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Recap written by Christine

At the Chancellor house, Mariah held Bowie and told him goodbye. She thought it was best for everyone if she and Tessa moved out. Abby tried to change Mariah’s mind and offered to call Sharon. Mariah snapped that Abby had to stop taking care of her. Mariah told Abby to take care of Dominic.

Amanda met Nate at Crimson Lights to talk about Naya’s atrial fibrillation. Nate said it was treatable with the right care. Amanda wanted her mom to get the best treatment ASAP. She didn’t want to lose any more relatives. She was about to cry, and he assured her it would be okay. He promised to give her the best possible options for doctors. She thanked him. She felt so stressed out. Her grandfather’s trial was coming up, and she was worried about how it’d affect Naya. She was also worried about Devon, who’d had conflicting emotions since Dominic’s birth. Nate told Amanda that she needed to take time for herself, or she might not be able to be there for the people she loved.

Adam brought Connor to Crimson Lights and asked if Sharon had a minute. Sharon said no, and she stepped away to answer Mariah’s call. Sharon was sorry she missed the baptism, but she was coming to the reception. Mariah said it was over, and right now she needed to be alone to process things. Sharon understood and promised to be there to help Mariah through this. The call ended, and Sharon told Adam that she had some time to talk after all. Adam prodded Connor, who apologized to Sharon about the way he acted the other day. Sharon said the apology wasn’t necessary. Adam said that Sharon wasn’t to blame for what happened between him and Chelsea. Connor didn’t seem convinced. Sharon knew this was confusing for Connor, but she promised she wanted the best for him and his parents. Adam reminded Connor how helpful Sharon was when Connor was having difficulties. He added that Sharon helped Chelsea too. Sharon said Connor could come to her if he needed someone to talk to, and he said thanks. Now that Connor had warmed up to Sharon, Adam went to the patio.

Rey walked in and approached Adam. Adam hoped Rey wasn’t going to get pissed off about Adam bringing Connor to talk with Sharon. Rey had connected with Connor on their road trip. He cared about the Connor, and he was glad Adam told Connor the truth. Adam thought he and Rey ahd found common ground and asked if they could coexist.

Back inside, Connor said lots of kids at school had parents who’d split up. He’d felt bad for those kids, and now he was one of them. He wasn’t sure who he was going to live with – if he lived with one parent, the other would be sad. Sharon told Connor that it wasn’t his job to take care of his parents. He was worried his parents would pretend not to fight when they were around him, because he could tell when they were being fake, and that was worse. Sharon said that his parents weren’t going to fake their love for him, and when they were together as a family, that love was all that mattered.

Abby asked if Mariah was doing the right thing by exiling herself from the baby. Tessa pointed out that they lived nearby, so it wasn’t exile. Abby wanted the Chancellor house to be a safe place for Mariah. Mariah appreciated the concern, but this was the right choice. She said she’d keep pumping milk for Dominic. Devon asked if that would be too much. Mariah wanted to do it. It was just hard to be there around the baby all the time. She had to leave because she didn’t want to hurt Abby. Abby accepted this. Tessa and Mariah were leaving when Dominic started to cry. Mariah froze, but then she continued out the door. Abby felt bad about how things turned out. She said they’d made agreements and covered their bases. They’d gone from being a happy extended family to Mariah not being able to stand being around her and the baby. Devon said Mariah went through something traumatic. Abby suggested that Mariah may have felt this way even if she didn’t go through that ordeal. Devon felt that they should give her time and the distance she needed to figure out how she fit in with all of them. He was glad Mariah had Tessa.

Later, Abby was home alone. She rocked the baby and said she missed his dad. She knew that Dom never met Chance, so he didn’t miss him. She assumed Dom missed Mariah, though. Abby was grateful to Mariah for protecting Dom and bringing him into the world. Abby thought about how hard it must’ve been for Mariah to be locked in the room with only Dominic to talk to. She wanted to do something for Mariah. She suggested that, in time, Mariah could be a part of their lives. Abby found Mariah’s bracelet, and she was about to call her until she realized it would be best to give Mariah the time and space she requested.

When Devon got home, Amanda was there wrapping up a call with a doctor. She told him she’d talked to the doctors Nate recommended, and she was feeling positive now. Devon was glad Amanda reached out to Nate. Amanda was used to being on her own, and asking for help didn’t come naturally. Devon could relate, but he said you had to learn to ask for support when you needed it, especially because so many people were happy to help her. She said she was about to say the same thing to him. He asked what she was going to do now that she wasn’t working for her family anymore. She, Naya and Imani talked about it on their trip. Amanda decided to follow through with starting her own firm, and Imani was going to be her junior partner. Amanda looked forward to being with her partner/sister, and her healthy mother as they heard a guilty verdict in Sutton’s trial. Amanda asked about the baptism. He didn’t think she needed to hear him vent now, but she wanted him to open up, because that was part of being in a relationship. He was embarrassed because she’d warned him that it could get messy. She said that was why she urged him to draw up the legal agreement. He said that he’d learned a contract didn’t account for how people really felt. He was okay with her saying “I told you so.” Amanda said she’d never say that – they were partners, and they needed to be each other’s safe place.

