with chase, I know it was really tough on you, so I — it — it was tough on all of us, including chase. Yeah. Which is why I didn’t want to just move in the next day and expect you to be okay with it, you know? Like, “hey, willow, ready or not, the chase part of your life is over, and the michael one’s about to begin.” Okay. You would never do that. Yeah. Exactly. Which is — which is why I stayed in the main house.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] The thing is… I will always be sorry that chase got hurt… but I will never regret falling in love with you. No, this is not a search-and-rescue — this is a hunt for a fugitive. I want roadblocks, and I want teams both sides of the river. Yes? Keep me posted.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Anything? No. I don’t see any sign of him.

[ Sighs ] I’ll tell you what. It took guts to take a jump like that. The fall will probably kill him. Well, given he’s inherited his father’s knack for survival, I’d say you’d be a fool to assume he was dead.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] You don’t strike me as a fool. You never have. I’m not. Neither are you. Married? When? Today. Couple hours ago.

[ Down-tempo music plays ]

[ Sighs ] Those are your wedding clothes? Yes. You look beautiful. Thanks. It’s been really complicated and crazy — really crazy, sonny. Just tell me. Well, as soon as you, uh, disappeared, we were getting a lot of pressure from the five families and from cyrus. Bastard. We had to, uh, secure our position, so we, uh, declared you legally dead, and then we held a funeral. Well, that makes sense. You have to let people think that the business is stable. So you’re — you’re — you’re running things? Well, I-I was until peter august framed me for franco’s murder. You mean it’s — what?! Franco’s dead? Yes. No big loss. So now you’re being blamed. Thanks to gladys. Gladys? She said she saw me ditch the murder weapon. I was remanded for trial. They were holding me at pentonville. So who’s running the business? Me.

You want me to live with the quartermaines? Absolutely! And you could bring georgie and james with you. We have so much room. We have two housekeepers, a cook, a full-time nanny, and we have yuri. This is monica’s house. Yeah! And she’s already letting valentin and charlotte stay here. I’m sure she wouldn’t have a problem with you. Yeah. Except she thinks I have an unnatural attachment to bailey and that I need therapy. Okay. That was before. The situation is radically different now, maxie. Peter is alive, he’s an active threat, and this house has fantastic security. And, like I mentioned, we have yuri. I’m sure monica would not have a problem with you moving in. Okay, but, brook lynn, I would. I can’t live in a house with my daughter and not take care of her like she’s my own. I don’t care how big this house is. Then how do we make sure that you’re protected against peter?

[ Dramatic music plays ] I appreciate you wanting to give me time, but I don’t need it. Just the opposite, okay? I can’t wait to start our life together. You sure? Look, ’cause as much as I love you, willow, you do have a little bit of a habit of doing what you think other people want. Um, hello? Person in a glass house, please don’t throw stones. Actually, you’re right. I do. I-i do do that a lot, don’t I? Okay, this time, I’m saying what I want, which is… everything we talked about. I want to wake up every morning in bed with you… and eat breakfast in the kitchen and…hang out on the couch and read stories to wiley or watch “the emperor’s new groove” for the hundred thousandth time. Oh, yeah. I love how much you laugh at that movie. I love that you laugh at it with me. I actually think we enjoy it more than wiley does. Yeah. Yeah. [ Laughs ] And…yes, I know that our life won’t always be easy and perfect. You have a stressful job and… an even more stressful family, and I’m navigating nursing school. But if we wait for the perfect time to move in together, the perfect time will never come. I completely disagree. The perfect time… is now.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] Come on. Let’s get home. You were running the business? Jason couldn’t do it. He was in pentonville, and cyrus was being relentless. He was trying to have jason killed. Clearly, he failed. I mean, diane was sure that she could get me exonerated at trial, but that would have — I mean, it would have taken months, and we didn’t have that kind of time, so, you know, I escaped. With everybody depending on you, you made yourself a fugitive. That’s not something that you would do. That was me.

[ Dramatic music plays ] I forced jason to escape. Here’s the deal. Yuri and I went through the whole house. We checked all the entry points, and it’s clear. I contacted dispatch, and they have a patrol car sitting at the front gate. Mac has another patrol car sitting out in front of your apartment. He asked me to tell you that he is sending a car to take you home and he and your mom will meet you there with georgie and james. Yeah. Well, there are some advantages to having a stepdad who’s acting police commissioner. Any news from nixon falls? Yeah. The, uh — the pcpd is coordinating with the pennsylvania state police. I don’t have any specifics, but they’re searching for peter, and roadblocks are going up. Okay. Hopefully they find him before he makes it anywhere near port charles. Hopefully. You know what? This tension is not good for bailey. There’s a ton of literature about how babies can pick up on energy. Do you want me to take her up to the nursery? Are you volunteering? Yeah! Bailey and i are like old friends. Okay.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] What do you think, sweetheart?

