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Chase, please don’t give austin the power to go after the quartermaines. Considering you just told me that you love michael, maybe you’re not the best person to make this argument right now. Look, look, chase. I get it. I do. Willow and I, we — we kept the truth from you. But that’s on us, not the rest of the quartermaines. You know what? You’re right. Why should i go after your family? They didn’t do anything to me. Do whatever you want with it. I don’t care. Chase, your wheelchair. I don’t need it anymore. I don’t need any of this. Well, congratulations. The maybe-not-so-much-better man won.

[ Sobbing ] Phyllis.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sobbing continues ] Well? Uh, I said understated, remember? Ok, yeah, I-I guess polka dots are a bit much.

[ Laughs ] Um, I’ll find something less ’50s retro. Ok, alright. Can we do this another time? Because I’m meeting josslyn and jax in five minutes for a dinner date. Yes, absolutely. Ok. Uh, and carly, don’t worry, your wedding is gonna be gorgeous. I know it will. Thank you so much for helping me. No, thank you for helping get my mind off louise. We’ll talk tomorrow.

[ Sighs ] Hey, maxie. Why are you in nixon falls? Oh, no, no, no. The more interesting question is, what is sonny corinthos doing here, alive and well and calling himself “mike”? Peter, I’d rather talk about you. Why don’t we sit?

[ Chair slams ] We obviously have so much catching up to do, nina. That was kevin. He wants to talk about “our plan.” “Our plan”? Sounds ominous. Does he want us to get jobs?

[ Scoffs ] Bite your tongue. My grandmother leaves town for two seconds on mayoral business and all of a sudden kevin thinks that he needs to take her place. I didn’t mind the guy at first, when they first got married, but…it’s not even like he and I really kept that much in touch when I was away at school. I just don’t understand why he’s trying to intervene and take control of my life. Everything’s going to work out, spence. We have a plan, it’s just not the plan kevin thinks we should have. I never asked you to set fire to ava’s car. But now you have an alibi, and daddy dearest must be feeling pretty darn guilty about blaming you for stalking ava. You’ve got him right where you want him, so relax. Enjoy the moonlit pool… and your gorgeous girlfriend. Trina! Carly: You guys are here! Aww. And cameron, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for doing this. This was completely unnecessary. No, come on. This is our pleasure. I mean, this is a big event, right? Our little girl’s freshman year in college. Yes. Dad, if you call me your “little girl” one more time, I’m gonna leave.

[ Laughter ] I’ll promise to be on my best behavior. I can’t say the same for your mother. Oh, you don’t have to worry about me. I will be just fine. And I’ll make sure I’ll keep your dad in line, too.

dear nina, can’t we play nice? Absolutely. You should really put that gun away before mike returns. Don’t you mean sonny? I guess I’ll just have to take care of him, too. You know, peter, you should really relax more. Can I get you something to drink? Perhaps some wine? Just your cell phone. Please. Right here. Happy? Very. So how about we… start with you, peter. Where have you been? Details aren’t important. Of course, once maxie betrayed me and secretly recorded my false confession and turned it into mac, I had to disappear. No easy task. No one knew if you were dead or alive. Let’s just say I was lying low while searching for my precious louise. A search that’s taken me straight to maxie. Maxie, it’s wonderful to see you. How was texas? Agua dulce is always fun. Georgie and james really enjoyed seeing their great aunt. She, of course, spoiled them rotten. Wow. Bailey’s grown so much since I’ve been gone. Hasn’t she? A couple more pounds, she’ll be ready for management at deception.

[ Laughs ] Well, I’d be happy to work for her any day. Um, how is deception? I-I was on my way there right now. I thought I’d go through my accumulated messages. We just came from there. I was showing bailey off to some of the staff. Oh, my god! Is she wearing baby cartullo? You’re going to be so beautiful and stylish when you grow up.

[ Clears throat ] Um, I better go.

