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Recap written by Christine

At the Chancellor house, Abby rebuffed Mariah’s attempts to help her with the baby’s stroller. Abby said she was taking Dom to Chancellor Park, and she left. Shortly afterward, Tessa came in and saw Mariah crying. Tessa asked what was wrong. “Abby and Bowie, sorry, Dominic, they were going out and the stroller, just and I… I just wanted to help,” Mariah stammered. She pulled herself together and said she felt sad when she saw Abby and Dom walk out the door. She wasn’t sure why. She just worried sometimes for some reason. Tessa thought that was natural after what Stitch put Mariah through. Mariah had this feeling she couldn’t shake, and she felt so bad. “Abby’s history is the reason why Bowie and me were put in jeopardy. You know, her relationship with Stitch,” Mariah stated. She pointed out that Abby needed a surrogate because of her relationship with Stitch, then he came back, and he brought chaos and disaster. She said Stitch still wanted Abby, and he was willing to do crazy things to get her back. Tessa asked Mariah if she blamed Abby for Stitch’s actions.

Mariah was ashamed of her thoughts. She said she didn’t blame Abby, but then she was going to say something else that she decided against voicing. Tessa assured Mariah that she could be open with her. Mariah was terrified that Stitch would come back. Tessa said that Stitch was a wanted fugitive, and none of them would be tricked by them again. She added that Chance would return, and Stitch would realize he had no chance with Abby. Mariah countered that they had no idea how long that would take. She wanted to be brave, but she couldn’t. She felt like she used up all her bravery in that room. She had so many thoughts that were drowning out all the good things around her. Tessa wished Mariah could see herself from Tessa’s perspective. She thought Mariah needed time and space to work through things. She suggested they go do something as a distraction, but Mariah didn’t feel up to that. She wanted to be alone, so she left the house.

Nick went to The Grand Phoenix and flirted with Phyllis on his way to the hotel gym. After he left for his workout, Jack showed up. He wanted to apologize to Phyllis for making her feel uncomfortable. She assured him that he didn’t make her uncomfortable. He knew she was with Nick now. She confirmed that she was with Nick, and she noted that Jack never declared that he was pursue her. Phyllis stated that she and Jack had known each other a long time, and he didn’t have to apologize for telling her his truth. He made it clear that he was apologizing for possibly making her uncomfortable – not for the things he said last night, because they were true then and now. Nick returned and said he got a text from Summer saying that it was time to make travel preparations for her civil ceremony with Kyle. Phyllis gushed about all the Italian weddings, and Nick said there was a lot of love in the air. Jack looked wistful.

Jack headed to Chancellor Park, where he was delighted to run into Abby and Dom. He called Dom a miracle and asked if Chance was enjoying the pictures. Abby said that Chance didn’t know the baby had been born. Jack offered to try and use his connections to reach Chance. Abby said that Christine had tried, and if she couldn’t reach him, no one probably could. Jack knew what it was like to be separated from someone you loved, and it had to be harder when you couldn’t communicate with them. It broke Abby’s heart that Chance didn’t know he was a father. Jack said at least Abby had a bundle of joy to hold while she waited. Abby said that Chance would be home soon and Dom wouldn’t miss out on one bit of love – everyone at the house would make sure of that.

Abby went home and told Tessa that while Dom was probably too little to take a lot of things in, he’d seemed so curious about his new surroundings. Tessa confided that Mariah was scared and worried after Abby and the baby left. Obviously, it was the kidnapping, but Mariah missed Dominic too. Tessa said Mariah was struggling, and it was getting worse. Abby didn’t know how anyone could hold up after what Mariah went through. She loved Mariah and was grateful to her and wanted to help her through this. They didn’t notice Mariah had returned and overheard them talking.

Back at the hotel, Phyllis showed Nick some dresses that she thought might be right for Summer to wear at her ceremony. He didn’t seem interested in the conversation. She acknowledged that something was distracting him. He said he was happy with what he was feeling – it was comfortable and content. He stated that they had flirtation and fun. “But it’s not all we have, right?,” he asked. She thought they had a good balance of love and fun. She said they’d been through a lot and paid their dues, so this was easy. He was glad they were on the same page about where things stood this time around. He guessed they were lucky. She grabbed his hand and said she felt lucky and grateful. Jack returned and saw Nick and Phyllis holding hands. He left before they saw him.

Victor wanted to get to know Ashland better, since they were going to be in laws. He mused that it wasn’t always about business. Ashland was surprised to hear Victor say that. Victor asked how Ashland’s treatment was going. Ashland had some rough days, but he felt stronger after the sessions. Victor asked about Ashland’s early career. Victor assumed Ashland was familiar with his early days. Ashland had read the biography – Victor grew up in an orphanage – he had a father who deserted the family and a mother who promised to come back for him but was never able to. Ashland added that Victor left the orphanage as a teen, changed his name and took charge of his life, laying the groundwork for the empire. Victor asked if any of his story resonated with Ashland. Ashland said that he also had to jump start his life as a teen. He was close to his parents, who were well-meaning people. He said a book about his life wouldn’t be as interesting as Victor’s. He said that Victoria had been key in teaching him to live in the moment, and he felt like he should never look back. Victor asked if Ashland didn’t think early experiences made them who they were today.

