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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie told Eli how Doug touched Paulina. He was shocked about it. John talked to Abe about Johnny’s script. He told him that he planned on writing about his possession. They remembered what happened when she was possessed. Possessed Doug told Marlena that he waited a long time for her. Marlena told him that he had dementia. He told her that Doug didn’t have dementia. He was adjusting to having him in his body. He didn’t understand how he put up with Julie. Marlena didn’t want to believe that Doug was who he said he was. Roman wanted another chance with Kate. He wasn’t sure if he was going to take the risk again after he rejected her. She said that it wasn’t her the last time. They ended up talking about Marlena being the Salem Stalker and being possessed. John and Abe continued to talk about what happened when Marlena was possessed. Possessed Doug wanted Marlena to say his real name. He said if he were Doug, how would know the memories they had. She was convinced he read that in the paper. She thought he was confused. He told her to sit down. He told her that he would show her proof of his power. He turned the lights out in her office and his eyes turned yellow. She gasped and he asked her if she believed him.

Roman and Kate continued to talk about her past relationships. He thought she should give a decent man another shot. Abe couldn’t believe Marlena could be possessed by the devil. He thought it was impossible to believe. John said that he couldn’t deal with the truth even when Kristen told him. Abe said that Kristen was a different person at the time. John mentioned the affair that he had with Marlena affected Sami. He didn’t think Johnny understood what the Pandora’s box he was opening by doing the movie. Kayla wanted to stop Julie from interrupting Doug’s session with Marlena. She said he was in good hands. Eli agreed with Kayla. They noticed the lights dimmed in the room. Kayla wanted to check it out. Possessed Doug put the lights back up. He wanted to know if Marlena believed he wasn’t Doug. She wanted to know why he showed up now. Kate told Roman how he slept with Marlena on the island. He reminded her how she slept with John. She explained that they didn’t know they were coming back. Roman said they couldn’t get it right the way John and Marlena did. John was worried that he wouldn’t be able to protect Marlena if the possession was dredged up again. Abe reminded him how he saved Marlena’s life by performing the exorcism. Julie wanted to check on Doug. Eli said that Kayla knew what she was doing. Marlena wanted Possessed Doug to leave. He refused to do it. She said she wouldn’t let him hurt Doug. She wanted to know what he wanted. He said he wanted her. Possessed Doug reminded Marlena how they brought the town to its knees. He thought they could do it again. She said he would never take over her body again. He thought that was unfortunate. She wanted him to get out of Doug’s body. He told him to invite him back into her and he would leave Doug. She said she would never let him do it. He shocked Doug. She demanded he stop.

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