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Recap written by Christine

At Crimson Lights on the patio, Nick told Devon that the launch was a huge success, and Adam brought up the New Hope tie in in his opening speech. Devon was sorry he missed the party. Nick understood Devon had a lot going on after delivering a baby. He called Devon a hero.

At the hospital, Mariah asked Abby if there was news on Stitch. There wasn’t, but Abby didn’t think he’d risk coming back here, now that he had Max with him. Tessa said he’d better not, if he knew what was good for him. Mariah was on edge, and Abby assured her that Devon hired extra security for the house, so she’d be safe. “And Dominic will be too,” Mariah said. Later, Abby was out of the room. Mariah was anxious about leaving. She felt safe here in the hospital, with Bowie right down the hall. When they left, she’d have to remember to call him Dominic. Tessa knew it’d be difficult, but they were still living at the Chancellor house, so they’d be able to see the baby every day. Mariah felt better knowing he’d be close by so she could see and watch over him. Abby returned and said “The paperwork’s all taken care of. Now, let’s bring our baby boy home.”

The Chancellor mansion was decorated in baby blue for Dominic’s arrival. Victor asked Sharon how Mariah was doing, and Sharon admitted it’d been rough. Victor vowed that what Mariah did for Abby wouldn’t be forgotten. Nina and Ashley arrived together. They were grateful their grandson was alive after what Stitch put him through. Nina wished she could talk to Chance. Victor wished he were here to welcome his son home. Nina knew Chance would want them to have a joyous and memorable homecoming for Abby, the baby and Mariah. Victor welcomed Ashley to the grandparents’ club. Devon came with a lot of gifts, but he didn’t plan to stay, because he didn’t want to crowd Abby and Mariah on their special day. Sharon thought Devon should stay, because it was a special moment for him too. Abby, Dominic, Mariah and Tessa arrived. Abby introduced Dominic to his grandparents. The others watched from a distance, and Mariah tried to put on a brave face. Later, everyone sat down in the living room, and Devon gave Mariah credit for protecting Dominic. This sparked a discussion about what Mariah had been through. Ashley said it wasn’t like the Ben Rayburn she knew. Nina asked if Mariah had any idea why Ben held her captive. Mariah didn’t know, and she seemed uncomfortable, so Tessa said she was taking her outside for air. They left. Ashley and Nina thought Mariah was strong and courageous. Sharon was proud of Mariah, but she said they couldn’t disregard the severity of what she’d been through.

In the park, Mariah confided in Tessa that she couldn’t seem to let go. She was just supposed to be an incubator, a carrier, and it was supposed to be simple to just walk away. Tessa thought it made sense for Mariah to struggle after everything she’d been through. Mariah agreed and said maybe, if she weren’t locked away with Bowie… Dominic, fighting to survive, she wouldn’t have this connection. But she was locked away, and she did have that connection. Tessa thought that was natural. “I was literally his only lifeline, and he was mine. We needed each other to survive. And I think Dominic feels that too,” Mariah stated.

Ashley, Nina and Devon watched Abby walk around rocking her baby. “No one is ever gonna take you from me again,” she said.

Billy ran into Victoria at Crimson Lights and told her she missed a doozy of a party. She observed that he didn’t have any bruises. He said he’d behaved, but there was a new troublemaker in town who wasn’t afraid to take on the big dogs. He brought Victoria up to speed. She thought Adam and Sally deserved one another, and she laughed about Phyllis dousing Sally with ice water. For the first time, she was siding with Phyllis, because of what Sally did to Summer. She didn’t regret missing the party, because she spent quality time with their children. He said Nick told him that she missed the party because Ashland had a hard time after chemotherapy. He hoped Ashland was okay. She noted that he was going full steam ahead on this story, which was supposed to be about Tara, but the investigation had zeroed in on Ashland instead. She said that he professed to be supportive, but he was focusing on Ashland, and not the criminal, Tara. He said he’d always support her and the children. She appreciated that, but she said Ashland wasn’t the enemy. Victoria knew Billy would overplay anything negative that his reporters turned up. Billy stated that Ashland was hiding something big, and he thought Victoria sensed it too.