Devon admitted the baptism was rough, mostly because of how much Mariah was struggling. He repeated what Mariah said about not knowing how to not be Dominic’s mom. Amanda said Mariah was losing someone she loved. Devon disagreed, because Abby would always allow Mariah to be in Dom’s life. Amanda said it was still a loss, because Mariah would never be able to love the baby the way she wanted to – the way she loved him when she carried and nurtured him for nine months, especially when they were trapped. He added that Mariah’s departure had Abby feeling guilty about loving her own child, which she had to deal with without her husband. Amanda wanted to know how Devon felt. Devon felt good about standing up and pledging to be the godfather, but it also felt strange because he was Dominic’s father, but he wasn’t the legal father. Amanda assured Devon that, per the legal agreement, Dominic would always know who Devon was. Devon said Dominic wouldn’t call him Dad. “What does it say about me that I wish could have that?,” he asked. Amanda thought it said that he cared deeply about his friends and their child. She thought Dom was lucky to be so fiercely loved by Devon. Devon poured Amanda wine and told her they were celebrating. He told her she was right – they were each other’s safe place. He felt like she could see his heart. She felt the same way. He said they were helping each other navigate through uncertainty, and he didn’t want to be without her. He asked her to move in.

Mariah and Tessa got a suite at The Grand Phoenix because the old apartment didn’t feel like home anymore. Mariah said she didn’t need Tessa to comfort her or treat her like she was fragile. She felt that the separation was what she needed to step away from the connection she felt with Dominic. She said that her feelings toward Dominic needed to be familial, not maternal. Tessa thought it sounded like Mariah was talking with her head, but Tessa was worried about Mariah’s heart. Tessa went up behind Mariah and wrapped her arms around her waist. Tessa told Mariah not to try and be brave with her. She knew this would be painful, but she was here for Mariah through the good, bad and ugly. Tessa promised they’d get through this next phase of their lives together. They kissed.

Later, Tessa and Mariah were cuddled in bed. Mariah said Bowie and Tessa kept her sane during the abduction. She even sang some of Tessa’s songs to the baby, and it calmed her down. She mentioned the dream she had that Tessa rescued her. Tessa was glad she could be a source of comfort and sanity this time, since it was usually the other way around. They thought that they’d found the perfect balance.

Later, Mariah’s eyes were filled with tears. She was alone in the room, and she thought about times she’d spent with the baby, when she was kidnapped and after giving birth. She remembered wishing she could breastfeed the baby and telling him that he was drinking her milk. Mariah yelled for Tessa, who was just getting out of the shower. Mariah said she thought she’d figured out a way to heal and move on.

Chloe and Sally were at Society. Sally said she was on a run in the park when she saw a kid alone and upset. She recognized him from pictures in Adam’s office. She’d discreetly texted Adam, then she chatted with Connor. Sally gathered that Connor had just gotten upsetting news, she assumed it was about his parents splitting up. She was surprised at how easily she’d connected with Connor. She said who knew she had the mom gene. Sally asked how working parents did it. Chloe said it wasn’t easy. Sally thought about how hard Adam had it as a single parent. Chloe said that Connor had a mother, and Chloe’s best friend and their future co-worker. Sally got the message to stay away from Adam, but seeing him as a good dad made him even hotter. Chloe choked on her drink, and Sally said she was just kidding. Chloe said that Chelsea was the reason Connor was a great kid. Sally was sure Chelsea was a good mom, but she was away, and Adam was doing it alone. Sally gave him credit for that.

Chloe was alone now. She called Chelsea. Chelsea was mad because Adam talked to Connor about the separation without her. She was also angry that Adam had Connor talk to Sharon, of all people. She wasn’t surprised Connor got upset. Chloe felt for Connor, but she thought this was best for Chelsea. Chelsea felt like Adam controlled the situation and wouldn’t let her be there so they could tell Connor together. Chloe wasn’t surprised, because that was what Adam was like. Chloe said Chelsea could get on with her life now, and they could kick butt at the fashion platform. Connor had told Chelsea that Sally helped calm him down. Chelsea wanted to thank her.

Chloe thought Sally’s talents lay more in design than taking care of kids. Chelsea still appreciated Sally being there for Connor when Chelsea couldn’t be. Chloe promised to pass along Chelsea’s gratitude.

Sally sent to Crimson Lights and approached Connor and Sharon. Connor wanted Sally to tell Sharon about getting ice water dumped on her head. Sally thought everyone heard that one. Sharon coolly commented that Sally and Connor had a rapport. Sally said they were pals. Sharon went back behind the counter. Connor asked if Sally had more embarrassing stories. Adam and Rey walked in and saw Sally making Connor laugh. Adam thanked Sally for hanging out with Connor the other day. He said he and Connor were going back to the office. Connor asked if Sally could come. Sally was heading there anyway. They all left together.

Sharon was concerned about what happened with Rey and Adam. He said that Adam thought they found common ground. Rey asked how things went with Connor. She thought he’d be okay. He noticed she was still concerned. Sharon thought Sally had her eye on Adam. Sharon said Nick told her that Sally had a reputation for targeting wealthy men. She did it in LA, and she immediately made a play for Jack when she got here. Sharon thought Sally was the last kind of complication Adam needed. Rey asked if Sharon thought Adam was interested. Adam had told Sharon he wasn’t interested, but Sharon said he was lonely, which made him vulnerable.

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