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Recap written by Christine

Jack apologized if he’d made Phyllis uncomfortable. She assured him that she wasn’t uncomfortable with him telling her how he felt. He made it clear that he wasn’t sorry for the way he felt about her. Nick arrived and said he got a text from Summer saying that it was time to make travel arrangements to be there for her and Kyle’s civil ceremony. After Jack left, Nick asked Phyllis if their relationship had something more than fun and flirtation. She thought it had love too, and she thought things were so easy this time because they’d paid their dues. She held his hand. Jack returned and left again when he saw Phyllis and Nick’s tender moment. They realized he’d come back. Victor asked Ashland about his early life. Ashland didn’t give much detail, explaining that Victoria had taught him to live in the moment. Billy came to Victoria and told her there was no record of Ashland’s birth or of his parents’ death. Victoria didn’t think it was a big deal that old documents like that weren’t readily available. She warned him that if he kept trying to cause issues, she’d show him what she was capable of. Victoria relayed what Billy had said to Ashland. Ashland got a text from someone saying “you’ll regret ignoring me.” Ashland told Victoria that Billy wasn’t wrong. He said there was something she needed to know. Tessa found Mariah crying after Abby took the baby to the park. Mariah felt bad for thinking this, but she said Abby’s relationship with Stitch put Mariah and Bowie in jeopardy. Abby only needed a surrogate because of her relationship with Stitch, then he returned and brought chaos. Mariah was scared Stitch would come back. Tessa tried to comfort her. Mariah left.

Jack ran into Abby and the baby at the park and marveled at his nephew. Abby wished Chance knew about Dom, but she was optimistic that he’d be home soon. Mariah overheard Tessa telling Abby that Mariah was struggling with the kidnapping and missing the baby. Abby wanted to help Mariah. Chelsea was caught off guard when Adam wanted to tell Connor that his parents had split. Chelsea wanted to try again, for Connor, but Adam thought they should go their separate ways. Chelsea wanted to be there for the discussion, but her mother had fallen again, and Chelsea could leave her. When Adam learned that Chelsea had no idea when she’d be back from Minnesota, he decided to talk to Connor alone. He shot down Chelsea’s suggestion to bring Connor to Minnesota for the talk. Chelsea was angry because she thought Adam was excluding her from the conversation. Rey was unhappy that Sharon went to see Adam. He asked if Adam would ever be out of their lives. Sally saw Rey leave, and she struck up a conversation with Sharon that was laced with tension. She made it a point to note that Sharon had a handsome husband. Adam arrived and Sally went back to work. Sharon said it was obvious that Sally had a crush on Adam. Adam didn’t think that was true, but even if it was, he didn’t need to be with another complicated woman, and he didn’t think he was capable of having a successful relationship. Sally asked Chloe for details on Sharon and Adam. Chloe said Adam and Sharon had a complicated and profound relationship that drove Chelsea over the edge.


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