Y&R Short Recap Monday, September 20 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Mariah and Tessa moved out of the Chancellor house and into the Grand Phoenix. Tessa was there for Mariah. Mariah came up with a way that she could heal and move forward. Nate put Amanda in touch with some doctors who could treat Naya’s atrial fibrillation. Sharon talked to Connor about his parents’ separation. Rey and Adam had a civil conversation about Connor. Abby wanted to help Mariah. Amanda and Devon talked to each other about the things they were dealing with. Devon wished Dominic could call him Dad. Amanda was going forward with starting her own law firm and hiring Imani as her junior partner. Devon asked Amanda to move in with him. Sally told Chloe how she’d helped Connor. Sally found it easy to talk with Connor, and she thought it meant she had a mom gene. Chloe pointed out that Connor had a mother. Sally was impressed that Adam was being a single parent. Sally went up to Connor and Sharon. Sharon saw Connor and Sally’s rapport. When Adam took Connor to the office, Connor requested that Sally go with them. Sharon thought Sally had her sights set on Adam, just like she’d gone after other wealthy men. While Adam had said he wasn’t interested, Sharon said he was lonely, which made him vulnerable.


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