At Society, Billy ran into Victoria. He mentioned that he’d heard Ashland personally invited Nate to the wedding. Billy was wondering where his personal invitation was. Victoria wondered why she even added Billy to the guest list, when all he did was dig for dirt on her fiance. Billy said he’d get out of her hair if she told him about Ashland’s history. She told him that he wasn’t being as charming as he thought he was. He changed the subject and asked how Nate became Ashland’s new BFF. She said they weren’t BFFs – Nate and Ashland had a few things in common and they hit it off. He asked why she wasn’t curious about Ashland’s past, and she told him not to presume to know what she cared about. She was tired of the fishing expedition. He said he was just trying to fill the holes. It seemed like Ashland didn’t exist before he met his mentor, Camilla Rhodes. Victoria called that ridiculous. Billy said they hadn’t found a birth certificate on Ashland or a death certificate for his parents, whom Ashland said he lost as a teen. Victoria mocked Billy for thinking this was a big deal. She said documents back then were on paper, maybe they were just missing or buried in a warehouse. Billy admitted that Lily said the same thing. Victoria wondered what a smart woman like Lily was doing with Billy. Billy said he wasn’t looking for reasons to doubt her fiance – they just kept falling in his lap. She thought they’d be better off if he’d drop this ridiculous search. She told him he’d better not badmouth Ashland to their children. He asked if she really thought he’d do that. She didn’t know what he was capable of when it came to Ashland. She said if he kept this up, she’d let him know what she was capable of. She left.

Ashland and Victoria got home around the same time. She said an encounter with Billy left her with a bitter taste. She relayed what Billy said about the missing vital records on Ashland and his family. She thought Billy was being ridiculous. Ashland got another text from the unnamed person. The original said “You’re a hard man to keep track of.” The new one said “you’ll regret ignoring me.” Ashland stared at the phone, and Victoria asked if he was listening. He admitted Billy wasn’t wrong, and there was something Victoria needed to know.

Adam and Chelsea were on a video chat, while he was in his office. They’d just finished talking about what a good time Connor had at camp, and she was blindsided when he said it was time to tell Connor what was going on between them. She’d just thought things would get better with time. Adam thought it was time for them to go their separate ways. Chelsea asked if they shouldn’t try again for Connor’s sake. Adam noted that Chelsea recently wanted him out of her life so badly that she tried to send him to prison. Chelsea thought, after all they’d been through, this would warrant a longer discussion, but she accepted that this was how Adam felt. She told him he had to wait until she came home so she could be part of the discussion. He asked when she’d be back. She wasn’t sure – Anita fell and re-injured herself, and Chelsea had to stay and take care of her. Anita wouldn’t let her hire a nurse. Adam thought Anita was just being Anita. She asked if he was accusing her mother of faking her fall. He just knew he didn’t want to wait – it wasn’t fair to Connor. He thought he should just deal with this himself. She suggested he bring Connor to Minnesota so she could be part of the conversation. He didn’t like that idea, because he was worried Connor would get the wrong idea about the trip and be crushed when he learned the truth. Chelsea felt like Adam was making up excuses to exclude her from the discussion. He asserted that he wasn’t trying to be cruel, he was trying to do what was best for their son. She accused him of thinking about what was easiest for him, and she ended the call.

Rey went to Crimson Lights on his break, hoping to surprise Sharon, but she wasn’t there. When she walked in, she revealed that she’d gone to see Adam. He asked why. She noted that Rey already knew – Adam wanted advice on talking to Connor, and Rey was the one who urged him not to put that off. Rey said he suggested that thinking that someone besides Sharon would give Adam guidance. He knew it was in Sharon’s nature to want to help though, and that was one of the things he loved best about her. He asked if Adam would ever be out of their lives. He had to head back to the station. She asked him to stay for a few minutes, but he saw no point since he’d said his piece, and he didn’t think it would change anything. He left. Sally was by the door, and she saw Rey leaving.

Sally went to Sharon and she struck up a conversation with Sharon that was laced with tension. Sally said she was getting bored with her drink order. She asked Sharon to pick one for her. Sally mentioned she used to read Restless Style and asked if Sharon missed fashion. Sharon said not at all – she had a Master’s degree in psychology, and along with running this place, her life was full. Sally pointedly stated that Sharon had a great career and a handsome husband. Adam walked in and told Sally that Chloe was looking for her at the office. She offered to wait for him, and he said he wasn’t heading back yet. Sally left. Sharon told Adam that Sally seemed like a handful. He was amused by her take on Sally, who always seemed to get a reaction out of people. Sharon said she was reacting to Sally’s obvious crush on Adam. Adam thought Sharon was letting her imagination run wild, but Sharon said she was good at picking up on things like this. He stated that even if Sally was crushing on him, it didn’t matter because he was focused on Connor and his business. After the conversation he just had with Chelsea, the last thing he needed was to get involved with another complicated woman. Sharon suggested that the complications made it interesting, but he said it wasn’t. He thought he was the problem – he failed with Sharon and Chelsea, and he didn’t want to put someone else through that inevitable train wreck. He was fine being alone for now. She said sometimes, that was the best approach.

Sally went to work and pumped Chloe for information on Sharon and Adam’s past. Chloe was dismayed because she thought Sally had a thing for Adam. Sally denied this and said she was just curious. Chloe said Adam and Sharon had a complicated and profound relationship. Chelsea and Adam’s relationship blew up because his bond with Sharon pushed Chelsea over the edge. Chloe didn’t think Adam would ever get Sharon out of his system.

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