Y&R Short Recap Friday, August 27, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Abby talks to Stitch for a long time and he finally admits to her that he came back to town because he wanted to return to the place where he last had hope. Stitch tells Abby he took Mariah because he wanted to be there for her while she worried about Mariah. He hoped the crisis would bring them closer together and he could make things right between them. Abby tells Stitch she understands his sadness and pain but she knows he is a good man and would never hurt anyone. Abby persuades Stitch to take her to where he is holding Mariah. Stitch opens the door to Maria’s room and Abby goes in and Stitch leaves while Abby helps Mariah who is in labor.

Mrs. Toliver calls Devon and tells him the address of a house Stitch rented weeks ago. Rey and Devon arrive and find Abby and Mariah at the house. Devon stays with Abby and Mariah while Rey leaves to find Stitch and arrest him. Rey calls Sharon and Tessa to tell them Mariah is safe and headed to the hospital because she is in labor. Sharon calls Victor who is at Abby’s house looking for her. Sharon tells Victor that Mariah is safe, and in labor so he leaves for the hospital. Devon calls Nate and he helps Abby, Devon, and Mariah through a long labor and Mariah gives birth to a healthy baby boy. The ambulance finally arrives to take Mariah and the baby to the hospital.

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