Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, September 7, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Devon tells Moses that he already talked to his mom Sofia on the phone about him not wanting to be a doctor anymore. Devon also tells Moses that he told Sofia that he wanted to work at Hamilton Winters and, she told him that Moses would have to call her and tell her why he wants to stay in Genoa City. Faith helps Moses practice his phone call to Sofia and when they are done practicing Faith assures Moses his mom will let him stay in town.

Mariah admits to Sharon and Tessa that while Stitch held her hostage she formed a strong bond with baby Dominic and now she feels like the baby was taken away from her. Sharon encourages Mariah to be honest with Abby about the bond she feels with the baby. Abby thinks that Devon and Mariah are not being honest with her and Devon tells her that he isn’t sure how to help her since she is going to be a single mom until Chance returns home. Devon talks to Christine on the phone and Christine tells him Chance is in very deep cover and she can’t get any messages to him.

Rey tells Adam he needs to worry about Connor and stop worrying about Sharon and her family. Adam goes to see Sharon to figure out how to tell Connor the truth about Chelsea.

Abby sees Mariah humming Dominic to sleep and worries about Maria’s connection to the baby.

Devon looks at a picture of Neil and cries because Dominic is biologically his son and Neil isn’t there to see him.

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