[ Chuckles ] Maxie, wait a second. There’s been a development in louise’s case. I have to talk to chase. We can’t leave things like this. Do you want me to come with you? Thanks, but this is between chase and me. Are you proud of yourself? Are there any other lives you’d like to destroy? Brook lynn. No, I mean it. This gatlin-holt creature better scram before we call the cops on him for trespassing. I’m not going anywhere until I get what I came here for.

[ Scoffs ] So if you don’t mind. You know what I mind? You manipulating chase to get this. That’s as underhanded as a person can get. No more underhanded than sleeping with a man’s wife. Trina! Are you here alone? I’m meeting joss and cam after their dinner with joss’s parents. I came a little early to work on an assignment in one of our electives at pcu we’re taking together. How adorable.

[ Laughs ] I’ve never had childhood friends that I’ve known since forever. I just love how close the four of you are. Oh, spencer and I aren’t close. We just met. Trina, don’T. You know that’s a lie. I was actually starting to believe that spencer was behind it all. I mean, the call from ryan chamberlain, the writing on the wall that said, “it ends tonight,” the power outage. And I would not put it past him. But when joss’s bodyguards started talking about getting joss and me off the island on a corinthos boat, I knew that spencer wasn’t pranking us. Well, it turns out that his father was pulling the strings. All to teach spencer a lesson, when he hadn’t even done anything. I mean… I mean, I guess he did throw a gigantic party without permission. Right, but he didn’t stalk ava. I mean, I-it blows my mind that his dad even thought he was capable of that. Yeah, yeah. It’s all kinds of wrong. Anyway, you know, I-I’m really sorry that tony called you. Oh, it’s ok. Yeah. Yeah, better to err on the side of caution and let your mother know what’s going on. I mean, your life, unfortunately, is more dangerous than the other kids your age. Even if… even if what? Well, even if you happen to be preoccupied with — with other things. I… I’ve never let other things, business, get in the way of protecting our daughter or my other kids. You know that. Yeah, dad, I — I really wasn’t in any danger. Yeah, yeah. No, no, no. We know that now. But, you know, it wasn’t that long ago when that novak guy approached you at kelly’s and harassed you, remember? Yes, but josslyn is fine. Mm. Just like I said she was going to be, so we can just let that go.

Don’t listen to this snake. Just let him slither on out of here, back under the rock that he came from. So you took advantage of a complicated situation that you know nothing about. Yes, chase has been through hell, but so has willow. But not that that mattered to you, because all you cared about was finding an opening you could exploit. Chase is a grown man. I don’t think I exploited him at all.

[ Scoffs ] Yeah, right. Look, despite what you think, I’m not some heartless bastard. Look, if I did let my baser instincts guide me, then maybe I do owe chase an apology. Yeah, and how’s that gonna make anything better? Look, all I’m trying to do is right a terrible wrong that was done to my father. My dad was not a perfect guy — far from it — but he was always there for me. He worked really hard to put me through medical school and in return… I watched him die a slow and painful death. Brook lynn: It’s too late. Any sympathy points that you earned for your dad were gone the second that you used chase to — to poke around in edward’s office. It’s a nice sob story, but we’re not buying it. Right, michael?

[ Sighs ] I-I’ll understand if you want to slam the door in my face, but… I would really like to talk to you. What else is there left to say? Besides the million apologies you probably don’t want to hear? The a/c conked out in my car. I could really use a glass of water.

[ Sighs ] I know what you’re probably going to say — that you didn’t start out intending to lie to me. Michael and I had just… realized how much we… cared for one another, and… I had come here to tell you. And then I was so sick that I passed out on the floor, and you took me to the hospital instead. A-and I get why you didn’t break up with me that night, but after that, you had plenty of chances.