Billy told Victoria to be honest – how much did she really know about Ashland’s past, particularly his early business days. “So, it was you digging around in Ashland’s past. Lily wouldn’t admit it outright,” she said. Victoria snapped that if you dug in anyone’s past long enough, you’d find someone willing to trash them. He thought there were legitimate questions about how Ashland paid for those TV stations and the nature of his relationship with that older wealthy mentor. “Stay out of Ashland’s life. Stay out of our lives,” Victoria ordered. She walked out as Billy questioned her about what Ashland was hiding. Nick came inside and asked what that was about. Billy thought he hit a nerve.

Billy said he questioned Victoria until she stormed out. Nick said his sister didn’t like to be challenged. Billy thought Victoria was more worried about Ashland than she wanted to admit. Nick said that Victoria might be annoyed with Billy prying. Billy noted that Victoria didn’t know where Ashland got the money to buy the station. Nick suggested the mentor gave it to him. Billy was skeptical about an off-the-books deathbed favor. Nick said Billy had nothing besides this deep desire to find something damning on Ashland. Billy was adamant that this was about protecting his children, not jealousy. He was sure that Victoria could take Ashland on with her hands tied behind her back, as long as she had the facts. Billy was arguing his point when Victor walked in and said this was none of Billy’s business. Billy thought they were on the same page here, but Victor doubted that. Victor heard from an employee that Billy was sneaking around his private suite last night. He said not to do it again. Billy told Nick to think about what he said, and he left. “You didn’t want Billy to know that I was the one who told you about the break in,” Nick stated. Victor said no, because he needed information from Billy’s sources, and he didn’t want to cut that off. Nick knew Billy would do everything he could to prevent Ashland from hurting Victoria. He added that, so far, Billy seemed open to keeping him in the loop. Victor couldn’t stand Billy, but they couldn’t afford to lose access to the information that he was gathering. Nick said that Billy’s investigators hadn’t found anything Victor’s hadn’t, so far. Victor decided not to destroy ChancComm until he found out what he wanted to know about Ashland Locke. Nick was okay playing the double agent, getting information from Billy and taking it back to Victor. There was something about Ashland that Victor didn’t trust, and he wanted all the information before the wedding, if there was a wedding.

Ashland bumped into Nate at Society and told him that the supplements were helping. To repay the favor, Ashland wrote a large check. Victoria told him that Nikki was helping Nate fund raise for a hospital wing. “Consider this half a wing,” Ashland said. Nate appreciated the generosity, but he hoped Ashland didn’t think he treated him in hopes of getting money. Ashland still wanted to repay Nate’s kindness. Nate wanted to at least give Ashland a proper pitch on how the hospital would use the new wing. Ashland suggested they discuss it over drinks with the women in their lives, and Nate accepted. Victoria walked in as Nate was leaving.

Victoria told Ashland she’d had a run in with Billy. She then praised Ashland’s generous donation to Memorial and wished that everyone could see this side of him. He only cared what she saw in him. She said that if Billy knew about this, he might see Ashland differently. Victoria mentioned that Billy kept questioning how Ashland bought the news stations to start his career. She asked if there was anything he wasn’t telling her, something Billy might dig up and use against him. She assured him he could be honest with her. As the daughter of Victor Newman, there was nothing that Ashland could say that would shock her. She hoped he knew he could trust her. He did trust her. He’d been ruthless, but he never broke the law, and he defied Billy and anyone else to prove otherwise.

Adam was on a jog through the park, but he stopped when he saw Sally bending over, lacing her shoes. She turned around and saw him. She was awkward, and he told her to relax. She couldn’t, because after that kiss, which he said couldn’t happen again, she was wondering what he thought of her. He claimed that he thought the awkwardness was because she got into it with Phyllis. Sally maintained that Phyllis deserved to get a drink thrown in her face. He said the night was a success, even with the side of drama. He assured Sally that they were good. Chloe walked up and overheard Sally ask Adam to dinner. She didn’t approve.

