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Ava from "Days of Our Lives" 8/26/21

Nicole goes to Rafe’s house and asks if it’s a bad time as she doesn’t want to interrupt if he and Ava are having breakfast. Rafe informs her that he’s actually having breakfast alone if she wants to join.

In the town square, Gabi tells Ava that she told her so because Rafe is on his way to moving on. Ava tells Gabi that she makes her sick. Gabi responds that she has the same reaction at the sight of her, but they won’t be seeing as much of each other once Rafe decides she wants to be with Nicole and drops Ava in the gutter. Gabi then walks away. Ava remarks to herself that she might want to be a little more careful who you turn your back on.

Philip stops Jake from leaving the Titan office and says that he does respect Kate’s opinions, but he makes his own decisions. Philip then welcomes Jake to Titan. Jake thinks back to Gabi telling him that the plan is to learn everything about how Philip does business, so they can sabotage him and take him down. Jake promises Philip that he won’t regret itJustin and Bonnie from "Days of Our Lives" 8/26/21Justin and Bonnie sit in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion, where furniture is knocked over and they have food all over them. Bonnie declares that went well.

Nicole points out that this is the second time Rafe cooked for her this week. Rafe jokes about the mac and cheese not counting as cooking. Rafe starts to eat and says this doesn’t count as cooking either. Nicole says he’s been so good to her and might just spoil her. Rafe asks if she’s going to try the food. Nicole takes a bite and says it’s interesting. Nicole adds that she did just pop in out of the blue but then admits that Gabi told her to stop by, saying that she has been on his mind and that he’d want to see her.

Ava sits back down and tries texting Rafe that she’s sorry about blowing up about he and Nicole and that she needs to understand they are just friends. Ava then gets upset and says if Rafe had it his way, he’d be with Nicole now but he’d have to admit it’s what he really wants, so she deletes the message and starts over. Ava then writes that the only thing she’s sorry about is that she was clueless enough to expect a man to understand anything about a woman. Steve then appears and questions who she is texting.

Brady tells Chloe that there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. Chloe says unless he’s doing it just to mess with Philip. Brady says he’s not going to tiptoe around Philip’s feelings when it comes to making a business deal. Brady reminds Chloe that he is her boss, not Philip. Chloe asks if that means he’s ordering her to go to New York with him.

Jake from "Days of Our Lives" 8/26/21

Jake admires Philip’s ability to separate the personal from the professional. Philip explains that his priority is the future of this company, so he can’t let his mother’s doubts or her hatred of Jake color a decision as important as this. Jake doesn’t think Kate has Titan’s best interests at heart. Jake claims that he will be very loyal. Philip says he’s counting on that as he wants Jake’s CEO experience to make him an invaluable asset. Gabi arrives and says she couldn’t agree more as it looks like they have a new hire. Philip asks if she caught Jake up on Gabi Chic which she confirms that she has. Philip tells them that he has to be somewhere and he’ll be back in a few hours so he exits. Gabi then tells Jake it’s just the two of them.

Nicole informs Rafe that she ran in to Gabi outside the Brady Pub and she told her how bad she felt about how much she leaned on Rafe and how he comforted her. Nicole says that Gabi said she knows first hand that he wanted her to lean on him. Rafe confirms that’s true and he’s happy to be here for her through all of this. Nicole worried that Gabi was just being polite. Rafe jokes that Gabi is a lot of things but not polite. Rafe clarifies that he wants to be here for her and help her through all of this, because that’s what friends are for, but Gabi is just making trouble for Ava. Rafe explains that Gabi has been amusing herself by trying to convince Ava that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore, because he wants to be with Nicole.

Ava tells Steve that she didn’t see him there and that she was just texting Rafe. Steve says it’s none of his business but warns her to think twice before sending it. Ava agrees and deletes the message. Steve asks how things are going with her and Rafe. Ava claims things are really great but then admits they had a big fight this morning and now Steve gets to gloat, because he warned Rafe that dating her would be the biggest mistake of his life. Steve acknowledges that he was out of line to say that and he owes her an apology.

Bonnie tells Justin that maybe they should’ve waited until after brunch to tell Victor about their wedding. Bonnie supposes she should apologize to Victor but Justin says that Victor started it by dumping her eggs in her lap. Justin questions her not being angry. Bonnie says they both know how Victor feels about her, so it’s no surprise. Justin feels she deserves better. Bonnie suggests maybe he does and that’s what most of his family and friends think. Bonnie thinks Justin must be wondering if there should be a wedding at all.