[ Sighs ] And you were gonna tell me. The night of my pretend nantucket getaway. But then finn interrupted, saying he had the cure to the… poison that was killing me. And when it didn’t work, I knew I couldn’t tell you. Yeah, but you should have. And you should have turned down my marriage proposal. Chase. I could never say no to you when you needed me. You’re calling me a liar? I just meant you don’t need to cover for me. I told esme that you knew I was in port charles before anyone else. Spence and i have no secrets, trina wasn’t thrilled to find out that “victor” was just an alias and that I’m really spencer cassadine, but thank you for not telling anyone. Aww, treen, what a true friend. She is. I’m lucky to have her. Hey, bae, why don’t you rustle up some truffle fries for us? Are they as good as the ones we had in brussels that one time we sneaked off from midterms? We’ll find out. He’s so sweet, but you already know that.

[ Scoffs ] I really don’t know “spence” that well. It’s just us, now. We can be real with one another. I know you have a crush on my boyfriend. Since my own search for louise wasn’t turning up any results, I was hopeful that maxie might be following some leads. Was she following a lead? No. It’s all the same. I want to be the first one to find my daughter anyway, and when I do… maxie will have a choice —

if she wants to be in our little girl’s life, then she’ll have to share her life with me, as well. But maxie doesn’t even know that you’re following her. No. Once it was safe for me to resurface, I tracked her to texas. But when I arrived, maxie was already leaving. So then I followed her here, to this quaint little town and this quaint little bar… where I found you. And sonny. Maxie’s not here anymore. Yes, I’m aware of that, nina. I was about to follow her when I bumped into sonny — or is it “mike”? See, I’ve told you my story. Now let’s hear yours. Eight months ago, I was washed up in nixon falls with only the clothes on my back and a — and a watch that was engraved with my name on it. You know, and you not only gave me a place to stay, but you gave me a life — you gave me a family. One of them is lenny.

[ Sobbing ] Jax: To josslyn. Carly: To josslyn. Cam: To josslyn.

[ Laughter, cheering ] Speech. Speech. Oh, god. Ok, well, um, thank you guys for embarrassing me in a public setting, but I would not love you as much as I do if you hadn’T. And this in no way is goodbye. I’m still going to be home every weekend with my dirty laundry.

[ Laughs ] And I will be here for the wedding, of course.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, yes, the wedding. That’s right. Have you and jason set a date? Yeah, they did. September 17th. Wow. So soon. Why wait? I could think of a few reasons. Mom? Dad? Mm-hmm? Is there something wrong?

I’m almost certain that peter survived. Um, how is that a development in the search for louise? Peter’s very well-connected. He’s extremely well-financed. How well? Well, he’s faison’s son. He has access to all of his father’s assets and his contacts. If that’s the case, he’s throwing everything he has at finding louise, I think, and there’s a good chance he’s found her. Oh, I doubt that. Why do you say it like that? After I found out that jax and carly covered up the fact that nelle was my daughter, I desperately needed to get away. So… I came to this quaint little town, nixon falls, t-to visit a friend, phyllis — the woman you and sonny keep mentioning. Yeah, and I was just as surprised as you to find mike here. Don’t you mean “sonny,” nina? Come on, no one here except us. No need to use sonny’s alias with me, right? I can him “mike” because he’s “mike” to me. He’s kind and he’s gentle, and he loves the simple life I haven’t thought of him as sonny corinthos in a very long time. And how did this ma– “mike” come to be? He lost his memory when he fell into the river looking for julian jerome. Is the memory loss permanent? I don’t know. All I know, peter, is that he’s happy. And I didn’t tell him the truth because I thought it would ruin everything that he found here. Oh, nina. That’s so very thoughtful of you. I’m sure getting one over on carly corinthos… never even crossed your mind whatsoever when making that decision, did it? Nor the fact thatyou’ve fallen for mike. Your father and i had a little disagreement, but that’s ok, because tonight is about you. Absolutely. So we should order. Are you guys going to be like this all night? Like what? Ok. Uh… why don’t you and cam give jax and I a minute to talk? Just head over to the pool and I’ll call you when it’s safe to come back. Oh, great. Yeah, let’s go. Y-you just said tonight was about her and then you sent her away to the pool. I mean, is this what it’s gonna be like from now on? You and I can’t even be in the same room together? I am so sorry. I’ve never seen them act like that before. I mean, they have their fair share of arguments, trust me, but never in front of me or my friends. God, I cannot believe they acted that way in front of you. Joss, you don’t have to hide the messy parts of your life from me. My family’s far from perfect. Still. Joss, it’s me. It’s the boy you pushed into the sandbox when you liked my pail better than yours. The boy who went trick-or-treating with you all three years while you dressed up like a stalk of corn. Oh, cam. Don’t bring that one up. I know you, joss. I know your family. Look, I-I’m sorry that your parents are fighting, but it doesn’t matter to me. You’re so amazing and you make me feel like the luckiest guy in the world. It’s ok, treen, really. I only brought it up because, uh… I don’t want there to be any awkwardness between us. Why do you care if there’s awkwardness between us? Why are you going out of your way to be so nice to someone you think likes your boyfriend? Because you didn’t do anything wrong. I mean, spencer didn’t even tell you he had a girlfriend. And that doesn’t make you mad? You know how guys are. I mean, they’re denser than a redwood forest, and spence is no exception. I’m sure he didn’t mean to lead you on. I’m not into girl-on-girl rivalry. Do you walk on water, too?

