Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 24, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen went to see Xander to apologize to him. Xander said he was okay. He told her EJ was going to clear his name for a million dollars. She couldn’t believe he would do something selfless for her since no one did that for her before. He said he never did anything selfless before. She kissed him and wanted to make love with him. Abe talked to Paulina about her making up with Julie. He said Paulina and Lani made up too. Paulina was grateful. She wanted to know if they were okay. He wanted to start over again. They kissed each other. He said he wanted to be mad at her, but he couldn’t deny his feelings. He said it would be great not to have secrets and lies between them. Abe wanted to meet her mother so they went to see Olivia. Olivia was concerned when she found out Paulina made up with Abe. She said it was a mistake and Paulina knew why. Abe told her everyone forgave Paulina. When Abe left, Olivia told Paulina she was kidding herself if she thought she could tell the truth now. Paulina told Oliva that she wanted to tell Lani the truth. Paulina said she knew she had to keep the secret for the rest of her life or she would lose Lani forever.

Tripp told Allie he loved her. She didn’t say it back. She said she wasn’t ready to say the words. He understood and didn’t want to pressure her. She said she never said the words to anyone. She said she didn’t want to hurt him. He ended up getting a page and had to go to the hospital. Later, Allie went to see Marlena so she could get Henry. She told Marlena what happened with Tripp. She told Marlena about her feelings for Chanel. Marlena advised her to sort out her feelings before she moved on with Tripp. Chanel and Johnny went to the DiMera mansion. He took her upstairs so they could make out. She asked if he had protection. He said he would go to the pharmacy, but she wanted to hang out. She said she was rushing things for the wrong reasons. He thought it was because the girl she told him about. Chanel told Johnny that she liked him, but she needed to get over her. He was willing to offer his services if she wanted his help. She thanked him and kissed him. Chanel backed away from him. They flirted with each other before she left.

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