Jake and Gabi on "Days of Our Lives" 8/26/21

Gabi asks Jake what he thinks after she gives him the grand tour of Titan. Jake thinks this is right where he belongs as he sits at Philip’s desk. Gabi asks if he means Titan or the CEO chair. Jake likes the view from behind the desk. Gabi reminds him that it’s her chair and says they have things to do as she locks the door, so Jake asks what she has in mind. Gabi tells him that they need to turn the place upside down if they are going to find something to help them convince Victor to get Philip out of the company.

Justin tells Bonnie that their wedding is about them and no one else, so it’s definitely on for tomorrow and he doesn’t care if Victor comes or not. Justin jokes that if he doesn’t, their wedding cake will be safe. Bonnie still can’t believe this is real as Justin kisses her and suggests they take this upstairs. Bonnie points out that they have 24 hours until their wedding so she has to lock in her matron of honor in Kayla. Justin notes that Sonny will be his best man and he’s just waiting on a text to say when he will get in town. Justin checks his phone and sees he has a missed call from Sonny, so he calls him back. Justin asks what time Sonny will arrive tomorrow, but gets bad news that Sonny can’t make it.

Ava questions Steve saying he owes her an apology and says that’s a new one. Steve tells her that he’s started to realize that he tends to hold on to his opinion of other people, even when what’s right in front of him tells him that opinion might not hold water anymore. Steve says that applies to Ava and Bonnie. Ava doesn’t understand. Steve explains that when Justin started dating Bonnie, he warned him that she would make his life hell, just like he warned Rafe against Ava. Steve adds that Justin and Bonnie said she had changed and he didn’t believe it, but he was wrong. Steve admits that Bonnie is good for Justin and they are happily engaged, so he couldn’t see who Bonnie had become because he couldn’t see past the grudge he had against her. Ava asks what changed. Steve responds that a very wise woman told him that he has to let go of the hurt and anger to find compassion as it’s the only way to move forward, so it’s time he did that. Steve declares that it’s time he realizes that Bonnie really is trying to change so he can at least give her the benefit of the doubt and Ava deserves that too.

Nicole tells Rafe that it’s ridiculous since they are just friends and that’s it. Rafe says that’s what he’s been telling Ava over and over, but Gabi is getting to her because Gabi is a master button pusher and she’s been pushing Ava’s buttons, so they had a fight about he and Nicole. Nicole tells him that she’s so sorry. Rafe says there’s nothing for her to be sorry for because if something that small set Ava off then she doesn’t trust him anyway. Rafe says he thought at first that he and Ava were a great match and things would work out but maybe they are too different to make things work.

Brady tells Chloe that he’s not going to order her to go to New York as he would never make her do anything she’s uncomfortable with, but admits he could really use her help in New York, especially since Nicole can’t go. Chloe assures that she wants to do the work that they are paying her to do. Brady tells her that today that work is in New York. Brady reminds Chloe that she can also see Parker and her parents in New York, which he thinks would do her some good. Brady asks why Philip would have a problem with this, if they are as solid as she says they are. Philip then arrives and questions what he would have a problem with.

Jake searches through Philip’s drawers, but only finds that he collects baseball cards. Jake mentions that his hiring almost didn’t happen because Kate warned Philip that they might screw him over. Gabi remarks that it’s a good thing Philip doesn’t listen to his mom. Gabi complains that there is nothing here. Jake remarks that not everything is as easy as pushing Ava’s buttons. Gabi claims not to know what he’s talking about. Jake says that Ava was ready to combust this morning and Gabi wanted to light a match to her. Gabi argues that Ava doesn’t belong with Rafe, so she’s been trying to get in her head so that she gets out of her brother’s life and asks who cares. Jake questions her thinking that’s a good idea. Gabi talks about how easy it was to plant a seed that Rafe was more interested in Nicole and then Ava ran with it. Jake points out that nothing is going on with Rafe and Nicole. Gabi says not yet and then informs him that she saw Nicole earlier, so she suggested she go to Rafe with her sob story and she’s pretty sure that Nicole is there now.