[ Laughs ] I love your sense of humor! And you seem like a really nice girl. I’d like to be friends with you. At the very least, I’d like us to get along for spence’s sake. I can tell your friendship means a lot to him.

[ Clears throat ] What did I miss? Just a little girl talk. Willow: I never wanted to hurt you, but that doesn’t change the fact that I did. I gave you hope and then I took it away from you. When all I wanted to do was repay you for everything you’d given me. You talking about wiley? Before wiley. After I gave my baby to brad and lucas, I was so empty — so alone. I-I had no family, no one to turn to, and then in you walked. Detective harrison chase — handsome, intelligent, and above all, kind. Understanding. I thought, “I could build a home with this guy.” My horrible past no longer mattered, just the present and future that I was going to have… with you. And then… then sasha and i staged the affair. I understand where you’re coming from. I know what it’s like to lose a father — I lost my own recently. Sorry to hear that. But family was the most important thing to him, and I am like him in that respect. Family is everything to me, too. I’m not trying to threaten your family, michael. Coming after elq is coming after our family. How is that hurting anybody, brook lynn? By — by getting a few shares of elq? That document proves that edward wanted my father to have those shares. He’s not here — my father — to claim his rightful seat at the table, so I’m — I’m gonna have to do that for him. T-that’s very noble of you, austin. You know what’s not? Using chase. Taking advantage of a very painful situation. Why would I ever let you win by those methods?

I make a desperate play involving your friend chase, who’s not your friend, by the way, and that’s it? No coming back from that?