[ Baby groans ] Aww! Do you want uncle chase to take you upstairs? Yeah? I think she does. Okay. Here you go, sweet pea. Chase: Come here, baby. Oh. Shh. Hi! Shh, shh, shh.

[ Baby crying ] All right. Oh, it’s okay. -I’ll be right back. -Okay. Look, I’m not gonna tell you not to worry, maxie. But the pcpd is on this, all right? We’re gonna do everything in our power to make sure peter doesn’t get near you. All right. Let’s go. Britt: Where’s maxie now? I dropped her at the quartermaines’. Well, why would she go there? Well, apparently peter august is obsessed with valentin, and maxie’s worried that peter might go after his daughter. Well, that’s a bit of a stretch. Not for peter. You have no idea how vindictive he can be. Let’s talk about something else for a minute. Yes. Okay. How’s violet? Violet? How’s violet doing? Yes. Violet? She’s wonderful and amazing, and she wants a do-over on the camping trip. Oh. She’s very disappointed she didn’t get to sleep in a tent. Mm. And apparently, setting one up in the living room just isn’t the same. Then let’s do it. Let’s plan another trip. Before scott’s unexpected arrival, I thought things were… going well.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] Don’t you think? I had jason stabbed in pentonville. You had him stabbed? Just bad enough so hwould be transferred to general hospital, where brick could break him out. And the plan would have worked, except cyrus tried to kill britt westbourne, and jason went back in to save her, and he got shot. So basically everything went completely sideways. Well, I mean, not — not completely, because I-I did get away and britt was able to — to patch me up.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] So what turned… into you guys getting married? So, carly broke me out that night because there was a meeting with the five families. And cyrus was really pushing to take your place at the table and, uh, open up the territory for anybody who wanted to move product through the harbor. And I was — I was hurt too bad to go, so carly went. So you met with the five families. I didn’t have a choice.

I want you to concentrate the search on the first mile downstream of the overlook. And where are we with the guide?

[ Insects chirping, water flowing ] Oh. Okay. Yeah. Well, let me know. Thanks. Well?

[ Sighs ] Guide’s local. Retired military. Claims that he was contacted on the dark web, so they’re pulling a warrant to search his phone and computer, but I doubt that they’re gonna get anything useful. That would just leave peter’s phone. Yeah, but it’s locked. Yeah, and even if the techs crack it, I would imagine that his accomplice has managed to cover his tracks. Well, if the accomplice is able to evade a trace by the wsb, that’s a remarkable level of expertise.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] It’s just speculation on my part, but, um, from what I overheard, by the tone of peter’s voice, he was urgent and impatient, but he wasn’t giving orders. So you don’t think the guy was working for peter? No. Whoever peter’s ally may be, I got the sense that they, not peter, are the one with the power. I think, uh, camping was going…very well.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] I mean, the kids were having fun. But not you? I’d sit in front of a campfire with you anytime. Scott: Uh — oh. Uh, sorry. Sorry to interrupt you. You guys looked a little intense there. Well, we were just talking about camping… …as a family. I’m fine. I promise. I can come stay with you. No. That’s okay. Uh, mac and my mom already have that covered. They’re gonna meet me at my place, and we’re gonna stay there. They’re sending a car to pick me up. Okay. Well, do me a favor and text me a selfie when you get home, just to be sure. Deal. You be careful, too. You’re not peter’s favorite person. I’m not afraid of peter. It’s actually kind of a relief to know he’s out there. I don’t have to wonder anymore. I just have to be ready to defend myself. Britt, be careful, okay? You, too.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] Your car is here. It’s definitely the pcpd. Chase knows them. I’m glad he checked. Yeah. Take care of her, okay? You know I will. Brook lynn…thank you. I mean that. Yeah, you can, uh, ask brando. He was there as cyrus’ bodyguard. But, you know, carly rallied the rest of the families against cyrus, shut him down. Then she had brick blow up one of his shipments. It was, uh, the right message, perfectly timed. Nice work. Thanks, but it may have worked too well. I mean, I had to reassure the families that I was in charge — me, by myself, sitting in your chair, making all the decisions. And they accepted me until jason came back.

[ Down-tempo music plays ] The five families, they don’t — they don’t believe in shared power. They expected one of you to eliminate the other. Exactly right. So we had to send a message that I was in charge and carly backed me and that she wasn’t a liability. So you got married. Great strategy.

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