Rafe informs Nicole that Ava accused him of having feelings for her and he tried to explain that he was just being a friend, but Ava got it in her head that he secretly wants Nicole and he couldn’t convince her otherwise. Rafe asks how crazy that is. Nicole responds that it’s not so crazy which Rafe questions. Nicole suggests that maybe Ava is right.

Ava tells Steve that it means a lot that he would have an open mind about her. Steve says that Ava keeps telling him that she wants to be a better person for their son which he respects and he knows it means a lot to Tripp. Ava says that she just wants Tripp to be proud of her. Steve says she is on her way but he can’t expect her to up her game, unless he does the same. Steve tells Ava that if she and Rafe are happy, he hopes it all works out. Ava thanks him but admits that she’s not so sure it’s going to because she’s not sure that Rafe still wants to be with her.

Bonnie comments to Justin how Kayla and Steve go together and you can’t have one without the other. Bonnie explains to Justin how she pitched Kayla being her matron of honor, by thinking that having Kayla would tell the world that marrying her might be a good thing because if Kayla was in their corner then they were meant to be. Bonnie jokes that having Steve there would be the icing on the cake. Justin decides that she convinced him since it means a lot to her, so in order to make her happy, he will ask Steve to be his best man. Bonnie excitedly thanks him. Justin admits he doesn’t know how the hell he’s going to convince Steve to say yes, but he’ll think of something.

Ava tells Steve that she started the whole thing since she was upset about how close Rafe is with Nicole. Steve points out that they have been friends for years. Ava says she knows that but all she sees is that Nicole is the one who Rafe wants to be with and whenever she can’t find him, he’s with her. Ava admits that it stings in her heart every single time. Ava knows she doesn’t have to tell Steve how crazy and jealous she can get.

Jake warns Gabi to leave Ava alone. Gabi says she’s not scared of Ava being a mob princess. Jake thinks she should be a little more respectful of Ava’s past. Gabi asks if Jake crossed paths with Ava when he was working for her crime family. Jake says he didn’t because he was too low on the food chain but he’s heard stories that she’s ruthless and brutal. Jake asks Gabi to steer clear of Ava. Gabi asks what about Rafe and remarks that Ava better stay the hell away from her brother.

Steve tells Ava that he’s known her a long time and advises her to try trusting Rafe. Ava admits trust is not something she’s very good at. Steve encourages that she can learn because if she lets her insecurity make her paranoid, that always leads to obsession, and he’d like to think those bad old days are behind her. Steve tells Ava that if Rafe says he wants to be with her, she should take him at his word.

Rafe questions what Nicole thinks Ava is right about. Nicole clarifies that she’s not right about them because Rafe secretly wanting her is ridiculous, but she is right about them spending time together and her leaning on him too much. Rafe says that’s not her call but Nicole asks him to hear her out. Nicole says that she knows Ava and how insecure she can be. Nicole brings up Ava asking him in front of her if he had feelings for her and he said no, but she still couldn’t accept it. Rafe argues that Ava is going to have to accept that he and Nicole are friends and he’s not going to stop hanging out with her just because Ava feels threatened. Nicole asks why not if he cares about Ava. Rafe doesn’t want her to feel that way but also doesn’t want her being possessive. Rafe says he doesn’t want to spend less time with Nicole or anyone just because Ava feels jealous or insecure. Nicole brings up first suggesting that Ava move in with Rafe and she thought he could be good for her, which he has been. Nicole adds that she also sees that Ava has been good for him and she really doesn’t want to get in the way of that. Rafe brings up Nicole just ending her marriage. Nicole brings up that Rafe and Ava just started something, so she thinks they should both see where it could go.

Chloe asks Philip what he’s doing here. Philip thought he’d revisit the idea of Gabi Chic and Basic Black working together. Brady is pretty sure they closed the door on that. Philip argues that Brady did, but then he told himself that Brady wouldn’t know a good idea if it bit him in the ass, so he’s trying again. Philip presents an envelope with a general business model. Brady notes that he’s serious and jokes that he thought he was just making an excuse to check on Chloe. Philip asks why he would need to do that. Brady then informs Philip that he and Chloe will take a look at this on the jet which Philip questions. Brady says he’s going to make some last minute arrangements while they talk. Brady exits the room while Philip asks Chloe what’s going on. Chloe informs Philip that Brady wants her to go to New York with him. Philip questions why Nicole can’t go with Brady. Chloe explains that Nicole’s still really upset about Eric and wanted to take the week off. Philip says Brady can go solo then but Chloe says that Brady insisted on needing her there. Chloe adds that Brady also said she can see Parker and her parents. Philip argues that he could take her to see Parker and her parents, so they could go to New York next week or anytime she wants. Chloe asks if Philip trusts her. Philip says he does, but not Brady since he keeps angling to get between them. Chloe reminds him that she’s with him and nothing changes that. Philip doesn’t like telling her not to do this since it’s her job and her decision, but he’s picturing her on the DiMera Jet with Brady and staying in hotels. Chloe stops him and says he is more important than business, so if he doesn’t want her to go with Brady, then she won’t.