Chloe walked up and said hi to Sally and Adam. Deciding Chloe should hear it from her, Sally revealed that she got into it with Phyllis. Chloe wasn’t surprised. Smirking, Adam gave Chloe the details. Chloe thought that Adam should’ve kept an eye on Sally and Phyllis to make sure this didn’t happen. He commented that she could always find a reason to blame him. Chloe asked what kind of damage control they’d need to do, and Sally said, fortunately, the press didn’t know about this, and no one posted a video online. She credited Adam’s PR management, but he said it was mostly dumb luck. He told Chloe to ask Sally about the idea she came up with last night at the launch. He left. Chloe had a sense of what Sally’s idea was.

Sally didn’t know what Chloe was insinuating, but she insisted that nothing happened between her and Adam last night. Chloe saw the pictures of Sally arriving on Adam’s arm. Sally said it was innocent, but Chloe said there was no such thing where Adam was concerned. She noted that Sally played with fire, even after all the warnings, and she asked how far it went. Sally admitted she and Adam shared an impulsive kiss that didn’t go further. Chloe was glad Sally hit the brakes. Sally clarified that she initiated the kiss, and Adam stopped it because he said he was toxic. Sally thought the fact that Adam acknowledged he had a problem signaled growth. Chloe said Adam was uniquely diabolical, and no matter how strong Sally thought he was, he’d find a way to wreck her. Sally contended that she held her own against Phyllis, which she thought meant she could deal with difficult people. Chloe praised healthy relationships instead of being with difficult people. Sally thought that sounded a little boring. Chloe realized Sally wouldn’t take her advice on this. Chloe said that life for Adam’s son Connor hadn’t been easy, and he still thought his parents were in a relationship, so whatever connection Sally thought she had with Adam, it would get harder before it got easier.

Adam and Sally ran into each other again at The Grand Phoenix. He’d had a meeting, and he hoped she didn’t think he was stalking her. It never crossed her mind. She was there to change at the gym, since it was closer than going home. Plus, she’d take any opportunity to tick Phyllis off. Sally shifted gears. Her job was important, so she thought she and Adam should hit the reset button and act like the kiss never happened. Adam assumed Chloe had something to do with this. Sally stated that she took Chloe’s repeated warnings about Adam with a grain of salt until today. She mentioned what Chloe said about Connor. Sally didn’t want to hurt Adam’s little boy. Adam said Connor always came first, and that was a big reason why he put the brakes on with Sally. He guessed that meant she was rescinding her dinner invitation, but she said it could be a working dinner. He thought about it and agreed. Chelsea called, so he stepped away to take it.

Elena looked over her contract at ChancComm. She mentioned to Lily that Newman Media tried to offer her a job. Lily couldn’t believe they’d tried to poach Elena, and she said she guessed the competition had begun. Lily grumbled about how low Newman Media stooped. Elena said it was fine, she was signing this contract, and she didn’t entertain Victor’s offer. Lily promised Elena’s loyalty would be repaid. Elena admired Lily for stepping into this high powered position with poise and grace. Elena was curious about something, but then she decided not to be intrusive, because Lily was her boss. Lily said she was off the clock, and they were going to go out and have girl talk.

Lily and Elena went to the Crimson Lights Patio. Lily said the best part was being able to give jobs to some of the women she was in prison with and seeing them turn their lives around. She was grateful to be able to be part of that. Elena couldn’t imagine how hard that was for Lily. Lily said the hardest part was not seeing her family. Her family was together again. She hoped her kids would come home, and she was glad Devon and Nate made peace. Elena felt guilty about her part in that. Lily said Elena played a large part in helping them reconcile, and she was glad Elena was part of the family. Elena said that they sort of had a baby in the family. Having gone through the surrogacy thing, herself, she really believed everything would be fine.

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