[ Sighs ] Well, I’m in no position to judge, am I? That’s another thing my father taught me — he could never stand a hypocrite. Michael, what are you doing? Have you lost your mind?! Austin played dirty. He did, but he’s not the only one. Our family has a history of playing dirty, especially when it comes to elq, so it’s time to break the cycle. Thank you. This means a lot to me. Yeah, well, don’t thank me yet. When sasha and I came up with the plan, I knew there was a possibility that I could lose you. I told myself that… it was worth it, no matter how painful, because I knew that it was more important that you and michael got custody of wiley. I know, chase. And then I-I took a step back and I didn’t tell you the truth when I saw how close you and michael had gotten. Then we started spending all this time together, and… it was like it was before. And I felt that if there was a chance for you and me, I should take it. You know, I wanted to take it. You know what really hurts willow? That I — I truly believed that you loved me as much as I loved you. Do you play tennis? It was mandatory at our school. Thankfully, I’m quite good, but spence is addicted. He’ll probably be playing all weekend. While he’s out pursuing athletic glory, can I interest you in a mani/pedi? What time looks good for you? Trina, we have a bunch of start of semester parties and events to go to, so you know what? I don’t think that you’re available this weekend. Oh, that’s right. I’m sorry. I’m totally booked. That’s ok. Some other time, then. These fries are amazing. Just as good as the ones we had in brussels. Let’s get some more. My treat. Spence? At your service, mademoiselle. What’s up with the “girl bonding” thing? Trina’s a nice girl. You’ve got good taste. Esme… it’s fine, spence. We just have to be careful. She knows things about you that can wreck your plan. Trina is not like that. Broken hearts make people do all kinds of strange things. I’d hate for all of your hard work to be for nothing. I just want you to have everything you deserve. So what is going on between you and esme? Nothing. I got it handled. Ok, maybe I don’T. You know, I told nina that this feeling of loss is really familiar. You remember losing someone? If I did, I-I wouldn’t know who it was. But it’s just real — this aching. It’s just — in here, you know. I know I-if there was somebody, they would have to be important like lenny was. I hope you’ve known love in your previous life, mike. It’s the greatest gift a human being could ever receive. I’d be lucky to find, uh — what you and lenny had. But you have. Even if you don’t know it yet, I can tell you’re in love with nina. Peter, you have such a vivid imagination. I don’t have feelings for mike.

[ Laughs ] It’s too late to cover. I saw the way the two of you were looking at each other. Now, let’s just imagine, shall we, what would happen if I told carly corinthos that her husband was alive and well, and being kept secret by you. How fast do you think it would take her to ensure that you would never see that little wiley ever again? Just tell me what you want. There we go. I’ve always known you were a smart woman, nina. Cards on the table, shall we? I found it very difficult, searching for my daughter while being forced off the grid, so I need some shelter and a base of operation. You’re faison’s son. Why don’t you just tap into his former contacts? Because it’d be so much simpler just to have you ask maxie and valentin for me, without raising any red flags. They trust you, and they’ll tell you what they’ve learned. And then you, in turn, will relay it to me so I can find louise first. And if I don’t do it? What did you think was gonna happen when you tried to blackmail me? It wasn’t blackmail. You recorded our conversation on your phone. You tried to get me to admit to criminal activity. I was trying to protect josslyn. We’ve been over this already. If you cared about protecting josslyn, then you would respect the decisions I make for her welfare. What about respecting my decisions? I mean, do you ever once see things from my point of view? I mean, in what world do you think that taking over sonny’s business is safe for our daughter?

[ Whispering ] Keep your voice down. Josslyn doesn’t need saving, and neither do I. You, on the other hand, can learn a lesson in humility. What’s that supposed to mean? What, you’re gonna tell josslyn what I did?

This may not be the proof you need to get a seat at the elq table. Why not? Well, because the lawyer wrote to edward after a conversation about changing his will, but edward never followed through. The will was never changed. But this serves as proof that edward was at least thinking about my father, and I — I’d like to believe that a judge would agree. Good luck, then. Thank you, michael. This would make my father just so happy. Brook lynn: [ Sighs ] Are you happy now? ‘Cause you just cost us elq. I pray every day that my daughter is returned home safe, but I’m done with false leads and dead ends. It’s part of the reason I left town. And I’ll never stop hoping that louise comes home safe, but until that actually happens, um, I need to focus on being my best self for georgie and james. And for me. It’s the only way I’m gonna heal. I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, ok? If you’re not ready to return to work, don’t rush it. Thank you, but I need to keep busy.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Voice breaking ] Even when it’s hard. If you will not help me find my dear louise, know this — james will be a more than adequate replacement. And if you even think about telling maxie, I’ll return the favor and let carly corinthos know that her not-so-dearly-departed husband is here, and exactly who he’s spending his time with. So you have a choice to make, nina. You either help me find my daughter… …or you suffer the consequences. Do I have your word that you won’T… touch james? If I have your word that you will do everything in your power to tell me where louise is. We have a deal. Even if nina and I… look, all she has to do is go to port charles, right? Spend time with her grandson. And then she doesn’t have to come back.