Bonnie has confidence that Justin can get Steve to go along. Justin agrees to text Steve then. Bonnie mentions needing to get to work too on wedding planning. Bonnie asks if he has any suggestions for the menu. Justin jokes about not making it brunch like today as they kiss. Bonnie tells Justin that she loves him with her whole heart and she can’t wait until tomorrow to be his wife because it will be the happiest day of her life. Justin says he can’t wait either and he loves her very much. Justin kisses her and exits the room.

Ava tells Steve that she made a scene and stormed out of the house, leaving Rafe without breakfast, so she’s going to bring him his favorite muffin and a real apology. Steve says that sounds like a good plan. Ava tells Steve that in the past, he probably would’ve just told her to go to Hell but he spent a lot of time with her and gave her good advice so she thanks him. Steve reminds Ava that Nicole is her friend. Ava responds that Nicole is her best friend and she trusts her and Rafe too. Steve says he will see her later and walks away.

Rafe tells Nicole that he’s not going to start seeing a lot less of her because that doesn’t work for him. Rafe argues that just because he’s going out with Ava doesn’t mean that he can’t see her. Rafe adds that it was bad enough that he wasn’t there for her when she got the call from Eric. Nicole says that happened that night was not his fault as she made a choice and she’s making a choice now. Nicole tells Rafe that she will miss him like crazy, but she can’t see him for awhile. Nicole declares that it’s best this way.

Jake gives up and tells Gabi that there’s nothing of interest in Philip’s office. Gabi asks if he’s sure about that as she leans over the desk and suggests they christen the desk before they go. Jake asks if Philip might mind. Gabi doesn’t care and says it’s going to be her office very soon. Jake jokes that she means his office and clears off the desk. Gabi suggests they share as Jake kisses her onto the desk.

Philip tells Chloe that he won’t stop her from doing her job and hopes the trip to New York is worthwhile. Philip adds that a visit with Parker will do her good. Chloe thanks him for being so understanding and kisses him. Philip tells her to just hurry back. They kiss until Brady comes back in and says they are all set to go if it’s okay with Philip. Philip asks why it wouldn’t be. Philip tells Brady that he’s very lucky to have Chloe working for him for now. Brady agrees. Chloe goes to call Parker to tell him that she will see him soon. Philip then warns Brady that if he does anything inappropriate with his girlfiend, he will kill him.

Rafe tells Nicole that she doesn’t just get to do this and decide what’s best for him and sideline their friendship. Nicole argues that it’s not what she’s doing and she’s just giving them a timeout. Rafe complains that she’s in a bad place. Nicole says she brought it on herself but she will get through it with the support of her other friends and family. Nicole notes that she has Chloe and even Ava since she’s been a solid friend. Nicole asks Rafe to try to understand. Rafe says okay, so she thanks him. Nicole asks if she can hang on to their teddy bear Duke for a while longer. Rafe jokes that somebody has to watch out for her. Rafe guesses this is it then. Nicole says it’s for now. They get close as Ava comes home and sees them through the window.

Steve from "Days of Our Lives" 8/26/21

Justin meets Steve at the Brady Pub. Steve says he got his text and asks what’s up. Justin says he has a favor to ask. Steve says to name it. Justin advises him to brace himself.

Bonnie sits in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion, writing her name as Bonnie Kiriakis. Bonnie says it has a ring to it but then looks up and sees a photo of Justin and Adrienne. Bonnie picks it up and says she did Adrienne wrong in every way possible, so she’s going to spend her life making up for it and the best way she can do that is by doing her damndest to make sure she makes Justin just as happy as Adrienne did. Someone then enters the room, causing Bonnie to exclaim that she can’t believe they are alive.

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