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Recap written by Christine
Photos by Dora

Devon in "Young and The Restless" 8/27/21

Devon, Victor and Rey were in Ben’s suite at The Grand Phoenix. When Devon called Mariah’s phone, it rang in Ben’s duffel bag. Rey searched the bag and found the phone. Devon thought it was crazy that Ben had been texting them as “Mariah” for weeks now. He said they should call Abby, because she could be in danger. Victor agreed.

At the Chancellor house, Abby begged Ben to tell her where Mariah and the baby were, and she promised not to hold it against him. Ben pretended he wasn’t involved, and he got up to leave. Abby plead for Ben to stay, even if it was to tell her how wrong she was. Victor called, and Abby declined it. Ben proclaimed his innocence and asked how Abby could accuse him of something so horrible. Abby wanted to help Ben. She knew he’d been through hell. He regretted admitting that, but she was glad he did. She said there was nothing to be ashamed of. He asserted that she’d jumped to the wrong conclusion. Abby noted that Mariah went missing right after Ben came to town, and he’d said he had that job when he didn’t, then he told her about the notebook that Mariah had. Ben continued to maintain that he didn’t do it. Devon called, and Ben asked Abby if Devon suspected him, too. Ben didn’t take the call.

Sharon and Tessa went to Crimson Lights after their walk. They both found it helpful to be with each other right now. Rey texted Sharon with what he knew. She and Tessa were shocked Ben had Mariah’s phone. Tessa wanted Sharon to call Rey, but Sharon said he’d instructed them to just sit tight. Sharon didn’t want to believe Dylan’s best friend would kidnap her daughter. She suggested that someone planted Mariah’s phone in his bag. Tessa pointed out that Ben had been there to listen to their deepest fears. He was also there when they talked about tricking the kidnapper into thinking they thought Mariah was taking a break. If Ben was the kidnapper, he was always one step ahead of them because they told him what they were going to do.

Back at the hotel, Rey had to head out, and he told Victor not to try to be a hero. He wanted to be the first to know if Victor’s team found Ben. Victor wanted to be the first to know if the police found him. Rey promised to keep Victor posted. Victor left. Devon’s PI let him know that Ben had never gone back to Iowa City. Rey figured Ben had been doing this alone, taking care of Mariah all by himself. He said he’d run a check on Ben’s credit cards. Kevin called Rey. He’d gotten a new version of the security video from the store, and there was no old man buying protein bars. Devon wondered why Ben would tell such a flimsy lie, and Rey said that most stores would’ve recorded over the footage by now.

Abby in "Young and The Restless" 8/27/21

Abby spoke about what a good person Mariah was. She was carrying Abby’s baby, and that was just one of many kind things she’d done. Ben said people wanted to do nice things for Abby because she was a light in a very dark world. She implored him to talk to her. He said Genoa City was in her blood, but to him it represented a time in his life when he still had hope. He first came back to remember that feeling, then he wanted to feel hopeful again. He needed to find a way back to his past with her. He knew he had no right to expect that from her. He felt lucky to have shared a life with her once. It had been magic. He broke down crying because he didn’t protect her when they were together. She said it wasn’t his fault, and if she ever said otherwise, she was sorry.

Abby said to lose hope would drive anyone to do desperate things. “Unforgivable things,” Ben whispered, but Abby assured him that she’d never judge him, and she didn’t want anything bad to happen to him. She knew he’d never hurt anyone. He said she knew the real him. She said he knew her too, and he came to her every time she was worried about Mariah, and he assured her everything would be alright. Abby said that Ben knew Mariah was fine, and he knew she’d come home. “I didn’t mean for it to get this far,” Ben admitted. He said he’d always planned to let Mariah go. Abby believed that, but she thought it was better for this to happen sooner rather than later. Ben didn’t know what he was thinking when he took Mariah. He was just trying to get closer to Abby. He’d needed a lifeline. Abby said she could be that, but first they had to clean up this mess. She asked him to take her to Mariah and the baby.

Back at the hotel, Rey put out an APB on Ben. Victor called someone and said he couldn’t reach Abby. He asked that person to give her a call. Devon called Ben again and got his voicemail. Rey instructed Devon what to say. Devon said he was just calling to talk about ways to help Abby. Devon didn’t think he’d get a call back. Rey asked if they knew why Ben would do this. Victor thought Ben was in love with Abby. He told Rey how Ben’s son put a tripwire on the stairs to make Abby fall and lose the baby. After her miscarriage, she wasn’t able to carry a baby to term. Devon said Ben showed up out of nowhere and tried to be super supportive. Rey said Ben had been excited to give a crucial tip in the case. Victor thought Ben had hoped to earn Abby’s undying gratitude. Rey had seen that dynamic before in arson cases – where a firefighter would start a fire, then show up and save the day. He said the good thing about this is it likely meant Ben took care of Mariah, because he was planning to be the hero of the story. Victor used to respect Ben, and he wondered what happened to the great guy he once knew.