[ Chuckles ] Right? Mm-hmm. Ok. You can always come up with excuses not to go after something because you’re afraid. I can’t tell you the number of people who told me it was “too soon” to marry lenny. He could be deployed at any time. We’d be separated more than we’d be together. But I knew, mike. In my heart, I knew lenny was the one. My only regret is that we didn’t have enough time. I would never do anything to undermine josslyn’s relationship with you. Glad to hear it. But josslyn’s not a little girl anymore, as she keeps telling us, so if you want to stay on your moral high horse, you’re going to lose her all on your own. Is that what you’re hoping for?

[ Scoffs ] No! I always want you to be in josslyn’s life, even if you’re not in mine anymore. We’re always going to be in each other’s lives, carly, because we’re co-parenting josslyn. No, we’re not. Josslyn’s moving out. She’s moving into the dorm, ok? The days of us raising josslyn together are over.

[ Stammers ] Just because she’s going to college doesn’t mean we’re not going to see each other. We’re gonna be at volleyball games, graduation, a wedding, hopefully. Yes. Our paths are always going to cross, and josslyn is always going to connect us. But the days of raising josslyn are over. You and I are going to show up as mother and father, nothing more. You and I shared a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime love. And then you sacrificed it for wiley and me. I will always love you for that. You know, sasha told me that you would leave me for michael. But I knew that it was worth the risk, because wiley is your life — he’s your whole world, and I couldn’t forgive myself if I did nothing to help you keep him.

You have been one of the mostimportant people in my life. Now you’re just gonna walk away? That’s it? You’ve been one of the most important people in my life. You gave me josslyn, and I’ll always love you for that, but I don’t trust you anymore. And let’s face it, you don’t trust me. Oh, come on. H-how many times have you forgiven sonny? Or h-how many times have jason and sonny forgiven you? I mean, were my actions really that unforgivable? You never used to live in a black and white world. I remember when living in the gray area used to suit you just fine. But you’ve changed, at least when it comes to my actions, and I can’t have someone in my life who’s going to judge me all the time or go behind my back and hurt me. So this is our new reality, and it’s totally on you. So you’re gonna have to find a way to live with it. I’ve been thinking… always dangerous. We’re going to be in port charles for a while, seeing through our plan. Your point? We may as well find something to do. Maybe we should perhaps preempt step-grandpa kevin. You think we should get jobs? Oh, no. Let’s audit some classes at pcu. I’m feeling… “collegiate.” I really am grateful for having you in my life. Me, too. How many people can say they loved as deeply as we have? Mm. Not many. We were lucky. We were. No more apologies, alright? You’re wrong, brook lynn. We keep elq by ending our family dysfunction. We don’t keep elq by handing out shares to random strangers, michael. You know what? May– maybe austin wouldn’t have been a stranger if — if grandfather wasn’t so harsh or tracy so self-serving. You don’t know that. No one does. There’s no point in worrying. We only have the here and now, and despite all of your noble intentions, it doesn’t change the fact that you just made a big mistake. Hey, would you hold bailey for me for a second? Sure. Thank you. I’ll just be a minute. Ok. Take your time. Would it have been luckier to schedule a dinner than a lunch? Maybe for you, but not for me. Productive day? Yeah, check it out — the keys to the kingdom. The kingdom of the elq boardroom. And I’ll see you there. Yes, you will. You mentioned I was cesar faison’s son — you remember that if you ever think of double-crossing me.

[ Door opens ] Hey, nina. Hey. Hope you guys had enough time to catch up. Well, not quite as much as I would have liked, mike, so I think I’ll be sticking around nixon falls for a little while. Nina said she’d show me around. Ok, well, I’m, uh, looking forward to getting to know one of nina’s friends. It’ll be really great to get to know you, too.

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