Sharon in "Young and The Restless" 8/27/21

Rey called Sharon back and let her know Ben lied about being in Iowa and about the guy in the convenience store. He said Ben didn’t know he was the person of interest in the case. Sharon asked what to do if they saw Ben, and Rey said not to do anything except call Rey. Denise called Devon and let him know that two months ago, Ben Russell rented out a house. That was Ben Rayburn’s birth name. Devon relayed this to Rey. The house was on the same street as the convenience store.

Sharon wondered what happened to make Ben change so drastically. Tessa said whatever it was, it was nothing compared to what she’d do if she got a hold of him. Tessa noted that Ben snatched Mariah out of their lives and tried to convince them nothing was wrong by sending those phony texts, and he watched them grow more and more scared. She wondered if he got a sick thrill out of it. Sharon hoped that if Ben was found, he’d tell them where Mariah was.

Victor went to Abby’s house, and she didn’t answer the doorbell. The door was unlocked, so he went in to look around, and he found her phone on the table. Rey called, and Victor told him about the situation at Abby’s. Rey told Victor about the house Ben was renting.

Mariah was still in labor in the locked room at Ben’s house. She begged to go to the hospital. She wondered what was with the vitamins and protein bars if they were going to abandon her and the baby now. She wondered if the captor went to get help or to buy supplies for the baby. Surely no one would be cruel enough to abandon her and Bowie now. Mariah told Bowie that it looked like she’d be the only one in the welcome wagon, but it was okay. Women had been doing this forever. She got choked up because there wouldn’t be anyone to help her through this incredibly scary time, and she quietly begged for help. She felt a very strong contraction.

Ben in "Young and The Restless" 8/27/21

Ben brought Abby to the house and he let her into Mariah’s room. Abby rushed to Mariah and exclaimed she was in labor. At first, Mariah thought Abby was in her imagination, since she’d dreamed of so many people coming to rescue her, like Tessa. Abby assured Mariah that she was really there. Mariah was relieved to be found, and she said they had to get to the hospital. Abby said it was okay – she brought a – she turned to the door, but Ben was gone. Devon and Rey showed up. Nobody mentioned Ben’s name, but Devon and Rey learned that he was the one who brought Abby here. Devon stayed with Mariah and Abby while Rey left to search the area.

Abby tried to help Mariah to the car, but she had another contraction, and she said she wasn’t going to make it to the hospital. Devon sat with Mariah, while Abby prepared to deliver her son. Mariah worried that the EMTs wouldn’t make it in time, and Abby said she’d watched lots of videos, so she knew how to help Mariah. Devon video called Nate and set up the phone so Nate could see Mariah and guide them through the labor. Mariah wished Nate was really there. He said he’d see her and the baby as soon as the EMTs brought them to the hospital. Abby said Mariah’s body knew what to do. Mariah had a contraction, and Nate showed Devon a breathing technique to do with her. Devon helped Mariah, and he told her she was amazing. Abby said that Mariah was her best friend, cheerleader and the baby’s fierce protector. She’d be forever grateful.

Everyone encouraged Mariah as she pushed, and Abby was amazed when she saw the baby’s head. Nate told Mariah to do one more big push, and when she did, the baby was born. Devon joined Abby at the end of the bed, and they admired the baby. Mariah asked how he looked, and Abby said he was perfect. Mariah asked Nate why the baby wasn’t crying. Nate explained how to to clear his airway. Once Abby did that, the baby wailed. Devon picked him up and held him to his chest, and he immediately settled down. Mariah said Devon had the magic touch. They heard the ambulance. Abby went to Mariah and held her hand. Devon joined them.

Rey in "Young and The Restless" 8/27/21

Rey called Sharon with the news, although he was under the impression that Mariah was going to give birth at Memorial. Sharon passed this along to Tessa. Tessa was ready to go to the hospital right now, but Sharon said to wait because she had to call Victor.

Sharon called Victor and let him know Mariah and Abby were found. He asked about the baby. “I hope you’re ready to be a grandfather again,” she said. He smiled.

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